Death Note Abridged (HikariPop)

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Ryuk and Light: No thanks... I'm much too busy staring at nothing...
Voice Over: And thus our heroes found a common interest...

A Death Note Abridged Series by HikariPop. 4 abridged episodes, as well as gag dubs, YouTube poops and FanVids...

Tropes used in Death Note Abridged (HikariPop) include:

Soichiro: "Holy shit! Turn it off!"
L: "No."

Light: "Tell you what, I'm going to molest you... with my vocal cords and make you have the multimate orgasm. That will make you want me."

Light: I consider myself a very calm person........ AND HOW YOU MAKE FUN OF BRITNEY SPEARES!"

    • Meanwhile:

L: "I'm a strawberry."
Light: "Doesn't that mean... you're a fruit?"
L: "No." (kicks in the face)

Light: "You left your penis on the bus.

  • Bishonen - "Nice hair but mine's prettier."

Light: "How could I lose a beauty contest to Leonardo DiCaprio. WHATAREYOULOOKINGATYOUFUCKINGSHINIGAMI?!"

Near: "No questions about why I sound like a hamster please."

L: Woah, maybe I should lay off the sugar for a while... (Beat) NAAAAAAAAAAH!

Light: Oh yeah, the proof for the viewers that I'm very smart.
Sachiko: (reading test scores) Oh my, you're very smart.
Light: Yeah well, I'm going to go to my room and stare at a book.
Sachiko: Good. That's what smart people do!

"I have one last request. I want you to kill Peter Parker. And now I request for one more thing. Get the [bleep] out of my office, you damn bitch."

Ryuk: I saw you [Light], you made that website yourself!

Ryuk: Death Gods are lazy. We just kill people so we don’t die! We don't serve any purpose!
Light: Ahh. I think you Shinigami are very special, Ryuk.
Ryuk: Really?
Light: Yeah. Too bad you guys are all ugly as fuck.

Mello: (to somebody else) "When are you gonna die?!"
Near: "Your mum."
Everybody: "..."