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In the hills of Georgia live a family of hillbillies. They're also squids. These squidbillies drink, make meth, mud-bog, and destroy property. The characters are:

  • Early Cuyler, an extremely violent and drunk redneck. His hat always changes between shows, usually saying something like "Booty Hunter", "Sonny Lied!", or "Guns Don't Kill People, I Do". He has gone to prison and is often scolded by the sheriff for making pinecone moonshine or holding up the convenience store. He was made CEO of the Corrupt Corporate Executive's company to act as a scapegoat.
  • Rusty Cuyler, Early's son. He is more naïve and morally centered, but is also dumb and gullible. He is a "Well Done, Son" Guy.
  • Granny Cuyler, the feeble and senile mother of Early and Lil (maybe their granny or great granny, it's unclear the exact relation). She often sees visions of squid-Jesus.
  • Lil, who runs a meth operation/beauty salon. Not quite a common character.
  • The Sheriff, who is a nice guy that usually just complains about crimes happening in the area. Dies fairly often (like most of the characters), but is replaced by another sheriff from a sheriff clone farm. Unlike the Cuylers, he's human(ish).
  • Dan Halen, the Corrupt Corporate Executive and owner of Dan Halen Industries. His company appears to make sheetrock, but really dabbles in violent mutant corn, corrosive body spray, baby death traps, and foreign arms sales. Dan is a (usually) naked, pear-shaped blob of flesh with long red hair; good luck assigning a species to him. Revealed in an episode focused on him to have existed throughout the history of mankind in the exact same form, and to have been a part of many terrible events. Including the German Nazi Party.

Squidbillies has been running on Adult Swim since October 2005. It finished its 12th season in September 2019 and has been confirmed for a thirteenth season.

Tropes used in Squidbillies include:
  • Abusive Parents: Early has knifed and shot Rusty a few times, among other things.
  • The Alcoholic: Early Cuyler is rarely without his homemade pine cone "party liquor".

Early: Damn don't time fly when you're drunk as hell!

"Why did he reject me?! THEY EVEN TOOK THE MEXICANS FOR GOODNESS SAKE!!! They can't even pray in English!"

Rusty: So, Jesus is here with us right now?
Tom Treebow: Yes, he's right there... he's wearing an invisibility cloak. Just like the Predator.
Sheriff: (beat) What Tom is trying to say...
Tom Treebow: Watch out Jesus he's got a laser!

Narrator: "That large building over there is Dan Halen Sheetrock; they specialize in sheetrock, sheetrock mud, sheetrock screws, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, global mass media, third world covert military operations and, THE BABY HAMMOCK!"

  • Musical Episode: "America: Why I Love Her".
  • My Little Panzer
  • Negative Continuity: How many times have the world exploded in this series?
    • Somewhat subverted with Sheriff's many deaths, as one episode revealed a massive clone farm that Dan Halen breeds for election purposes. The Sheriff's deaths are even Lampshaded.

Rusty: "Daddy, I think he's dead!"
Early: "Not the first time."

"I love you... *draws knife* I'MMA KILL YOU, BITCH!!!"