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"Ah, that was my favorite boob!"
"Ow! My boobs! I need those for seducing!"

Breast Attack is the Distaff Counterpart to Groin Attack, since receiving blunt trauma to the breasts is painful for women, though probably not as painful as Groin Attack is for men (not that many people can be a proper judge of that). The nipples are also rather sensitive, though this is also true for men to a lesser extent.

In reality, a Groin Attack is much more dangerous and painful for women than a Breast Attack, not even so much because of genitalia but more because of being a site of most major vital nerves and blood-vessels to the lower extremities. However, in a fight, breasts are a much easier target, which is why the Breast Attack is much more common than a female Groin Attack.

A Breast Attack is sometimes intended to show that the male attacker is playing dirty (and against a woman too, how low!). You're supposed to wince at this one, but this trope is occasionally Played for Laughs. If the victim is already a Butt Monkey, it's okay to laugh. Or if it's a woman doing it to another woman. Or a man getting a purple nurple.

Contrast Torpedo Tits.

Examples of Breast Attack include:

Anime & Manga

  • Ranma ½ this is a common trick (mostly by the Tendo sisters) to subdue Ranma in female form, mostly because Ranma - a guy who's cursed to transform into a woman - is still unused to the enhanced sensitivity and because it's funny.
  • Ichi the Killer. Poor Myu-Myu.
    • In another scene, a prostitute has her nipples cut off.
  • In Hellsing, in a Shoot the Hostage moment, Alucard shoots the Villain of the Week through Seras, making a rather large hole through her right breast. She gets better, though. More or less.
  • In Naruto Kabuto didn't mean to attack Tsunade's breasts. He was just trying to stab her in the heart, but her brobdingnagian boobage got in the way.
    • Doubly played for laughs, as Kabuto can't determine if his attack on her internal organs was ineffective because of her advanced ninja training or because her breasts are just too damn big to get through.
    • Hinata was hit with one as well.
  • In Change 123, Ginga "boob bite" and "boob slap" Miriki.
  • Basilisk example: Josuke revealed that he survived Akeginu's attack by suddenly grabbing her breast, hurting her.
    • Later, Rozai threatens to rip Okoi's breasts if she refuse to speak.
  • In Burn Up Excess, Rio caught in a chock hold by female The Dragon, she frees herself by squeezing the dragons breasts before knocking her out.

Comic Books


  • Scary Movie 4: A torture device that's a parody of the death traps from Saw does purple nurples.
  • Million Dollar Baby: "I want you to jab that kraut right in the tits until they turn blue and fall off!"
  • In Kung Pow! Enter the Fist, The Chosen One defeats a cow he is fighting by milking it.
    • This is after the cow attacks him by milking itself and using the jets of milk as a distraction.
  • Played for laughs in Jackie Chan's Armour Of God when a large woman is double-punched in the chest and her breasts bounce with a sound effect better suited to something much heavier. She is rendered incapable of fighting until she stops them bouncing.
  • In Roger Avary's Killing Zoe the titular Zoe slaps the (male) main character's nipple for calling her a prostitute. In fairness he had just paid her for sex.
  • In Sudden Impact Jennifer Spencer is on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge on a group of people who had raped her and her sister years before. Before she kills them she shoots them in the groin. One woman was involved - she shoots her in the breast.
  • In Mallrats, Gwen sneaks up on her old boyfriend TS, who jumps and "elbows [her] right in the freakin' tit!" She responds by giving TS an upward double axe handle to the groin. (Brodie uses the opportunity to explain his opinion of karmic justice to TS.)
  • In an unfilmed scene from an early draft of Ferris Buellers Day Off, Jeanie Bueller is talking with one of her friends; her friend pisses her off, and Jeannie responds, "I'll sock your tits."
  • In the film Kingpin, the male and female leads get into a fist fight. The female delivers a few shots between the legs so the male delivers several Breast Attacks.
  • At one point in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Scott is attacked by a cloaked figure. When he strikes back, the figure yells: "You punched me in the boob! Prepare to die, obviously!"
  • In Crank 2: High Voltage, a prostitute is shot in the breasts, though it only causes her implants to leak.
  • After seducing another character, Angela rips the skin off her breasts in the Night of the Demons remake.
  • House At The Edge Of The Park when the villain gets his hands on the most innocent character who arrives late to the party.
  • In Kill Bill volume 2 Beatrix/the Bride gets a shotgun volley in the chest.
  • Karl hacks off and eats a breast in Violent Shit.
  • Sawney Bean is shown drinking blood out of a severed breast in Hillside Cannibals.
  • In the original Scary Movie, Ghostface stabs Drew Decker in the chest only to pull the knife out with the breast implant impaled on it.
  • In Ichi the Killer, Saburo tortures Myu-Myu by stretching her nipples with crocodile clips and then severs them both with a single pull of the scalpel.


  • In On A Pale Horse, the hero's girlfriend is tortured by being stripped to her waist, and her nipples being touched by active electrodes.
  • A particular magic-user in The Sword of Truth series controls people (women and men alike) by cutting off a nipple to use in Sympathetic Magic.
  • In Book 5 of The Faerie Queene, during Britomart's Combat by Champion with Radigund, the narrator notes that the two women did not "spare each other's most tender parts," or something like that, despite both being women and therefore knowing how much it would hurt. I guess we have here the logic behind Cat Fight and Designated Girl Fight.
  • In the fourth book of A Song of Ice and Fire, The Blue Bard is being tortured by the Mad Doctor Qyburn on Cersei's orders under the Red Keep. During said torture scene, he remarks about men's nipples sometimes being as sensitive as women's nipples, then removes the Bard's nipples.
  • In an early chapter of Friday, the heroine is tortured by having one of her nipples cut off. This being science fiction, her doctor is able to regrow the body part, but it is good for a guilt trip later in the novel when she meets one of her captors.
  • In The Iliad, after Athena K.O.'s Ares with a boulder, Aphrodite goes to help him. Well, Athena is still angry: "She charged at Aphrodite, overtook her and beat her breasts with clenched fists." As one would expect from the wimpy Aphrodite, "Down she sank with Ares, resistance quite dissolved."
  • From the Ian Fleming novel Dr No, describing the murder of a female MI 6 agent: "The man smiled broadly. Slowly, lovingly, he lifted the gun and shot her three times in and around the left breast."

Live Action TV

  • During a Thanksgiving episode of Friends the gang is having a game of American football for the Gellar Cup. Monica throws the ball to the inexperienced Phoebe who catches it, but it strikes her in the chest hard and she squeals: "Oh! Broken boobs!"
  • In one episode of Dengeki Sentai Changeman, the Monster of the Week employs fishes with huge mouths to attack/bite the team. While each team members got bitten, poor Sayaka/Change Mermaid got bitten on the breast area, with her knocking them down while yelling "PERVERT!". Fun fact is that since she's attacked while morphed, the Changeman female suits offer no visible breasts.
  • The Shake It Up episode "Party It Up" had a scene where it did happen, when CeCe and Rocky body bumped copying the boys... but in turn, both girls groan from the pain.
  • Wayne Brady apparently thinks that purple nurples are part and parcel of a female prison riot (the "persona" he got saddled with in Lets make a Date).
  • Charlie Runkle's unfortunate nipple mishap in Californication constitutes a rare male example of this trope.
  • An episode of Yes, Dear has Kim accidentally doing this to the then-wife of her husband's boss while playing tennis. Good thing her husband didn't get punished for this.
    • Another one involving Christine boxing Jimmy's boss. (A female security guard)

Christine: Ow...she punched me in the boob. Can you do that?
Jimmy's Boss: *annoyed* Yeah.
Christine: Oh. (punches Jimmy's boss in the boob)



  • Pearl Jam, "Jeremy": "He gnashed his teeth and bit the recess lady's breast"

Professional Wrestling

  • Several female wrestlers have developed a move where they hoist their opponent up in a chicken wing hold, pulling their arms behind them, and then drop them. At least one has called this move "The Implant Buster."


Western Animation

  • Rare male example: In the penultimate episode of The Venture Brothers season 3, Brock Samson's nipple gets cut off.
  • In one of the many Robot Chicken sketches, a PMS-ing She-Ra attacks a trio of villainesses. Two get standard deaths. The third has her breasts squeezed till they popped.
  • American Dad: A stripper accidentally gets her breasts pierced by hypodermic needles, causing her implants to deflate. As soon as that happens, her mind clears and she says, "I remember now! I was going to be a civil engineer!"
    • Also happens to Francine when she and Roger attempt to spice up their mundane lives by attending a party at the French consulate.

"Roger, that was terrible. We were the only people in period dress and your fake French accent got me punched in the boob."

    • Another episode also features a brief gag where Stan accidenly elbows Francine, causing her to complain "You elbowed my boobie!"
  • In Family Guy, when Peter started kicking everything after seeing Road House, Lois asked him not to kick her, unless it was her nipple.
  • Stroker and Hoop: Hoop's mom is sent to women's prison for a crime she didn't commit. She consoles herself by claiming that a prison for elderly ladies can't be that bad and takes it all in stride, likening it to being roommates in college ... until her "roommate" threatens to cut her tits off.

Real Life

  • There is a report on the infamous rape case of Filipina actress Maggie dela Riva. According an interview of the actress, during her ordeal, she was incapacited by her captors by means of punching her in several areas of her body, including one of her breasts, before they proceeded to rape her.
    • During the filming of the movie The Maggie dela Riva Story which was based on the incident, actress Dawn Zulueta who played dela Riva reported that when that grisly scene was recreated, it actually led to real injuries and she actually had to be hospitalized.
      • In addition to having her throat slashed, rumors abounded that Nicole Brown Simpson's breasts were deliberately slashed off in the attack as well—however the coroner's report refutes these rumors entirely.
  • The Breast Ripper torture device.
  • Weird Or What suggests that breast implants protected a woman from being shot.
  • This blog, dealing with self-defense for women (and in this case, against one) (NSFW): Breast Punch [dead link]
  • Boob tag. Which is like regular tag, but the only legal tag is tagging another participant's breast. Typically only played by women.