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"It's a complex maneuver. Don't ask me to demonstrate it."

The Glomp is an aggressive hug (often accompanied by a flying tackle) which sometimes knocks the recipient over and invariably ends up with the "glomper" wrapped securely around some part of the glompee's body. Since the glomper's rather intense feelings for their target usually aren't reciprocated the glompee almost invariably ends up feeling either very uncomfortable or (assuming the glompee is a Tsundere) violent. Stalkers with a crush and Clingy Jealous Girls frequently glomp the objects of their affection. Usually considered a comedy trope, for obvious reasons.

While aggressive hugs are nothing new (in Real Life or in media) the use of the term "Glomp" to describe them appears to have stemmed from its use as a sound effect in early manga translations by Viz Media. (One folk etymology asserts that it stands for "Grab, Latch On, Maintain Pressure" but that is a backronym applied to the word after it became popular.) The word itself appears to be a mutation of the established English word "glom" which means "to grab; to latch on" (as found in the words "agglomeration" and "conglomerate") with a final "p" sound added to give it more of a sense of definite action. Can function as an onomatopoeia.

The glomp may also be used in a more positive manner if the glompee actually does reciprocate the glomper's feelings; in these cases a glomp symbolizes one character literally bowling another over with affection, but there again it's typically played for comedy.

Whole-team glomping of anyone who's just scored a goal is also common in sports in Real Life. (In soccer, it seems to be compulsory.)

A Super-Trope to Cry Into Chest.

A glomper is often the Cuddle Bug. See also No Sense of Personal Space, which glompers often exhibit. If the glomper is frightened, its a Security Cling. If the glomper is genuinely attacking, its a Deadly Lunge.

Examples of The Glomp include:

Anime and Manga

  • The earliest reported usages of the word "glomp" are as sound effects in the Viz translations of Urusei Yatsura and Ranma ½.
    • The first known appearance of the word "glomp" is in Ranma ½ Volume One, Part 12 published in 1993. Ironically, this first use was a sound effect for a Personal Space Invader attack Ranma delivered on Ryoga, in stark contrast to the connotation the word carries today.
    • In Urusei Yatsura Ataru usually attempts to glomp virtually every female he encounters—except for his "wife", Lum. She glomps him, though.
    • The aggressive hugs that Shampoo gives to Ranma in Ranma ½ are archetypal glomps and are indeed accompanied by the "glomp" sound effect in the manga. The subsequent wholesale adoption of the word by the highly prolific Ranma fanfiction community probably did much to popularise the term.
      • Even less welcome are Kuno's glompings of Akane and the Pigtailed Girl, sometimes simultaneously. He invariably receives a Megaton Punch in reply.
      • Shampoo also brainwashes Akane into glomping Ryoga during the "waterproof soap" episode in the manga, leading the poor guy to believe she reciprocates his strong romantic feelings for her. He then starts openly expressing those feelings even though he Does Not Know His Own Strength. By the time it's blown over, Akane has decided that that "Whoever takes the job of Ryoga's girlfriend will have to be made of sterner stuff than me."
  • In Dragonball Z during the Cell saga, after Goku heals from a near fatal disease and everyone notices him in better condition, Goku gets glomped through a moving plane by Krillin.
  • In Drama Con, Matt is glomped by a fan, which pisses off his then girlfriend Emily. The con security has to get involved.
  • Usagi, ChibiUsa, Ann, Rei and Fish Eye in regards to Mamoru in Sailor Moon.
  • Girls Bravo: Let's see... Quite frequently Kirie, Miharu and Lisa to Yukinari, Kosame and Fukuyama to Kirie, and Fukuyama to Koyomi.
  • Randou Rino of Best Student Council frequently glomps her friend Ayumu, usually while emitting Ocular Gushers.
  • Asuka Langley Soryuu of Neon Genesis Evangelion is not nearly as violent about it as some, but the way she adheres herself to Ryoji Kaji is clearly a glomp.
    • She does actually glomp him in episode 17, much to his exasperation.
  • Shiho Munakata frequently glomps Yuuichi Tate in the early parts of My-HiME. Mikoto does this to Mai from time to time, sometimes adding a Skinship Grope or a self-inflicted Marshmallow Hell for good measure. During the ending, Shizuru Glomps Natsuki from behind while Mai is preparing to sing karaoke.
    • In the Mai-Otome manga, Natsuki often gets this from her younger sister, Alyssa, and once gets it from her mother, Saeko.
  • C-Ko Kotobuki is known to glomp A-Ko Magami on occasion in Project A-ko.
  • Kairi has glomped Momo on occasion, as has Sae to Toji and other guys as well in Peach Girl.
  • Sei Satou (the first "Rosa Gigantea") from Mariasama ga Miteru is fond of glomping Yumi, the series protagonist.
    • Youko, Sachiko's grande sÅ“ur, once does this too, very much to Yumi's surprise since Youko is usually rather dignified.
  • Wakaba glomps the title character of Revolutionary Girl Utena all the time, and frequently goes for rides on her back after.
    • It can get dangerous when they're both in front of an open window.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series: "Can I glomp you?"
  • Kaolla Su in Love Hina does this frequently, usually in the form of a leaping hug.
  • Many girls in Rin's Harem in SHUFFLE! have done this.
  • The aim of many of Ayu's Crash Into Hello meetings with Yuuichi in Kanon.
    • She gets irritable (as much as she can, anyway) if he dodges. Probably because that generally involves her crashing into trees instead.
  • In Pokémon, Ash's Gligar/Gliscor has a tendency to do this to him upon landing. While this was originally due to the fact that Gligar had trouble with flying and landing, as Gliscor he has been shown to have no issues with either. It is now purely out of affection.
    • What should be a painful example would be Ash's Muk, a Poison-type who tends to do this on people he likes (although Professor Oak seems to be a frequent target). No one seems to be hurt from it otherwise.
    • During the Johto arc, when Ash and Misty were battling over a Totodile, Ash sends out Pikachu; Misty sends out Togepi. She tells Togepi to give Pikachu a great big hug, and he does just that. Between that and a Charm attack, Pikachu is sent running off the battlefield, since he wouldn't willingly hurt Togepi.
    • James' Grass-type Pokemon glomp him upon being let out of their Poke Balls. One of them's a cactus.
  • In Death Note Misa glomps Light after he specifically told her that it would be dangerous and inconvenient for them to be seen together. However, her intense feelings mean she cannot stay away from him so she follows him and practically tackles him to the ground. Light thinks, "This is the first time I've felt like punching a girl". Later on, she does something similar to Ryuk. Do we have a Did You Just Glomp Cthulhu trope?
  • In Bleach Kon tries to glomp Rukia (and every other female character) every time he sees her (usually shouting Onee-chaan!!! and variation), he never manages to do it though.
    • Except that one time where he was in Ichigo's body and he finally pulled off snuggling her (non-existent) funbags. He was very happy that day.
    • Don't forget Ichigo receiving a near lethal variety from adult Nel.
    • Keigo glomps Ichigo in episode 15 by way of wrapping his legs around Ichigo's torso and his arms around Ichigo's neck.
    • Keigo also tries to glomp Rangiku because he thinks she's sexy, but she simply puts up her fist and hits him before he can.
  • Ojamajo Doremi glomps her fellow witchlings in the closing credits of the first series. (In the dub, this was shown in the opening.)
    • Hana-chan does this to Doremi in the first episode of Dokkan—calling her "Mama" in front of her entire class to boot (and neither Doremi or Momoko realize it is the toddler until she says her name).
  • Sissy Villain Michio Yuki of MW does this quite a bit to Father Garai. Usually while in various states of undress or drag.
  • In Pita-Ten, Misha loves to glomp Kotarou. Since she is at least one head taller than him, the sensation is uncomfortable to Kotarou, the nearby ones and the spectators...
  • In Ai Yori Aoshi, Mayu ends up doing this almost every episode. Tina tends to grope any female she meets, and has, like Mayu, a tendency to glomp Kaoru. Being rivals, their respective glomping tends to enrage the other.
  • Chii does this at least once to Hideki in Chobits. Sumomo/Plum does it as well, despite being under a foot tall.
    • Chii's glomps are more a kin to the flying tackle though.
    • And Plum's previous owner encouraged this (and many other) behaviors Hideki has issues with. Persocoms in general are as unconditionally affectionate as housepets; their (usual) extreme sensitivity to their owner's preferences and comfort levels are the only reason we don't see more generalized public glomping.
  • Happens frequently to Tenchi in all the various incarnations of Tenchi Muyo!. Ryoko is the most common, but hardly the only, practitioner of this technique upon him.
  • Poor helpless Tama-Chan in Bamboo Blade was double-glomped by Kirino and Saya
  • In Magical Project S, Haida does this to Hiroto constantly.
  • Ai from Video Girl Ai likes to do this to catch Youta's attention. When he continues to ignore her, she repeats the technique with her bare chest, with the expected result.
  • Busou Renkin: "Don't touch me!" "I WANNA TOUCH!"
    • This one probably shouldn't count, given that the one shouting "I WANNA TOUCH!" was being Mind Controlled to immobilize the other girl.
  • Dio from Last Exile is exceedingly fond of this. Not only will he glomp his faithful companion Luciola, he also has a thing for glomping Claus who is pretty freaked out.
  • Marumaro from Blue Dragon glomps Kluke at least once.
  • Iris does this to Gene in Outlaw Star. Gene happily reciprocates, immediately grabbing her ass.
    • Fred loves doing this to Gene. Really loves it.
  • In Tales of Symphonia's OVA, the second episode starts with Colette glomping Lloyd Irving. It is to be noted that he runs towards her, and just before the glomp takes place, he moves himself to hug her.
  • In The Familiar of Zero's second season finale, Louise does this to Saito after he comes back from the dead. Too bad for Saito that she's flat.
    • On various occasions Saito was also glomped by Kirche, Siesta, Tiffania, Scarron, and Marto, the school's head male cook.
  • Enacted under similar circumstances in the second season of Shakugan no Shana by expies Shana and Yuji: once to intercept Yuji's fall following his possession at high altitude by Johann, and again in the final episode when she finds him after singlehandedly storming The Very Definitely Final Dungeon in order to do so before he fades from existence.
  • In Claymore, Raki does this fairly regular to the Kuudere, Clare
  • If there's a way to do this without arms, Mugetsu of ×××HOLiC has mastered it. Of course, he's even worse when he has them
  • In the third episode of Kannagi Nagi attempts to do this to Jin... And he sidesteps it, causing Nagi to skid face-first across the ground.
    • Of course, Nagi, being a goofball goddess, was probably just doing it to put on a show for the others who were watching...
  • In Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS Sound Stage X, Subaru's reaction to Teana upon reuniting with her after being separated for a year and a half due to joining different divisions was this. Good grief, rainbows are straighter than Subaru.
  • Full Metal Panic!: Glomping is Tessa's favorite method to use when trying to seduce Sousuke.
  • A Running Gag in One Piece revolves around Sanji's failed attempts to glomp the sexy ladies, which usually ends with him flying face-first into a wall. Chopper on the other hand successfully glomps people whenever he gets scared or otherwise emotional.
    • A more specific and adorable example: After the Straw Hats almost lose Robin in Enies Lobby, when they are back on the Merry together, Nami and Chopper glomp Robin.
      • In fact, they do so during an aforementioned glomp attempts from Sanji, intercepting Robin in the process.
    • Luffy glomps Boa Hancock during the Whitebeard War. Her reaction is interesting.
  • In Naruto, Ino enjoys glomping Sasuke, much to his distaste.
    • Sakura was not shy about doing this Sasuke, or rather attempting to, since he'd usually shove her away.
    • Karin takes it up a notch in part II. Even locking out Suigetsu so he couldn't interfere with her glomping time with Sasuke.
    • Chapter 498 has an absolutely adorable/heartwarming moment where Naruto suddenly surprises his mother with a hug and cries while hugging her upon meeting her for the first time.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh!, Mana does this to the pharaoh after jumping out of a vase.
  • In the second season of Yu-Gi-Oh GX Judai's Big Fun former roomate Hayato gives Judai a big hug when he sees him, having been gone since last season after graduating.
  • Hikaru from Kimagure Orange Road.
  • In Clannad, Kyou performs this manoeuvre on a very shy Kotomi (as seen in the picture), who has obvious difficulties deciding how to respond.
  • Negi Springfield of Mahou Sensei Negima tends to be the target of this from the Genki Girls in his class. Also is Konoka to Setsuna, usually causing the swordsgirl to redden noticeably.
  • In the Hamlet manga adaptation, the title character does this to Horatio.
  • In Midori no Hibi, only the girl is in place of the guy's right hand, which can be awkward; Midori tends to forget the arm isn't meant to bend certain ways.
  • Morgan does this to Alex a lot in Aoi House.
  • Chidori Kurama loved to glomp Yuuhi Aogiri in Ayashi no Ceres.
  • The girls from K-On! like to Glomp each other on a regular basis. Especially Azusa is a often victim to Yui's sudden affectionate urges.
  • Memorably, in Saiunkoku Monogatari, Kou Shuurei's Fear of Thunder causes her to glomp onto - of all people - Ko Kijin. To make matters worse, Shuurei is disguised as a boy at the time.
  • Choco from Chocotto Sister does this a lot to Yurika—usually under loud protest from the latter.
  • A scene from D.Gray-man has Lavi glomping Allen. Road is also fond of doing this to Allen.
  • As the first item on the Quotes page hints, Shader from Chrono Crusade is very fond of hugging others...violently, without warning.
  • In the Sonic the Hedgehog OVA, Tails' default reaction to lightning involves glomping onto Sonic in his panic.
  • Akizuki Nakuru represents The Glomper in Cardcaptor Sakura. Even climbing through a window to catch Toya unawares...
  • In the finale of So Ra No Wo To Kanata and Kureha glomps the returning Rio to such degree that they all fly off screen.
  • Yu-Jen in the manga A Kiss to the Prince is fond of doing this to Sei-Ann.
  • Toko of Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru is fond of doing this to Yuki.
    • And hilariously Tachibana tries to do this to Yuki upon meeting him but Luka pulls Yuki out of the way before Tachibana can hug him.
  • Mihoshi from Sora no Manimani is a glomping machine, strong enough to knock down her usual target, Saku.
  • In one chapter of Black Butler, Sebastian sits up in his coffin after faking his death, which results in Bard, Finny, Maylene, Lizzie, Agni, and the Prince tackle-glomping him. All while still in the coffin. Cue Crowning Moment of Funny.
    • In chapter 66 upon learning that Ciel wasn't having another asthma attack Agni and Soma glomp him.
    • Elizabeth generally loves to glomp Ciel, being his future wife and all.
  • Hild, the Affably Evil queen of hell from Ah! My Goddess preforms three glomps in a row immediately after arriving on earth in her very first appearance, first glomping her daughter Urd, then Belldandy and Skuld at the same time and finally Keiichi.
  • In Tokyo Babylon, Hokuto does this to her twin brother, Subaru.
  • In Fullmetal Alchemist, Ed gets glomped a few times by Alexander the dog, when he and Al go to Dr. Marco's house to study alchemy. It's hard for a dog to hug someone, so in Ed's case it was more like Death From Above, as Alexander's shadow was the last thing he saw before the giant dog ever-so-lovingly crushed him underneath.
    • Near the conclusion of the series, Winry does this very effectively to Ed and Al in his restored human body when they return to Resembool.
    • Alphonse does this to Edward in Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa. While in the armor. He even nuzzles him!
    • In the manga and Brotherhood, May's standard greeting toward Alphonse seems to be glomping him.
  • Noelle from Tenshi ni Narumon loves doing this to Yuusuke to an almost frightening degree. Also, Raphael to Mikael.
  • In The World God Only Knows, Elsie is prone to this, to the discomfort of Keima and Hakua.
  • Fairy Tail has one of the more heartwarming examples when Lisanna returns to Earthland after 2 years and finally meets Natsu again. She can't help but glomp him, understandable enough.
  • Episode 9 of Lovely Complex has some Les Yay between Risa and her best friend Nobu. Nobu comforts Risa over Otani basically being oblivious to Risa's love for him, and feels it's her fault things aren't going so well because she's the one who pushed Risa to confess to Otani. Risa reassures her not to worry about it, and that's she's grateful to Nobu for motivating her to confess her love to Otani. In response, Nobu makes the total out of the blue decision to glomp Risa to the ground, and grope her as she's hugging her. Nobu releases lots of heart marks and Risa freaks out, telling Nobu "don't touch me there!"
  • Italy once does this to Japan in Axis Powers Hetalia. And in episode 18 of the World Series Finland glomps Estonia.
  • Mikage once did a running glomp to Teito in 07-Ghost complete with sparkles.
  • Ryuuichi once glomped Shuichi from behind in Gravitation.
  • Hanaukyo Maid Tai. Taro's personal staff of Ichigo, Ringo, and Sango — or Lemon, Marron, and Melon in the second series — are undisputed masters of this.
  • D.N.Angel: Mio Hio frequently does this to Daisuke.
  • THE iDOLM@STER - Makoto is on the receiving end of several sequential glomps on the Idol Agency Sports Meet, after she won the relay race, despite getting the batton in second-to-last place.
  • In Kyo Kara Maoh episode 96 Sara does this to Yuuri.
  • In Koharu no Hibi Koharu often does this to Akira.
  • In Fushigi Yuugi, Miaka does this to Yui at the top of the stairs in the manga. Resulting in a conspicuous Panty Shot of Yui, and a teacher telling them to have some modesty.
  • Aoki from Kodomo no Jikan is a frequent target of this by Rin.

Comic Books

  • Calvin and Hobbes: "I'M HOME!" *SPROING* "WAAAAUUGH!" (Hobbes agressively glomping Calvin.)
    • Mostly used for comedy, but one strip shows Calvin silently suffering through a terrible day, only for his mood to pick up when Hobbes pounces and very gleefully glomps him.
  • Empowered does this twice with Ninjette. Complete with sound effect.
  • Scott Pilgrim: Knives does this to Scott in Book 2 shortly before Scott dumps her.

"Attack hug!"

  • Lula und Yankee: Lula does the flying tackle version on her BF Yankee]] when he invites her for a trip to Paris.
  • In All Fall Down, Grace tackles Sophie with one of these after seeing her for the first time in months.

Fan Works

  • Haruhi and Tsuruya glomp the already-hugging Nagato and Mikuru in Kyon: Big Damn Hero, whilst Kyon is in a hospital recovering from being shot.
  • Starfire's reaction during JLA Watchtower‍'‍s Olympics plot when she sees that Nightwing had returned to life. Considering she had spent most of the time before that in an Unstoppable Rage, it also lampshades that her moods can change rapidly and without a lot of warning.


  • While most warriors of the Star Wars universe would be fine with a handshake as a sign of friendship, the Gentle Giant Chewbacca settles for no less than a big hug for anyone that he loves; this trait makes him no less manly for it all.
    • The EU makes this into something of a Wookie ritual for old friends who have not seen each other in a long while or since before dangerous events.
  • Scott Pilgrim: As in the comic, Knives on Scott.
  • "I just wanna hug ya and squeeze ya and hold ya close to me...!"
  • In Kung Fu Panda 2, Po and Tigress get into a fight which ends with Tigress glomping Po in the form of a Cooldown Hug to show how much she cares about him. Po later glomps Tigress at the end of the film; the look on her face is priceless.
    • The rest of the Furious Five can only stare in disbelief. Crane gets a Beak Drop.
  • Kida does this to Milo at the end of Atlantis the Lost Empire right after she is transformed back from her crystalline form.
  • The Adventures of Robin Hood ends with the Merry Men glomping Robin and Marian; good thing Robin can Offscreen Teleport.
  • At the end of Armageddon, a stripper that Rockhound mentioned dropping a hundred grand on (which he is afraid he will be unable to pay back) by the name of Molly Mounds greets Rockhound on the tarmac after the survivors get home and hugs him so enthusiastically that they are both knocked to the ground.
  • One of the most heartwarming scenes in Across the Universe is towards the end, when Jude returns to the US legally. Max meets him at the airport and they share a massive man-hug.
  • Esmeralda does to Quasimodo at the end of The Hunchback of Notre Dame just right after Frollo falls to his doom, and Quasimodo is rescued by Phoebus.


  • Captain Kirk gets glomped by Prrgh, an acquaintance of his, in one of the Captain's Table novellas. Since she's a Catgirl Space Babe, he doesn't mind.
  • In Harry Potter, when he defeats Voldemort (or more accurately, provokes Voldemort into defeating himself) he gets glomped by pretty much everyone. Also a common reaction to winning Quidditch matches.
    • And in Prisoner of Azkaban, Sirius glomps Remus Lupin.
    • Neville gets glomped by every Gryffindor that can reach him when his house points win them the cup at the end of the first book.

Live-Action TV

  • Chiana did this to John in an episode of Farscape; for effect, the camera tilted as she did so. She's more than a little insane at that point in the series.
  • On The Office (USA), Michael glomps Jim after learning that Jim and Pam are engaged.
  • In the Japanese drama Nobuta wo Produce, Akira loves to unexpectedly hug Shuji. Cue the Ho Yay.
  • Buffy glomps Willow in "Choices" after learning that Willow has decided to enroll at UC Sunnydale with Buffy, as opposed to Harvard, Yale, Oxford, or any of the other top colleges she got into. It's definitely appreciated.
    • Buffy and Xander both glomp Willow in "Dopplegangland" when they realize she wasn't a vampire after all (following an earlier encounter with Willow's AU vampire counterpart). After they let her go, Giles glomps on her, prompting Willow's reaction:

Willow: It's really great that you missed me. Say, you didn't all just do a bunch of drugs, did you?

  • JD occasionally attempts this tactic when trying to get a hug out of Dr Cox. Dr Cox does not appreciate it.
  • Sonny did this to the Alpha Bitch on the first episode of Sonny With a Chance, after which she informed her disbelieving target "Yeah, I'm a hugger."
  • Abby in NCIS. She glomps everyone. A Running Gag is that she even does this when the glompee is injured.
  • After watching everyone take Sawyer and Kate's return in Lost Season Three in such a casual way, Hurley's high-velocity glomp to Sawyer ("DUDE! YOU'RE ALIVE!!!") is more than a little sweet.
  • Raymond tries to help Debra through that time of the month, and she suggests (aggressively) that he try a hug. After she simmers down, Ray brings it up again, and Debra loses her cool again. He tries to console her with a (rather aggressive) hug. It doesn't work.
  • Lois glomps Clark(complete with a running start) at the end of the Smallville episode "Isis", when he tells her that he's the Blur.
  • JB does this to Kuru in "Elephant Princess", knocking him down to the ground, and destroying a party table.
  • Doctor Who paints Vincent van Gogh in the episode "Vincent And The Doctor" as extremely prone to mood swings. If he likes you, though, chances are very good he'll do this. An especially touching instance happens when the Doc takes him to visit a Parisian Gallery where an art critic describes him as "the greatest artist of all time."
    • And then in Utopia, Jack glomps the TARDIS.
  • In "The City on the Edge of Forever," Bones gets one of these from Kirk near the end when the latter and Spock are overjoyed to finally find him, but the happy celebrations are cut short because Edith Keeler is hit by a car seconds later.
  • In Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie, Alex glomps Max at the end after she wishes her brothers back into existence.
  • In Glee, when Blaine transfers to McKinley, he gets glomped by Kurt for his trouble. Of course, since they're madly in love it's definitely the second, bowled-over-with-affection kind of glomp.
  • Done by Arya to Jon in the second episode of Game of Thrones after he gives her a sword. This is done to demonstrate that of all the Stark siblings she had the closest relationship with Jon, despite only a brief few seconds onscreen together the previous episode, a plot point that the show was unable to go into for reasons to time.

Video Games

  • In Zone of the Enders: Fist of Mars, The female lead character, Myona Alderan, achieves a most excessive glomp (even by glomp standards) by glomping the male lead, Cage Midwell, from a distance of over 30 meters, from one 'mech to another, in the middle of a battle being held high above the ground!
  • Hilariously, Kirby gets a good glomp in Super Smash Bros. Brawl thanks to King Dedede spearing him from behind, affectionately patting him on the head, then dragging him off. Kirby looks utterly confused the entire time, even as he leaves a tiny skidmark from Dedede hauling him off.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog gets glomped by Amy. Or at least he would be if Amy wasn't color blind. She can't seem to tell the difference between blue Sonic, black and red Shadow, and white colored Silver.
    • Or a cactus.
    • She successfully glomps him in Sonic Unleashed... while he's in Werehog form. The one time she actually gets him, she thinks she has the wrong guy almost immediately afterward.
  • "GORON HUG!" Link responds to this like any rational person would—by screaming and fleeing in terror.
  • The final boss in Parasite Eve does this when it crawls after you after you just pumped its body with bullets laced with Aya's DNA. The Glomp here equals Touch of Death.
  • Gandrayda features an atomic glomp—literally—in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. When you fight her on the Pirate Homeworld, one of Gandrayda's attacks involves her glomping you and irradiating the hell out of you. May have Unfortunate Implications depending on where you think Gandrayda's motivation for glomping another female might lie.
    • Unfortunate in that she is either draining Samus's energy or trying to overload her to the point of Explosive Overclocking, the only two functions of the Electro Grapple that you receive from her.
  • Flandre does this to Marisa in Aozora-Market's Christmas Present, complete with audible CRACK!
  • Alma manages to turn glomping into Nightmare Fuel in Project Origin. Whatever happens, do not let her. Project Origin practically runs on the glomping into Nightmare Fuel conversion. Everytime she shows up, you have to fight her off. So much glompage ensues. Hilarity does not, however.
  • Final Fantasy VIII. Rinoa does this to Squall when he is sent to wake her up on the Timber Forest Owls train.
  • Final Fantasy IX. Garnet/Dagger glomps Zidane in the final scene of the game, when she learns that he's still alive.
  • In the Disgaea Drama CD, Flonne practices to a recital, but when it is time no one shows up. She is driven to tears, but sings her heart out even without an audience. When she is done someone starts to clap, turns out Laharl and Etna came after all. This touches her so greatly, that she starts to cry tears of joy and glomp Laharl as hard as she can.
  • Luigi gets double-glomped by Mario and Peach at the end of Luigi's Mansion 3.

Web Comics

Sarah: Why don't you ever do that to Susan?
Catalina: I want to live.

Mr. Wolfhart: (glomps Ace) I've always wanted a daughter!

Web Original

Western Animation

  • Starscream once glomped Megatron.
  • Kiina glomps Berix in Bionicle:The Legend Reborn.
  • An example appears in WITCH, in the episode "T is for Trauma". Eric receives a glomp from Hay Lin after complimenting her new braces. Unlike a lot of other examples on this page, Eric immediately reciprocates, wrapping his arms around Hay Lin as she takes him to the ground.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • Zuko gets a Luminescent Blush when Toph does this to him in the Grand Finale. You'd think he'd be used to getting that from girls by now...
    • Ty Lee makes a habit of this, and of course Mai is her most common target.
  • Bob from ReBoot is frequently glomped by Enzo. In fairness, it's more flying tackle and less hug and Bob is usually pinned. It is meant as a sign of affection, however.
    • This is marvelously parodied in season three. By this time Enzo has grown up into a huge muscle-bound man and is attacked in this way by another child. At first you think he is about to receive a taste of his own medicine, only for the boy to bounce harmlessly off of his enormous chest.
    • And then again later in the same season. After realizing his search is over and he's finally found Bob, he rushes forward as if to tackle him like old times. Bob very quickly stops him, saying, "I think you're a little too big for that."
    • Of course there's also the end of Season 3 after the big reboot where kid Enzo reappears and glomps Bob before asking "Who's the big ugly green guy?" about adult Enzo.
    • Not to mention Enzo getting glomped by AndrAIa earlier in the season. Not that he seemed to mind.
  • GIR from Invader Zim.
  • In Justice League, of all places. On the final episode of the three part "The Savage Time" when half of the Leaguers come back from time travel, Superman finds that Batman is in fact alive and well and glomps him. This causes an awkward pause of Batman staring at him from inches away and very dryly asking: "Am I missing something here?"
  • Teen Titans: Starfire is fond of glomping well...everyone.

Starfire: Oh, hello long-lost friend!! You remember me, yes?
Terra: Of course, Starfire. I still have bruises from the last time you hugged me.

    • Beast Boy does it to Raven in the season 4 finale. She tells him to knock it off.
    • Strangely enough, Raven, (of all people) does something like this to Beast Boy (of all people) after her heart has been broken by Malchior and Beast Boy comes to console her. However, since this is more a case of being extremely depressed, lonely and wanting some sort of comfort, rather than being truly happy to see him, it's debatable whether this counts. The jump-on-and-hug-tightly physical actions are played straight, though.
    • At the end of "The End" arc, Raven glomps Robin.
  • Kim Possible glomped Ron when he saved the day at the end of the episode, "The Fearless Ferret".
  • Making Fiends has Mr. Huggles, the fiend Vendetta allowed Charlotte to create a magazine test declared her more evil than Vendetta. It's raison d'etre is to charge at people and grab them in a big, fuzzy hug while declaring, "I love you!"
  • In the fourth episode of the second season of Winx Club, the pixies do this to Layla after escaping from lord Darkar.
  • Near the end of the Danny Phantom finale, Danny gets triple glomped by Sam, Jazz and Tucker respectively. He collapses.
  • Sierra from Total Drama World Tour does this a lot to Cody.
  • Jessie from Toy Story loves this trope. In "Toy Story 2," she glomps Woody upon first meeting him - one of many things that causes Woody to become "officially freaked out" in that scene. Jessie glomps Woody again at the end of the movie after she and Woody have successfully escaped from the plane and landed safely behind Buzz on Bulleye's back. In "Toy Story 3," Jessie glomps Buzz after he rescues her in the trash compactor, gets crushed under a falling TV, and, just when everyone thinks he's dead, turns out to be not only alive but restored to his normal self.
  • Pepe Le Pew frequently does this in Looney Tunes shorts, particularly to cats who have accidentally acquired a white paint stripe down their backs.
    • Same for Fifi La Fume when pursuing TT characters such as Furball, Calamity Coyote and Little Beeper.
    • Also on Tiny Toon Adventures, Elmyra does this to any and all animals, sometimes to the point of hurting them.
  • Bloo does this to Mac in the opening of Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
  • The Simpsons: Happens in the beginning of the episode 'Flaming Moe's' in one scene in which Bart gets glomped and kissed by Susan, one of Lisa's friends, in a 'Truth or Dare' game.
    • "Marge in Chains": In one of the conjugal visit trailers, Marge aggressively glomps Homer for sex, which then turns over the trailer.

Homer: Honey, I don't know what you're feeling, right now. So I don't want to push anything. We can just hold hands or sit and talk...
[Marge, overwhelmed with feelings of lust, immediately glomps Homer aggressively]
Homer: Whoa!

  • In the episode "Curse of the Kobra (Part II)" of Batman Beyond, Terry rescues his best friend Max from the Cobra cult and she's so glad to see him that she gives him a very cute glomp... which is ruined seconds later as he breaks free because he had four cracked ribs from trying to save her the first time.
  • In the Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers episode "Trouble at Texton", Shane was caught in a particle accelerator and made a Heroic Sacrifice to protect his team mates. When he comes Back from the Dead courtesy of an extra-dimensional entity, Niko's reaction is to almost tackle him.
  • Ed from Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy has Edd and Eddy in a tight hug practically every episode.
  • Fluttershy from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic glomps Pinkie Pie in the episode "Over a Barrel" when she returns from the Buffalo Camp.
    • Spike also glomps Fluttershy in "Feeling Pinkie Keen" when he finds out she hasn't exploded twice.

Real Life

  • You can bet a lot of Voice Actors are victims of this at anime conventions. There is a clip of Vic Mignogna getting glomped by several girls at once!
    • Travis Willingham has been known to tell a story where someone tried to glomp him at his first con and he, not understanding what was about to happen, put his shoulder out like a football player trying to get through a tackle (the man is built like a linebacker, to boot). Suffice to say, he doesn't get glomped very often anymore.
  • A fan once did this to Greg Ayres at the top of a flight of stairs while his back was turned, causing both to tumble down the stairs. Is it any wonder cons are cracking down on these?
  • A convention related one, during an episode of Voiceprint with Trevor Devall and guests interviewing Scott McNeil, Soctt admitted to being afraid of that term and all, for him once having being glomped and did something painful to his back at the time, so I don't think more needs to be said some voice Actors may be a tad cautious around the word Glomp itself.