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The New Hunters


The main character, and former Big Bad of Mega Man Zero 2. He was restored to Reploid form (having previously been a Cyber Elf) to help combat the Prometheaum. Although met with suspicion by many, especially Harpuia and Craft, he quickly gained favor through his actions against the Prometheaum, as well as his vital role in the reclamation of the Hunter Caravan.

Leviathan (Lev)

The youngest of the Four Guardians that previously worked for Copy X, as well as the only female. Out of everyone, she is the most friendly and open towards Elpizo in the beginning. In fact, she may have some hidden feelings for him...


The eldest of the Four Guardians. He was immensely distrustful of Elpizo at first, but has slowly (and begrudgingly) become more accepting of him. He is stern and by the book, but he has a good heart.


The second youngest of the Four Guardians. He loves a good fight, and as such has extensive knowledge on various war strategies.


The middle of the Four Guardians, rebuilt after his death in MMZ 1. After Mantisk's killing of his apprentice Tech Kraken, he has sworn to take vengeance against him, while at the same time becoming the guardian (no pun intended) of Kraken's human charges, Vent and Aile.

Ciel Darlan

The leader of the New Hunters. She struggles to remain strong in the wake of Zero's disappearence as well as the Prometheum's attacks on the world. She is also Aloutte's surrogate mother.

Vent Laywright

The elder of the two children of late Hunter scientist Abigail Laywright. After the Prometheum's attack on the Hunter Caravan, in which his mother was killed by Mantisk, he and his younger sister Aile were spirited away by a sympathetic Tech Kraken in an attempt to hide them from Mantisk, who sought their Biometals. Eventually, Mantisk cornered them and killed Mantisk, but they were saved by Phantom. They have since joined the Hunters as apprentices. Despite being the older sibling, Vent is moody and hotheaded, often not thinking before diving into the fray, much to Aile's exasperation. His driving goal is to become strong enough to protect Aile, as well as defeat Mantisk. He wields the Biometal Model X

Aile Laywright

The younger daughter of Abigail Laywright. Like Vent, she is Hot-Blooded, but unlike her brother she manages to remain calm and rational, even when faced with the likes of Mantisk. She is warm and friendly, but is fiercely protective of her new adoptive family. She wields the Biometal Model ZX


The now-legendary Maverick Hunter who once saved the world from the mad tyrant Sigma. His body was destroyed by Elpizo in MMZ 2, but, with his approval, Ciel created a new body for him so that he could once more fight to protect the lives of humans and Reploids alike.

Alouette Darlan

A young Reploid girl that was orphaned, and subsequently adopted by Ciel, during the Arcadia Wars. In the aftermath of Weil's death, she has decided to take a more active role in the activities of the New Hunters, and is now the sub-commander, under her "Big Sis". Wherever she goes, her semi-sentient stuffed animal is close behind.

Abigail Laywright

The mother of Vent and Aile, Abigail Laywright was a Hunter researcher and a close friend of Ciel. She was working on creating special stones imbued with the DNA of certain Reploids that allowed the bearer to attain the powers of the DNA donor. Tragically, these Biometals garnered the Prometheum's attention, and Mantisk was sent to attack the Hunter Caravan and obtain the Biometals. Abigail was killed by Mantisk, but not before helping her children escape with Tech Kraken and ensuring the Biometals were scattered around the world in places she hoped the Mavericks would never find them. Her death lays heavily on Ciel's mind.

The Prometheum


A mysterious Reploid that suddenly appeared one year after the destruction of Ragnarok. With an army of Mavericks, many of them resurrected from the Arcadia Wars, he seeks to conquer the world. He seems to fear Elpizo for some reason, and has made his destruction a top priority. His motivations for wanting to take control of the world is unknown, but they seem to involve the Biometals somehow...

Cubit Foxtar, "The Cunning Kitsune"

The strongest of the Judge Generals, as well as the only female among them. She serves as Prometheus' right hand and personal adviser.

Deathtanz Mantisk, "The Dark Hunter"

The second strongest of the Judge Generals. Ruthless, pitiless, and completely devoid of anything even resembling compassion, he enjoys toying with his prey and prolonging their agony before finally killing them. He is currently tasked with obtaining the Biometals, but is kept on a tight leash by Prometheus due to his depravity.

  • Complete Monster: Easily the most evil villain in the comic.
  • Evil Gloating: He just loves rubbing his atrocities in his victims faces.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Murdering Kraken and then mocking Phantom about it, mocking Vent and Aile over their mother's death (which he, again, was responsible for), and finally, installing a self destruct program into the brainwashed Mavericks, without Prometheus' approval, and then sending Lev to meet the brainwashed Staggroff and cure him, knowing full well he will die, just to make Lev suffer.
  • Names to Run Away From Really Fast
  • Neutral Evil
  • Smug Snake

Devilbat Schiltz, "The Silent Watcher"

One of the Judge Generals, and the chief of reconnaissance and espionage for the Prometheum. He was tasked with assassinating the newly restored Elpizo before he regained his full power, but was intercepted and subdued by Fefnir and Harpuia. He is now a prisoner of the Hunters. Devilbat is smug and arrogant, believing firmly in Prometheus' beliefs that humanity is weak and must be guided by Reploid masters, but lately, due to both the Hunters' surprisingly (to him) humane treatment of him, as well as the influence of Alouette, his outlook may soon change...

Pegasolta Ekrail

A Greater Maverick that served under Wiel in the Fourth Arcadia War, now rebuilt and serving as Mantisk's second. He is noble and polite, even to his enemies. His positive traits are in stark contrast to Mantisk's depravity, but he remains fiercely loyal to him regardless. The reason for this loyalty is currently unclear.


The infamous AI that was planted in Zero's original body by the even more infamous Doctor Wiel. Although he was destroyed at the end of the Third Arcadia War, he has somehow been rebuilt, and no one, not even himself, seems to know how. His revival has made him less insane and more rational, but he is still fairly sadistic. He currently works for the Prometheum as a hired mercenary.



The mysterious leader of the Pantheon Resistance, a group made up of the remnants of Neo Arcadia's Pantheon Units that opposes the Prometheum and supports the Hunters. She is Prometheus' sister, and opposes him in an attempt to "save" him, believing that his sudden evil is due to being controlled somehow.


A Pantheon Ice Wolf that serves as the Pantheon Resistance's scoutmaster. He was the one sent as an ambassador to the Hunters on their behalf, but was captured by the Prometheum. After his rescue, he serves as the group's connection to the Resistance.


General of the Pantheon Resistance, and Pandora's second. He is distrustful of Elpizo due to his past crimes, but is willing to give him a chance to prove himself. He always plays by the rules and is slightly stubborn, but in the end he seeks to improve the lives of his people.