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First-Year College student Shiratori Ryuushi moves into the boarding house, Narutakisou. Under the tender care of Aoba Kozue, Narutakisou provides a home to people whose personal lives are all painful in one way or another; yet together, somehow, they make up a true family. Not only does Shiratori find a home at Narutakisou, but he also finds himself falling in love with a girl who is far more than she seems. Compare with Maison Ikkoku.

With An Aesop or a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming (or more likely, both) in every chapter, Mahoraba is one of those "feel good" sort of mangas. The sort you've likely never read before.

Not to be confused with Maburaho, which sits comfortably on the exact opposite end of the romantic comedy spectrum.

Tropes used in Mahoraba include:
  1. technically, in Japan, first cousins can get married as well and is not viewed at the Squick levels most Americans have, but all the same, it's always good to keep your relations straight