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Tokaku Azuma

No. 1 of Class Black, our protagonist. Tokaku is a cold, brusque girl hailing from the infamous Azuma Clan, a feared family of skilled assassins whose lineage can be traced back to ancient times. Although Tokaku appears strong with her stoicism, she is rather mentally weak, easily influenced by others, and made few decisions for herself prior to meeting Haru. It is revealed in Episode 2 that Tokaku is a "virgin", as Isuke puts it, and has never killed anyone before, despite being a very talented assassin. This is due to the influence of her aunt, who died trying to take Tokaku to the "world of daylight" and free her from the life of an assassin in deference to the Last Request of Tokaku's late mother. During her time in Class Black, Tokaku becomes Haru's protector, for reasons even she does not fully understand.

The reason Tokaku defected to Haru's side was that she was unconsciously influenced by Haru's power as a "queen bee". In the anime, Tokaku resumes her attempt to assassinate Haru in order to prove to herself, and to Haru, that her defection was a choice made from her own free will, believing that, if she could assassinate the "queen bee", it would prove that what they shared was more than just pheromones. She successfully stabs Haru, only to break down in tears and regretfully express her wish to be with Haru. However, due to her titanium ribs blocking the knife, Haru survives the attack, which results in Tokaku's expulsion, the final student to fail Class Black. After Haru's graduation, Tokaku, now understanding that her attraction to Haru has nothing to do with Haru's power, reunites with Haru. In the manga's epilogue, she works alongside Haru as an adult and is dating her.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:
  • Class Representative: She was briefly elected to the role of Dorm Rep. by Mr. Mizorogi before handing the responsibility off to Kōko in Episode 2.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Only toward Haru, though. She is still just as cold as she ever was to everyone but Haru. In fact, Tokaku becomes even more hostile as their classmates dwindle. There is a reason for this.
  • Hero Secret Service: Tokaku is single-handedly serving this role for Haru against eleven other trained assassins.
  • Image Song: "Paradox" by Ayaka Suwa as Tokaku Azuma, the Ending Theme of Episode 1.
  • Knife Nut: Her Weapon of Choice is a long knife, though she is also quite the markswoman.
  • Made of Iron[context?]
  • Super Reflexes: Tokaku is noted to have exceptionally quick reflexes and impressive reaction time.
  • Terse Talker: Tokaku doesn't say much, and is very too-the-point when she does. She does become somewhat more verbose with Haru as the story unfolds. Still not what could be called chatty though.
  • The Nose Knows: Tokaku has a very keen sense of smell, describing Haru as smelling "kind of dusty; makes me want to sneeze" and at least two of her classmates as "putrid". Kaiba even directly attributes her sense of smell to her slumbering "wildness".
  • Weak-Willed: It took a little over a day for her to be willing to lay down her life in defense of the "queen bee" Haru Ichinose, the very girl she came to Myōjō Academy to kill, though the events of the ending imply that there was (probably) more to it than just being susceptible to mind control.
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Though no mention is made of it in-series, viewers can distinguish Tokaku as a member of the Azuma Clan by her blue hair and matching Icy Blue Eyes.

Haru Ichinose

No. 13 of Class Black, our second protagonist. At first blush, Haru seems like the epitome of the Naive Everygirl. She is cheerful, kind, sincere, and naïvely tries to be friends with everyone, no matter how sketchy they are. It's easy to assume that she is oblivious to the fact that the classmates she's so eager to befriend are all assassins hired to kill her in cold blood, but Haru admits that she knew the truth of Class Black from the beginning and still hoped they could be friends, declaring her intention to survive Class Black and graduate with flying colors.

There is more to Haru Ichinose than meets the eye.

Haru possesses an ability exclusive to the women of her clan known as the "primer", which attracts, controls and manipulates people much like how a queen bee controls her worker bees. This power is why Class Black existed, as a Rite of Passage to test girls for the strength and personality necessary to become the clan's newest "queen bee". Tokaku became Haru's protector as a result of being unconsciously influenced by her ability, and upon discovering this fact, Tokaku resumed her attempt on Haru's life. Haru, resolved to graduate from Class Black, tried unsuccessfully to fight back despite being hopelessly outclassed against the Azuma heiress. However, her life was saved by Tokaku's knife deflecting off her ribs, which had been replaced with titanium ones. Haru became the sole participant in the graduation ceremony of Class Black, and, as per her wish, she was allowed to leave her clan and live a normal life in the "world of daylight". With the diplomas of her expelled classmates entrusted to her, Haru is joined by Tokaku and embarks on a trip to personally deliver them.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Haru will give anyone the benefit of the doubt, even people who are literally being paid to kill her, but the moment they betray that good faith, she shows them just why there were twelve of them against one of her. As Otoya and Sumireko found out the hard way. Don't underestimate Haru.
  • Charm Person: It's the signature power of her clan. Haru More Than Mind Controls people with pheromones, just like how a queen bee controls her workers. Those under her influence are driven to sacrifice their very lives to protect her, even when the sensible thing would be to let her die.
  • Covered with Scars: Haru's entire torso is littered with scars, and there are four that round the circumference of her upper arms and thighs. Otoya cuts into the one on her left leg with her scissors. She is uncomfortable with people looking at them.
  • Ignorance Is Bliss: Finding out that you have the power to subconsciously manipulate the people around you into protecting you even at the cost of their own lives sure can mess you up, huh Haru?
  • Image Song: "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (Kinō, Kyō, Ashita)" by Hisako Kanemoto as Haru Ichinose, the Ending Theme of Episode 2.
  • Motor Mouth: Downplayed. Haru can cheerfully carry on a one-sided conversation with Tokaku without any problems, but she knows when to shut up too. And she definitely knows how to keep a secret. Wow, Haru. Just. Wow.
  • Plucky Girl: Haru is determined to remain optimistic, even though the world has been trying to beat that out of her since day one. She wants to trust the best in people and remains hopeful that Class Black doesn't have to end in tragedy to the very end.
  • Staying Alive: Haru is a heroic version. It's a promise of Heroic Vow proportions for her. For all the people who died for her, she has to survive. She can not let their sacrifices be in vain. She will keep smiling and living as her family would have wanted her to.
  • Secret Legacy: Played With. Haru was well aware that her family was part of The Clan, but they were, in her own words, "on the outskirts", and she never dreamed she would turn out to be a queen bee. She never wanted the primer.
  • Self-Made Orphan: Nio tells Haruki point-blank that Haru killed her entire family. The truth is a bit more complicated.
  • Talking in Her Sleep: She apparently dreams of her late mother quite a bit.
  • Tomato in the Mirror: Haru was just as shocked as Tokaku to find out she was a Charm Person with More Than Mind Control powers, though she took the revelation much worse (i.e. hysterical denial). Considering that, if she was, in fact, a "primer", Haru had likely been directly responsible for her entire family dying for her, she could not really be blamed for her denial. All things considered, she could have taken it much worse, but that wasn't Haru.
  • X Marks the Hero: Haru has an X-shaped scar on her chest, above her breasts.

Isuke Inukai

No. 2 of Class Black, a selfish and haughty girl. She is quick to express her opinion, threats of murder and verbal abuse in every other word, and boss around other people, such as making Haruki call her "Isuke-sama" ("Mistress Isuke" in the English dub). Isuke's only family are her gay parents, who she has no actual blood relation to and loves dearly.

Isuke's wish is enough money for her parents to retire and live in comfort until the end of their lives. To that end, she teamed up with Shinya, arranging for her to kill Haru while Isuke took care of Tokaku, but later betrayed their alliance after she successfully defenestrated Tokaku. Isuke used spotlights to trigger Banba's trauma, and in the manga, Haru got between the two of them before Isuke could try anything else (while in the anime, Isuke attacked the defenseless girl unimpeded). She and Haru then had a brief argument over the nature of survival, which ended when Tokaku intervened and swiftly incapacitated Isuke with a taser in her boot heel.

Isuke is the 9th student to be expelled from Class Black. In the finale, she is last seen on vacation at the beach with her family, and Eisuke consoles her for failing to kill Haru. In the manga epilogue, she is also at the beach with her family but is on the phone with Haruki, who she nonchalantly tells her mama she loves after hanging up.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:
  • Alpha Bitch: Isuke is a catty, self-centered, bossy Jerkass, but she does have redeeming qualities, and her love for her parents has a humanizing effect on her domineering, bitchy self. See: Jerkass Woobie below.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: When she was a little girl, Isuke was subject to violence from her birth parents in the form of extreme neglect, which inevitably killed her brother. She very likely wouldn't have survived for much longer herself had her adoptive "mother", a Professional Killer named Eisuke, not killed her parents and saved her from an untimely end, giving her a new name and taking her under his wing.
  • Dead Brother: Subverted. Isuke had a brother who is now dead, and she most certainly came out on the other side of the event that killed him cynical, but her brother is still a non-example of this trope as she is not particularly fixated on his death, nor was it her perceived responsibility to protect him.
  • Don't Tell Mama: Inverted. In this case, "Mama" is the one teaching Isuke how to kill people for a living, and it's her Papa, who has a legitimate job and is apparently unaware of Eisuke's true occupation and plan with Isuke, that gets kept in the dark.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Isuke's dearest wish was enough money for her parents to retire in comfort.
  • Has Two Daddies: Eisuke adopted her after killing her birth parents.
  • Gender Blender Name: Haruki even Lampshaded it in the first episode. Her name is actually a variant of her "mom" Eisuke's name.
  • Image Song: "Angelic Smile ♥ (Tenshi no Smile)" by Azuma Asakura as Isuke Inukai, the Ending Theme of Episode 9.
  • Jerkass Woobie: If you really take the time to think about it, Fridge Logic should point out that most of Isuke's personality flaws and more glaring issues can be traced back to maladaptive behaviors not unreasonable for someone with her particular Backstory. (Which was probably intentional, since the story is marketed as a psychological thriller.)
  • Knife Nut: Isuke's Weapon of Choice is a matching set of trench knives which she is quite proficient at Dual-Wielding. She only had one trench knife in the manga but was still very capable of using it. Tokaku is just even more skilled than her.
  • Mommy's Little Helper: Eisuke adopted her on the promise that she would become his successor and continue his "important work". As an assassin, naturally he meant murder.
  • Princess Curls: Isuke is not an actual Blue Blood princess, despite what she seems to think, but the Royal Brat variety of Ojou spewing constant verbal abuse. On the other hand, it's likely that her attitude and pronounced Greed were a way of coping with her Dark and Troubled Past, which is a bit of a doozy.

Kōko Kaminaga

No. 3 of Class Black, the class representative; a quiet, bookish, and somewhat aloof girl. Kōko is an orphan raised as an assassin by a church orphanage. However, despite training, she isn't cut out for the life of an assassin, which she realizes after accidentally blowing up her mentor. Her wish is to be able to leave the life of an assassin altogether.

Kōko is the 2nd student of Class Black to be expelled. Following her expulsion, she leaves the church anyway and, now hunted by agents of her former employer, resolves to fight for her freedom to honor her senpai.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:
  • Badass Bookworm: At the end of her episode, it's revealed that Kōko got the highest score on midterms. She is also an assassin.
  • Class Representative: Kōko volunteered herself for this role in her debut episode and simultaneously assumed the position of Dorm Rep. from Tokaku, who hadn't wanted the responsibility to begin with.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Kōko was raised in a non-profit church orphanage named "Clover Home" where she was trained as an assassin alongside the other orphans. However, unlike the others, Kōko was ostracized for being "clumsy" and a dangerous partner to have since she was so terrible at making bombs, though her designs were impressive. Her Big Sister Mentor, Irina, was the only person to believe in her, and Kōko killed her with one of her pathetic bombs. The entire reason she was sent to Class Black was because she was disposable. The mission was not important enough for the organization to send someone competent.
  • Image Song: "Across the Fate" by Haruka Yoshimura as Kōko Kaminaga, the Ending Theme of Episode 4.
  • Irony: Tokaku says it best: "So you're going to kill to never kill again?"
  • Mentor Occupational Hazard: Kōko's Mentor, Irina, was killed by one of her own faulty bombs, leaving behind only a Tragic Keepsake: the rosary she wore around her neck and specifically told Kōko would be hers when she died.
  • Stuff Blowing Up: Improvised and purpose-made explosives are Kōko's Weapon of Choice. Not really. She doesn't have a weapon of choice since she isn't cut out for the life of an assassin and is intimately aware of that fact. She's better at designing than building the bombs anyway.

Hitsugi Kirigaya

No. 4 of Class Black, an innocent young girl. She has a bad sense of direction, as demonstrated when she got lost on her way to Myōjō Private Academy. Although Hitsugi looks like the horribly unreliable type, she is in reality part of the organization "Datura", a group of assassins who deal in poison with their signature being their namesake. However, Hitsugi is also not only a member of this organization, she is also their most infamous member: the "Angel's Trumpet" herself. She is personally responsible for the death of Chitaru's mentor's daughter. During her time at Myōjō Academy, Hitsugi comes to fall in love with Chitaru. She shows a possessiveness of Chitaru, getting enraged at and poisoning Shiena for daring to have feelings for her, leading to Shiena's removal from the class.

After learning Chitaru's true purpose for joining Class Black and promising to help, she discloses her identity to Chitaru and subsequently allows Chitaru to kill her with a real dagger during a theatrical play of Romeo and Juliet, where they play the leading roles and the title characters' mutual suicide to the end. It is then revealed that through Nio that Hitsugi's wish was to remain together with Chitaru beyond the end of Class Black, although her initial goal, the one prior to meeting Chitaru, is never made clear.

She and Chitaru Namatame are the 5th and 6th students to be removed from Class Black. It is later revealed that she and Chitaru survived, and Hitsugi is seen visiting Chitaru while she is undergoing rehab at the hospital.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:
  • Flower Motifs: When she was introduced, Hitsugi had a daisy background. In Japan, daisies mean "faith", and in English, they mean that and "innocence, loyal love, purity, cheer, and simplicity" as well. The flowers on her desk after being expelled with Chitaru are white roses, symbolizing purity and innocence.
  • Girls Love Stuffed Animals: And Hitsugi in particular loves how easy it is to hide a poison dart gun inside a teddy bear.
  • Image Song: "Poison Me" by Mami Uchida as Hitsugi Kirigaya, the Ending Theme of Episode 6.
  • Murder the Hypotenuse[context?]
  • No Sense of Direction[context?]
  • Older Than She Looks: Although Hitsugi's actual age is not mentioned in either the manga or anime, it can be inferred that she is the same age as other members of Class Black, which would make her fifteen years old and a definite case of this trope.

Shiena Kenmochi

No. 5 of the Black Class, a cheerful and slightly scatterbrained girl. She is better at analysis than she is at assassination, and was able to figure out Chitaru and Hitsugi's fighting styles just by watching them closely. Shiena is part of an organization named the Collective Dismissal, made up of victims of severe bullying. As a result, Shiena is very unforgiving of those who bully. Shiena was planning to kill Haru on the day of their stage play. However, on the night of her planned declaration, she was caught and then knocked out with poison by Hitsugi, who personally poisoned her for daring to have feelings for Chitaru. She becomes the 4th student of the Black Class to be expelled while remaining hospitalized, as she is judged incapable of resuming the hit before her declaration expires.

The ending of the anime reveals her to be a skilled hacker; following her expulsion, she is seen attempting to hack into the academy in order to expose it to the public. No mention is made of her backstory, nor her motive for killing Haru.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:

Haruki Sagae

No. 6 of Class Black, a tomboyish yet fashionable girl who is always shown eating pocky. Haruki is rather carefree, calm and relaxed—to the point where she even views her own death in a calm fashion—but is sensitive about her adoptive family, in which she has many siblings, and wants to keep them protected and safe at all costs. Haruki is shown to go to extremes in order to achieve her goals—when she learnt from Nio that her own death would still ensure her wish was granted even if she failed to kill Haru, Haruki set up a trap with the intention of taking her own life. Though she survived, Haruki was only merely disappointed about her failure.

Haruki is the 3rd student of Class Black to be expelled. Following her expulsion, she works as a construction worker and studies to get into college.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:

Suzu Shutō

No. 7 of Class Black, a somewhat sly girl who likes being physically active and fit. Her wish was to find a cure to her Highlander Syndrome, which prevents her body from aging and has kept her alive for so long that she is unsure exactly how old she is. When Class Black was participating in a pool party, Suzu installed a timed bomb in Haru's breather, which can only be opened with a 4-digit password that spells the birth date (July 15) of her past love. Tokaku manages to find the password and deactivates the bomb, whereupon Suzu surrenders.

She is the 7th student of Class Black to be expelled. She is seen in the finale at her past lover's grave, bidding him farewell for the last time and resolving to live her life to the fullest.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:
  • Graceful Loser: After her attempt on Haru's life was thwarted, she calmly bid her farewells and left.
  • Image Song: "Suzukaze (Cool Breeze)" by Chika Anzai as Suzu Shutō, the Ending Theme of Episode 7.
  • Love Hurts: Even possibly hundreds of years after the fact...

Otoya Takechi

No. 8 of Class Black, dubbed the "Jack the Ripper of the 21st Century" outside of Myōjō Academy for her serial killer antics, Otoya is a sadist who hides her true nature under the guise of an extremely playful girl. Her main obsession is with scissors, which she carries a whole bag of them around her waist. Her reason for wanting to kill Haru Ichinose is so that she can get "serial killer insurance," so she can continue her killing spree without any fear of being captured. Otoya is notably seen to be scared of Nio, showing that she knows of Nio's true nature.

Otoya is the 1st student of Class Black to be expelled. She later breaks out of prison, and attempts to attack Haru again, but is thwarted by Sumireko and captured once again by Nio. She is seen back in jail during the finale, planning her next escape though admitting that it will be years in the making.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:

Chitaru Namatame

No. 9 of Class Black, a princely and mature young woman. She was the one who showed Hitsugi the way when the latter got lost on her way to Myōjō Private Academy, and has since rarely been apart from her. Although part of Class Black, Chitaru has no substantial interest in carrying out the mission to kill Haru. Her true goal is to avenge her mentor's daughter after learning that "Angel's Trumpet", the assassin responsible for her murder, would be joining the class as well. She aims to kill Angel's Trumpet so her mentor can find closure and be happy again.

After disclosing her true identity as Angel's Trumpet, Hitsugi allows Chitaru to kill her during a theatrical play of Romeo and Juliet using a real dagger, but immediately afterward Chitaru learns Hitsugi's wish was to remain together with her beyond the end of Class Black. Having resolved to grant Hitsugi this wish, Chitaru commits suicide using poison removed from Hitsugi's stash earlier.

Hitsugi Kirigaya and Chitaru Namatame are the 5th and 6th students to be expelled from Class Black, respectively. It is later revealed that she and Hitsugi both survived, though Chitaru remained hospitalized from drinking Hitsugi's poison.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:
  • Bifauxnen[context?]
  • Driven to Suicide: In order to fulfill Hitsugi's last wish for the two of them to be together, Chitaru drank the poison.
  • Flower Motif: Chitaru is associated with red roses, which represent passion and deep emotions. Be it through love, longing, devotion, respect, or even something as bittersweet as sorrow or regret, a red rose most conveys depth of sentiment and are closely associated with romance as a result.
  • Image Song: "Poison Me" by Sachika Misawa as Chitaru Namatame, the Ending Theme of Episode 6.
  • Something About a Rose: Roses have been an obvious Flower Motif for Chitaru from the moment she was introduced, but the only time she interacted with an actual, physical rose was when she gifted one to "Juliet" (Hitsugi) in the play.

Nio Hashiri/Kuzunoha

No. 10 of Class Black, Nio is an energetic and upbeat girl with a knack for peeping into other people's businesses, though she occasionally shows a more dangerous side. Despite being part of Class Black, she is also affiliated with the Academy in some way, working for the chairwoman Yuri Meichi. Nio is always seen wearing full body outfits in order to conceal the large, bird-like tattoos she bears. It is revealed that Nio comes from the infamous Kuzunoha family, a feared family of skilled assassins that use illusions, and has no relatives. Upon meeting Meichi, Nio fell in adoration with her and vowed to give up her whole life to serve her. Meichi took her in, with Nio changing her last name from "Kuzunoha" to "Hashiri".

Later, Nio attempts to assassinate Haru, while disguised as Tokaku, but ends up stabbed in the chest by the real Tokaku. Nio survives from being stabbed, despite no explanation being given on how it comes to pass, and in monologue congratulates everyone for graduating from Class Black.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:

Sumireko Hanabusa

No. 11 of Class Black, a girl with a frail body who is the daughter of a company CEO. It is revealed that, much like Haru, she had been targeted most of her life, and had lost her limbs in an attack. These were replaced with limbs with powerful robotic parts, that can be swapped out for various gadgets and weapons, thus making her into a cyborg. She invites Haru to a tea party and then attempts to attack her, wanting to prove she is the strongest "queen", but is outsmarted by Haru and knocked off the side of a building.

She is the 10th student to be removed from the Black Class. Following her expulsion, she decides to pursue a career in cooking rather than succeeding her father as the company CEO. The creator has stated that Sumireko has a crush on her roommate, Banba. In the manga, Sumireko takes Banba back home to her mansion to help her recover following Banba's failed assassination attempt.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:

Mahiru/Shinya Banba

No. 12 of Class Black, Mahiru is a shy and timid girl who often has trouble speaking for herself. She is easily subject to bullying, and is often defenseless. However, when the sun sets, Mahiru's split personality, Shinya, takes over. Shinya is the complete opposite of Mahiru, having an aggressive, hostile and almost unstable personality. Mahiru's split personality was created as protection due to abuse as a child, implied to be sexual in nature, which involved camera flashes that left her afraid of bright light; this is why Shinya only comes out at night and is sensitive to light. Shinya has a form of super strength that allows her to use heavy weapons such as sledgehammers; however, she cannot sustain this ability over too long a period of time, and must rest every now and then.

It turns out that although Shinya seems hostile and unstable, she is only acting on Mahiru's orders and wishes, hinting that Mahiru is in fact the more unstable of the two. Since Mahiru is too timid to carry out crimes and murders, Shinya does it for her. Even so, Shinya cares deeply for Mahiru and seeks to bring her protection and happiness, and neither personalities have a wish to fulfill by killing Haru, as it was already granted when Haru shared a handmade charm with Mahiru, since Mahiru is in fact a collector of relics from people she kills or expects to kill someday. Shinya teams up with and is betrayed by Isuke, being knocked unconscious by her, thus becoming the 8th student of Class Black to be expelled. Following her expulsion, Mahiru loses her split personality, but she comes to terms with it and is not scared of the light anymore. In the manga, Sumireko takes Banba back home to her mansion to help her recover following Banba's failed assassination attempt.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:

Ataru Mizorogi

Class Black's homeroom teacher, an eccentric, enthusiastic, and dedicated man unaware that the girls in his class are assassins. Whenever a student is expelled for failing to kill Haru, he is told that the student has transferred out due to unknown circumstances.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:

Yuri Meichi

The chairwoman of the school and supervisor of the Black Class. She shares the same clan as Haru. She assembled the class in order to test if Haru could survive against twelve assassins, in order to awaken her "queen bee" ability and gain her status as the newest primer of her clan. Meichi is also Nio's caretaker, having taken her in from the Kuzunoha Clan, and is said to have saved Nio using her own queen bee ability.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:


A mysterious man who is Tokaku's teacher. Kaiba is often seen rolling dice, and has a black-and-white motif and colour scheme. He periodically sends Tokaku riddles via text messages, though these riddles actually have no answers; he wants to coach Tokaku into finding answers for herself.

Tropes exhibited by this character include: