Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun

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Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun is a Fan Service Love Triangle between a Badass Normal, a moe-blob succubus, and a tsundere ojou turned meido.

Shungo Ninomiya is a mostly Ordinary High School Student... One day, his sister Ryoko sends Mayu and Mikihiro Tsukimura, two siblings, to live with him to help Mayu overcome her problems. She has a fear of men... and she also happens to be a succubus who can't turn off her power to attract them. Shungo, always well-behaved around women, seems to have some resistance, though Ryoko pushes this to the limit by having them do "training" like sharing a bed and making mock confessions. And then there's the student-council chair, Reika Hojo, who somehow ends up becoming their maid...

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Not to be confused with Sensei and Ninomiya-kun.

Tropes used in Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun include:
  • A-Cup Angst - Reika feels like this occasionally, and Hinako feels inadequate when she sees a bunch of well endowed women, followed by Mayu who shows up to hang out with her for a day in the beginning of episode 10. Seeing her eat a lot of food, Hinako wonders if that's how Mayu got so big.
  • Action Girl - Ryoko, Shinobu, Reika (at least once for sure, other times she's forcibly being carried away from battle by Shungo, or else incapacitated), and Irori in later episodes.
  • Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering? - Like so.

(Reika is wondering what's wrong with her breasts.)
Hosaka: I believe that people normally prefer large breasts.
Reika: That's it, Hosaka! All I have to do is change the way people think!

  • Badass Normal - Shungo. The opening scene has him roundhouse-kicking a giant polar bear as part of his "training". He later dislocates his shoulder (to loosen the ropes around him) and jumps out of a fourth-story window to escape the girls trying to harass him.
  • Barehanded Blade Block - Shungo uses this to protect himself from Kirishima's occasional attempts on his life.
  • Battle Butler - Hosaka, but this is not played up much. Until the last episode, wherein he absolutely curb-stomps Shungo without much effort. His hair doesn't even get messed up.
  • Battle Couple - While it's not made clear if they're dating, Ryoko and Mikihiro are often seen battling together. Also, Tasuku and Irori later on when they help Shungo escape from evil-Reika's clutches.
  • Beach Episode - Episodes 5 and 6.
  • Beware the Nice Ones - Hosaka may seem like a harmless Butt Monkey most of the time, but if anyone threatens Reika, or she orders him to, he goes into Badass mode rather quickly.
  • Big Damn Heroes - Many of the characters have moments like this, ranging from Shungo to his classmates in later episodes.
  • Butt Monkey - Shungo. This is practically the plot.
    • Hosaka is this to Reika.
  • Cannot Spit It Out - Reika
  • Chekhov's Skill - Hosaka's prowess as a bodyguard doesn't come up until the last episode.
    • Actually, Hosaka shows his fighting abilities throughout the series, such as in episode 6 and 10. It's just that he's often in Butt Monkey mode for Reika, so he seems incompetent/weak during most of the series.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl - Reika. To the point where she ends moving into the same house Shungo and Mayu lives in, although not necessarily by choice as she also has to perform maid duties after losing a contest with Mayu. She also likes to spy on him by watching him from afar with binoculars.
  • Cloudcuckoolander - Mayu. Sometimes this gets her in trouble, such as when she first meets Reika and unintentionally insults her. Other times it seems to come in very handy, such as in episode 6.
  • Crash Into Hello - This is how Mayu meets Shungo in the first episode. Mayu falls down a helicopter ramp and lands on Shungo's face ass-first. This may be a warning to the viewer that "yes, it's going to be that kind of show."
  • Cry Cute - Both Reika and Mayu do this, although Reika does it more often, and is a good candidate for The Woobie when she does.
  • Cute Monster Girl - Mayu, of the Horny Devils. Her brother is a male version.
  • Dancing Theme - The ED features dancing in both cheerleading outfits and towels. Can you feel the Fan Service?
  • Date Peepers - Reika seems to have an awful lot of business meetings in areas where Shungo just happens to be, such as during the field trip in Kyoto in episode 9 and 10.
  • Depraved Bisexual: Hinako, who has a fondness for sexually harassing both Shungo and Mayu.
    • Hinako takes this Up to Eleven in Episode 8 when she strips and forces Mayu into a swimsuit and apron while cooking ramen. Irori subsequently walks in on them and then the two of them force her into one too. Later when Shinobu shows up, the three of them force her into one as well and at this point they're all doing with way more gusto than required. To top it off just before Shungo returns home with ingredients for the ramen, they've been thinking certain thoughts about how big and hard that wooden spoon they're stirring the ramen with is. And they certainly don't spare many details on the individual stripping of each girl, mind you.
  • Does Not Like Men - Shinobu, although it's probably because she feels Shungo is the reason why Reika often gets upset.
  • Dojikko - Combined with her insane luck, this actually becomes a weapon for Mayu.
  • Double Standard Rape (Female on Female) - Shungo's sister towards Reika, and possibly Hinako towards Mayu, since she really enjoys fondling Mayu.
    • Ryoko really enjoys molesting Reika and dragging her off, despite Reika's protests that she doesn't swing that way...
  • Double Standard Rape (Female on Male): Shungo is tied up or otherwise immobilized on a regular basis by a mob of half the girls in his class, who sexually harass him because they like seeing his troubled face. Crosses the line when Reika snaps, letting her alternate personalty come out, who tries to rape Shungo for real.
  • Dude She's Like In A Coma - Shungo nearly does this to Reika, thinking it necessary to revive her. When she wakes up in his arms minutes later: "What are you doing, Ninomiya Shungo?! Don't tell me you've been doing This and That while I was unconscious? ...Actually, do it while I can remember!"
    • She herself attempts to do this to Shungo. Except he defends himself against her while he's sleeping.
  • Ecchi - Ya think?
  • Even the Girls Want Her: Ditto with Reika and Mayu.
  • Fan Service
  • Forgotten Childhood Friend - Mayu to Reika and Shungo. Reika's alternate personality does remember (and hates) Mayu because she was created in the incident that drove them apart.
  • Gag Boobs - Mayu's large bust size frequently puts herself and others (especially Shungo) into awkward situations, see Laser Hallway below.
  • Gratuitous English - Episode 3 is full of it.
    • "Let's boot camp!" "Very pretty boy!"
  • Harem Hero - Shungo is a Type 2B, despite being outclassed by his sister Ryoko, Shinobu and Hosaka.
  • Horny Devils - Mayu and her brother, among others. Ironically, for a succubus, Mayu has androphobia, which is a problem considering her inability to control her powers, particularly when stressed. The possibility of Shungo dying from Mayu involuntarily draining his life is used to keep him from going too far with her. Her brother is pretty good-natured, too. Mind control (of the opposite sex) is included in the power set. Shungo seems to have some resistance. Some.
    • It seems that after the first few episodes, this doesn't get used much. Either Mayu somehow learned to manage her emotions, or the plot simply forgot to play up this aspect.
  • Intimate Healing - the entire "training" hassle turns out to be aimed at healing the traumatic threesome Reika, Mayu, and Shungo had back in their childhood.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy - As Shungo begins to recover his lost memory, Mayu begins to feel guilty for causing a rift between Shungo and Reika when they were all kids. She even tells Shungo to forget her and to keep his promise he made with Reika as she lay dying, but then she gets better when Reika, trying to stop Shungo from kissing her again to restore her life but cause memory loss again, trips and accidentally kisses Mayu, much to the surprise of Mayu and Shungo.
  • Karma Houdini - Hosaka gets off scot-free for an awful lot in the last three episodes. Especially this.
    • Well, to be fair, he is Reika's Butt Monkey, and never seems to defend himself against her punishments, such as at the end of episode 6 after Shungo, Mayu, and Reika all witnessed him getting a Boom! Headshot! as he entered a room, but turns out he was playing his part of Shungo's sisters' act. Otherwise yeah, he does do some nasty things that he somehow avoids having to be punished for.
  • Laser Hallway - Reika and Mayu try to sneak through such a hallway, where the lasers are visible to begin with, only to have Mayu's breasts trigger the alarm.
  • Let's Get Dangerous - Ninomiya does this a couple of times, particularly whenever Mayu and/or Reika are in danger.
  • Love Triangle - Shungo, Reika, Mayu. The gang-rape girls don't count.
  • Meido - Reika is forced into this and has her own maid Kirishima.
  • Mood Whiplash - Plenty of times. Sometimes it seems like a typical anime high school romance comedy, then some heavily armed soldiers show up at the Beach Episode. Although it has a very serious tone to it, some parts are played for laughs, such as Mayu unintentionally falling into, or setting off booby traps, which also takes out many guards.
  • Mushroom Samba - Four of the main girls appear to become intoxicated by stirring a boiling pot of ramen broth, complete with plenty of panting, tender stroking of the stirring rod, and being all in all just a little too enthusiastic about finishing the ramen. Fan Service much?
  • Naked Apron - The picture above shows you, and its most prominent in episode 8.
  • Ninja Maid - Shinobu. Hilariously she often holds a sword to Shungo's throat and offers to kill him anytime Reika seems upset with him.
  • No One Could Have Survived That - In episode 10, when Hosaka kicks Shinobu out of the helicopter. Although it's hard to tell, it's likely she fell into a lake, as she does vanish for half an episode until mysteriously returning in episode 11 for a Big Damn Heroes moment to save Shungo.
  • Omake - The opening of every episode save the finale is a stand-alone story.
  • One Head Taller - Shungo is noticeably taller than Mayu and Reika.
  • Out of the Inferno - Mayu sets off every trap on an island to the tune of "The Ride of the Valkyries", and comes out of the flames of destruction she creates unharmed.
  • Princess Curls - Reika has a strange variation, reminiscent of another sempai...
  • Secret Test - Ryoko likes to do this to Shungo from time to time, such as episode 5 and 6. It turns out that the entire military raid was conducted by his sister, and the only ones who weren't in on it were Shungo, Mayu, and Reika. Reika in particular gets pissed at Hosaka later after believing he died from getting shot in the head, only to turn up okay later.
  • Shallow Love Interest - Mayu for the most part. Reika arguably has a better claim/reason to be with Shungo.
  • Shout Out
    • Kogarashi from Kamen no Maid Guy does a cameo in a gay Maid Cafe.
    • In Episode 9, Snake also makes a cameo...while trying to sneak into the girls' hotel room.
  • Shipper on Deck - Mayu's brother and Shungo's sister both seem perfectly okay with trying to get Shungo rather intimate with Mayu. In fact, Shungo's sister often threatens to punish him in various ways if he keeps goofing this up.
  • Stepping Stones in the Sky - When a rockfall starts over the cliff they're climbing, Those Two Guys use this not only to dodge the rocks but also to cover considerable ground, while Shungo watches in disbelief.
  • Taking the Bullet - Sort of. Mayu jumps in at the last second and takes the hit that Hosaka was going to deliver to Ninomiya, while Ninomiya manages to connect his punch with Hosaka, knocking him out of the fight. Considering the Curb Stomp Battle that Hosaka was doing to Ninomiya just prior to this, she probably ended up saving him. Hosaka later does comment that he probably shouldn't of attacked Ninomiya in serious mode.
  • The Fool - Mayu has some elements of this. For example, when she walks through a island of doom, setting off every trap along the way, without getting so much as her hair ruffled.
  • The Jimmy Hart Version - A version of the Rocky theme music plays when Ninomiya is running back home with ingredients for some ramen in episode 8.
  • The Rival - Tasuku views Shungo as this, even though the latter can't exactly remember why. Reika views Mayu as this regarding Shungo, but Mayu doesn't see it that way for the most part.
  • The Worf Effect - Shungo in the post-wham episode action sequence, where Hosaka starts beating him to a bloody pulp without breaking a sweat.
  • This and That
  • Title Drop - The very last line in the anime.
  • Tsundere - Reika. Tasuku becomes one of these when he's around Irori.
  • Tsurime Eyes - Reika has these.
  • Unresolved Sexual Tension - Perhaps Status Quo Is God, but if you were hoping Ninomiya picked one girl or the other, well, the ending doesn't resolve it. While Shungo has a slight preference for Mayu, it seems Reika hasn't completely given up yet, to which Hosaka later offers his condolences to Shungo.
  • Why Do You Keep Changing Jobs? - Mikihiro seems to have a lot of odd jobs, whether it's being the school janitor, a mercenary, a cameraman, or a farmer. Shungo's sister Ryoko seems to fall into this trope occasionally too, being seen as a mercenary, a film director (of Shungo and Mayu's erotic training), and school nurse.
  • Yandere - Reika, hiding as a Tsundere-ish Ojou. To be fair, it's her alternate personality which is the ruthless one, the "real" Reika is just an incredible pervert who Cannot Spit It Out and ends up in lesbian situations a lot.
  • Years Too Early - Ryoko gripes that Shungo is ten years too young to catch a cold from exhaustion.
  • You Fail Economics Forever: Apparently, Reika is so wealthy that when she makes one errant stock market decision she causes the entire Japanese economy to collapse!
    • Not quite correct: she inadvertedly triggers some random buying/selling while she's distracted from her computer. It wasn't one decision that made the market crash, it was the erratic pattern.