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Hands Of Chaos (abbreviated as HOC) is an Original Character Tournament hosted on Deviant ART. It opened to auditions on January 15, 2011, and officially kicked off on August 8 of the same year with sixteen competitors. The story takes place aboard a dimension-traversing ship called the Black Eden. The tournament is judged by several “Judge Characters” created by the host and co-judges – which, needless to say, are quite varied:

  • Myzaraphiston Synderfell, “Founding Member of the Hands of Chaos, and an incarnate version of the Devil.” also, is a woman.
  • Rache, “Water based Goddess of Revenge”
  • Orion, “A ‘sweet, innocent girl’.”
  • The Oracle, “Enigmatic seer and puppeteer of fate.”
  • Grand Arsonist Cruul, “A pyromaniac Genie.”
  • Siegfried von Eisenhower, “Heavy-handed Inquisitor”
  • Ian Caker, “A delicious villain.”

The sixteen contenders are about as varied as they can possibly get. (Each * indicates the round they were eliminated at. The two remaining characters are, as of this writing, engaging in combat in the fourth and final round.)

The essential premise is an inversion of Heroes-R-Us; all of the competitors are among the most evil forces in existence. How evil? The judges threatened to refuse any competitor whose Original Character had even the slightest trace of performing a Heel Face Turn. Indeed, most of the competitors had been pushed beyond their Moral Event Horizon before the tournament began. Of course, it isn’t that simple. The actual plot, disregarding the actual fights, is rather complex, and rather than give it all away right here, it’s enough to say that the Judges (or rather, their Judge Characters ) are pretty evil themselves. The plot is discussed in the article, of course, but per usual, it’s in spoiler brackets. In any event, a few of the participants were able to guess what the eventual plot would be.

As of this writing, the Tournament is going through the final round, but there may or may not be a Sequel Hook leading to another tournament in the same canon.

Tropes used in Hands of Chaos include:

Incarnation 1

Incarnation 2

This is a work in progress. No tropes are available for this folder yet.