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    "On a search for adventure and excitement, these youths went on a journey through the universe. They faced the Space Empire Zangyack and took the title of 'pirates'. They are...Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger!"


    Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger (Pirate Squadron Gokaiger) is the 35th installment in the long-running Super Sentai franchise, airing from 2011 to 2012.

    The Zangyack Empire, an evil empire aiming to conquer Earth and turn it into one of their colonies, were defeated by the combined might of the thirty-four previous Super Sentai teams in a conflict called the Legendary War. However, this was done at the cost of the heroes' powers, which scattered across the universe.

    Years later, a group of Space Pirates called the Gokaiger hear about the Greatest Treasure In The Universe, which is supposedly located on Earth. Arriving to find and plunder the Greatest Treasure, they accidentally stumble into the Zangyack Empire's second attempt at invading Earth. With the Zangyack responsible for the bounties on their heads and the assimilation of their home planets, the Gokaiger are drawn into a conflict they would rather not be a part of...if it wasn't for the promise of treasure at the end.

    Along with their own suits and accompanying powers, the Gokaiger can use their Ranger Keys to transform into any of the previous Sentai heroes, inheriting all of their abilities. Cameos from past Rangers abound, along with plenty of lip service to the older teams that came before them, while still forging their own story.

    For the Kamen Rider equivalent, see Kamen Rider Decade.

    Tropes used in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger include:

    Recurring Super Sentai tropes


    Marvelous: "Gokai Red!"
    Joe: "Gokai Blue!"
    Luka: "Gokai Yellow!"
    Don: "Gokai Green!"
    Ahim: "Gokai Pink!"
    Gai: "Gooooooookai Silver!"
    Marvelous: "Kaizoku Sentai!"
    All: "Gokaiger!"

      • Although Gokai Silver introducing himself for the first time is quite literally long enough for all of them put together.

    Gai: "The bright red sun at my back and justice filling my blue soul! Bathed in yellow cheers that make my rosy cheeks flush with pink! I'm the green, freshly sprouted, new hero! Shining in the heavens, the name is...Gokai Silver!"

    • Law of Chromatic Superiority
      • Marvelous is the captain and his mech is the team's Home Base. He's also the most skilled fighter of the Gokaiger and it is shown that he figures prominently in the journey to find the Ranger Key and the Greatest Treasure in the Universe even before the team was formed. His bounty is always the biggest out of all six members. Not to mention, his close relationship with Aka Red. In both the Gokaiger movie and Gokaiger vs Gavan, Marvelous is the one with the biggest part, character-wise.
        • Not to mention, unless the team is doing a single-color change (like the all-silver group in #18), he only ever uses Red Ranger Keys. Even when they gain the Sixth Ranger and Extra Hero Keys, he sticks with Reds like Time Fire and Wolzard Fire.
      • As for returning characters, most of them are former red rangers and only a few teams with tribute episodes (namely Battle Fever, Liveman, Jetman, Kakuranger, Gogo-V, Timeranger and Abaranger) have used a non-red as their main representative, mostly due to the fact that the reds from some of those shows were unavailable. The Shinkenger tribute found a way around this dilemma by featuring Kaoru when Takeru was unavailable, despite the fact that she was only a semi-regular character who appeared towards the end of Shinkenger's run.
    • Make My Monster Grow: Insaan uses a device to fire beams from the Gigant Horse's satellites to enlarge the Action Commanders and some Mooks. Averted with Basco's droids that start out giant. And with Warz Gill's mecha in #37.
    • Mecha Expansion Pack: Mecha from other series which, according to #3, are the concentrated power of their respective Super Sentai. The formations are simply called "[Prefix] GokaiOh".
    • Merchandise-Driven
    • Mid-Season Upgrade: Our heroes gets 15 additional Ranger Keys after defeating Basco in the end of #16, plus 10 extra ones in #31. The Gokai Galleon Buster and all the add-ons for the Gokai-Oh and Gozyuzin could count as well.
    • Monsters of the Week: Agents of Zangyack called "Action Commanders". Some are notably callbacks to previous Sentai - for example, Pachacamac XIII is the son of the Big Bad of the Gekiranger/Boukenger crossover movie.
      • Basco uses his own set of giant monsters known as "giant battle pseudo-lifeforms" or "roids", which are contained inside a hatch on Sally's belly.
    • Mooks: The Gormin Sailors.
      • Elite Mooks: The SuGormin, evolved from regular Gormin with the addition of chunky blue armor. They can also transform.
        • Praetorian Guard: And then there's the DoGormin, which are imperial bodyguards that resemble SuGormin but colored red.
      • Also, the Mooks from previous series return on several occasions.
        • In 199 Heroes, the main three revived villains (under the Black Cross King), Brajira, Dagon and Yogoshimacritein summon their respective underlings, Bibi Soldiers, Zobils and Ugatz.
        • In #20, a single Jaryuu soldier is seen ressurecting Ryuuwon with the Heart of Hades.
        • Flying Ghost Ship unites all the primary past mooks (though the Batsuroids and Igaroids appear as part of Abrella's forces). There is also the Combined Combatant, a monster made up of nearly all the past Mooks.
        • Magerappas appear in the Hurricaneger tribute.
        • Ugatz appear in the Go-onger tribute.
        • Nanashi and Bibi Soldiers appear in #40 as it revisits the events of Goseiger vs. Shinkenger, and the Nanashi appear in original footage when they fight the Gokaigers at the Negakure Shrine.
    • Motif: Naturally, it's Pirates. It was speculated from early on that the series would be heavily influenced by One Piece and reasonably so, since the anime version is also produced by Toei.
    • The Movie: Two summer movies, one winter crossover, and a future movie.
    • "On the Next Episode of..." Catchphrase
    • Regular Caller
    • Robot Buddy: Navi, a mechanical Pirate Parrot and friend of the Gokaiger.
    • Super Mode: Gokai Silver has a Gold Mode, which resembles Kamen Riders Decade and Diend's Complete Forms. In the arcade game Dice-O, the other Gokaigers can also use it.
      • In the final episode, the team uses Hyper Shinken Red, Super Gosei Blue, Super Geki Yellow, Deka Green SWAT, and Legend Magi Pink (in addition to Gold Mode for Gai). They even get a transformation call of "Super Rangers!" when they change.
    • Supervillain Lair: The Gigant Horse, the Zangyack mothership stationed on Earth's orbit. Basco has his own ship, the Free Joker.
    • Theme Music Power-Up: Not only do the Gokaiger theme gets applied to this from #5 onwards but whenever the Gokaiger unlock the greater power of a prior Sentai team, an instrumental version of their respective (opening) theme song plays in the ensuing battle.
      • The exceptions were Gekiranger in #7, where only standard fight music plays, Jetman in #28, where the music played for the first formation of Hurricane GokaiOh is used (Gai Ikari does sing the first few notes of the Jetman theme in the episode, though) and Battle Fever in #44, where the instrumental version of the Gokaiger's insert song, "Gokai Zenkai Dash", plays instead (although the Battle Fever J theme was played in Flying Ghost Ship when the Gokaigers changed into them).
      • Subverted with Ohranger in #31, where it is not the opening theme "Olé! Ohranger" that plays but rather the final episode's ending song "Nijiiro Crystal Sky".
      • This is taken Up to Eleven in 199 Heroes, where, when the Humongous Mecha of all the previous Sentai robots join forces, the extended Goranger theme song plays throughout the fight as they beat down multiple previous enemies that were brought back to life.
        • Also in the beginning of the movie, with the extended Legend War scene, the music is replaced by the extended version of the Goseiger theme.
      • In "Flying Ghost Ship", the Gokaigers as the Gorangers "fight" against Baseball Mask, the instrumental version of the Goranger ending theme plays.
      • In #49, after recovering the five great powers that were stolen by Basco, a medley of their respective themes (Changeman, Flashman, Maskman, Fiveman and Sun Vulcan, in that order) is played when the Gokaigers transform into a mixed set of rangers from those teams while fighting against Insarn.
      • In Gokaiger vs Gavan, the original Gavan theme plays during the team-up fight. Also during Gavan's transformation sequence, the instrumental version of "Chase Gavan" plays.
    • Title Scream
    • Transformation Name Announcement: "Complete, GokaiOh!"
    • Transformation Trinket: The Mobirates (Mobile + Pirates) and Ranger Keys for changing into the Gokaigers or any of the past rangers, depending on what key is used.
      • Gokai Silver has the Gokai Cellular, which scans the Keys rather than inserting them.
    • Transforming Mecha: Specifically, the giant Sgormin can turn into jet fighters and motorcycles.
    • Two Girls to a Team: Pink and Yellow again, but while the Gokaigers mostly stick to their default colors when transforming into other teams (regardless of the gender of their counterpart), in the instances where the colors don't match up, members without a counterpart are assigned the closest color available, resulting in seven instances where Pink changes colors (four whites, two blacks and a dark blue ranger) and three instances where it happens to Yellow (two white and an orange). The girls also get to wear green as well in a couple of special occasions.
    • Weapon of Choice: The Gokaigers (minus Gai) don't have unique weapons,[2] all using Swords and Guns, while also having unique fighting styles. Though because they do have the power to transform into past Sentai teams, they can use their weapons.
      • Sword and Gun: The Gokai Sabres and Gokai Guns; a standard issued pair for the main five. The Gokai Sabres also have a built-in grappling hook function. When they are fighting, the Gokaigers, excluding Marvelous, can trade one of their weapons with each other in the event they wish to do...
        • Dual-Wielding: Joe and Luka's speciality. Luka has shown to use the Gokai Sabres in two different ways: a Double Weapon by combing the two sabres by their hilt, and an Epic Flail by using the wires in the sabres. It's currently unknown if these are exclusive skills or if the others can do them too. As for Joe, #4 has him upping the ante by doing this with all five Gokai Sabres, becoming two- and three-bladers each with a single handle, presumably to make the quint-wielding easier on the suit actor.
        • Guns Akimbo: Don and Ahim's speciality.
      • BFG: The Gokai Galleon Buster, derived from the Ohranger's great power.
        • Before that, the Gokaigers used the Super Sentai Bazooka with the Goseigers in 199 Heroes.
      • Gai: Gokai Spear [3]

    Tropes specific to Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger


    Marvelous: Ha! Now we got you cornered.
    Kai Ozu: Really? You still have to come over here.
    [Zoom out to show that the two are on different cliffs with a huge gap in between.]

      • There's a beautiful example in #8 right after a Cold Open. Insaan decides to review the Zangyack wanted posters for the Gokaigers, leading to flashbacks of what the Captain, Joe, Ahim and Luka were doing before...then they get to Don, and Insaan's reaction is basically "aaah, he's nobody" before tossing it aside.
    • Barehanded Blade Block: The monster of #14 attempts this against Marvelous as Tyranno Ranger. Doesn't quite work out.
    • Batman Cold Open: Frequently an episode begins with the heroes fighting giant Sugormin in GokaiOh, and this is usually because there will be a lack of fight with GokaiOh later in the episode, like in the Jetman tribute.
    • Batman Gambit: Basco's plan in #47. It involves betraying Sally in such an over-the-top manner, that it makes the Gokaigers think it's a trap to get Sally to the Ranger Key chest and steal it. They were right, but that was part of Basco's plan. The other part of the plan relied heavily on Sally making a Heel Face Turn based off these turn of events, which Sally does, putting her in a good enough proximity to take Marvelous out with a bomb he placed on Sally as a "good-luck charm".
    • BBC Quarry/Kirk's Rock: There's this one concrete plaza with a bunch of ramps and flat steps that has popped up several times. Parts of the Gekiranger, Carranger, and Hurricenger episodes have been filmed in it. Justified since they apparently parked the Gokai Galleon nearby.
    • Beam Spam: Any of the Zangyack fleet scenes usually entail this.
      • Upon boarding the Gigant Horse in #51, Marvelous and Gai fight their way to the bridge, where Marvelous turns the Gigant Horse's weapons against the entire Zangyack invasion fleet and blows them away.
    • Beware the Nice Ones: While Don is the Butt Monkey of the series, he is heard audibly snapping the necks of Mooks on at least two occasions.
      • Ahim. Unassuming Badass Princess who cheerfully told a past Sentai team that the Gokaigers would take their powers by force shows she's no pink powderpuff.
    • BFS: In Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, the Rekka Daizantou is bigger than the wielder and takes a skilled stuntman to use during filming. Now, imagine that scaled up to mecha size, and possibly doubled, and you get the version wielded by Shinken GokaiOh.
      • Goren Gokaioh's Gokai Hurricane Cassiopeia is even bigger.
    • Big Eater: Marvelous, especially after he gets injured. The Monster of the Week of #33 qualifies, too.
    • Big Yes: The Gokaigers after the defeat of Ackdos Gil.
    • Bizarre Alien Biology: the alien brothers in #8. For some reason the elder brother is the size of a baseball.
    • Non Sequitur Episode: Subverted. While the Carranger crossover in #14 is bizarre, the Monster of the Week reappears in #24 and follows up on the events of said previous episode. It is worthy to note that #24 is even more bizarre
    • Book Ends: #7 begins and ends more or less the same way, except with Don taking a level in badass. Unfortunately it doesn't stick.
      • Actually, if you look at the series as a whole, Don does start showing a little bit more backbone as time goes on. Look at episode #29, when he confronts Marvelous, Joe, and Luka about being so reckless during the battle, and told them "You broke this, you're gonna fix it."
      • In #1, the Gokaigers give the Monster of the Week a speech. The same speech is given to Dailando in #50.
        • Also in #1, the team tells the schoolchildren and teachers they save to Think Nothing of It—they weren't saving anyone, they were just kicking the MOTW's butt for ruining their lunch. In #51, the same kids and teachers come up to thank them for saving the world, and they respond "We're just space pirates, we came here for treasure and Zangyack got in our way so we took them out. There's no need to thank us."
      • Also from #1, the team goes to Snack Safari for lunch, and the place is blown up before Marvelous can eat his curry. After the final battle in #51, they go there again, only this time it's the Snack New Safari -- and Marvelous not only gets to finish his meal, but scarfs down six or seven platesful of curry.
    • Borrowed Catchphrase: In Gokaiger vs. Gavan, when the team first notices Gekkou, they say "Bird?", and Shizuka immediately blurts out "It's not 'Bird'!", which is what Navi says every time Marvelous refers to him as such.
    • Breaking the Fourth Wall: In #2, the Gokaigers all turn into Red Rangers to finish off the Monster of the Week. In turn, the monster looks into the camera and expresses its disbelief at so many red rangers. If Abaranger is anything to go by, this is a trope which Naruhisa Arakawa uses often.
      • During their cameo in the Goseiger Vs. Shinkenger movie, Marvelous says the Gokaigers should show off since it's a movie.
      • Navi also smacks into the screen early in #7.
      • In #14, Kyousuke introduces himself as Red Racer to the Gokaigers. The usual silhouette of the ranger's image appears over him as with all the other Reds, but then he just smacks it away.
      • The Monster of the Week in #26, does this shortly before blowing up the first time.
        • He does it again after his second defeat.
      • #29 tries to replicate The Stinger style from Abaranger (being its tribute episode) at the halfway CM cut.
      • Machalcon in #44 references that this would be the last time this year (#44 being the last episode of 2011).[14]
      • When the Gokaigers do an All-Blue change in #45, Ninjaman asks if that's allowed, pointing at the TV screen as he does so.
        • Also when right before the CM, Navi asks the viewers if they know that the Gokiagers are doing an All Lion Gokai Change.
    • Breather Episode: #14 delivers some reprieve before the show plunges right into Basco's curb-stomping debut, and how.
      • #24: A story how the Monster of the Week from #14 searches his place in the universe and finds love with a human.
      • Sandwiched between the Jetman and Liveman episodes, both of which deal differently with the theme of death, is #29: a goofy tale where, among other things, Warz Gill caught a cold and Ahim cosplays to throw off the Monster of the Week.
    • Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl: Joe and Ahim.
    • Broken Aesop: The moral of the Dairanger episode is that you don't need to transform to be a hero. Too bad Gai and Ryō get their asses handed to them when they try fighting that way.
    • Bucket Helmet: Don wears one in #29, oddly enough, on top of his regular suit helmet. It even manages to stay stuck on despite his frequent moving around.
    • Bullet Catch: Kiaido performs this in #28 against the team. Also did it to Marvelous in a flashback in the same episode.
    • Bulletproof Human Shield: Employed by Gokai Red with the help of a nearby Mook.
      • Also attempted by Kyousuke with Don in #14, but it doesn't quite work out.
    • Butt Monkey: Don.
      • Made especially apparent in the ending, where he's getting attacked by his own Transformation Trinkets.
        • And the exchange between Damaras and Insarn in #8, where they discuss the level of threat each of the Gokaigers pose: when they get to Don, after a Beat, they state that "he can be skipped". Also, his reward is really low compared to that of his teammates, much like Chopper.
      • Gai in #17. After all, he gets ignored for most of the episode in favor of a fat guy in a silver tracksuit. In the same episode, during Gai's Imagine Spot, Don is non-existant, replaced by Gai.
      • Even Basco has made his potshot at Don in #31:

    "Did you think I earned that three million zagin bounty by doing the cooking on the Galleon?"

    • Call Back
      • Since #24 is a sequel to #14, there's a few, including subverting Transformation Is a Free Action and Zealousto's cry of "I love you!.
      • In 199 Heroes, when Eri and Ahim do their combo attack, it's called Double Pink Attack #2. When Ahim asks why it's #2, Eri just remarks that #1 is already executed, which was during Goseiger vs Shinkenger (the one Eri did with Mako).
      • Don attempted to communicate with Sally in Gratuitous...Apeish or something when he and part of the team were kidnapped by Basco. Later on in #47, when Sally is brought aboard the Galleon, he does it again, only with Gai helping out. It's not clear if they ever got through to Sally in either case, though...
        • Luka even comments on this:

    I feel like I've seen this before...

      • In #50, Joe, Luka, Don, and Ahim's defiance towards Dyrandoh upon the crew's return is a callback to what they said to the Action Commander in the first episode. Luka says "Shut up, idiot.", Joe says that Zangyack will be the ones to get lost, Ahim says that they have no intention of listening to them, and Don says that he (and everyone else on this planet) hates guys like them.
    • Canon Immigrant: When the Gokaigers transform into the Go-ongers in #5, they use the wheel cuffs on their gloves and boots as weapons, something only their Power Rangers counterparts did. This was done as a Shout-Out by the episode's director, Koichi Sakamoto, who works on both franchises (and is in fact one of the big wheels involved in Power Rangers).
    • Can't Catch Up: Don and Ahim in #7, before they turn to Jan to teach them martial arts. Well, just Ahim, at first: it takes a little while for Don to get over the idea of letting himself get behind.
    • Car Fu: Ahim does this in #29. While dressed as a cop, no less.
    • Catch Phrase: "Let's get rough!" Or "Let's get showy!" (Hade ni ikuze!), depending on the translator.
      • On official merchandise with English text it's translated as "Let's wipe them out!"
        • Also something of a Borrowed Catchphrase, though usually non-Marvelous Gokaigers only say it in their character focus episodes (like Ahim in #13 and Joe in #22).
        • Played with even more in Gokaiger vs. Gavan when every other non-Marvelous Gokaiger does a variation of it (although Gai had trouble trying to think of something cool to say).
      • Barizorg's "Yes, boss."
      • Basco's got one with his "You can't get something without giving something up," line.
      • There's also recurring phrases such as "We're pirates." and "That's what pirates do."
    • Cerebus Retcon: MagiPink's Maagi Magiiro spell was mostly Played for Laughs. Here? It's used as the third option the Gokaigers take during a Sadistic Choice set up by Basco.
      • In a non-grimdark example, the Early-Bird Cameo got retconned into something actually happening in the storyline.
    • Cerebus Rollercoaster/Mood Whiplash: Since they do quite a large number of Tribute episodes, which try to maintain the feel of previous seasons, the tone of the season kinda jumps all over the place. Look at the absolutely hilarious episode 14 (a Carranger tribute), followed by the unmorphed beatdown of the Gokaigers at the end of episode 15, which was almost uncomfortable to watch.
    • Character Outlives Actor: The Rangers in the Legend War are implied to be the same characters who wore the suits in their respective shows, including Daita Ōiwa (the original Ki Ranger), whose actor died in 1978.
    • Chekhov's Gun: Remember when Sally knocked over the fruits and fruit knife in #47? Navi uses the fruit knife to escape from Basco's ropes in #48.
      • And that charm that Sally was given? It's really a bomb, but part of the charm wound up in Marvelous' hands and uses it as a Pocket Protector in his battle against Basco.
      • Basco's ship, the Free Joker, survives his demise. Navi hijacks it in #51, allowing Marvelous and Gai to use it to ram into the Gigant Horse and board it.
    • Chest Blaster: It even looks like an actual cannon.
    • The Chew Toy: Elder in #8. Made literal when Luka almost eats him.
    • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: Basco (with honors).
    • Clip Show: Played straight on #45. Justified in briefing Ninjaman.
    • Co-Dragons: Ackdos Gil shows up with two of these in #41.
    • Colony Drop: #22's monster attempts this with a meteoroid/small asteroid.
    • Combat Pragmatist: The Action Commander in #4 agrees to a sword duel with Joe but uses the Gormin to restrain Joe. He even justifies it with saying that there are no rules in a fight and that the only thing that counts is winning.
    • Combination Attack: In #26, when the Gokaiger team up with the Hurricaneger, they perform a nine-person version of their Final Wave attack (see above), dubbed Gokai Chō Ninpō: Hurricane Scramble.
    • The Comically Serious: Joe is the most stoic of the crew, yet the ending sequences have him do things like dance with Battle Fever J, get kissed by a dolphin and swap swords with Shinken Blue.
      • Brought up again in ep. 35 where Joe as Battle France dances with an Ugatz, drops him on the ground and hits him in the face.
      • In #45 we see him cry over the destroyed teacake he made for Ninjaman. Later he can be seen moping in the background...while sitting in a treasure chest.
    • Competitive Balance
    • Composite Character: In addition to Gao Lion subbing in for Shishi Origami, FuraiMaru is remodeled with elements of Tenkujin, namely the color scheme and Fuma Shuriken motif.
      • This is apparently a unique power of Gokai Silver, as seen in #19 where he merges the Go-On Gold and Silver Keys into a Kamen Rider Double-esque half-and-half key. Later, with Don's encouragement, he does this with all 15 of his Keys to produce Gold Mode.
      • The Composite Combatant in The Flying Ghost Ship is literally a composite of nearly every enemy grunt from all the previous shows.[15]
    • Conservation of Ninjutsu: In #15 and #16, the Gokaiger have trouble taking on five, then ten Sixth Ranger keys. During 199 Heroes, the Gokaiger and Goseiger (including Gosei Knight) combined manage to take on cloned versions of the first 33 Sentai teams (exactly 176 Ranger Clones). Gosei Knight defeats 10 Sixth Rangers by himself in less than 30 seconds.
      • When Basco faces the entire team, he wipes the floor with them. When Captain Marvelous faces him solo, he proves to be more than a match for him.
    • Conspicuous CGI: This year's Humongous Mecha, GokaiOh, makes its debut animated this way, as it's quite acrobatic compared to past incarnations. If you've been with the series for while, though, you can get used to it quickly. It's the parts where it's a dude in a suit that poke out. Even the sized-up villains are still suit actors.
      • in #26, where the transformation into Hurricane GokaiOh involves it switching to CGI to performing Kabuki poses and combine with Furaimaru before turning back into a man in a suit for the actual fight.
      • According to teasers for Gokaiger vs Gavan, the mecha-dragon Denshi Seijuu (Electronic Starbeast) Dol.
    • Continuity Cameo: It wouldn't be a proper anniversary without the appearance of past Sentai:
    • Continuity Cavalcade: The whole series itself goes without saying, but specific mention goes to the final battle in episode #51, when they cycle through all 34 previous teams all in rapid succession.
    • Continuity Nod
      • Kai Ozu still has the red streaks in his hair from the ending of Mahou Sentai Magiranger.
      • From #5, Ban still wears his hair straight like he had it the Magiranger vs. Dekaranger movie.
      • The monster from #7 is a Legacy Character to the one from the Geki vs Bouken Movie.
      • Also from #7, Jan still has Long tied around his neck and is teaching children Juuken.
      • Looks like Kaoru never took back either being the head of the Shiba Clan OR her adoption of Takeru.
      • In the 199 Heroes movie, the Goseigers still have their angel wings that they earned in the final episode.
        • Also from 199 Heroes, Umeko still has three favorite rubber ducks from the show, Ryou is still trying to make gyoza, and Daigoro still loves his anpan.
        • Gokai Hurricane Cassiopeia is a whole reference to Black Cross Führer's weakness from Goranger.
      • In #17, the Gokaigers used the Goseiger powers they inherited during the events of 199 Heroes, which premiered in theaters the day before the episode aired.
      • In #18, When the Gokaigers all transform into the Shinkenger team, they are in the same place in which the Shinkengers fought IN THE SAME EPISODE NUMBER.
      • In #21, When the Gokaigers all transform into Boukengers, they use a transformation sequence from the Boukenger movie.
      • #25-26 gives us two children of monsters fought and defeated by the Hurricaneger.
      • In the end of #28, when Gai Yuki departs to the afterlife again, he sits on the same bench he passed away on in the final episode of Jetman. His gravesite is also decorated with mementos left over by his former teammates, including an Ako-chan noodle cup.
      • In the Dekaranger vs Abaranger movie, it was implied that Yukito and Emiri were together. #29 notes they are now married.
      • Zigzagged with Sosuke Esumi in #35, who got reduced to gokart racing after his time away from the racetrack. Apparently it took three years on the track to make up for one year on Go-Onger.
      • #40 has plenty of continuity nod to the point that it borders on Continuity Porn: for starters, the episode is set during the events of Goseiger vs. Shinkenger and reuses many of the same scenes from the movie; Mirai (the kid the Gokaigers helps out in the temple) is none other than Domon's lovechild with Honami (who was pregnant at the end of Timeranger); Gokai Silver uses Gingaman's Great Power, just like he promised Hyuga he would in #20; and the pot that was kept inside the temple is the same one Ninjaman was originally sealed in.
    • Contractual Genre Blindness: Considering how much he knows about the previous Sentai teams (often down to knowing their names and occupations), sometimes Gai still manages not to be able to deduce the actual person that they're supposed to find, or the rest of the crew doesn't catch on to a specific part of what he says, or so on.
    • Cool Boat: The Gokai Galleon serves as the team's main mode of transportation and living space when not being used as their Humongous Mecha.
    • Cool Key: The Ranger Keys.
    • Cool Old Guy: Denzi Blue, Big One, Aka Ranger…
      • Joh Ohara deserves special mention even though he's not that old; despite Liveman airing back in 1988, he's still more than capable of taking down enemies while out of suit.
    • Cool Shades: The gold visor on Gokai Silver's helmet, which vanish under his "bandana" in Gold Mode.
    • Cosmic Retcon: What the effects of the power of the Greatest Treasure in the Universe would have had on the previous 34 Super Sentai teams.
    • Crossdresser: Joe and Don encounter one in #23.
    • Crucified Hero Shot: Marvelous in #43, when he's prepared for execution.
    • Curb Stomp Battle: The Monster in #11 manages to easily defeat the Gokaigers even in their Zyuranger, Dynaman, and Gingaman forms.
      • Done very harshly in #15: The Gokaigers are defeated by Basco's Extra Ranger clones, even getting beaten up more after demorphing, and to make matters worse everyone except Marvelous is kidnapped.
      • Again by Basco in #31: After defeating and stealing all his extra hero keys, Marvelous goes to attacks Basco...who transforms into a new armored form and proceeds to defeat all six Gokaigers with very little effort.
      • Again in #37 by Warz Gill of all people. Using the Great Warz mech his father sent, Gill takes out Engine Machalcon, and Gojyu Gokaioh before sending the Gokai Galleon crashing to Earth.
      • Again in #42 by Damarasu, who easily manages to defeat both Basco in his armored form and the Gokaigers.
      • And again in #47, by Basco again, who after blowing Sally up and apparently taking Marvelous with him, shrugs off anything the remaining five throw at him before taking them all down and out.
      • #51 has the Gokaiger face off against Akdos Gil, with the team using all the past Sentai in such quick succession Akdos is quickly overwhelmed.
    • Dangerously Genre Savvy: The Zangyack are smart enough to enlarge three of their mooks in order to aid the MOTW. This happens in every mecha battle. And they've made the Sgormin transformable and able to link into a glider for the Action Commander in #4.
      • Also, since the very start, they consider the Gokaigers a very dangerous threat and, once they know about their existence, know that the Grand Powers can make the difference in the battle (except the Commander).
      • #5: Marvelous is handcuffed, fighting Doggie Kruger, who is using his sword. During the battle, as Doggie does a vertical slash, Marvelous puts his handcuffs in Doggie's way, expecting Doggie to cut it and free him...but nothing happens. Doggie was expecting that, and stopped his sword in time to avoid freeing Marvelous.
      • The Gokaiger in general fit this. They even use their transformation sequences to protect themselves from attack.
      • Basco. Just Basco.
      • #17: Gai should fit this to a T. Recognizing the trap on the MOTW, the superfluous roll call, complete with color order of Goranger, you name it...
      • 199 Heroes Dai Bakuhatsu Dynaman vs. Mooks. And they're done.
    • Dartboard of Hate: Luka has one in episode 6 with the face of the rich girl (who turns out not to be a Rich Bitch after all) for whose father she's employed on it.
    • Dead Little Sister: Shown in #23, Luka had a younger sister who died while Luka was looking for a doctor.
    • Deadpan Snarker: Joe, with emphasis on "deadpan", and Luka.
    • Death or Glory Attack: In #48, Marvelous stomps his foot on Basco's, then stabs both their feet with Basco's sword, holding him in place so Marvelous can deliver the deathblow.
    • Decapitated Army: Not this time! The destruction of the leaders reduces Zangyack to something similar to the Empire in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, with smaller factions forming and collapse impending, but not having happened yet (the newspaper Luka reads suggests at least four factions). The entire empire doesn't instantly cease to be with Ackdos Gil. However, its threat is reduced drastically, not just by this splintering, but because most of its military force was lost in the Final Battle.
    • Defector From Decadence: Joe used to be an elite of Zangyack Empire, but is now a full-blown Gokaiger.
    • Degraded Boss: The Boukenger and Hurricaneger focus episodes have end-of-series enemies as the Monster of the Week; Boukenger has Ryuuwon brought Back from the Dead, while Hurricaneger has the Identical Sons of Sandaaru and Satorakura. In fairness, they're only "degraded" in the sense that they're Monsters of the Week rather than final bosses; otherwise, they give the Gokaiger really tough fights.
      • Ep. 35 and 36 has the successor of the big bad from the Go-Onger vs. Shinkenger Movie.
    • Demoted to Extra: Given its nature as a 35-year celebration, it's obviously not possible to give equal time to all 34 previous Super Sentai teams, though a few do stand out, depending on which series you liked more.
      • None of the Sentai teams prior to Dairanger didn't get any proper tribute episodes, except for Battle Fever, Liveman and Jetman. Instead, 199 Heroes featured representatives of Goranger, J.A.K.Q., Denziman, Goggle-V, Dynaman, Bioman and Turboranger handing their greater powers to Gokaiger, while the greater powers of Changeman, Flashman, Maskman, Fiveman and Sun Vulcan were in Basco's possession for most of the series until his defeat.Additionally, Zyuranger will be the last Sentai team to have an unmasked member appearing as its representative.
      • Prior to #42, the Gouraiger keys were only used twice and neither time occurred during the Hurricaneger tribute episodes; they get passing appearances in #2 and #24, and afterwards are only used to change to Hurricane GokaiOh (which is then passed up once they get Kanzen GokaiOh).
      • Looking back on the series as a whole, the team that seemed to get shafted the worse was Goggle-V. Most every other series had tribute episodes, or at least some type of special attack or multiple appearances during a Gokai Change. Goggle-V appeared once during episode 8 (and technically the final episode when Ahim changed into Goggle Pink to beat down Ackdos Gil, although that includes every other Sentai team solo transformations), and aside from the movie (and the Super Hero Taisen where it's one of the first teams to be led by Akaranger to fight the Kamen Riders), were never really seen again.
    • De-Power: The fate of the past Sentai teams after defeating the Zangyack invasion during the cold open.
      • They're Back: In the final episode Marvelous returns the Ranger Keys and all the Sentai teams regain their powers
    • Designated Girl Fight: Luka and Ahim fight against the Mele clone in #23.
      • In #26, the Gokaigers and Hurricanegers battle Satorakura Jr., Barizorg, and Insaan. Since this sentence is under this particular trope, you can probably guess who ends up fighting Insaan.
      • Half and Half with the Extra Rangers in episode 31. Luka and Ahim fight the female Shinken Red and Magi Mother, but Marvelous fights with Deka Swan (alongside Deka Master) and Joe fights Mele (alongside Rio).
      • In #42, when the Gokaigers are ambushed, Marvelous and Don fight Damaras, Joe and Gai take on Basco, and Luka and Ahim fight Sally.
    • Determinator: Obviously a standard Super Sentai trope, but the Gokaiger deserve a special mention. In #12, the Monster of the Week calls the team out while Joe is under a Heroic BSOD, so the other four go out without him. They fight until the MOTW hits them hard enough to de-transform them. And then they get back up and keep fighting until they get knocked down again. And when Joe does come back, they get up again, dust themselves off, and call the beating they just took a warm-up. When the MOTW incredulously demands to know how they can still stand, the guys explain it by saying it's like being able to eat dessert even after having a giant meal.
      • In the previous episode, Marvelous takes an attack for Joe that detransforms him and results in him being cut up badly, but he still has the strength to turn and shoot Warz Gill before collapsing.
      • In the final episode, Marvelous says that this trait is what he admires about Earthlings; no matter how hard or how many times they're knocked down, they always get back up.
    • Deus Ex Machina: Let's face it, in Gokaiger vs. Gavan, there's absolutely no reason the Battle Kenya and Denji Blue keys should open a gateway to Makuu Space except for the Actor Allusion.
    • Diagonal Cut: The monster from #4, by way of being a swordfighting master, can somehow do this to buildings.
    • Die Hard on an X: #39 starts out playing all High School tropes to the hilt, before abruptly becoming this.
    • Disney Death: Zealousto in episode 24. He even lampshades it.

    Zealousto: I'm still alive. But it would have been dramatic if I died.

    • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Don's outfit as a legendary hero in #42 would fit in the Dragon Quest franchise easily.
    • Double Standard: Explored (possibly unintentionally) in #27, where Luka and Don undergo a Freaky Friday Flip but continue to act exactly the same way. A few passers-by give uneasy looks when they see a man making a woman carry all his shopping and giving her "comedic" shoves.
    • Double Take: When the crew is looking for Navi in #8, the parrot himself appears and asks what's going on. Luka explains the situation and even asks him where he is, before noticing who she was talking to.
      • Happens again in #27, when Don and Luka first switch bodies, with a close-up of Gai, Ahim, and Joe.
      • And again in #29, when Gai and Navi take a moment to realize that Ahim just asked for Gai's hand in marriage out of the blue.
    • Dude, Where's My Respect?: In #43, after Don saves Marvelous and leads the team in defeating Damaras, they all ask for seconds after dinner, causing Don to say "You could at least treat me like a hero!"
    • Dynamic Entry: A truly epic one occurs in #3. A monster (who had fled earlier on) bursts out of a cliff while Marvelous is trying to cross to the other side and is falling down. It doubles as a Brick Joke, since the monster sort of gets forgotten about while Marvelous and Don go on their quest to chase down Kai Ozu.
      • #31 weaponises the Transformation Sequence for GoJyuJin, as the GojyuRex feet unfold into the enemy's faces.
      • Gokai Red and Gokai Silver enter Akudos Gill's throne room by blowing down the door and obliterating his guards with a double Final Wave.
    • Early-Bird Cameo: Like Goseiger in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger vs. Go-onger, the Gokaigers appear in Tensou Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger, which was released theatrically a month before the start of their own show. This goes beyond a promotional stunt as #40 reveals the reason why the Gokaiger show up and why they have access to the Ranger Keys.
      • In 199 Heroes, which is set between #16 and #17, Gokai Silver makes a cameo in the end-credits sequence. Gai is first introduced in #17.
      • Tokumei Sentai Gobusters make their appearance in Gokaiger vs. Gavan and who is the enemy they fight? Basco.
    • Easy Logistics: Who would've thought that an Action Commander-sized hole in a Humongous Mecha could be fixed with wooden planks and nails?
    • Economy Cast: The Red Pirates, scourge of the Zangyack Empire, consisted of three pirates: the only ones important to the rest of the story.
    • Eleventh-Hour Superpower: In #50, Gai finally uses Megaranger's Grand Power—it gives GoZyuJin the Mega Winger's flight wing.
    • Equivalent Exchange: The Greatest Treasure in the Universe can grant any wish and retroactively rewrite the universe such that, say, the Zangyack empire never existed. However, this would consume the powers of the 34 preceding Super Sentai such that they will have never existed in the new universe.
    • Even Evil Has Standards: In episode 17, Damaras is not happy that Warz Gill has rigged the Action Commander with a bomb.
    • Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: Gokai Silver's mecha.
    • Everything's Better with Monkeys: Basco's monkey, which contains his mecha and fights with a pair of cymbals.
    • Everything's Better with Princesses: Ahim, who was a princess of "a certain planet" before it was conquered by the Zangyack.
      • Princesses Prefer Pink: She's the Pink Ranger, subverted outside of battle as Ahim wears very little actual pink; most of the time it's a frilly all white ensamble with at most a pink vest or a pink jacket.
    • Evil Former Friend: Barizorg/Sid to Joe, Basco to Marvelous
    • Evil Versus Evil: Warz Gill wasn't exactly happy with Babacheed's interference. He thus decides to attack the Gaiark with Barizorg, Insarn, and some Gormin in tow. Cue Uguts and Gormin clashing against each other.
    • Exactly What I Aimed At:
      • In episode 9, Luka throws her swords past the main monster to take out a group of mooks that are threatening civilians. Then she lampshades it "Good throw me!"
      • In the finale, Gokai Red and Gokai Silver take aim at Akudos Gill...then suddenly change their aim and strike the control panel directly in front of him, using the resulting cascade of sparks to blind him for their real attack.
    • Exploding Barrels: A rare non-videogame instance is used by Gokai Green to take out some Mooks in #2.
    • Expy: Being made by the same company who handles One Piece's anime, and considering its immense popularity, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise if the characters of Gokaiger seem a little familiar to One Piece fans. According to their official character bios, one can see a lot of Luffy in Marvelous, Zoro (with a bit of Sanji) in Joe, Nami in Luka, a combination of Chopper and Usopp in Don, and Vivi in Ahim. Plus, Gai's hyperactivity can be easily compared to Franky.
      • Professor Zaien, the Monster of the Week in the Liveman episode, was heavily based and modeled after the lead villain in that series (Professor Bias). They were both played by Joji Nakata.
    • Extreme Omnivore: The MotW of #33. It swallows the Gokai Cellular.
    • Eyes Do Not Belong There: Episode 41's monster has an eye on his chest, from which he derives all his powers.
    • Fake Shemp: During the Legendary War in the first episode, all of the Rangers appear in-suit only and only Aka-Ranger is voiced by his original actor. A remade version of the same scene in 199 Heroes has most of the past Rangers being voiced by their returning actors who appeared in the movie. Ki-Renger, whose original actor died in 1978, was voiced by Tomokazu Seki instead.
      • When Gai gets his powers for the first time, only Abare Killer appears untransformed, while Dragon Ranger and Time Fire remain in their Ranger forms.
      • A more traditional non-suited example occurs in The Teaser of #31 where Basco steals Changeman's ultimate power off one of the male members of the team, who is wearing his Earth Defense Squad uniform and has what looks like Hayate's hairstyle. We never get to see who the man is though, because he's portrayed by a stand-in who is only filmed from the back.
      • A clearer example of the non-suited variety happens in the aftermath of the Legend War as presented in 199 Heroes. As the Goseiger team awakens from after their massive attack, the shot pans to show several other stand-ins wearing prior uniforms getting their bearings as well.
    • Famous Last Words:
      • "I only joined Gaiark because I liked the name!" - Disruption Officer Chirakashizky (MOTW of #35)
      • "I see. So that's how it is." - Basco ta Jolokia
      • "Damn you, space pirates!" - Ackdos Gill
    • Fan Service: Luka as a Meido in #6. Take a look for yourself.
      • And in a traditional Japanese kimono in #45.
      • Marvelous spends a good part of #12 shirtless and bandaged.
      • #29 shows Ahim in a wedding dress, a schoolgirl outfit, a nurse outfit, AND a policewoman outfit.
      • On the nonsexual side, the entire series is nothing if not a love letter to Super Sentai and its fans.
    • Fastball Special: Non-offensive variant in #3. Marvelous uses it to get Don through a wall of fire.
      • In #8, the Younger Sneak Brother throws the Older at the Gokaiger a few times. Backfires spectacularly when GokaiOh pulls out a mecha-sized baseball bat.
      • A giant robot version was done in #22 with GokaiOh and GoJyuJin to stop a meteor from crashing into the Earth.
    • Five Temperament Ensemble
      • Marvelous: Phlegmatic (His only trait is his excitability)
      • Joe: Choleric
      • Luka: Sanguine
      • Don: Melancholic
      • Ahim: Supine
    • Fleeting Demographic Rule
      • Highlighted in the Legend War, which shows Red Turbo fighting side-by-side with Red Racer, Ryu Ranger with Geki Red, and Ninja Red alongside Hurricane Red.
      • The Gokaigers themselves also have trouble distinguishing teams with similar motifs.
        • In the Carranger tribute, they transform into the Turborangers by mistake, while the main five have trouble distinguish the extra rangers that Gai transforms into with the teams they belonged in.
        • In #18, when the team decide to change into the Shinkengers, Gai tells Marvelous that he should be in there too: "The one with the Kanji on his head." Marvelous gives him a key and each of the first five become the Shinkengers individually while Gai becomes King Ranger, who has the Kanji for King (王) on his face.
        • In the Boukenger episode, while Marvelous and Luka go off with Satoru, Gai takes charge and tells the team to use the "Ninja Sentai", Gai changes into Shurikenger while Joe, Don and Ahim change into their Kakuranger counterparts.
        • In #22, Gai tells Joe that they shall use the "Dinosaur Sentai", so Gai changes into Dragon Ranger, but Joe changes into Abare Blue. When Gai whines about it, Joe just goes "same difference".
    • Foreshadowing: In #40, the temple that the Gokaigers were sent to the past to protect contains a magic jar resembling the one in which Ninjaman used to be sealed.
      • The movie has the God Eye, a treasure said to be able to grant any wish. It is essentially a weaker version of the universe's greatest treasure, which can reshape the entire universe.
    • Freaky Friday Flip: Don and Luka in #27.
    • Frying Pan of Doom: Don wields one in #29.
    • Fully-Absorbed Finale: Most of the tribute episodes could be considered epilogues to their respective shows.
    • Funny Background Event: In #23, during the team attack on Rio, Mele, and Zubaan as GoGoV, after Don attacks, you can see him running off into the distance in slow-motion, V-Lancer waving without a care in the world, as Luka and Ahim step in to attack.
      • In #16, you can see Joe still chained up because Don forgot to free him like he did to the others. He wasn't too pleased about that.
      • Pay attention during the OP when the five fall through space and Marvelous is reaching for his Ranger key - Ahim is more concerned with holding her skirt down.
      • Don is basically a walking supplier of Funny Background Events; in any battle, expect him to do something silly, like mess up a pose or fight in a bizarre way. Gai provides some as well, often in the form of fanboyism.
        • In #33, when the team does the Dairanger pose (which involves hitting your open palm with your fist), Don breaks the pose to shake his hand in pain. Then when they do the Sentai-standard "leap over the camera" shot, he flashes a peace sign at the camera as he flies by.
      • In #29 when the MOTW enters Gokai Yellow's suit as tiny being, the rest of team tries to remove him (sans Gokai Silver, as he was in GoZyuJin), Gokai Blue however is heard muttering incoherently and appears uncertain what to do help. He even tries to do his signature pose as this happens (holding his right hand up to his helmet) but can't even do it properly.
      • The end credits of 199 Heroes has the Gokaiger changing into each of their precursor teams and doing their signature pose; since not every team has the right number of members,[18] a couple get tweaked. The Sun Vulcan segment has Don doing a silly pose and Ahim clapping, while the Abaranger segment has Ahim trying to do the team pose but getting it backwards.
    • Gendered Outfit: Several past Ranger costumes have been tailored for the opposite gender. By default: all past Yellow Ranger costumes, male or female,[19] as well as Big One's and Battle Cossack's, are worn by Gokai Yellow; all past Blue Rangers are worn by Gokai Blue, including male versions of four female blues (Blue Dolphin, Blue Swallow, Hurricane Blue and Magi Blue); and finally, Gokai Pink can transform into Black Bison, Kuwaga Raiger, Geki Chopper, and Go-On Black, in addition to all the Pink Rangers and a few White ones.
      • The Gokaigers can also borrow Ranger Keys from each other during special Gokai Changes, leading to a few gender flips outside the default sets. The girls have transformed into Magi Red (in #2, 40 48, Gosei vs. Shinken and Gokaiger vs. Gavan), Geki Red (in #2, 40 and Gosei vs. Shinken), Ninja Black (#3), Abare Killer (#17), Mega Silver (#17-18), Green Flash (#43 and 49), Shishi Ranger (#43), and Ginga Red (#44 and 48). Outside the series, the girls have also transformed into Deka Red and Go-on Red in a few stage shows.
      • Played with when Gokai Silver fuses the Go-on Gold and Go-on Silver Ranger Keys together, making only half the resulting costume a gender flip. A male version of the full Go-on Silver suit has been shown in guidebooks, but has never actually appeared on the show..
      • In Gokaiger vs. Gavan, there's a scene where the team performs an All-Pink Gokai Change, giving us the first instance of male pink rangers. In addition to having Ahim as Mega Pink and Luka as Bouken Pink, we also get to see Marvelous as Ptera Ranger, Joe as Pink Flash, Don as Five Pink and Gai as Dyna Pink.
      • Played straight in #41, when Marvelous and Ahim use the male and female Shinken Red keys at the same time.
      • Also played straight in #44 and #45, during the all-Yellow and all-Blue transformations respectively.[20]
    • Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!: Done in #43 to Don by Navi, of all characters.
    • Gondor Calls for Aid: The Great Legend War.
    • Gotta Catch Em All: The Gokaiger want the Greatest Treasure in the Universe, but in order to find it they have to unlock the Greater Powers of the 34 previous Super Sentai teams. In order to speed things up, lately they've collected multiple Powers all at once; for example, Gokai Silver's Humongous Mecha is the Greater Power for Timeranger, Zyuranger, and Abaranger all at once.
      • In #25, Gai helpfully lists off all 22 of the Greater Powers the team has obtained thus far; over half of them come from the Gokaiger vs. Goseiger movie, and were apparently just handed over casually without any of the usual conflict.
    • Gratuitous English:
      • Luka's newspaper in #5.
        • Interestingly, the small print on the front of the newspaper is copied directly from the English Wikipedia article on Wanted Posters.
      • Marvelous in #8:

    "I love you!"

      • Gai in #17
      • Luka in #19


        • Also Gai


      • Gai in #27, when escorting Zangyack hostages (who are foreign, and later we find out are Chiefs of State) to safety:

    "Please, come on!" (hammy as usual)

        • Also in #27, Luka-in-Don's body while fighting the MotW.

    "Nice catch!"

      • In #30, the revelation that Barizorg can never be turned back into Sid is marked with the computer displaying in big red letters "NO RETURN".
      • #35 plays this to the hilt with Gunman World, which is not a Japanese name and actually means men with guns, being a Wild West dimension. Massive signs in English all over the place, one of which even says "The Maverick". Someone should really tell them why the phrase "West End" has NOTHING to do with the Wild West, or even America in general....
      • The newspaper at the beginning of #39, with the front page spread dedicated to the Gokaigers' defeat of Warz Gill and the Great Warz. The title at the very top, in bold, is "Space Sports Extra." Additionally, Gai has trouble reading "Unlimited Reward" for Marvelous and the team as a whole, which Ahim has to clarify for him.
    • Gratuitous German: Same situation as Gai in #27 above, he says "Guten Morgen!" ("Good morning!") when calling the hostages to leave.
    • Gravity Is a Harsh Mistress: Don in #3, after blasting a rock that's about to crush Marvelous. Thankfully, Kai Ozu is there to lend a hand.
    • Gun Kata: Ahim's preferred fighting style.
    • Hammerspace: In #4, Ahim pulls out a Gokai Sabre from inside her coat to give to Joe. No really, a large blade is somehow hiding within her coat.
      • Not to mention the Gokai Guns they all pull out or the Gokai Sabre Marvelous pulls out from off screen, frequently.
      • A more subtle version of this is with the Ranger Keys and the belts the Gokaigers wear to hold them. Visually, only one should be able to fit yet multiple keys have been seen coming out in succession. Also just how big are their pockets to fit 34 Ranger Keys per person in that left inner breast pocket?
        • It is shown at the start of episode #19 that Navi himself can create some kind of magic link between the Gokaigers' belts and the Ranger Keys' box, as he makes a new one for Gokai Silver, who then calls the Kiba Ranger key, which disappears from the box and reappears in his belt. So the Gokaigers are pretty much carrying their own keys only and teleport the other ones from their ship when they need it.
      • Pointed out by Don in 20 when Gai pulls out a Gingaman coloring book from off screen "Where did he get that from."
    • Handy Cuffs: Marvelous in #5. Semi-justified in that Jasmine tricked him into putting on the handcuffs, rather than physically subduing him.
    • Heel Face Turn: Zealousto in #24 and Sally in #47
    • Hero for a Day: #2 a kid steals Marvelous' ShinkenRed key, but Marvelous allows the boy to use his Mobirates to morph into a kid-sized ShinkenRed to take on the Gormin. The boy loses, but is unharmed.
      • Another instance happens in the Christmas Episode when an adolescent girl becomes GokaiYellow after Luka is incapacitated by the monster.
    • Heroic BSOD: Joe goes through this when he fights Barizorg for the first time and realizes it's his friend Sid, a fellow deserter who sacrificed himself so Joe could escape from the Zangyack Empire. The effect is strong enough that Marvelous is forced to take a hit meant for Joe and the Gokaigers are forced to retreat, but not before managing to wound Warz Gill first.
    • Heroic Sacrifice: Aka Red's sacrifice for Marvelous, which inspires him to do the same for his teammates in #37. Sally does this for Marvelous by putting Basco's bomb inside her hammerspace stomach.
    • Hoist by His Own Petard:
      • Remember that bomb necklace Basco put on Sally? A part of that necklace acted as a shield for Marvelous against Basco's shot.
      • How do the Gokaiger deal with that massive Zangyack armada? They hijack the Gigant Horse and turn its weapons on it!
    • Homage: GoZyuRex has a few to Godzilla, like the back spikes and the blue flame Breath Weapon. Of course, this makes perfect sense because GoZyuRex is half inspired by Zyuranger's Dragon Caesar, itself an Homage to the Big G. It even makes stock Godzilla sounds.
    • Human Alien: The Gokaigers are the first Sentai team who are not from Earth.[21]
    • Hybrid Monster: The monster from The Movie is a fusion of the Mooks from the 34 previous series.
    • I Was Just Passing Through: No need to thank us, we're not heroes, we just fought those bad guys 'cause they interrupted our lunch. Although in the end, the kids thank them anyway.
    • Idiot Ball: Throughout both their fights against the Monster of the Week in #32, it never occurs to any of the Gokaigers to simply try to flank him and attack where his shield isn't directed.
    • Imagine Spot: Gai has a particularly ludicrous one in his introductory episode where he imagines the Gokaigers as a cliched happy-go-lucky Sentai team, leading to some hilarious Out Of Character Moments for most of the team and a non-appearance from Don.
      • In #20, Gai imagines Black Knight Hyuuga transforming into Gokai Silver and kicking Zangyack ass, causing him to shout "So awesome!!" to a confused Hyuuga.
    • Incredible Shrinking Man: The Monster of the Week in #29 can do this, on top of invoking Make My Monster Grow at will.
    • Indy Ploy: Don's plan to rescue Marvelous from execution in #43. Best summarized by this exchange:

    Marvelous: Nice job, Doc! Now what?
    Don: Dunno.
    Marvelous: EH?!

    • Instant Expert: As it turns out, the Gokaigers have never heard of the "Super Sentai" or the respective teams and yet they know exactly how each one works when they change into them.
    • Interspecies Romance: At the end of #24, Zealousto (the sympathetic Monster of the Week who already appeared in the Carranger episode) marries the Takoyaki shop's owner's mother and opens an onsen with her.
    • Ironic Echo: In #47, Basco tells Sally that the explosive necklace is a good luck charm and it'll protect her. In #48, a charm from the necklace acts as a Pocket Protector, saving Marvelous' life. Highlighted by Basco flashing back to the earlier scene before delivering some Famous Last Words ("I see. So that's how it is.") and keeling over.
    • ISO Standard Urban Groceries: Averted in #4. While Joe is carrying a paper bag and there are leek tops visible, they are wrapped in plastic and you can't see the set of the contents.
    • It's Personal: Marvelous with Basco, Joe with Barizorg (and the scientist who made him into what he is now, in #30), and Ahim with the Monster of the Week of #41.
    • Joke Character: In #29 (the Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger episode), Emiri gives Ahim a Ranger Key for Abare Pink...which, if one remembers Aba, was just a home-made costume. The outfit is so goofy (and completely useless) that Ahim refuses to fight.
    • Jumping on a Grenade: A variation: In #48, we see that when Basco activated Sally's bomb necklace, she quickly stuffed it into her chest compartment, which killed her but spared Marvelous (though he was still badly injured because he was right next to her).
    • Just Toying with Them: In #51, Akdos Gil initially doesn't even bother getting up from his chair and effortlessly blocks and parries Gai and Marvelous as they attack him on the Gigant Horse. Gai eventually pulls out Gold Mode, defying him to continue fighting while sitting down.
    • Kansas City Shuffle: Pulled off not only on its intended target, but also on one of the participants in #47. Basco "pretends" to grievously injure Sally after giving her a good luck charm and telling her to infiltrate the Gokai Galleon and steal the treasure chest containing the ranger keys. Once she's aboard and has her injuries treated by the crew, she takes the chest and leaves, though having conflicted feelings about who she should be loyal to. As it turns out, the Gokaigers expected it to be a trap and replaced the chest with a fake, and followed Sally to Basco. Sally has a Heel Face Turn moment...only for Basco to expect it all along, and trigger the bomb contained in the good luck charm, killing Sally, knocking out Marvelous and making the rest of the Gokaigers easier to deal with.
    • Knight of Cerebus: Despite his personality being as much fun as it is, with every episode Basco appears in, expect it to be much more serious than the average.
    • Lampshade Hanging: When the Monster of the Week grows in episode 9 Marvelous remarks that the enemies weren't going to let the crew skip that part.
      • In #29, Monster of the Week uses his unique power to jump directly to giant form, which gets this following exchange:

    Gai: Waaah! The giant form already?! Is that even allowed?!
    Diaal: It is-de arimasu!!

    • Lap Pillow: Both Gai and Don wind up on Ahim's lap in 46 as she says a heart warming speech about trusting your friends.
    • Large Ham: This is natural for a Sentai series, but Fuuraimaru takes the cake for being a Humongous Mecha Large Ham. His bombastic attack announcements are just awesome.
    • Last of His Kind: Marvelous is revealed in episode 8 to be the last surviving member of the Red Pirates, which according to Insarn is the greatest rebel force to face the Zangyack. Ahim is also the only known survivor of the Planet Famille which was destroyed by the Zangyack.
      • #15 subverts Marvelous' case when we meet Basco, the third Red Pirate and the traitor who destroyed them.
      • #41 reveals that while Ahim's family is gone, many people from her planet managed to escape offworld safely.
    • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: In the 199 Heroes movie, Agri, Moune, Joe and Luka get warped into a Jidai Geki-looking environment, which they believed to be time travel at first - but the truth presents itself when Yogoshimacritein shows up with a filming crew. Not only are they still in the present, but the location actually is Toei's own Jidai Geki set (which, interestingly, had been used as such before in Dekaranger).
    • List Song: The ending theme is pretty much a Sentai Pokérap.
    • Loads and Loads of Characters: Did you see the page picture?
    • Loan Sharks: The victim/bystander of #13 succumbs to this.
    • Luminescent Blush: Insarn in episode 14, when she instantly falls for Kyousuke after seeing him on her screen.
      • Engine Speedor and Bearv in episode 35 after revealing to Sosuke that they are married.
    • Made of Iron: Jellacit, the Monster of the Week of #14, manages to absorb an absurd amount of punishment from the Gokaigers throughout the episode, and even survive the Finishing Move at the end.
      • Joe even lamphades this in #24, after Jellacit/Zealosto takes a hit from another Action Commander and walks it off. ironically, this could rank him with the Generals, at least Insaan; while beaten back, he has never been destroyed.

    Joe: "You're actually pretty strong aren't you?"

    • Magic Poker Equation: Played with in episode 10. Luka and the MotW spend most of the episode blatantly cheating at Poker, but at the climax the fair-playing Joe was able to pull out a Royal Flush because Luka switched the decks without either side noticing.
    • Make a Wish: The Greatest Treasure in the Universe has the ability to erase the existence of Zangyack from history, undoing all the tragic events that brought the Gokaigers together (the deaths of Cid, Luka's sister and Ahim's entire planet). However, this comes at the expense of erasing all the Super Sentai teams from history as well.
    • Marionette Master: Much like Kamen Rider Diend, Basco is able to summon incarnations of previous Extra Rangers.
    • Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Luka and Don.
    • Meaningful Echo: After the final battle, when a horde of kids are thanking the Gokaigers for protecting the Earth, they claim that protecting the planet was not their primary intention - they were looking for treasure and they were eliminating the Zangyack in the way. This is Character Development from extremely early on, when they said exactly the same thing, but meant it literally. Now, they say it with the true humility of a Sentai team.
    • Meaningful Name/Punny Name: Gai Ikari's last name, Ikari, translates to Anchor, as in the anchor to a ship, namely a pirate ship. He also has an anchor motif - his helmet's bandanna part has an anchor drawn on it, his weapon is an anchor-shaped lance, and sometimes he even wears anchor-print clothes!
      • Even better, his first name means Armor; Gai's Super Mode is armor made from an anchor-shaped Ranger Key.
      • In grand Japanese tradition of word plays, the Zangyack crew.
        • Warz Gill: "Waruzu Giru" comes from "waru sugiru" for "beyond evil".
        • Ackdos Gill: "Akudosu Giru" comes from "akudosu sugiru" for "way beyond evil".
        • Damaras: "Damarasu" from "damarasu" and "damaraseru", "damaru" on "to be silent".
        • Insarn: "Insaan" comes from "insan" for "sadness" or "gloom". (Although she hasn't seem to be portraying those traits...yet.)
        • Barizorg: "Barizoogu" puns on "barizougon", meaning "vilification" and playing on the word "cyborg".
        • Dairando: "Dairando" comes from "dai rantou" meaning a big fight or brawl.
        • Zatsurig: "Zatsurigu" comes from "satsu riku", meaning "slaughter" or "massacre".
        • Gormin Sailors: a play on gomi, "trash" or "garbage", which is why the Goranger Hurricane ball transforms into a garbage disposal truck when the Gokaigers use the technique on them in #1.
        • Sugormin: "Sugoomin" comes from "sugomi", the verb form of "sugomu", aptly "to threaten".
      • Basco is named after Tabasco hot sauce and the Bhut Jolokia, one of the world's hottest chili peppers.
    • Megaton Punch: The monster in #6 ends up getting one from Gokai Yellow as Bouken Yellow, complete with A Twinkle in the Sky.
    • Meido: #6 delivers that.
    • Milestone Celebration
    • Mini-Dress of Power: Played with, as there are skirted female variations of several male Ranger suits and non-skirted male variations of female Ranger suits.
      • Given the way some of the costumes look baggy on the "female" Gokaigers,[22] it looks like rather than making whole-new costumes they just made skirts which are worn over the original costume.
    • Mood Whiplash: Episode 44 goes from the villains to the Gokaigers (minus Gai) evaluating the serious situation they're in. Then Gai comes in singing "Jingle Bells"...
    • More Dakka: Seems to be the point of Deka GokaiOh.
    • Ms. Vice Girl: Luka's got her priorities straight.
      • This is expanded on in #40, when, while traveling back to 2010, Luka asks Gai if he remembers any lottery numbers; Ahim immediately reprimands her.
    • Ms. Fanservice: As if Luka's Meido outfit wasn't enough, we have Ahim in #29 posing as a bride, a schoolgirl, a nurse and a policewoman in order to foil the Monster of the Week. All as pretty as they can get.
    • Mundane Utility: #4's Monster of the Week is Zodomas, a talented swordsman in the Zangyack fleet. Who can take a whole apple and slice it into bunny-styled pieces with precise cuts in a few seconds.
    • Mugging the Monster: #13: either he's Too Dumb to Live or lives in a cave, but how does a random mugger not recognize his mark is a space pirate who wears frilly white gowns, has transformed in public 12 times already and made a public announcement over a PA? Let's not even go into the fact for a time Special Police Dekaranger had wanted posters of them. In fact the entire episode plays off of this, Ahim being as pure as the driven snow tries to ransom herself to help the mugger after she kicks his ass and hears his sob story, only for the rest of the team to come in guns blazing to rescue her.
    • My Friends and Zoidberg: #8 starts with Insarn explaining to Damaras the backstories of each Gokaiger and the reason Zangyack is going after each one. When she gets to Don Dogoier, she has no idea who Don is nor does she care.
      • #5 starts with Luka reading the space newspaper and finding out that their bounty has risen to 6,751,000 Zagin. Though not mentioned by any of the Gokaiger, a visual inspection of the newspaper reveals that their individual bounties go anywhere from 750,000 Zagin to 3,000,000 Zagin...Except for Don, whose bounty is a mere 1,000 Zagin.
        • It used to be worse: while the others got their bounty doubled from their first known value, Doc had his multiplied by 10. While still a laughable amount, 1,000 is far less embarrassing than 100.
          • #15 shows that Don's bounty has risen to 5,000...which is one twentieth of what Gai's bounty is when he gets added in #19.
          • By #39 Don's bounty has risen to 50,000...although which still meager compared to Gai's bounty (also, it is half of Gai's initial bounty, which was the second smallest initial bounty among the Gokaigers) and especially Marvelous's which is an "UNLIMITED REWARD".
          • In #42 Damaras and Basco capture Marvelous and defeat the rest of the team except for Don. They leave without even caring about dealing with him.
          • Don's bounty finally rises to 300,000 in #44 for rescuing Marvelous. Navi also gets a bounty on him for helping Don, a measly 50.
    • My Name Is Not Durwood: Somewhere between versions A and D, but Navi does not like it when Marvelous calls him "Bird." When Navi disappears in episode 8, Luka claims this might be the reason he ran away.
      • Also, in #7, Warz Gill can never get Pacha Kamaq's name right; at one point he calls him "Pajama Jack". Pacha Kamaq doesn't actually mind, though.
    • Mythology Gag: Has its own page.
    • Name of Cain: Subverted with Luka's childhood friend, Cain. He comes off as a shady, screw-the-rules-I-have-money type, and is hinted to be in league with Zangyack, but this turns out to be an imposter, and the real Cain is revealed to be a genuinely good guy.
    • Newspaper Dating: While the Gokaigers are certain that they traveled to the intended time in #40, Gai points out that the Tokyo Sky Tree is still under construction. Incidentally, this also dates Gokaiger as taking place at least post-February 2012.
    • Nice Hats: Built into the Ranger helmets!
      • GokaiOh gets a rather fancy one as well, not to mention the additional ones for Shinken GokaiOh, Hurricane GokaiOh and Kanzen GokaiOh.
      • Gokai Silver's helmet has a Nice Bandana.
    • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot:
      • They're pirates, who can transform into ninja, samurai, dino-people, angels, dead rangers. And they have a robot.
      • GokaiOh is already a pirate robot and is able to become so much more with the various combinations from the greater power of past Sentai.
        • Magi GokaiOh: A pirate dragon robot.
        • Deka GokaiOh: A pirate police robot with gattling guns.
        • Gao GokaiOh: A pirate centaur robot with a giant, sentient robotic lion as its lower half.
        • Shinken GokaiOh: A pirate samurai robot with the face of the aforementioned sentient robotic lion on its chest.
        • And then there's Gai's robot, GouJyuJin: A pirate dinosaur time-machine robot with a massive drill.
        • Hurricane GokaiOh: A ninja pirate robot.
        • The Flying Ghost Ship presents Fake Gokai-Oh: A pirate ghost robot.
        • In #29, GokaiOh takes GoJyuJin's arms off to become GoJyu-GokaiOh: A pirate dinosaur robot.
        • Go-On GokaiOh: A pirate race car robot.
        • Kanzen GokaiOh: A pirate dinosaur time-machine (may not be accessible in this formation) race car robot that has a drill for an arm and fires missiles.
    • No Indoor Voice: Tomokazu Seki, who does the narration as well as the voice of the Mobirates, Gokai Sabre and Gokai Gun, tends to scream everything. Listen to the team names when the Gokaigers transform, perform the Final Wave, or even the pre-#28 Super Hero Time block's intro, which is just him screaming "Gokaiger! Kamen Rider OOO! Let's Go!" (The post-#28 Super Hero Time intro tones his one-man act down to "Super Hero Time!" [...] "Kamen Rider Fourze!" while Nobuyuki Hiyama delivers a more-indoors "Gokaiger! Switch on!"), or even more the Vanity Plates for Super Sentai Battle: Ranger Cross, which is just him screaming "BANDAI NAMCO GAMES! BANDAI!"
    • Noblewoman's Laugh: Gokai Pink is seen doing this in pretty much any promotional shots that don't have her holding a weapon. Which is a little odd since it's at odds with Ahim's actual personality.
    • Not So Different: Gai and Don in #19.
    • Oh Crap: The monster of #2 gets one mixed with Breaking the Fourth Wall when all five Gokaiger turn into Red Rangers before finishing him off.
      • Mixed with Genre Savvy for #13 "No, don't get showy!" after the Gokaigers transform, but before Ahim steals Capt. Marvelous's line.
      • Sally in #47 when Basco's big plan to steal the Gokai Galleon involves shooting him. The suit designers deserve an award just for that.
      • Basco's reaction to Marvelous surviving his final attack when it was revealed that a piece of Sally's "Necklace" protected Marvelous.
      • Akudos Gill has a brief one when he realizes the Free Joker is aimming to crash into his flag ship. Dailando gets one the same episode when the Gigant Horse obliterates the rest of the armada.
    • Once More, with Clarity: #40 does this with the Goseiger vs Shinkenger movie.
    • One Steve Limit: #28 averts this by bringing back another Gai. However, the two Gais are literally unable to interact with each other for mysterious reasons...
    • One-Winged Angel: Basco in #31, after the Extra Hero Keys are recovered from him.
    • Out of the Inferno: The Gokaiger regularly use their Transformation Sequence to protect them from attack, leading to these. However, the best example goes to GokaiOh's first formation, which happens under the cover of a huge explosion. It comes charging out of the explosion, swords out before dishing out a Curb Stomp Battle to the attackers.
    • Painful Transformation: In #51, Don transforms into Zuuban and then changes into his sword form for Joe (as Deka Master) to use. During the fight we hear Don yelp "Ouch!", and when he changes back into Gokai Green we briefly see him working the kinks out of his joints.
    • Paper-Thin Disguise: In #10, the whole team wears essentially buckets for helmets and cardboard body armor to infiltrate an enemy ship as Gormin. No one notices (even with Don wearing a motocross helmet!). This is very reminiscent of what happened in the Samurai Sentai Shinkenger movie.
    • Panty Shot: Ahim in #11. Everything Is Better With Spinning indeed![23]
      • In a rare costume example, Luka in Gokaiger vs. Gavan as Hurricane Yellow.[24]
    • Pirate
    • Plucky Comic Relief: Don, Gai
    • Pocket Protector: In episode 48, when Marvelous is shot by Basco, his life is saved by a silver banana charm from Sally's bomb necklace in his coat pocket, which took the bullet for him.
      • Combines with Chekhov's Gun, especially since when Basco gave Sally the necklace in the first place, he said "It's a good luck charm; it'll protect you."
    • Power Copying: Like Kamen Rider Decade, the Gokaigers have the ability to transform into any of the past Super Sentai Heroes. Usually each Gokaiger will stick to their default color when transforming into other teams (regardless of gender). When the colors don't match up, the members without an equivalent are assigned the closest available color (such as in the many teams that have Black instead of Green or the few ones that have White instead of Pink).
      • This diagram shows the following forms the main five will presumably be using throughout the series:
      • As for Gokai Silver, he uses the powers of the 15 Sixth Rangers before him.[27]
        • There are also ten "Extra Hero" keys that are not assigned to any specific Gokaiger, but can be used by any of them.[28]
      • In the cases of Taiyou Sentai Sun Vulcan, where there are only three members, or Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger, where the Abare Killer key was originally missing, the team usually compensates this by leaving out the "extra" members. Of course, this means Green and Pink are often left doing their own things a lot.
        • The Abaranger keys are eventually used for a full set: with the Abare Killer key given to Gai by default, all that is left to Ahim is...the Abare Pig - er, Pink - key.
      • For teams that didn't have a Sixth Ranger, the writers usually find a way to get Gai out of the action.
      • Note that they don't have to stick with Rangers whose colors match their own (though they generally will); they've been known to color-coordinate so they all fight as different Rangers of the same color.[29]
    • Power-Up Letdown: Apparently, Carranger's Greater Power is their pose. Navi even lampshades it by remarking that some Greater Powers are more useful than others.
    • Power Walk
    • Production Foreshadowing: In the Go-Busters Early-Bird Cameo in the Gokaiger vs. Gavan movie, Basco assumes they are "Super Sentai wannabes", before they reveal themselves to be the 36th Super Sentai team. Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger, an unofficial Super Sentai series which follows the adventures of an unofficial Sentai team trying to get their own TV show and be recognised as an official Super Sentai, first aired a few months after the movie was released.
      • Also, Gokai Silver's colored sunglasses-shaped visor is similar to the style used by the Go-Busters themselves. Gokai Silver also prefigures the Akibarangers in being a Sentai fanboy and having a special power involving the use of his imagination (though, as he lives in a world where the Sentai really exist, it takes on a different meaning here).
    • Prop Recycling: Naturally, though most of them have to be remade entirely and some costumes have been altered, as mentioned under Mini-Dress of Power.
      • A special cross-franchise case is with Damaras' sword in #42, which looks to be a redeco'd Medaljalibur from Kamen Rider OOO.
      • The Sneak Brothers monster costume from #8 gets recycled in Gokaiger vs. Gavan, albeit as a Gender Flip.
    • Punch-Punch-Punch Uh-Oh: Damaras does it to Kanzen Gokaioh in #43, though at that moment it was obviously pure rage and frustration rather than a considered attack strategy (not to mention that the Gokaiger had taken out all his weapons at that point).
    • Punny Name: The Gokai in Gokaiger can be translated as mistaken, now think of an episode where being mistaken is not used to dramatic, or comedic effect.
    • Purely Aesthetic Glasses: #39. When the whole team gets to become New Transfer Students for a day, Don gets Nerd Glasses and Joe gets Stoic Spectacles.
    • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: Joe comments in #47 that he is impressed how Marvelous managed to put together a crew composed of an ex-member of Zangyack (Joe himself), a thief (Luka), an engineer who can't fight (guess), a princess (Ahim) and a passing-by Earthling (Gai).
    • Ramming Always Works: Gokai Red and Gokai Silver board the Gigant Horse by ramming the Free Joker into it!
    • Rasputinian Death: In #51, Akdos Gil takes a barrage of attacks from the Gokaiger in various Super Modes, then takes a Final Wave, and finally gets hit point-blank with the Galleon Buster before he finally dies.
    • Rearrange the Song: The ending theme "Super Sentai Hero Getter" initially comes in three pieces[30] and the show cycles through them in order. The Movie has the 199 Version, which strings all three versions together. The complete OST collection has the Now & Forever Version, which remixes the 199 Version and rewrites the ending to add in the Gokaiger themselves and the Go-Busters and changes the final line to "Super Sentai forever!"
    • Recap Episode: #45, where the team explain everything they have endured throughout the course of the series to Ninjaman, who was stuck inside a pot during the past ten years and missed out on the Legend War.
    • Reckless Gun Usage: #29 takes the cake with Marvelous and company fending off an intruder by firing their guns inside the cockpit. Don chews them out for it.
    • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Marvelous and Joe.
      • For a hero [31] vs. villain example, we have Marvelous and Basco.
    • Redemption Equals Death:When Sally does a Heel Face Turn in 47, Basco assumed this would happen and blows her up next to Marvelous with the bobby trapped necklace he gave her. She put the necklace in her chest compartment in order to reduce the damage to Marvelous.
    • Redemption Earns Life: Zealousto performs a Heel Face Turn and finds love with an earth woman, becoming the first Action Commander to survive his run in with the Gokaigers. In fact, by the end he's essentially the sole survivor of the entire Zangyack invasion.
    • Roaring Rampage of Revenge
      • Warz Gill goes on one in #38 after Joe defeats Barizorg, whom Warz Gill considered his only friend.
      • Ahim, of all people, also goes on one in #41, upon encountering the monster who was responsible for the destruction of her kingdom and the death of her parents.
    • Rocket Punch: Kanzen GokaiOh's finishing move, using the oversized gauntlet it gains from Machalcon.
    • Rule of Funny/Rule of Sexy: Episode 29, in full. No, the Toon Physics of Ahim's battle with the Monster of the Week don't make any sense, nor is there any particular way she could have switched into all of those Fan Service-y outfits that quickly. But it is funny.
    • Running Gag: Luka frequently hits Doc when frustrated, or for no real reason.
    • Rule of Three: Don gets shoved to the ground three times in less than a minute, mostly by his own teammates, in episode 2.
      • Doc himself has a habit of clamping onto the arm of a bigger, tougher Gokaiger when frightened. They tend to elbow him in the gut or smack him.
        • Whenever the team does the transformation sequence for a team tribute, Don tends to screw up the post-transformation pose in hilarious ways.
      • Some monsters get turned into a Twinkle in The Sky, and the Zangyack fleet, in Earth's orbit all season, is sometimes affected.
      • Mixing up which Sentai they're supposed to be transforming into. So far, they've gone with Turboranger instead of Carranger, King Ranger instead of Shinken Gold, Kakuranger instead of Hurricaneger, and Abare Blue instead of Tricera Ranger. It's also a reference to the repeated themes in Sentai teams.
        • Gai has helped them break this one by making them a book of all the Sentai for them to study. This comes in handy because when all six are turned into the same team, they can perform a powerful team attack. However, if #30 is any indication, the core team may still be rather Book Dumb in this regard, as they still wonder where to find a lion riding a skateboard before Gai helpfully shows them a picture of Yellow Lion in the book.
      • Gai has a habit of invading the other Gokaigers' personal space with his epic arm maneuvers; in several cases, Marvelous has had to slap his hand away, which happens to stop mere inches from his face (or would keep going if Marvelous didn't stop him).
    • Secret Test of Character: Hyuuga puts Gai through one in #20, by asking him to relinquish the Gokai Silver powers so he can defend the Earth. Turns out he was testing Gai's drive to follow his dream of protecting the Earth as a Sentai warrior.
    • Sequel Episode: #24 features the same MOTW as #14, as well as the same batshit insanity.
    • Serial Escalation:
      • Gokaiger started out with the already ambitious premise of uniting all the past Super Sentai teams. However, by the end, they've not only drawn in a previously discontinued franchise by crossing over with Space Sheriff Gavan, but they've got an impending faceoff with the next biggest franchise, Kamen Rider.
      • By the end of its run, Gokaiger managed to bring back at least one unmasked hero from each of the previous 34 Sentai shows for a guest appearance (counting the cameos in 199 Heroes). Admittedly the series cheated a bit by having Kenji Ohba more than once as a representative for both, Battle Fever and Denziman, but at least Gokaiger vs. Gavan addressed the issue of what happens when people meet two Sentai warriors played by the same actor at the same time.
    • Set Right What Once Went Wrong: The Gokaigers use GoZyuDrill to travel back to October 2, 2010 to prevent the destruction of a temple, with the promise of a Sentai ultimate power at the end of it.
    • Shapeshifter Baggage: The five parts to GokaiOh load into each other like Matryoshka dolls. In practice, though...
    • Ship Tease: Joe and Ahim at the end of #4.
      • Marvelous and Luka in #21
        • To be fair, every pairing can be considered to have a moment of teasing in this series. Two characters being particularly highlighted in an episode? Expect something that could be read as this trope.
    • Shirtless Scene: Marvelous, see Fanservice above.
    • Shoot the Bullet: In #35, Gaiark's Disruption Officer Chirakashizky and Marvelous duel in Human World. Chirakashizky tries to cheat by shooting before the coin hits the ground, but Marvelous's bullet shoots his bullet down.
    • Shout-Out: The ending song plays with the catchphrases from some of the previous Sentai.
      • And they still refer to Goggle V as a gymnastic team.
      • Under its hat, GokaiOh just happens to have dreadlocks and a bandanna.
      • This entire season is essentially one big shout out to all of the previous Super Sentai teams.
      • It might be a coincidence, but the 'swinging a sword with a rope' trick the Gokaigers sometimes use is similar to something the Crossbone Gundams could do.
        • Not just that, but the captain of that series also had a parrot named Haro who would frequently spout off quotes from earlier in the franchise.
      • In #3, Captain basically going "believe in me instead" and throwing his insecure younger buddy into something.
      • The "Sattelasers" really have more in common with the Wave Motion Cannon than anything, except with twin hull barrels.
      • As stated by Koichi Sakamoto, in the episodes he directed (namely 5 and 6) will have Power Rangers reference. In episode 5, when the four Gokaigers become Go-ongers, Gokai Yellow used the wheel designed armbands of the Go-onger suit as a weapon, which is exclusively used in Power Rangers RPM.
        • The entire scene when Elder is discovered in #8 pretty much homages a similar scene in "Handshake", even substituting billiards for baseball.
        • Most of the time, when the Magiranger powers are used, Ahim will use Vida's 'big pink tornado of windy doom' technique rather than Houka's 'turn into something small and cutesy' technique, though it could be Ahim simply having a different personality from Houka.
        • Episode 29 involves the MOTW going after brides, which was a tradition amongst the Super Sentai series.
      • A quick nod to Kamen Rider Double here.
        • A much more blatant one in Episode 19, where Gai's mental debate over whether to use Go-On Gold or Silver results in them fusing into a half-and-half composite. Post-transformation, Gai even calls it "A two-in-one Go-On Wing!"
      • In episode 11, after getting shot by Captain Marvelous, Warz Gill exclaims, "Not even my father ever hit me!"
      • In #9, Gao Lion's introduction has it standing dramatically on a cliff as usual.
      • From episode 14, a monster that throws fireballs while screaming about jealousy.
      • Basco is very likely a Sentai take on Diend.
      • As Gokai Silver Gai has Triangle Shades and a drill-based mecha, leading to inevitable Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann comparisons. And #22 has him pierce the heavens with the GoZyuJin's drill to shatter an asteroid heading towards earth.
      • Another nod to Kamen Rider Double in #27: when Luca and Doc are forced to switch bodies, Luca redoes Doc's hair in the same style as Philip, including the hair decs.
      • The Monster of the Week in #28 has a striking resemblance to another intergalactic bounty hunter.
      • GoZyuJin seems to have a few nods to Beast Wars in its design. Its robot mode has a dinosaur head and tail for hands, not unlike Megatron; its tail opens up into a spinning blade with a smaller pointy bit inside, just like Dinobot and it has a Drill Tank mode similar to Beast Wars II's Galvatron (who, interestingly enough, flies a Space Pirate ship).
      • If one watches Abaranger, the "Complete, GokaiOh/GouZyuRex/GouZyuJin!" yell doesn't seem too out of place.
      • The Action Commander in Episode 34 is a walking Guyver shout-out, from the pale yellow coloration to the spheres to the Mega Smasher he uses when giant.
        • We also get yet another Kamen Rider shout out, this time to Decade, the Rider series most like Gokaiger. When the Action Commander first appears disguised as Luka's old friend, Cain, he introduces himself as "A passing through space businessman."
      • Engine Machalcon,[32] together with his father Speedor, resemble vehicles used by Condor Joe.
      • Machalcon also gains light-up wheels while racing through the neon-lit streets of Machine World, which could be a nod to Tron: Legacy as Machalcon's primary complaint was of Parental Abandonment.
      • Great Warz is a Humongous Mecha with Warz Gills' face for the torso.
        • Insarn gets one of her own in #49.
      • Zangyack ships have a LCARS user interface.
      • Gai in #42 does a pose very similar to Gentaro's "UCHUU KITAAAAA" pose from Kamen Rider Fourze.
      • Episode 14's very style was done as a shout out to Gekisou Sentai Carranger complete with several Comically Missing the Point, Boke and Tsukkomi Routine gags, the Large Ham and others to name a few, but the Coup de Grace was when the Gokaiger decide to honor their guest and accidentally transformed into Turboranger, only to be corrected Kyosuke Jinnai [33] and finally get the change right.
      • #44. The MotW acts and even sounds like Genki Sudo as Kyosui/Luna Dopant.
      • #49. The Greatest Treasure in the Universe sure is shaped like the Triforce.
        • It doesn't just look like the Triforce, but actually has almost exact same function and power as the Triforce
      • Flying Ghost Ship gives Gai a special transformation sequence with a pose similar to that of Ultraman, which seems to be almost semi-traditional for Sentai movies now.
    • Shown Their Work: When the Gokaiger transform, they don't just use the powers of the Sentai warrior they've become, the show has done very well at keeping the original character's fighting style.
      • Kyousuke even lampshades this in #14 when seeing the Gokaigers fight as the Carrangers.

    Kyousuke: Ah, that takes me back.

    • Sir Not-Appearing-In-This-Trailer: Navi was missing from a lot of the promotional material, to the point that for some viewers, seeing him in the first episode was a bit jarring.
    • Sleep Cute: Anytime the Gokaigers are sleeping including episode 12 when Luka, Don, and Ahim all cuddle up with Marvelous and episode 14 which opens with naptime on the Galleon and ends with Navi napping in Marvelous's chair.
      • Most of the napping scenes also seem to oddly have both Ahim and Luka sleeping next to each other.
    • Sneeze Cut: In #22, when Joe mentions that a kid he saved reminds him of a certain idiot, cue Marvelous sneezing.
    • Snub By Omission: In #17, Gai daydreams of doing the Gokaiger roll call with the main team, taking Don's place. Don was not pleased by this.
    • Spell My Name with an "S": "Gokaiger" is the official spelling, but "Goukaiger", "Gokaiger", "Go-Kaiger", and "Gohkaiger" have all been used at some point.
      • Before officially romanized as Warz Gill in episode 39, the Big Bad was variously spelled Oiles Gil, Toils Gil, Walz Gil, or pronounced phonetically as Waruzu Giru.
      • Also, Basco's name has been spelled Vasco before, but in episode 16, we see his Free Joker, which has a huge "B" in the middle.
      • And the Monster of the Week from #14 and #24. Just look at how many different spellings he's been given on this page only.
      • Engine Machalcon has had his name spelled out as Mach-Falcon.
      • A very literal case is Sid Bamick, whose name is spelled as such (and not the popular spelling Cid) in the official Character book.
      • Sally was sometimes spelt as Sari, but its bounty in #44 says Sally.
    • Spin Offspring: Engine Machalcon is the son of Speedor and BearRV. Don't ask how THAT works.
    • Spirit Advisor: Dragon Ranger, Time Fire, and Mikoto Nakadai appear to Gai in a dream after his accident.
      • In #38, Aka Red and Sid Bamick talk to Marvelous (after Warz kicks GokaiOh's ass) and Joe (after he destroys Barizorg and frees Sid's soul) respectively.
    • Spot the Imposter: Played with in #34. The Monster of the Week impersonates Gai in-battle, so Don suggests that they ask the two a super-hard Super Sentai question as the real Gai would be able to answer it instantly. When Joe points out that none of them has enough knowledge to even propose such a question in the first place, Luka just decides to get everybody to Gokai Change into Denji Sentai Megaranger, leaving the imposter stuck as Gokai Silver while the real Gai turns into Mega Silver.
    • Standard Evil Empire Hierarchy: It's a Space Empire, what do you expect?
      • The Emperor: Warz Gill until #38, then Emperor Ackdos Gill himself from #41.
      • The Right Hand: Baizorg
      • The General: Damaras
      • The Oddball: Insarn
      • The Evil Counterpart: Basco
    • Stealth Pun
      • In #22 the team changes into Tensou Sentai Goseiger and then change into Gosei Sentai Dairanger.
      • The lead guest stars in the final three episodes (Hiba, Goushi and Kaijō in that order) are from Sun Vulcan, Zyuranger and Goranger respectively. Combining "Sun", "Zyu" and "Go" forms "SunZyuGo" or sanjūgo, which is Japanese for "35".
    • Stone Wall: The Monster of the Week of #32, Shieldon, is this, demonstrating The Worf Barrage against any one of the Gokaigers' attacks minus the Galleon Buster.
    • Stunned Silence: When Gai combines the Gold and Silver Go-onger keys in #19, the entire battle stops for several seconds...minus Ahim clapping in excitement.
    • Super Dickery: Promotional material from the teamup with Kamen Rider shows Marvelous leading past Big Bads.
    • Super Speed: Any of the vehicle-themed Sentai teams the Gokaigers transform into (Turboranger, Carranger, Go-Onger) give them this power.
      • Apparently ex-Red Racer Kyousuke also has this ability, as shown in episode 14...and he can't transform anymore!
    • Superpower Lottery: Zatsurig in #41 has an eye on his chest that does pretty much anything (forcefields, telekinesis, Flash Step...)
    • Sword Beam: The Final Wave of the Gokai Sabre takes this form.
    • Take a Third Option: When the team transforms into Go-ongers in episode 19, Gai can't decide whether to become Go-On Gold or Go-On Silver. He ends up merging the two keys to create a single gold and silver Go-On Wing.
      • Becomes a Chekhov's Skill later in the episode when he uses the same method to merge all of the Extra Ranger keys into the Gold Mode Anchor Key.
    • Taking the Bullet:
      • Before Aka Red gave Marvelous the Ranger Key chest he took the bullet for him by landing in front of a Sugormin that was aiming for Marvelous. This didn't hurt Aka Red that much though.
      • In #11, an unmorphed Joe's shock at the revelation that Sid is Barizorg leaves him open to a finishing blow from Barizorg's sword. Marvelous rushes in and takes the attack, which demorphs him, but he gets better in the next episode.
      • In #19, the Action Commander fires at an zoned out Don, and Ahim takes the blast for him.
      • In 199 Heroes, Marvelous deliberately gets hit by Brajira's energy bullets, completely shocking Alata...until he sees that the shots would have hit a woman and her kids in a nearby elevator, marking the point where Alata's opinion of Marvelous finally changes.
    • Team Chef: Quite possibly two in this case - Don is the designated chef, but Joe can bake. As we see in #45, it's a bit of Serious Business for him.
      • Three, counting Gai
    • Thanks for the Mammary: One of the Monsters of the Week does this to Luka[34] in #25. She is not pleased.
    • The Theme Park Version: Some of the previous teams (especially the older ones) are boiled down to a bare-bones version of their respective seasons. Denziman has only been used for the Denzi Punch (3 times), Flashman was used for the Prism Boots, Prism Kaiser, etc., and Dynaman has been used for Super Dynamite.
    • They're Called "Personal Issues" for a Reason: The moral of episode 4, though Joe also learns that he doesn't have to keep everything bottled up.
    • Think Nothing of It: Same as I Was Just Passing Through above, but in the final episode.
    • This Is a Drill: Gai's mech, in multiple different forms.
    • This Is Something He's Got to Do Himself: #30, when Joe finally faces the one who turned Sid into Barizorg.
    • Title Drop: Matsuri says the title of #23 ("People's Lives Are the Future of Earth") to Luka and Ahim while they try to convince her not to give in to Basco's threat of detaining the ambulance in which an injured boy was if she did not step out to give him the GoGo V's power.
      • Actually, the title is a catchphrase of her oldest brother Matoi (GoRed), which he made part of the roll call.
      • Also in the following episode: after Zealousto takes the bullet for the mother of the takoyaki guy, she calls herself a "Foolish Earthling".
      • #41 picks up the ball when Marvelous said "[they] have something [they] don't want to lose." In this case, Ahim.
      • #42 has a justified reason: it's Damaras' title in the Zangyack Fleet. And boy, does he back it up.
    • Time Stands Still: In 199 Heroes, Brajira sends Marvelous and Alata to a time-stopped office building for their fight; they end up having to defend a couple of civilians from Brajira's wild attacks.
    • Token Good Teammate: The team claims that they have no intentions whatsoever to protect the Earth. Except for Ahim, who is willing to help anyone in need. Don just goes along with the rest of the crew, as he himself is too nice to be a dick to anyone. And that's not getting into Gai's strong moral compass.
    • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Luka (even though her suited poses are pretty girly) and Ahim.
    • Trademark Favorite Food: Ahim apparently loves tea.
    • Trailers Always Spoil: Some of the previews to the following episodes show images that wind up giving away important plot points.
    • Training from Hell: Joe in #4. According to flashbacks in #11, it was the norm.
      • #7. Turns out the Captain's been throwing darts while wearing an armlet that weighs some unspecified but clearly ridiculous amount, judging from how hard Doc struggled just to pick it up.
    • Transformation Is a Free Action: Ever present in Sentai, but taken to new, Genre Savvy, heights with Gokaiger. Our pals seem to be fully aware that their Transformation Sequence protects them from harm, even extending the strategy to their Humongous Mecha! To top it off, they will often immediately follow the transformation with a quick salvo of pistol shots.
      • In the first episode, the kanji special effects during their transformation to Shinkenger actually force back a crowd of mooks.
      • Subverted in 14, where during the transformation Kyousuke, Insarn and Jellacit run off somewhere else.
      • Again subverted in 24 (sequel to 14), where the MOTW ran off again during transformation.
    • Trash of the Titans: Flashbacks in #42 show that the Gokai Galleon was a dump before Don joined the crew.
    • True Companions
    • Undying Loyalty: Joe to Marvelous, though the other the crew is not far off behind when it comes to their loyalty to Marvelous.
    • Unflinching Walk: Aside from the mecha, Joe pulls a human-sized version in his final battle against Barizorg in #38.
    • Unlimited Wardrobe: The Gokaigers change their wardrobe multiple times over the season (given the weather issues over the past few years, this is understandable for the actors).
    • Unwilling Suspension: Done to punish Navi in #8 when she's caught for sneaking off unannounced - but negated by the fact that she can still fly.
    • Verbal Tic: Zubaan's Pokémon-Speak turns into this to Luka when she Gokai Changes into him in #37. Same goes for Don in the finale.
      • She actually had a tic-off against the grunts, who often say their names.

    Dogormin: Dogor!
    Zubaan-ized Luka: Zu! Zu! [Does Zubaan's arm-pumping gesture]
    Dogormin: Are you mocking us dogor?!
    Luka: Of course not! Zu! Zu!

    • A Villain Named Zrg: Barizorg.
    • Visual Pun
      • During the transformation scene you can see three X's and one V which summon their costumes. XXXV is the roman numeral for 35, a reference to the Gokaigers being the 35th Super Sentai team.
      • Gokai Silver similarly transforms via an anchor, an "X", and a "V". His alter-ego is Gai Ikari (Japanese for "anchor") and he draws his powers from 15 Extra Rangers.
      • #44. The Camp Gay MotW is designed similar to a fairy.
    • Vocal Evolution: The six-year gap makes Kai Ozu sound much more mature.
    • We Hardly Knew Ye: When Emperor Ackdos Gill arrives to take over the invasion of Earth in #41, he brings with him two Co-Dragons, Dailando and Zatsurig. Whilst the latter is shown in a flashback to have been the one responsible for destroying planet Famille, he gets defeated by the Gokaiger team in the same episode.
    • What Do You Mean It's Not Awesome?: Gokai Green using what is quite obviously a trapeze in the middle of a fight. As usual, he's not the first.
    • What Measure Is a Mook?: #10 has an interesting insight into the Zangyack ranks. Apparently Sugormin not only get lines, but have been actively treating the Gormin like dirt for a while.
    • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: In #37-38, Warz Gill actually shows some empathy towards Barizorg. He even goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge in #38 after Joe kills him, which ultimately does him in. Loses something when you realize Barizorg is a guy Gill had mindwiped.
    • With My Hands Tied: Marvelous in D-Cuffs against a whole bunch of cops in ep. 5.
      • This is Joe's normal fighting stance. His left hand isn't tied, but it may as well be.
    • Wham! Episode: #11, however #15 will leave you blinking wide-eyedly.
      • #30 may qualify too.
      • #31. The Gokaigers manage to get all the Extra Hero Keys, but Basco proceeds to transform into his true form and defeats all of them. He also revealed that he has stolen the great powers of the Changeman (which we see at the beginning of the episode), Flashman and Maskman.
      • #37. Joe finally faces off against Barizorg, Warz Gill brings out his mecha Great Warz (a gift from dad), and kicks the Gokaigers' ass so bad, Marvelous has to force his crewmates out of the GoZyuGokai-Oh before it explodes back into the Gokai Galleon, with the captain unconscious inside (we know he'll be okay from the preview). Oh, and the team finally uses the Extra Hero keys.
      • #38 neatly tops its predecessor: Warz Gill and Barizorg are Killed Off for Real, while Marvelous and Joe make peace with the spirits of their deceased mentors Aka Red and Sid, which allows them to unlock their own team's Grand Power. The episode ends with Damaras cradling Warz's corpse and glaring up at the Gokai Galleon with burning hatred.
      • #42 ends with a helpless Don after Marvelous is captured by Damaras and Basco, with the other Gokaigers seemingly killed at the hands of the latter.
      • #47 ends with Sally Killed Off for Real, Marvelous in critical condition from trying to save Sally, the rest of the Gokaigers defeated badly, and Basco in possession of the 34 ultimate powers, the Gokaigers' Ranger Keys, and the GokaiGalleon. Oh, and Navi.
      • As with most back-to-back Wham Episodes, #48 pulls out all the stops in awesomeness. The Gokaigers fight against their own Ranger Keys, take back the Galleon, and it all culminates with a Duel to the Death between Marvelous and Basco, with Basco finally being beaten for good and the Gokaigers claiming all the Ranger Keys and ultimate powers. Not only that, but Basco reveals that Navi is the key to the Greatest Treasure in the Universe and that Aka Red was using both him and Marvelous to simply return the Ranger Keys to their respective owner, with Marvelous not giving a crap and says that he'll take out anyone in his way of the Greatest Treasure...even if it's Aka Red himself.
      • And it doesn't stop there! #49 has the Gokaigers finally finding the Greatest Treasure in the Universe. It turns out that it's a small pyramid-like object with the Will of the Planet's voice inside of it. The Will of the Planet reveals that the treasure can be used to grant any wish the finder desires. However, there's a catch: in order to grant the wish, the greater powers of the previous 34 Sentai teams must be sacrificed and erased from existence once the wish is granted.
    • What the Hell, Hero?: Don berates Marvelous, Joe, and Luka for using their pistols in close quarters to shoot at the Action Commander when he tries to infiltrate GokaiOh in #29, shooting out the main screen in the cockpit.
    • When All You Have Is a Hammer: The team kind of comes off this way in 199 Heroes, since without the Ranger Keys (and before they obtain the Galleon Buster), their only trick is their various Final Waves; stands out all the more in comparison to Goseiger's bag of Tensojutsu tricks.
    • World of Badass: There are tons of badasses in this Sentai, possibly more than any other before.
      • Badass: Captain Marvelous and Joe fit this to a T.
      • Back-to-Back Badasses: Marvelous and Joe in #12.
      • Badass Arm-Fold: It's practically Captain Marvelous' default stance.
      • Badass Army: The first episode begins with 182 Sentai Heroes united against the Zangyack Empire's army. It's as awesome as it sounds.
      • Badass Crew: The Gokaigers first and foremost, but also the Red Pirates. When you're just three people and is considered to be the greatest threat the Zangyack ever face and having a bounty bigger than the Gokaigers, you have to be one. Not too mention they just started collecting the Ranger Keys when they started it, meaning they face off against the Zangyack without it's powers. With those conditions, no wonder Marvelous and Basco are badass fighters. It helps that one of the members is a ranger himself. The incarnation of every Red Ranger to be exact, making it even more Badass.
      • Badass in Distress: Happens at least once to the team, except Gai.
        • #15-16. All the Gokaigers except Marvelous.
        • #25-26. Marvelous, Joe and Luka.
        • #42-43. Marvelous
      • Badass Longcoat: Marvelous' civilian coat is particularly long, but the Rangers have nice jackets, both as part of the Ranger suit and as civilians. In 43, Don gets a green version of Marvelous' civilian coat
      • Badass Long Hair: While the girls are obvious and Marvelous and Don are longer than average, Joe stands out with a tail that trails half-way down his back.
      • Retired Badass: Technically, all past Sentai Heroes the team encounters are this, even if they're as recent as two years before.
    • The Worf Barrage: Practically nothing could get through the MOTW's shield in #32, be it a Gokai Slash, a Big Bomber, a New Super Dynamite, Dragon, Pegasus, Mermaid and Phoenix Attack or a God Hand attack. Until, of course, Don literally brings in the big gun: The Gokai Galleon Buster.
      • In general, aside from a brief moment in the movie, every time they use the Dynaman Ranger Keys, it ends up being fruitless.
    • The Worf Effect: In #31, the very first thing that Final Form Basco does is break Gai's arm (with an audibly sickening crack), then knock him out in one shot.
      • Inverted in #41 when Zatsurig, with his Game Breaker ability and the destruction of planet Famille to his name, is taken down in the same ep he appears in.
    • World Building: While Marvelous hasn't heard about Super Sentai before upon coming to Earth, #5 reveals that he's heard of SPD, the Space Police, before and identified Doggie Kruger as an Anubis-alien. It's also implied that SPD is still fighting Zangyack out in space, as Doggie has a delete order for the Action Commander.
      • Toei makes connections between several series under the banner of Space Police.
        • Gokaiger #51 Doggie Kruger and Signalman cameo together. Now this makes sense since both are Space Police. Carranger #12 has Signalman introduce himself as Space Police of Police Planet.
        • In Pirate Sentai Gokaiger VS Space Sheriff Gavan explicitly states Space Sheriffs are Space Police. Ahim references that the Dekarangers found them innocent of piracy when Gavan appears to arrest them. The space freighter in Marvelous flashback with Gavan is the same design as a SPD space cruiser. Space Police Director General Weeval wears a belt buckle worn by SPD commanders.
    • Wrestler in All of Us: Doc puts a Gormin in a Figure Four Leglock in episode 13. It taps out.
    • Wrong Genre Savvy: When they first meet Ninjaman in #45, Marvelous wants to immediately ask him for his ultimate power. Don and Gai, knowing that it resulted in failure each time they tried it in the past, convince the rest of the team to make a good impression to him before asking...at the end of which he still says no.
    • X Meets Y: One Piece meets Kamen Rider Decade...IN SPACE!!
    • You Are Already Dead: In an inversion, this is done to the Gokaigers by Basco in his Final Form in #31.
    • You Have Failed Me...: Ackdos Gill's first order when stepping in for his son is to have Damaras arrested for not taking care of the Prince like he was supposed to, even ignoring Insarn's (true) appeal that it was Warz who bought this, despite Damaras' vehement objections.
      • And before that, Damaras and Insarn first found out about the emperor's presence when the Imperial fleet came out of nowhere and instantly obliterated the original fleet by Gigant Horse's side.
    • You Killed My Father, My Mother and MyHomeworld: The Monster of the Week of #41 is the one who was directly responsible for the destruction of Ahim's planet, as well as the death of her parents before her eyes.
    • Zettai Ryouiki: Luka is a Grade B in #6 while wearing a maid outfit.
    • Zipperiffic: Joe.
    1. Don the engineer and Gai the Super Sentai expert.
    2. a first since Choujin Sentai Jetman
    3. Spear, Gun, and Anchor modes.
    4. Vulcans in its helmet, and those silver circles on its shoulders are cannons
    5. An exception is Jealacit, whose profile describes him as "an otherwise unremarkable nerd"
    6. Although this is not an official tribute episode.
    7. inverted because the Gokaigers taught Oh Pink this
    8. Inverted because Gai taught this to Mirai (Time Yellow's son).
    9. Inverted because Ahim taught Ninjaman this.
    10. Although this is not an official tribute episode and it wasn't Goushi who taught them that; it was Professor Shuchirou Amachi, Yuka Yamazaki, and the boy who stole the Shinken Red key earlier. What Goushi taught was Heroic Sacrifice, which also fits into Zyuranger.
    11. #25 is even named Pirates and Ninjas, practically foreshadowing it.
    12. Except for those toy collectors who have a serviceable DX Ninjaman, since he fights alongside Gokai-Oh in giant form.
    13. This does not include the original Battle Cossack and Yellow Four, as well as Ki Ranger's temporary substitute, whose powers were inherited by other characters after they died. Both, 199 Heroes and Episode 20, make it clear that it was Hyuga in the Black Knight armor, and not Bullblack, during the Legendary War.
    14. Though it was close enough to the end of the year that he'd probably be right anyway, you never know if you'll get attacked in those last 7 days
    15. Specifically.
    16. Doggie also appears in the "199 Heroes" movie, both transformed and untransformed.
    17. All of whom get their Ranger Keys back after Ackdos Gill's defeat.
    18. They don't include Sixth Rangers because this is just before Gai joined
    19. five of which were flipped in Power Rangers
    20. The girls only transform into former female yellows and blues, and the boys only transform into former male yellows and blues
    21. While the Flashmen were raised in the Flash Galaxy, they were actually Earthlings who were abducted from their homes by Alien Hunters when they were infants. While born in another planet, the Fivemen were children of Earthlings, which makes them human. The Zyurangers and Goseigers, while technically not humans, were still from Earth. Other teams such as the Timerangers and Dekarangers have had individual nonhuman members but most of the team was still human.
    22. There are very few actual suit actresses; most female roles are played by smaller men with chest padding, with the exception of Gokai Pink
    23. Of course, this being Super Sentai, Yui Koike is wearing shorts underneath.
    24. Which is compounded by the fact that the original Hurricane Yellow was male
    25. This includes male versions of Blue Dolphin, Blue Swallow, Hurricane Blue, and Magi Blue.
    26. which includes female versions of Ki Ranger, Denzi Yellow, Vul Panther, Goggle Yellow, Dyna Yellow, Yellow Lion, Yellow Turbo, Yellow Owl, Tiger Ranger, Kirin Ranger, Ninja Yellow, Ginga Yellow, Go Yellow, Time Yellow, Gao Yellow, Hurricane Yellow, and Magi Yellow.
    27. This includes Dragon Ranger, Kiba Ranger, King Ranger, Mega Silver, Time Fire, Gao Silver, Shurikenger, Abare Killer (despite actually being the Fifth Ranger of his team), Deka Break, Magi Shine, Bouken Silver, The Go-On Wings (both of them at the same time), Shinken Gold, and Gosei Knight.
    28. These are Signalman, Black Knight, Deka Master & Deka Swan, Magi Mother & Wolzard Fire, Zubarn, Rio & Mele and Lady Shinken Red.
    29. We have had an All-Red Team (Goseiger vs. Shinkenger/#40, #2, Gokaiger vs. Gavan, and #48), All Black (#3, though with only 3 members), All-White (#3, with 3 members, and Gokaiger vs. Gavan), All-Silver (#17), All-Green (#43), All-Yellow (#44) All-Blue (#45), and All-Pink (Gokaiger vs. Gavan).
    30. Goranger through Liveman, Turboranger through Timeranger, and Gaoranger through Goseiger
    31. Anti-Hero that is
    32. Mach + Falcon
    33. The star of Carranger
    34. or rather, her suit actor