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He stares into your soul.

Despite being a cruel deconstruction of the Magical Girl genre, Puella Magi Madoka Magica has a surprising amount of memes in the anime. Because being meguca is suffering...

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  1. Like this.
  2. Based on the resemblance of the Anthonies, the very first monsters Madoka and crew encounter, to the Pringles mascot. (In episode 8, Kyoko eats canned potato chips very similar to Pringles. Ascended Meme?)
  3. Originated in a Image Boards /a/ in response to a bout of Insane Troll Logic.
  4. The series' local Cool Big Sis Mami Tomoe was decapitated and eaten alive by the witch Charlotte in episode 3.
  5. Mogu mogu is a Japanese onomatopoeia for eating or chewing, thus the phrase can be translated as "Mami Chomp".
  6. The series has taken the staple Mentor Mascot of the Magical Girl Genre and made him/it into something rather nefarious. Kyubey will grant you a wish if you make a contract with him by becoming a magical girl and hunting witches (which actually has bad consequences in the long run), and if you don't make a contract with him, he'll pester you until you do, brandishing one and only one facial expression. Creepy as hell. [dead link]
  7. The rage that Kyubey has generated, and the subsequent fanart depicting it being abused, is enormous.
  8. Mami made a suggestion to wish for cake, guess where and HOW she died.
  9. This pretains to the Anyone Can Die nature of the show, and as of EP 10, only 2 of them remain (One actually, if you count the previous 4 timelines).
  10. This refers to Sayaka's major Freak-Out at the end of EP 7.
  11. From joke threads on an Image Board that use Off-Model pictures of the characters called Meduka Meguca. All five "episodes" are available here. (Major spoilers!)
  12. Meduka's reaction to Mumi's death.
  13. Coobie's reaction to Meduka tossing Seyiku's Sool Jim.
  14. This refers to another meme about the bad behavior of Brazilian MMORPG players, which involves them being Hyenas much like Walpurgis Night.
  15. The above led to many of these statements.
  16. Ume Aoki, author of Hidamari Sketch and character designer of Madoka Magica, is well-known for her Super-Deformed "widefaces". However, being a GRIMDARK anime, Madoka Magica contains no widefaces. The fans' desire for widefaces was, in an image macro, combined with the Inception meme "We need to go deeper." Eventually, an Inception×Madoka Magica crossover video was made.
  17. Fan Nickname for Homura derived from the Japanese spelling of her name, which sounds like "home run" (homuran). Born in 4Chan. [dead link]
  18. Homura's fan-based Verbal Tic, adopted in nearly any situations. Because it's a shortening of her nickname and makes her look a bit cuter.
  19. Homura's Catch Phrase, used on 4komas whenever Kyubey is about to convince Madoka to make a contract in exchange for solving a trivial problem, like forgetting her homework or lunch, or running out of shampoo. Usually accompanied by Homura delivering said item and/or beating/shooting the crap out of Kyubey.
  20. In Episode 8, it is revealed that Homura has the ability to stop time, much like Dio Brando and Sakuya Izayoi. The fanbase, naturally, has run with it. Best shown in this video
  21. Not only was there much symbolism on Madoka-Goddess taking the burden of the world's despair upon her to purge the world of witchy evil, but the episode also happened to air on Good Friday...
  22. Madoka rewriting herself out of existence like Lain for the former and the latter when Madoka's wish caused beings referred as demons rather than witches to appear.
  23. Kriemhild Gretchen's idea of salvation is absorbing all life into her barrier, whereas Penitent Gretchen's idea of salvation is preventing witches from existing in the first place, so magical girls that are due to become witches instead go to Heaven with her. Thus, Penitent Gretchen's idea of salvation is preferable to Kriemhild Gretchen's. Also a reference to one of Gandalf's lines in The Lord of the Rings once he comes back as Gandalf the White, or "Saruman as he should have been."
  24. Youtuber Lily Pichu was amused by this parody of the famous Old Spice commercial and made a video out of it.
  25. Mami and her amazing barrage of rifles could be put in a format similar to Archer's Unlimited Blade Works. Same with Sayaka's cutlasses. The best example is definitely episode 11, where Homura pulls an Unlimited Every Military Weapon Works...
  26. Due to the large Les Yay aspects of the show, Homura's interest in Madoka is ampped Up to Eleven in this picture meme turning her into a Memetic Molester. Molesting, peeping, panty stealing, stalking and more... Nothing will stop Homura in her quest of Madoka. And for some mysterious reason she has an odd Verbal Tic of "homu" and/or "homu homu". In later ones, she will start wearing Madoka's panties on her head...
  27. This one's a reference to a little known 80s Al Pacino flick known as Cruising, and in particular a scene where a guy who the Japanese have dubbed "Tengaron (Ten-Gallon) Gentleman" (a.k.a. "the guy who REALLY likes Mami-san") bitchslaps someone. The above meme is the name they've given to the bitchslap in question. Also, Tiro Finale has become the name of any form of Mami attacking physically, or brutalizing Kyubey from the 'everybody hates Kyubey' meme above.
  28. Mami is the most well-endowed Puella Magi, and the mispronunciation of her name kind of sounds like "mammary." (The correct pronunciation sounds more like "mommy")
  29. A background line that became completely entangled with Sayaka and her Shipping partner(s).
  30. A student with no laptop in Madoka's classroom was adopted by fans. A frustrated boy in the same shot appears to be following suit.
  31. For a little while, there's been an image circulating around the Internet of a hypothetical localisation by 4KidsEntertainment, censoring the infamous scene from episode 3 by claiming "Mary" is actually an alien and returning to the "Cake Planet". Because 4Kids dubbing such a dark, tragic, and violent anime the way they normally handle things would be hilarious.
  32. Sayaka's last words before she turns into a witch, said with this face which is usually joked about. Common jokes include comics of her experiencing encounters that are not particularly serious, and yet still saying this line with the same face.
  33. After this [dead link] image appeared on a Japanese [dead link] Image Board, fanart of the creation soon followed (Danbooru link).
  34. A meta Running Gag that appears to show fans that it is a Darker and Edgier Deconstruction series.
  35. The dub version of what Sayaka said to Madoka in the 1st episode.
  36. Unlike Madoka/Homura and Kyoko/Sayaka, Mami isn't part of any obvious pairing in the anime. Can end up as a Funny Aneurysm Moment in the PSP game because this meme is the thing that turned Mami into a witch.
  37. The dub's take on Hitomi's "That's forbidden love". ...the crying and repeating of the phrase makes it sound like she's having a breakdown.