Blaze of Eternity/Characters

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The (currently sparse) character sheet for the Fire Emblem based role-play, Blaze of Eternity.

Still contains spoilers for Clark Kallen, by the way.

Protagonists/Playable Characters

Michael 'Tookie' Hamilton

The hero of the piece, and a veteran warrior from the events of Clark Kallen. His part in the battles two years prior naturally makes him the first mortal to be targetted by the rebellious angels in their attempt to remove any potential allies of Alessia. That... didn't exactly work out.

"Now piss off. I believe you have revenge plans to make."

  • Doomed Hometown (Southampton looks pretty boned at the moment)
    • Scratch that- it is boned.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords (no, he doesn't use anything else this time; he doesn't even keep his axes from Clark Kallen)
  • Magnetic Hero (noted in-universe; Alessia tells Mannix that 'the powerful seem to gravitate towards him')
  • No Name Given (finally averted)
  • Seen It All (fighting in the Langras Crusades and taking a few shots at Alessia had an effect similar to this on him. Time will tell if this lasts or not)
  • The Hero

Lily Klavine

An ally of Michael throughout the Langras Crusades and beyond, though not really before. Most sources have her continuing to work as a mercenary at some point between Clark Kallen and Blaze of Eternity, and it is concern over Michael's whereabouts that brings her back into his battles, finding him on the day the angels chose to strike against him.

Martel Stonard

Jade Hunter

Alec Aldrich


Adrian LaCroix

Katherine LaCroix


"Guide my inner shadow, light and dark above..." he muttered, as dark aurae began to emanate from him. It grew more and more intensely, until he unleashed it unto the reanimated skeleton.


  • True Neutral (he holds no allegience to Michael's cause; rather he views his current circumstance as a means to an end. Would not hesisitate to undergo a Face Heel Turn if he believed it would bring him closer to finding his mentor)

Aideen Barr


Allied Characters


The Goddess; the creator of the universe. Michael fought her two years ago; the reasons behind this, however, are known only to themselves, Lily and the warriors of Langras and Elibe who fought alongside them. She has recently been the target of a rebellion of angels, forcing her to re-enter the battlefield herself.