Umineko: When They Cry/Memes

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Since Umineko no Naku Koro ni is in the same franchise as Higurashi, memes were bound to happen.

When a certain team of translators began releasing their patches, even more memes were bound to happen, considering how it usually works with visual novels.

And then when about half the cast started trolling not only the other characters but the readers themselves...well, look down.

Please add entries in the following format:

  • The meme. <ref>The explanation behind the meme.]]</ref> [1]

"Sup, Eva."

  • Beatrice is such a Tsundora.
  • Umineko - Now with CHOICES! [46]
  • The Tragedy in Rokenjima were caused by ACCIDENTS!!!
  • And then...I...knew. [47]
  • GENDER: LION [48]
  • Jessica is a depraved bisexual who can make better love to your fiancee than you can.
  • Eva, Ange, Lion. Wait, what?
    • Congratulations!
  • Why can't I hold all these personalities?
  • We've all been
    'Banquet Alliance Turn Twilight Legend End Requiem '' Dawn.
  • I don't care about my [x]'s gender. PFFT.
  • With EP8's release, comparisons with Professor Layton are abound.
    • This string of mass murders reminds me of a puzzle!
  • Lambdadelta is a cake. [49]
  • Wheelchair amnesiac Battler! [50]
  • Umineko proves Time Cube
  • Two Words: Musou Rosa [51]
  • Rudolf: "ORE WA JAKKU BAWAH!" [52]
  • Shannon's hat is a seagull. [53]

  1. Like this.
  2. A joke about the fourth arc where Battler claims that Small Bombs Did It.
  3. Kumasawa's Trademark Favorite Food
  4. Referring to the hilarious Censor Sound the first raw provider edited into the scene where Eva called Natsuhi a maidservant in the first episode of the anime.
  5. A joke about Rosa being an Abusive Parent to Maria.
  6. Same, but with Kinzo's Abusive Grandparent tendencies.
  7. Gaap's powers is making gaps.
  8. Ange gets turned into mushy meat in Episode 4. The witches joke about this.
  9. The OH DESIRE meme brought about by the ending theme of the anime.
  10. From the Joker's "Problem, Batman?"
  11. The memetic witch laugh from the VN.
  12. Red truth is the Language of Truth, leading to it being used in arguments all over the internet.
  13. A reference to a series of episodes from Haruhi Suzumiya.
  14. A joke about Battler's Endless Nine status in Episode 4.
  15. Beato's red truth in Episode 2 towards Battler.
  16. Colored text has been given memetic usages when discussing Umineko.
  17. The entirety of Happy Maria is a giant meme-making machine, since no one seems to know what the actual lyrics are supposed to be. Either that, or it's simply the worst case of Gratuitous English They Just Didn't Care about As Long as It Sounds Foreign. Some other widely used examples are "Witch's golden dreamer", "I'm gonna piss in fire (for magical breeding power)", "Witch's golden bacon", and "You're breaking my broken undershow".
  18. A popular theory over the internet. Turns out to be mostly correct.
  19. A joke about EP2's ending.
  20. EP4 and EP5 reveals Bernkastel is only in it For the Evulz.
  21. Exactly What It Says on the Tin
  22. Beatrice's death in EP5.
  23. A joke about how long translations usually take.
  24. Gratuitous English turned into hamminess by Sayaka Ohara.
  25. Battler's memetic line in EP2.
  26. Studio DEEN's reputation for terrible adaptations.
  27. All of these from the events of EP5.
  28. The ending theme of the Umineko anime. Also accompanied with OH DESIRE and Kinzo's face attached to it.
  29. Kinzo's Memetic Badass status in the game.
  30. Krauss once invested in moon tourism. Yes, seriously.
  31. Furudo Erika's Catch Phrase.
  32. Her self-proclaimed title.
  33. Her Mundane Made Awesome moment in EP6.
  34. A theory exists that the epitaph's solution is that Beatrice is the B0MB
  35. The fanbase's extreme hatred of George in general.
  36. Probably something from 4chan.
  37. Most likely a joke about Furfur and Zepar.
  38. A spin on the Arc Words.
  39. Jessica is Moon-chan, by the way. She's a popular target for the identity of Beatrice.
  40. Kinzo's Say My Name tendencies.
  41. Battler being compared to Batman.
  42. Off-Model in DEEN's animations.
  43. After Episode 7, with Eva's reveal as a Silent Scapegoat...
  44. ...and Kyrie's reveal as a possible Complete Monster.
  45. EP7 again, after Bernkastel disowns Erika as a piece.
  46. After the announcement that EP8 will have Multiple Endings
  47. Battler's Bat Deduction in Episode 5.
  48. Sprung up after arguments over Lion's gender.
  49. Episode 8.
  50. Episode 8 again.
  51. Rosa's Memetic Badass status in action.
  52. Actor Allusion to Rikiya Koyama's role as Jack Bauer.
  53. The OP of Ougon Musoukyoku includes Shannon's hat transforming into a seagull, leading to references like the bottom panel of this.