Shadow of the Gods/Characters

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    This page is for listing the tropes related to characters who are found in Shadow of the Gods.

    Team Characters

    Michael Polleta

    A socially awkward college student who finds out he can turn into an electrically powered otter.

    • Adorkable
    • Character Development: Later in the story Michael appears to have gotten a little more level-headed and also realizes that it's just not fair on Kailex to run around pantless.
    • New Age Retro Hippie: He's all for free love and shedding clothes in general; something that goes down swimmingly with Kailex earlier in the story.
    • Plucky Comic Relief: Many instances involving Michael can either induce laughter or facepalming.
    • Superhero: Loves to see himself and the others this way, having grown up on a steady diet of comic books. He's usually the most eager about costumes and likes the idea of the group being just like the perfect, cheerful 80's superhero team.
    • Shock and Awe: Well, duh.
    • Wide-Eyed Idealist: It clashes sometimes with other team members.

    Kailex Minder

    A young italian woman with more than a few issues; she discovers she has the power to manipulate demonic energies.

    • Anti-Hero: Got very close to becoming a Type V but has since 'mellowed' into a Type III.
      • Alexis is a Type V when access to her destructive powers is restricted. Even that's pushing it.
    • Bad Powers, Good People: She can summon demons, turn into a demon, rip people into bloody chunks if she wanted and can control black fire. Oh and can slip into shadows too.
    • Enemy Within: At first Shin comes off as this, but after Templar's stunt a third personality is shown to be the real enemy.
    • Good Is Not Nice: Her belief of this clashes with Michael's romancitized view of being 90s super heroes, spandex, capes and all.
    • Horned Humanoid: Of which has been retconned more than once for different appearances. The creator finally settled on a design.
    • Knight in Sour Armour: Snarky and is nicer than she wants people to think.
    • Meaningful Name: Alexis has the meaning "guardian/defender" or "to guard/defend" - and she's very much a violent extremist in 'protecting' Kailex.
    • Rape as Drama: Attempted by her father in a drunken stupor and resulted in her beating his head to a messy pulp with an iron rod.
    • Sociopathic Hero: When Alexis is in control.
    • Winged Humanoid: Big black demonic wings to be accurate.

    Ashley O'Connor

    A normal girl saved by Kailex. She turns out to be a dormant animus who needs to die for her powers to be discovered; she's an angel.

    Larry Solomon

    A middle aged man with extensive experience in tabletop RP - he ends up having shapeshifter powers that rely entirely on his imagination.

    • Swiss Army Hero: He can change into a variety of creatures with very specific powers.
    • Team Dad: Very much the most 'together' one of the group and keeps a level head.

    Darian Mc Kane

    A ex-soldier in his early thirties who discovered he could shift into an anthro-wolf with teleportation powers.

    • Elemental Powers: Gets them in the form of four swords which house of the souls of four stags. Each of them controls one element.
    • Flash Step: And uses it to great effect.
    • Teleport Spam: Shows off during their "show me what you can do" phase in the danger room.
    • Walking the Earth: Did this briefly, hunting escaped demons along the way.

    Gwynedd Blacke

    A young Welsh woman who discovers her ability to turn into an anthropomorphic wolf that controls life, death and souls.

    Spencer Timm

    An intelligent young man who discovered his anthropomorphic chameleon form and ability to control emotions.


    A former slave, Alluria was sent to the crew after discovering her ability to turn into a mechanical dragon.

    Support/Background/Non-Team Characters

    Shane Phypers

    A young man formerly an escort and working an armoured truck job before he discovered his ability to become a mecha wolf.


    Good counterpart to Titan, she first contacts the original crew members and gathers them at her estate to teach them how to use their abilities.

    • Captain Ersatz: Professor Xavier with lady parts and working legs.
    • Mother Nature: Implied by her general behaviour, appearance and that plants seem to react to her presence.
    • Taken for Granite: Her fate as of now thanks to the Alien Armada sending assassins.


    A woman appearing to be in her early twenties who is one of two servants in the house. Lover of Eros.

    • Beware the Nice Ones: When the gang is confronting the New York proto-animus, Psyche saves them from unnecessarily degrading "security" measures by scaring Anubis who is blocking their progress - yes, the Egyptian god.
    • Ms. Fanservice: Whilst style is a must, the number of decent outfits she's been seen in can be counted on one hand.
    • Psychic Powers: Which she uses to help Kailex, and attempt to help a few others on the team with.
    • Really 700 Years Old: She's actually an ancient greek.
    • The Empath: When the emotions are severe enough she'll feel them whether she wants to or not.


    A man appearing to be in his early twenties who is the other of the two servants in the house. Lover of Psyche.



    The evil counterpart to Gia, he contacts several Animus but they end up defecting from him one way or another. All he wanted was powerful Animus to feed off so he could defeat the Armada by himself.


    A fanatical animus who attacks the group, killing Ashley in the process. Turns out she is Ashley and is trying to make the group stronger so her future doesn't become theirs.

    Valerie Wolfe

    An experiment by Titan, Valerie was an Animus plucked off the streets and forced through various trials and tests that tore apart everything once human in her. She is the main instigator of the Edinburgh Crisis Arc.

    • Captain Ersatz: Alex Mercer with lady parts.
    • Fangs Are Evil: As a shapeshifter she keeps them as her default appearance.
    • Horror Hunger: Needs to 'consume' biological material to survive, or her body will decay. This isn't so bad when you're thinking like insects and animals. Much worse when she has no problem - and a preference - for eating Humans.
    • Walking Wasteland: Her powers involve disease, mind control and shapeshifting and with them she turns the surrounding area around Edinburgh Castle into a "playground" for herself and Paige.

    Paige Dawson

    A young Animus Titan experimented upon and linked to Valerie in a possible attempt to control her.

    Characters No Longer Involved in the RP

    Sean Lloyd

    A young man who can shift into an anthro Artic Fox and has the ability to create Portals. Yes just like in the game Portal.

    • Martial Pacifist: He doesn't like violence and would much prefer to avoid fighting as much as possible.


    A pre-teen girl with an anthropomorphic kitten form and psychic powers.


    Katherine's family dog, who has Animus esque powers due to have an ancient bloodline tie to the first Animas. He has control over ice.

    Nathan Jones

    A street fighter in his late twenties able to turn into a black anthro wolf with pyrokinesis.

    Cole Winters

    A 14 year old rich kid who discovered his ability to control life force once he assumed the form of a white anthro-tiger.

    • Troubling Unchildlike Behaviour: Cole very quickly falls into this with the whole sapping and 'using' his older male body guard. Said guard, although being much bigger and stronger, seems petrified of the boy after the event.

    Mathius Nostrum

    A former military man in his late twenties who discovers his ability to change into an anthro wolf with powerful regenerative healing.

    Nathan 'Ortega' Matthews

    A troubled young man with a criminal record who discovers his ability to turn into an anthro wolf with 'Phase Shifting' abilities.

    Dilana Asharah

    An art student who discovers her ability to change into a humnoid dolphin with enhanced echolocation powers.