Nip and Tuck

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Nip And Tuck is another one of Ralph Hayes, Jr.'s webcomics (Goblin Hollow and Tales of the Questor among his others).

The main focus is on Nip and Tuck Todd, two fox brothers of the somewhat loopy Malarky County, located somewhere (judging by the cast's accents) in the southern USA. Throughout the series, the brothers get mixed up in various hijinx, including babysitting a pair of rival budding evil geniuses, accidentally entering Tuck's girlfriend into a porno photoshoot, helping a rookie journalist try to prove the existence of the local lake monster to the world, training a junior boxer to fight the town bully, and even MST-ing Nip's movies.

You can find it here.

Not to be confused with Nip/Tuck.

Tropes used in Nip and Tuck include:
Tuck: Well, I s'pose you're learning all sorts o' new things...
Tagger: Yeah. I learned tofu gives you th' scoots.

Zelda's friend and assistant, Charlotte: "You put his clothes back on right this minute, young lady!---"
Zelda: "No. Go 'way."

Hortence: I look like I should be singing Sweet Transvestite!