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Subnormality 4061.jpg

Subnormality is a webcomic with a whole lot of words created by Winston Rowntree. Created in 2007, this comic is a Deconstruction parade, where the author deconstructs everything from video game characters to tropes themselves, such as Cannot Spit It Out. Some of his works are hilarious, some are depressing, and others are somewhere in the middle where you can't figure out what you're supposed to gain from it.

This comic is rather subjective; many readers enjoy it for the messages they receive from it, and others dislike it for how hard Winston tries to hammer in his morality. In this comic, you do just as much reading as you would if you were reading a book, it just has pictures to go with it. Somewhat of a Light Novel, except the art style is more reminiscent of western comic books than Japanese Manga.

Rowntree also writes an irregularly updated sister comic for called Abnormality. Its strips are narrower (to fit the website's layout), generally shorter and rarely plot-driven. Many of them are humorous infographics. they're accessible from Rowntree's author page. Abnormality has since become the name of Rowntree's column. He also contributes to Cracked's After Hours series, providing illustrations for Michael's brain.

Tropes used in Subnormality include: