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Tony is the Nation-tan of an alien planet.

No need to explain this one.

Tony is Puerto Rico.

After all, it's in a weird limbo, a part of the US that feels like an independent country. And this would explain why he lives in America's house.

  • Tony is a chupacabra?

America is illegally subletting parts of his home to Tony.

Which means he's an illegal alien.

Kumajiro does know who Canada is; he just likes to mess with him.

Proof. "I asked who about someone other than Canada?"

General Winter is an Anthropomorphic Personification of Winter.

Russia apparently made a pact with General Winter as a child, which may be the reason to why the Northern Nations and Siberia are all so cold.

  • General Winter is actually another name for Russian Winters, made up by invaders who failed due to the climate. He was known as the "Czar's deadliest soldier".

Germany's unseen boss is Adolf Hitler

It's pretty obvious

  • This is Wild Mass Guessing. The "stating the obvious" entry is this way.

Alternatively, Germany's unseen boss is Adenoid Hynkel.

With Hetalia having elements of Politically-Correct History, this would be an interesting twist in what we all thought was the obvious truth.

Hanatamago actually represents the Åland Islands.

  • Hmm. That's actually semi plausible, although it begs the question of why the Aland Island's nation-tan is a dog.
    • It's a lot better than ending up as someone's glasses or stray bit of hair, and oodles better than being a nipple. (No really... poor Corsica) And also, Hanatamago's cute, isn't she?

Kumajiro represents the Northwest Territories.

Or, alternatively, "Northern Canada" as a whole. Kumajiro is a polar bear, which is known to live in Canada's Northern territories, and the reason he's so small despite his species is due to the lack of development up north.

    • Additionally, maybe his role as a pet is symbolic of how dependent the northern populations are upon their southern brethren.
      • And his constant presence around Canada could represent how Canadians are never really that far from the Frontier/the North. It could also represent how Southern Canada is just as dependent on the North's resources as the North is dependent on the South's infrastructure, economy, and population. It's a symbiotic relationship, but one that neither recognizes, either because Canadians don't see it as important, or they don't know enough about it (trust me, this is true for many Northern and Southern Canadians when asked about the other parts of the country). That's why Canada and Kumajiro can never get each other's names down! (who?) Or, they could just be messing with each other, as stated above.

When the kappa said goodbye to England and left Japan's house, it went to Gensokyo.

  • Because that's the only place it'd be able to live happily. Maybe the little girl was Reimu.
    • And the Tengu he was waving at was Aya. ... Quick! Somebody! Crossover fic!

Prussia's little bird actually represents the Prussian coat of arms.

See also the guess above this one. Not only will Prussia live on, but he's got the flag-tan to prove it!

    • That has broader implications you have to address, though. A: Where are the other flag-tans? And B: The Nation-Tan is a representation of a culture; so people associate themselves with it. The people who associate(d) themselves with the Prussian flag/coat of arms considered themselves Prussian, and not what I suppose would be called flagian. How can one exist if nobody associates with it?
      • While this WMG is probably wrong, it has caused this troper to keep thinking of the eagle on Prussia's flag as Gilbird, whether they want to or not.

ALL the tans are actually an Alien species - Tony is their momma

It's an alien species that's somewhere between symbiote and a parasite lays eggs on planets with the potential for sentient life, usually tucking caches of the eggs in areas particularly liking to foster civilizations judging by the locations of the most evolve species. These eggs can lay dormant for millennia. When the cohesive thoughts and emotions of a people reach the eggs, the one at the top of the grouping will enter a stage of activity, using the thoughts and emotions to create a beings that can walk among the sentient beings above as one of their own. The alien-being, however, gains sustenance and near-immortality as long as the culture that created them flourishes, even if daily sustenance can also be gained by eating edibles. (Also, due to the sentient species on their planet talking longer than expected to reach North America, only two eggs were viable - Canada and America. The Aliens realized their miscalculation in time to lay new broods in South America, though) Eventually, Humans and the "countries" will realize around when the sentient species develops Interstellar travel capabilities, and the "countries" will hit the True Puberty of their species. (Also, Tony is their mother/guardian/caretaker of the hatched on the planet.) Canada and America, due to how late they were born have some physical issues, to say the least. They went through cycles of adult forms and child forms, at least until they had the stabilizing influences of others of their species (And the Mythological Twins in North America were based on them and the legends spread like wildfire, LOL). America actually has more issues than Canada, thus why Tony sticks so close to him. The physical forms they took on at their birth don't always match their true genders - thus, Hungary growing up thinking she'd be a he is actually true.

  • This would also explain Poland. Poles have a view of their nation as being female (much like other "motherland" concepts), and so the male Feliks became a crossdresser in order to be truer to what his "true gender" should be. The question is, does America know the truth about the nation-tans, or does he just see Tony as a benefactor who has an interest in helping him? Perhaps the reason America and Canada were able to grow so fast was because England and France (having already gown up) helped them "speed along the process". Now Tony is paying attention to them due to any unforseen consequences of this prodigious growth...
  • The need for culture could potentially be Spiral Power. The presence of the Anti-Spiral shifted the nation-tans relationship from Parasites to Symbiotes. Furthermore, they didn't start looking human until after they were exposed to a certain amount of Spiral Power and grow emotionally closer to humans the more they were exposed.

Tony is the nation-tan of the moon.

He lives at America's house because America planted a flag on the moon. Tony is an amalgamation of the moon landing, pulp sci-fi fiction, and the tradition of planting a flag on land you claim for your country. He's not human because there are no human settlements on the moon (yet).

  • If he came because of the moon landing, he shouldn't have shown up for 14 years after he befriended America.
  • There are a lot of theories that Tony is a Tan, but it's probably more likely he stands for nothing more than the beliefs of the culture in the same ways that England/Japan's various creatures do.
  • Would actually make a pretty funny plot point if Chile appeared, since a chilean man bought the moon in the late 80s(no, SERIOUSLY), and even tough the UN declared the moon not to have any owners, chilean people still defend that they own the moon, to the point of Memetic Mutation

China's dragon boss is the representation of the Communist Party.

The staff could not portray the communist leaders for fear of provoking the Chinese.

  • Shouldn't it be the exact opposite? The Chinese Dragon was actually a sort of mascot for China, until the Communists took over and destroyed as much traditional Chinese culture as they could find. I always sort of thought the Dragon boss represented the spirit of Chinese traditions that people still cling to, even in the midst of the world pressure to Westernize.
    • It's evidently both. How, you ask? Simple: China's dragon is in fact the representation of The Mandate of Heaven, that spirit of the traditions of the Chinese people which determines who a rightful "Boss" should be. China is so old, and the Mandate idea established at least 2000 years ago (when China was himself at least 2000 years old), that the sheer amount of China's culture and traditions allowed a separate entity to appear. One who's purpose is to judge the worthiness of China's rulers. Regimes, dynasties, and bosses may come and go, but the Mandate is forever, waiting for the day that the Communists lose the will of heaven (read: The People's belief in their ability to govern) and get replaced by the next regime (whatever it may be), just as the ROC and the Qing Dynasty both lost the Mandate. The above idea that the Communists attempted to destroy it could still be valid, since ideas like the Mandate can run opposite to the Communist ideal of "The End of History", as well as their own desire to modernize China and remove such "outdated" ideas.

Tony is actually Mexico-tan

...This may sound a tad unfortunate, but Tony is an alien that lives in America's house. Also, Tony is a common name for Hispanics.

    • America refers to Tony and Mexico individually, so this at least is one Unfortunate Implication that doesn't happen in the series.

Russia's boss is trying to kill him.

See this strip Why would you give the personification of your nation such a dangerous job unless you actually wanted him dead? It is insane, of course, but this is Josef Stalin, and from what I know, it somehow seems like the kind of thing he would do. Maybe Russia is seen as a sign of the past, not a symbol of the USSR, and Bloody Sunday would hardly have stood him in in good stead. But seeing as this is Russia we're talking about, you wouldn't want it to be too obvious you were trying to murder him, and so he just gives him the most dangerous jobs he can.
Alternatively, he's not actively trying to kill him, he just doesn't care if he dies, for the reasons stated above.

The fat lady who work as a teacher in the Gakuen Hetalia game is the African Union.

This lady. All the teachers in World Academy are like this, the old man Mr. UN (from this [dead link] strip) is the Principal and the World Trade Organization is the school nurse.

Herr Schtick is the personification of the German Nazi Party

It stands to reason that the stick appeared near the end of World War I, since that was when things started going bad for the Germans, leading to the loss of the War, the Versailles Treaty, the Great Depression, and the rise of the Nazis. Hitler becoming Germany's boss was when Herr Schtick made his bid for control of the Reich. Because, as we all know, Germany has a serious stick up his ass. Once the War starts to go south for the Axis, Italy will realize that he just wants to be happy with Germany. Since, IRL, the Italians switched sides near the end of the War when Mussolini was basically deposed, Feliciano will, in a rare moment of bravery, get rid of Herr Schtick for good... by setting him up to run away with Flying Mint Bunny.

Kumajiro is a figment of Canada's imagination.

Since poor Canada is always getting ignored, he needed an imaginary friend.

  • A common fan theory is that Kumajirou is a teddy bear that Canada has given an imaginary personality. When/if anyone else notices, they tend to grow a little concerned.
    • If anyone even notices... Alfred and Arthur are the only ones really in any position to do so (in canon), and they tend to forget Canada pretty quickly. Besides, there was a drawing I recall seeing by Himaruya that shows a young colonial Canada and America interacting with Kumajiro.

United Nations is actually Earth, the teachers in Gakuen Hetalia are the continents.

I think UN [dead link] looks awfully old to say he's younger than most of the nations. Really, he just represents Earth, but because there's not a lot to do in that role he takes the most appropriate job he can get. As for Gakuen Hetalia, there must be some significance to the nations being in continent classes. An earlier guess was that the African class teacher was the African Union, which would also fit in here; just like Earth, they take appropriate jobs.

    • Or alternatively, he used to be the League of Nations. But given how that turned out, it's likely that his age may have been the result of his rapid slide to incompetence and irrelevance. Looking it that way, taking up the role of the UN could be a sort of "second chance."
    • I honestly just assumed, upon first reading the strip, that the old man was just a representative from the United Nations. Aside from Fanon (fan theories and a reference to him on the Hetalia Wiki), is there anything that actually confirms that he's a "-tan"?
      • When you put it that way... no. But I like my theory. And if Japanese prefectures get personifications the surely it's not beyond the bounds of belief that the UN - and Earth - should?
        • His name is Mr. UN and given that Mr. Newspaper is canon and there's one for every country I don't see why would be so hard for him to be the United Nations.
          • Like I said: when I first read the strip. Given all the micronations, prefectures, and provinces that have appeared, it doesn't seem the farfetched that the U.N. would have a personification. However, the old guy first appeared, it was long before Himaruya went on his "micronation blitz". That being said, Himaruya could have wanted to have the UN be represented by the old guy all along, and was meaning to make smaller -tans after he had gotten a number of countries out of the way, or Mr. UN has been retconned into a -tan, or Himaruya liked the idea of a UN character and ran with it. And where did it say "Mr. UN"? The strip I read simply had "U.N." floating over a guy that slightly resembled Colonel Sanders? In any case, I did enjoy the theory. And considering how many people seem to think that there is a "Native America" personification, along with possible tribes, it would be downright fitting for the African teacher to represent Africa as a continent.

Tony has a cousin named Paul.

There's a movie coming out soon, called Paul, and the tititular alien looks awfully familiar...

Australia's Koala is f*cking evil.

I know it's been said to death, but LOOK AT HIM! The damn thing is giving a Nazi salute! It even has it's left arm behind it's back and a nose similar to a toothbrush mustache, like some over-the-top dictator. The evil eyes really don't help.

Australia's Koala is The Man Behind the Man.

Likely, he's the personification of the Death World / Everything Trying to Kill You aspects of Australia. Oz knows not to mess with him, so he just let's the Koala run the place. That's why Australia also appears to be giving the Nazi Salute; the Koala must be coercing him somehow. The rest of the world is just relieved that they don't have to share a landmass with him.

Australia's Koala is like Sweden.

It looks terrifying but, really, it just wants to cuddle -- hence why Australia is so willing to carry it around. He's knows it's secretly a marshmallow inside.

Mochimerica was the one who took the embarrassing pictures.

We saw him when he took the one with Iggimochi, is obvious he's working for France or alternately...

Picardy was the one who took the embarrassing pictures.

The pictures are from the April Fool's Aftermath Game and we will see them when Himaruya releases the whole game.

  • Confirmed! Well, that he took the pictures, that is.

Tony is the nation-tan of Brazil.

Because it'd be hillarious if it was real.

Australia's Koala is a Dropbear.

Just a thought, considering how evil it looks as discussed by an above WMG.

A nation's pet will live as long as the nation does.

Think about it. These nations have had their pets for a long time. We see Gilbird delivering a letter to Austria and Maria Theresa regarding the invasion of Silesia, and then we see him again in the present. Tony, America's alien friend, has been around since Roswell in the 1940s. My theory is that, once a nation picks its companion, a special bond is made, and that pet/friend/whatever will remain with the nation for as long as the nation lives. So, if Prussia were to suddenly disappear, Gilbird would do the same, as he has already far exceeded a bird's normal life span (if he had been a baby bird during Maria Theresa's rule, he'd be 400-something or 500-something years old today).

    • Or maybe it's a whole family of Gilbirds that's been going through for generations.

All the Mochis have special filling inside them.

Well, they're mochis, and usually mochi has fillings inside. Them, being mochis, have filling correspondent with their respective nation's food stereotypes. And of course they can be eaten. When eaten, their body dissolves into said filling, making them one big giant food stock of all the nations around the world when they're hungry. The fillings are, for example:

  • Mochitalia's filling is pasta sauce.
  • Mochipan's filling is regular red bean paste.
  • Mochimerica's filling is ground meat/bacon/pork.
  • Mochigirisu's filling is tea.
  • Mochifuransu's filling is wine.
  • Mochicanada's filling is maple syrup.
  • Mochirussia's filling is vodka.
  • Blockgermany's filling is beer. That is, if you can chew through its very tough outer body, though.

"Allen" isn't merely a British messenger, but is actually the tan of a British territory.

It wouldn't be the first time that a territory of a country has been seen being used as a messenger or something similar. I'm pretty sure that Russia has used Lithuania before as a messenger, and Saxony and Bavaria were (in the manga and webcomic) shown to be personal guards of the Holy Roman Empire. My guess is on a territory near America with some sort of American ties, due to his memetic similarity in appearance to America, but in theory he could be someone else without ties to America.

  • If the scenes where Allen appeared hadn't taken place at the very beginning of the 20th century, I'd suggest he might be a former British colony that's now a state. Most likely Massachusetts or Virginia.

Death is personified, and he lives in America's house.

I've got a couple things to back this. I know Death would be personified well before this, but who's to say he doesn't have more than one house around the world?

  • One: In the web comic and anime, we see Death (or someone dressed up as such) standing next to America beside England's 'deathbed'. Neither seem at all phased by the fact he's there.
  • Two: There's a place in California called Death Valley, so obviously that's where his house is. Heck, it was probably named after him.
  • Three: (For Unfortunate Implications) After the US successfully tested The Bomb (See Trinity Test), one scientist, Oppenheimer, said he remembered a line from the Hindu scripture which said "Now I am become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds." It seems fairly accurate considering the effects...

Now all I'm wondering is if he has a horse named Binky...