Tsurime Eyes

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A particular style of drawing eyes in Anime where the outer corners point upward, ending in a distinct point, used in contrast to the traditional Moe Moe soft drooping style, Tareme. Tsurime symbolizes strong will, arrogance, or pride in a character. Most noticeable in female designs (since it plays against the stereotype) and is commonly an attribute of Tsunderes, Kuuderes and particularly badass Action Girls.

Note that the "me" in "tsurime" actually means "eyes" in Japanese. We just enjoy being redundant.

For something vaguely similar in western media, see Clint Squint. See also Good Eyes, Evil Eyes.

Not to be confused with Tsundere, though tsunderes commonly sport tsurime.

Its opposite is Tareme Eyes. This trope originated in Japan (thus the name), the trope has made its way into western works due to cultural diffusion and Animesque drawing.

Examples of Tsurime Eyes include:

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  • Eyes that are almond shaped are referred to as "Phoenix Eyes" in China. Essentially, the "highest" part of the eye is the outer corner and the "lowest" part is the tear duct.