Rusty and Co.

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"Okay, forget the lockpicks... Does anyone have HANDS?"

Rusty and Co. is a fantasy webcomic by Mike R., based on Dungeons and Dragons, about a monstrous trio of adventurers. Literally.

With the charismatic Mimic, absurdly cute rust monster Rusty, and the silent yet deadly Gelatinous Cube, the three set out in search of fame, fortune, and experience levels. Of course, things that would be obstacles to more conventional adventurers pose no problem for these three, whereas other more simple tasks create great difficulties. Expect hilarity (with a side of Lampshade Hanging) to ensue.

Can be found here. Has a Character Sheet.

Tropes used in Rusty and Co. include:

Prestige: I was just chased by brain-eating monster mobsters, and that was still the scariest thing I've seen all day.

    • Mimic manages the exploit of doing an obvious one while lacking eyes:

Madeline: Have you seen any monsters acting weird?
(beat panel)
Mimic: Yer gonna have t'be more specific than that.


Calamitus: Do you think mundane matter could best my formidable necromantic powers? I have transcended the limits of mere flesh and blood...and I will shatter your bodies and dance upon your entrails!

Handsome D'an: I don't care! Shoot them up their <DING>

Calamitus: Well, that's the good thing about magic. {{[[[Beat]] ...}}] It's handy.

    • And again by Prestige. It's not the finger that's deadly, it's the Melf's Acid Arrow being emitted by it.
  • Fourth Wall Mail Slot: Critical Missives in-between chapters.
  • Full Set Bonus
  • Genre Roulette: With an item called the Belt of Genre Changing... you can guess what happens.
  • Genre Savvy: The blackguard Malevolus is smart enough to realize how dangerous the one-two punch of Rusty and Gelatinous Cube's abilities really is.

Rusty: Eat statue Eat statue Eat statue Eat statue Eat statue???

Mimic: Yoiks! Who're you? We don' wanna hurt youse!
Wight: I... was once... the White Knight.
Wight: But now I am... the Night Wight.
Mimic: A'ight, well... now we wanna hurt youse.

Malevolus: ... And if you want to reach the Inner Sanctum, you'll need to go...
... through... (looks at Rusty, then Cube, then think what happens when the both of them go through him)
... that tunnel there, then hang a right, then the next right, then straight on to the big doors.

Madeline: Wasn't he green a moment ago?
Mimic: Okay, seriously, ya gotta stop stickin' your hand in strangers.

    • Also to Madeline herself.
  • The Mafia: Complete with illithid (mind flayer) members.
  • The Nose Knows
    • When the Princess defends her smoking, Mimic points out that monsters hunt through smeell.
    • Stabs can recognize that Prestige is a cop by smell alone.
    • The guards to the Inner Santcum of the Tentacallis Dungeon are grimlocks, who are blind and hunt through smell.
    • And Madeline can smell Character Alignment.
  • Offscreen Crash:

Mimic: Boris Vallejo ain't gonna paint that.
Roxanne: Exit Grinner, stage right... er... and stage left.

Mimic: Am I on Dr. Seuss's Candid Camera?

1. Find Baddies.
2. Smite Baddies.
3. Profit!

Mimic: Do somethin'!
Prestige: I can't, I'm too busy screaaaaaaaaming!

Xorn: I knew I should'a taken that left turn at Abeir-Toril.