Hekikai no AiON

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Tatsuya Tsugawa's parents die in an accident. One week after the accident, he has inherited millions of yen and is now starting high school. He now tries to follow his father's last words about being a man of high caliber. A little while later, Tatsuya tries to rescue a girl, Seine Miyazaki, from being bullied. She coldly rebuffs his attempt and claims that she likes being bullied. He still tries to help her despite the fact she told him to leave her alone. It turns out that Seine is immortal, and she kills parasitic bugs that control humans with a snake named Aion that devours them.

Hekikai no AiON is a fantasy and horror manga by Yuna Kagesaki, known for Karin and Oniichan Control. The series is currently being translated by Tokyo Pop under the name Aion.

Not to be confused with the game Aion.

Tropes used in Hekikai no AiON include: