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Fan Art


"The animators gave her a lazy eye, the FANS gave her a family."

"Hi guys--- Someone pointed this out to me through Deviant ART. Leaving the show was, and still is, a great source of heartache for me, and I've spent the whole summer wondering if it all that work was worth it. Thank you for this. Thank you so much. It's EXACTLY what I needed to hear!"


  • Mothers Is a very sweet and heartwarming story focusing on the relationship between Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo
  • Will You Be My Friend Tells how Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo first met.
  • What Rainbows Are Made Of Is a great way to get over the horror of Rainbow Factory.
  • The ending of this fan-fiction. Especially with Diamond Tiara giving her crazy mother a diamond-covered dress that she sewed herself!
    • What about Rarity's reaction to what Sweetie Belle's time under Discord was like?
    • The author also did them for Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. Both also contain heartwarming moments with Fluttershy successfully singing her Evil Counterpart to sleep and promising to help her become a better person and Rainbow Dash comforting Scootaloo while also realizing she shouldn't be so hard on herself for the same thing. Both are completely in character, but Fluttershy certainly takes the cake in the heartwarming department for viewing FlutterCruel as a newborn child who needs to be taught, not an evil monster she should be rid of. It's completely in character for Fluttershy and shows the non-judgemental side of her character she's showed so much.

Fluttershy: You just had a bad parent. But I promise to help you.

    • Now another one, this time for Applejack. After being permitted to see into a pool capable of showing the absolute truth by Celestia, Applejack uses the knowledge gained and spends the next day running herself ragged helpping everyone she saw recover from Discord's attack. Also touching is the reveal that if Applejack hadn't come back from her Aunt and Uncle Orange, her brother would've been the one to take up the Element Of Honesty instead. Even though some parts are sad, she still gains a newfound appreciation for her friends and loved ones as well.
    • Twilight pulling Trixie out of her Discord-induced catatonia.
  • The d'aww-inducing A Day For Spike and Twilight. It's an adorable fic that explores Spike and Twilight's friendship.
  • A Light in the Darkness, one of the best cures for Cupcakes out there.
  • One surprising example is born of "Yet Another Cupcakes Ending" (tm). After a last-minute rescue by Twilight the cause of Pinkie's madness is discovered and removed from her brain. Weeks later we discover that Dash; in spite of the amputated wings, nightmares, and a need to steel herself against panic attacks to even look at Pinkie; refuses to blame her and is campaigning against anyone in Ponyville doing so. Loyalty indeed.
  • My Little Dashie, a masterpiece of fan-fic which was inspired by this image and tells a truly heartwarming and tear inducing story of Rainbow Dash being raised by a lonely man who found her in a box and treated her like his own daughter. Seriously, if you aren't wiping your cheeks clean of tears by the end you might want to get your eyes checked.
    • Azekahh readthis fanfic out, and even he was moved by the story of a Rainbow Dash who was adopted into a loving home.
      • The crowner on Azekahh's reading however is how his attitude shifts during the story. Initially, he goes into it after having been pressured by fans and is rather skeptical about it's supposed B'AWWWWW potential, but by the time he makes it to Dash discovering the truth about herself and Celestia and the other 5 showing up to take her back to Equestria he's actively fighting back tears just so he can finish the story without breaking down. Heart=Warmed.
  • In this fanfic, Prince Blueblood gets trapped in a Groundhog Day Loop. And by the end, he manages to redeem himself utterly. Yeah, you heard it right, Prince Charmless himself manages to get some Crowning Moments of Heartwarming.
  • The Vinyl Scratch Tapes: Octavia realising Vinyl is more than just a deranged showboater, Octavia going Mama Bear for her ensemble, and Vinyl going Mama Bear for Octavia probably qualify. The Aw, Look -- They Really Do Love Each Other moment in chapter 1 of part 2 is a definite, though.

Octavia: (on a badly made pie) And if it was really that bad, why did you nearly eat the whole thing all by yourself?!

Vinyl: Because you made it for me!


Vinyl: [Sighs.] Spitfire, you asked that you wanted to know what it’s like living together with Octavia? For serious?

Spitfire: Yeah...

Vinyl: All joking aside ... I get to wake up every day, living with the pony who makes me the happiest. I get to laugh together with her, joke with her, and just be there with her. Every second I’m with her makes me feel like I’m in front of a cheering crowd after the best set I’ve ever done. I’m ... [Chuckles.] I’m just grateful she somehow manages to put up with me every day without punching me in the face ... I really couldn’t be happier than I am, right now.

Fan Videos

Philsterman: Nopony deserves to be sad. So think of the happiest thing you can. And smile!

  • This will make you weep from all the heartwarming.
  • This music video with Zecora singing "Dig a Little Deeper". The segment directed at Spike fits particularly well in context of the show. The last verse directed at Twilight is less applicable, but the clips chosen makes it heartwarming nevertheless.
  • The Fluttershy edition of My Little Pony in Thinking with Portals, which features her trying to use the Portal Gun in hopes of staying over with one of her friends during a stormy night, with Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash showing up at Fluttershy's home (via Rarity's custom Portal Gun) near the end after Fluttershy discovers that they're not at home.
  • This Shining Armor/Princess Cadance PMV, set to "Far Longer Than Forever".
  • The Massive Smile Project. All the best brony musicians got together and made this and it was beautiful.
  • You're not alone.
  • If you thought Luna's Cutie Mark cant get cuter, now it's animated.


  • Another wonderful example of why this fandom is so great.
  • Judging by the fact that, a mere few hours after it was aired, a couple of the new non descript background ponies are already being made fanart of, this is clearly not a fandom to be taken lightly. And as someone in the comments said, "MLPFIM: The only fandom where every background character will be named and fully fleshed out with a backstory. Every pony." When it comes to bronies, no pony is forgotten.
    • And no pony is abandoned. Consider Incidental Pony #2, or as the fanbase calls her, "Lyra". Recently, a blindbag toy came out - although it was clearly a Twilight Sparkle recolor, it had Lyra's colors and Cutie Mark. Its name was "Heartstrings". After quite a bit of argument and debate, did the fandom cry Ruined FOREVER? Nope. To them, she's now "Lyra Heartstrings". Love and tolerance at work.
  • Essentially any time a group of fans come together for a massive project. Not just the fact they're so devoted to the fandom that they're willing to devote days, maybe even weeks of time for no pay, but that it's normally a huge effort on the part of many people working together to do it. The fandom is literally bringing people together! Considering some fandoms barely get along at all, seeing this kind of unity is a wonderful change of pace!
  • This beautiful piece of artwork drawn by Jiayi, framed as one of Twilight Sparkle's letters to Celestia, summarizing all of Season One in a series of images that captures the essence of the entire series so perfectly it brings tears to this tropers' eyes every time she looks at it, and I don't usually cry over fictional things. It's no wonder Faust herself favorited it.
  • This fanmade video, inspired by Google Chrome videos, featuring video clips of the brony community, spreading their love of the show and each other, telling each other to make 2012 the year of the brony. Make It Happen!
  • On one YouTube video of "Big Brother, Best Friend Forever", the first Top Comment is:

My older brother just left for Afghanistan a couple of days ago. He leads a military squad, just like how Shining Armor leads the guards. He didn't tell me he was getting married when he did not too long ago, but i'm still very happy for him. He has a kid now.

I miss him, and I love this song so much because it reminds me of the times we had.

  • This article, well specifically the comments section the article is just another person who makes it clear from some of the ridiculous things he says has never watched the show, ranting about how Bronies couldn't possibly be "real men" etc etc... It's basically one giant plea for a Flame War just begging for some normal internet rageing and uproar. Guess what; Bronies didn't rise to the bait, instead the comments are filled with bronies defending the show with polite, well reasoned arguments, calmly replying to critics and "haters" with passionate yet polite reasoning. The high lite being one lady that stated she would be highly disturbed if her husband started liking something like this show, yet after talking back and forth with several bronies, finally agreed that maybe she was being to eager to judge something based just on preconceived notions and that she should at least watch the show before criticizing it, to the point where she asked their recommendations for some good episodes to start with.
  1. Rainbow Dash comforts Scootaloo.