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Holy Roman Empire and Chibitalia/Italy sharing their goodbye kiss.
Prussia is occupying my vital regions!

Axis Powers Hetalia has a lot of Ho Yay between the Moe Anthropomorphisms of countries, though not as overwhelming or excessive as certain fans make it to be. There are at least two male/male almost-Official Couples (Sweden/Finland and Germany/North Italy, if you ask), not to mention two guys who did have sex in canon (Greece and Japan's "private lesson") and all the Ship Tease between several others, including America/England, and the male Meganekko who's married to a Hot Amazon who likes watching other men hit on him...


  • They've seen each other naked often, share a bed, and in one strip, Italy bursts into Germany's shower to ask him if he "likes" him and demands that Germany tell him he loves him. When Germany does, he shouts, "Yahoo! I love you too!" Then their friend Japan catches them both naked in the shower. Italy's reaction? He says "I did it, Japan! I got closer to Germany!" while naked and laying underneath an equally naked Germany. In another strip, when Italy busts in on Germany in the shower again, he sees Germany's and wonders what makes his different from Germany's. After Germany whispers to him what does (Italy has phimosis/houkei, due to the country having the second most cases), Italy runs out of Germany's house crying, with Germany yelling for Italy to not be so hasty, and some general encouraging words. Not to mention the hints that Germany is Holy Rome, Italy's long-lost childhood love. And they also have a tendency to blush around the other and have shirtless scenes together.
  • And then there's Italy's tendency to glomp Germany or sleep next to him in the same bed naked.
  • The ending of episode 3 features a heartwarming scene between the two where they become allies.
  • In episode 7 America states about Germany "I bet he's deeply in love with Italy. He's probably chasing after good artwork or Italy's butt. What's so great about his butt? Really, I'm at a loss."
    • In the dub, he says to Germany, "Come on, don't be so sensitive. No one is judging you. There is nothing wrong with playing for another team. And everyone likes to experiment a little, except me of course."
    • It is actually the Grandpa Rome who comments about Germany's possible sexuality; this is after intruding on Germany while he is sleeping because Italy, unbeknownst to Germany, is sleeping in Germany's bed. This happens in Ep. 32 of APH

Grandpa Rome: In any case, what a lonely guy you are. You can't even invite a girl to your bed?
Germany: [blue faced & head in hand] Shut up!
Grandpa Rome: [smiling, eyes closed] When I was around your age, I was surrounded by pretty women in bed. You have that experience too, right?
Germany: I don't, you dirty old man!
Granpa Rome: Oh? You like boys or older women? That was trendy in Neapolis at one time. Hmm, I should've experienced it at least once.

Grandpa Rome: So tell me, what kind of a man does not have a woman in bed with him every night?
Germany: [blue faced & head in hand] *muttering*
Grandpa Rome: [smiling, eyes closed] When I was your age I had a plethora of lovely ladies around me. [Eyes open] Oh are you not into gir-
Germany: [fist raised] I will punch you in ze throat!
Grandpa Rome: Come on now, don't be so sensitive, no one here is judging you. There's nothing wrong with playing for another team and everyone likes to experiment a little, except me of course.

  • In episode 11 Italy tries to give a good morning hug to Germany but can't so Germany greets him by kissing him on both cheeks.
  • Episode 14: Italy patting Germany's butt. It's interesting to note that Germany didn't even try to stop Italy from touching his butt. Interestingly, the original has Italy saying Germany's butt is very hard, while the dub has him remarking on how soft it is, and that you should really feel for yourself.
  • Episode 27: The Allies get their hands on a valuable source of information that could reveal the inner-workings of the Axis gang: Germany's diary! And it's all about Italy. Seriously, like every page. Even if it's an observation diary that Germany write to try to understand how Italy works (after more than a month, he still doesn't), who cares? It's all about Italy.
  • Episode 33: Germany and Italy spend a night by the campfire, and when a shooting star flashes through the sky, Germany makes a wish. Actually he makes a lot of wishes, and they're all about Italy. Generally for Italy to be less pathetic/weak/whimpy/irresponsible/whiny/needy/awful at driving.
  • In one strip, Germany lets Italy sleep next to him while they're camping in the woods, and Italy cuddles up to him and says "Observation: Germany's huge muscles are warm!" Italy mentions Germany's muscles a lot.
  • Episode 37: Germany and Russia become friends so Italy becomes worried that Germany will forget about him. At one point he jumps on Germany in bed when scared by a nightmare he had of Japan and Germany ignoring him/deciding to attack him.
  • Episode 38: Germany addresses Italy's abandonment issues and offers his little friend a pinky swear to put him at ease.
  • Episode 41: Italy is afraid Germany hates him and Germany reassures him while blushing "Hmm...well...I don't...hate you...Yeah..."
    • In the dub, Germany actually says "I love you" to Italy. Of course, it's likely that Italy didn't understand, considering that Germany said it in German and all, but STILL...
  • Lampshaded in the Valentine's Day Strips when Germany, unable to distinguish if Italy's actions are a veiled way of expressing romantic feelings or just his own idiosyncrasy, consults Austria to clear his mind up.

Germany: Hey Austria, what type of relationship do you call it when you see them everyday, and they hug and kiss you, and go in the bath with you, and sleep in the same bed with you (while they're naked)?
Austria: [blushing] ...Don't say such vulgar things!
Germany: [despaired] Vulgar....?!
Austria: Oh, you meant him...

    • In that same strip Italy gives Germany some roses. In Germany you give Valentine's Day gifts to your significant other and giving roses is a confession of love. This leads Germany to think Italy is confessing to him, and instead of rejecting him he goes to get self help books on dating someone of the same sex.
    • "Come to think of it... Ever since I was born it's only been a cycle of hatred, warfare and suspicion. But now there's someone who trusts me and depends on me (even though he's often troublesome)." [dead link]
    • "Is this what they call happiness?" While heading off to his date with Italy, whom he's about to propose to. Yes, he tries to ask Italy to marry him, and he's happy about the idea.
    • And Germany asks Italy on a date and wears his best suit. He also ends up getting miffed when he sees Italy flirting with girls. "I can't believe you! Flirting when you've got me!" Germany also gives Italy some flowers, not to mention giving Italy a ring in the shape of a tomato and hugging him when "proposing" to him.
    • Also, in the same strip, there is a panel that shows a chibi Italy shouting "I love you, Germany ~ Hug me!", while Germany thinks about Italy and his strange tendencies of always hugging and kissing him.
  • There is another panel where Germany remembers a moment in which Italy - while wearing an apron- feeds Germany in a similar way housewives feed their husbands and they're both blushing.
  • Episode 39 of World Series proves that the Ho Yay is just streaming. After Italy modifies the car to shoot him into the sky, Germany says this:

Germany: It-it can't be... I can't believe he became one with the stars after being so trivial... [Goes on knees] He may have been a bit strange and useless... But he had his heart in the right place. If I knew this is going to happen, I would've treated him more gently... [starts sobbing] Italy... ITALLLYYYY!
Italy: [hanging from a tree] G-Germany...

  • In the Hetalia movie Paint It White, Germany's final request before he gets turned into an alien is to see Italy smile. Granted, it was only because joy kind of freaked out the aliens, but still. The cuteness is there.
    • He also gazes at Italy a lot throughout the whole movie.
  • Also, at the end of this strip Germany tells England that he's gonna be spending next Christmas looking after Italy. It's interesting to note that he doesn't seem to mind that he's gonna be doing so showing that he doesn't find Italy that annoying and enjoys spending time with him.
  • And the end of this strip features a picture of Germany giving Italy a piggyback ride.
  • In the 2010 Christmas Special, Germany asks Italy to strip and he does it without question. Even though Romano protests that it must be for some peverted reason, Italy says "Even if that's true, it doesn't bother me at all!" Germany then inspects Italy's chest and butt, both of them blushing heavly the entire time. It Makes Sense in Context, but still.
  • And then there's Hetaween 2011 where Italy states that Germany's halloween costume suits him very well. Considering it's a Roman gladiator costume...and then he asks if Germany's wearing anything underneath...
  • And in Hetalia Bloodbath 2011 Italy is shown sleeping on Germany's lap.
  • And then there's the Holy Roman Empire who, as previously mentioned, is hinted to be Germany acting like a Stalker with a Crush towards Chibitalia and their childhood romance together. Later, as he leaves, he runs into Italy, and the two say their goodbyes as Italy gives HRE a token of his affection (his underwear in the webcomic version and his broom in the anime). The two share a goodbye kiss in episode 22 and HRE promises that he will return, despite the fact that he never does. But Himaruya has hinted that the two will have a happy ending.
    • In episode 9 HRE blushes and his heart beats when Chibitalia puts his hand over his when trying to show him how to paint.
      • Interestingly, Germany blushes and his heart beats the same way in episode 41, when Italy asks him if he hates him.
    • Episode 39: HRE has a dream of Chibitalia accepting his wish for him to become the Roman Empire together with him and of them almost kissing before waking up.
    • In one strip, where Germany asks Italy about having a girlfriend or past love, Italy says "I did have a first love...but it was another boy..." and it's obvious who he's talking about.
  • The dub is just ramping the Ho Yay Up to Eleven:

Germany: Er, we don't have to kiss, do we?
Italy: Nope! Unless you want to.

  • In the second episode of the World Series HRE and Chibitalia hug each other close and make adorable little nyaa-ing noises when dressed up as cats.
    • In the dub HRE says "Italia... what are you doing back there?" Italy was standing behind HRE, but the shot only showed them waist-up. So... what was he doing?
  • Episode 15: Italy makes Germany lunch, complete with a note from him saying he put in all of Germany's favorite foods and Germany can't bring himself to throw it away.
  • Episode 19: Germany wakes up to find Italy in bed with him. Italy says he wants to spend Christmas with Germany. Italy gives Germany a pair of red underwear from inside his underwear, saying he wants him to wear them so they'll bring him happiness. Italy makes drawings of his and Germany's named under a Together Umbrella.
    • For an added bonus, in some parts of the world, the story about the red underwear doesn't have so much to do with happiness, but rather, with a good sexual life.
  • Episode 35: Germany wrestling with a naked Italy.
    • Italy sleeping on Germany's lap.
  • Italy has apparently memorized how far around Germany's chest is.
  • The strip where Italy gets a request to "keep his eyes open longer than 10 minutes"

Italy: Eh? But I'm handsome enough as I am now, or not?
Germany: Think about how you'll be even more handsome and open them!
Italy: Got it! *opens his eyes* Like this?
[Italy sits there with big wide eyes. Germany looks disturbed, and ends up slapping his hand over Italy's face]
Cuba: (laughing) What is it? Was his face so preposterous?
Germany: to call this...maybe 'too limpid' would be fitting.

  • Let's put it this way: if one of them was female and nothing else in this series was changed, it would be a shoujo romance story and their getting together would be a foregone conclusion. Because one of them is male their relationship is meant to be... Power of Friendship, supposedly?


  • Russia might as well count as Stalker with a Crush for Lithuania. Though if you ask the fandom, Liet-kun is the only one who can keep Russia relatively sane.
  • There's a strip where Lithuania falls asleep on Russia's couch and wakes up to Russia who for once is in a mostly-sane mood and it shows that Russia is capable of kindness toward Lithuania. They talk about what they want in life, and Lithuania falls asleep again, only to wake up resting on the shoulder of a panda instead of Russia. It could have only been a dream Lithuania was having, but that would then mean that Lithuania was dreaming about Russia being kind to him, which is even more of a teasing interpretation.
  • Episode 43: Lithuania seems happy by how Russia can be nice and reasonably sane around his sisters and says even he has his "cute side".
  • In one strip Russia arrives at America's house to take Lithuania back home with him, picks him up, and puts his hand on his butt.
    • Prior to that Russia visited America's house to ask him how Lithuania was doing and telling America to take good care of him and then Russia looks at America with a crazy look in his eyes and refers to Lithuania as his "ex".
  • In the Bloody Sunday strip, Russia and Lithuania share a personal moment when Russia tears up over how he can't seem to make his people happy. Instead of fear, Lithuania looks at Russia with concern and he looks back at Lithuania with a tearful smile.
  • In one of the Drama CD Adaptations, Russia says how much he loves Lithuania's cooking and even winks at him.
  • In the strip Russia's Big and Little Sisters Belarus wonders whether Russia "likes that jerk that much", which theories speculated it to be Lithuania who is known to be the favorite of Russia.
  • Lithuania is once shown wearing a maid costume with Russia lashing him with a whip in the While You Were Gone strip.
    • And back when Russia was a child he meets young Lithuania and says he wants to be friends with him but only when he has more power. They also hold hands.
  • There's one for Russia/Lithuania too when Russia found out Lithuania wasn't intending to go to Germany's house with him:

Russia: What? You too. I need my little Lithuania to come with me to Germany.


  • Sweden calls Finland his "wife" (to Finland's horror) and Sealand is essentially their son.
  • He also sews his best old clothes when he gives them to Finland as soon as he remarks on their height difference, blushes more than once in his presence, and even when Fin doesn't like to be called "Su's wife", they live together almost as if they were. There's also an adopted child (Sealand) and a family pet (Hamatamago) involved, encouraging a Has Two Daddies interpretation of the relationship. Take from all of that what you will.
    • Actually, they do not live together anymore. It was said in one Christmas Strip that they are neighbors. Finland is independent today after all!
  • In the Christmas/New Years 2010 Special, Finland snapped when his partner Sweden (who refers to him as "his wife") was hit with The Worf Effect and managed to put up a fight against his attacker. Too bad he got caught too.
  • Hidekaz Himaruya has said that Sweden is a homosexual. The author also said that he only acts that way towards Finland.
  • The animators ramped up the Ho Yay quite a bit in the adaptation of "Runnin' away with Su". The mere beginning card was infamously shoujo-ish and sparkly, to start...
  • Episode 17: They sleep next to each other and Sweden puts his arm around Finland while they sleep.
  • In episode 18 Sweden calls Finland his "wife".
  • In ep 14 of the Birz comics Finland refers to Sweden as a gentle guy who's just a little scary. He says he always comes to help him and they've been friends for a long time.


  • Spain often coddled and cooed over Romano when he was one of his colonies and spent way too much money protecting him from the Ottoman Empire, as history tells us.
  • Spain even proposed to Romano (and Romano didn't really say "no," either)! Granted, he proposed to Italy too, but he still seems to like Romano a great deal on his own.
  • When Romano was a child Turkey kidnaps him. Spain goes Papa Wolf on Turkey. In return, Spain falls gravely sick in another strip and the adult South Italy searches for a "cure", even going through The Mafia to try and help him. Yes, Romano, one of the cowardly characters in the series, takes on the freakin' Mafia to save Spain.
  • Episode 25: Spain and Romano have a moment which has chibi!Romano deciding to sleep in Spain's bed and thanking him for saving him from Turkey and going into tsundere mode. He also thinks Romano would be cute if he was always quiet.
  • In this comic, Spain wants Romano to listen to him, so he tugs on his curl. As Spain is talking, Romano thinks back to when France told him what teasing play was, and after he remembers that, he says (referring to Spain pulling his curl)"This is-!!!" before walking off in a huff, saying Spain is a pervert. Though it's hard not to notice that his curl has changed shape into a heart as he says this.
  • In Spain's character CD, he and chibi!Romano make churros together. At the end of the CD, Romano goes to Spain's house while Spain is sleeping and leaves him a bowl of churros that he made himself. (Of course, Spain ruins it by calling Romano and saying that the churro fairy must have left them, pissing him off to no end.)
    • In Fool's Bath 2011, Spain and Romano hang out while Spain is wearing a tiny apron and nothing else. And Spain was behind the plot to get everyone to dress up in silly outfits (even though France was the one doing the blackmailing), but he didn't make Romano do it for some reason. Maybe he didn't want to make Romano uncomfortable?
  • Halloween 2011: Spain thinks Grandma!Romano (who is cursing and holding A GIANT GUN) is cute, and says he "can't help wanting to protect him."
  • The Spain/Romano strip; Romano has some work he has to do, and Spain offers to give him his "cheerfulness for a charm", while Romano says he "doesn't want it"... then Spain crawls under the desk, there's a pause... then Spain does something and Romano snaps "I told you not to!". Fans were not shy at all about the dirty implications of all this, especially before the strip was translated.
    • Later, Spain gets dragged out pantsless... and Romano shows up with said missing pants.
    • Netherlands dragging Spain out pantsless as well.
    • And then Switzerland shows up with Spain's underwear.
  • To give an idea of how prominent the subtext is - or at least the fans' perception of it - a huge chunk of doujinshi and fanfics shipping these two start in the middle of their relationship. Why? Because it's pretty much a foregone conclusion how it begins (at the very most all you have to do is turn down Romano's tsun-tsun characteristics so Spain can get close enough without being slapped away)!
    • To give more of an idea: Spain and Romano being a couple is so much a given, an incidental fact accepted by fans of the show, that it is the default in the majority of fanfic/doujinshi about other pairings and couples! If you want to pair up either Romano or Spain with someone else you have to have an in-story excuse for why they are not together!


  • America and England have their moments.

America: Dude! No way! Hang in there! Please! You can't just die! You still owe me a crap ton of money!
Britain/England: America...listen to me. We've spent too much of our time fighting. And I want you to know...I don't hate you. I know it must have seemed that way. The truth is...I'm i--*grim reaper's hand cuts him off*

  • Another slight example between America and Britain/England:

Britain/England: Hey America, I found some ice cream in the supplies. I won't touch the stuff, but I thought you might like it.
America: Whoa, ICE CREAM?! Dude, I'm so coming there to hug you!

  • An even better one would be where France yells at America and England to 'stop releasing sexual tensions.'
  • England stated that someone broke his heart, and even though he doesn't say who, most people think that he's talking about America.
  • In episode 9 England gets mad when America says the scones that he baked for him the other day tasted terrible and tries to strangle him.
  • In episode 17 England shows concern for America's health. And going through some old things he flashbacks to times of special memories he shared with England, both good and bad. The way he can't throw away old things that England gave him shows a softer side to him.
  • There are a few hints that England has a one-sided crush on America, mostly shown in the Valentine Special when he blushed and was looking shy while he was about to give America chocolates.
    • And now in the PSP game Gauken Hetalia America gets himself in trouble almost drowning and England dives into the lake and saves him. Later that day, America thanks England and says that England will always be his hero.
    • And in the World Series there's episode 47 where America tries to become friends with a whale and England tries to become friends with America. However, America rejects England's offer of friendship.
  • Hell, this pairing is borderline canon. In the April Fools Day comic, England comments that America's waiter outfit looks good on him. In the Halloween 2011 comic, America calls England out specifically to dress up with him because England was the first to follow him on Twitter.
    • It gets even better. In a blog post afterwards Himaruya says that America was just using the twitter thing as an excuse and he really just wanted to dress up with England.
  • Reaches Everyone Can See It levels in one of the CD dramas, after everyone hears them arguing at night:

Lithuania: R-Russia! Everyone was pretending not to hear anything!
England: W-what? Everyone's awake, after all?
France: That's because you were having a lover's quarrel here.
England: Don't say it was a lover's quarrel!

Japan: Well, it's not like we were peeping and such...

  • Even Tony can see it in this mini-drama:

England: That's why! The alien and friends over there, just shut up! You have been trying to irritate me since just now.
America: Even if you said that, the truth is you just wanted to sleep together in the same room in the same way we did in the past, right?
Tony: Love me bubu. Kiss me bubu.

  • In "Happy Birthday", England appears at America's birthday party. Though he is being his usual self, the two are a little bit less guarded. Mostly noticeable in the Drama CD, where England wishes America a happy birthday as he (not quite yet) leaves, and the last scene with the toast. In this scene, Austria has just said he'll perform a song on his piano for a present, when England comes back.

America: What is it, England? Haven't you already left?
England: N-no, Italy found me and dragged me back here. If you don't want me here, I'll leave.
America: That's not true at all! Please stay.
England: Well, I would like to hear Austria playing the piano.

  • England commenting on how cold it is to America while they're stranded together on an island in a way that implies he wants America to help warm him up and America laughingly replying that he's not going to do anything.
  • In one strip, included in the published manga and also making it into the animated adaption, England confessed to America that he did not hate him and was on the verge of admitting something else before falling unconscious. America feigned glee at his apparent death, knowing that it would shock him into waking up.
  • In the Birz comic, an officer commented on how they were siblings. England starts blushing heavily, saying things like, "It's not like that at all! I mean- how do you put it—" Where as America simply sips his soda and says, "You. What are you saying?", Proving that neither of them consider each other as siblings. Not to mention England struggling to define their relationship...
  • In the past there's a scene (also a huge Tear Jerker where America tries to gain his independence from England and England was prepared to kill him to keep him from leaving him but ultimately breaks down into tears and lets him go.
    • There's also a moment where a young America and England hold hands, which is a heartwarming flashback within a rather sad one.
  • Hetalia Bloodbath 2011: England gets mad at America for overproducing everything, then remembers how little he used to have back when he was a colony and wonders if that's why he does it. He then stops bothering him about it and gives him chocolate.
  • If you consider America's War of Independence in the context of America and England's relationship, it raises some suspicions. Initially, America and England had a loving relationship where America was England's little brother/ward and England doted on him. Then America literally tore away from England in order to proclaim independence, breaking England in the process to where he was sobbing broken-hearted on the battlefield (which in itself shows how much America meant to him). Over the next two hundred years they grow close enough that now they bicker like an old married couple and throughout the series you can see glimpses that each means something significant to the other. You have to have some pretty deep/steady underlying feelings for the other person that you'd get that close to them again after something so traumatic, and looking at the entire scope of their relationship raises questions.[1]


  • There's that strip and episode in which France asks England to marry him. Even if it was only for economic reasons and England wanted nothing to do with it, it doesn't change the fact that France asked England to marry him and tried to drag him off... somewhere to persuade him after failed attempts to force him to sign the contract.
  • Episode 6 of World Series has England being almost molested by France, when he's bedridden because of a really bad cold. However, America walks on them and France has to back off.
  • Also, in episode 5 and 6 of World Series France takes care of an ill England and even says he would be cute if he could always be quiet.
  • In both a strip and an episode, France thinks that the tales told to him by Greece of naked men fighting in the Olympics sounds awesome, so he starts the Olympics up again. He shows up naked, and England is appalled. France then forcibly tries to undress England, but is stopped by Switzerland.
  • In Hetaween 2011 England is again molested by France.
  • The Funimation dub of Paint It White actually has the Lemony Narrator come right out and say that England and France love each other . . . sexually. Their response was "where'd they get that?" before promptly beginning to bicker.
  • At the top of the April Fools 2011 event strip here we see France and England actually getting along with their arms thrown over each other's shoulders.
  • England and France have known each other since the very beginning of time, frequently argue and fight Like an Old Married Couple, and probably have a few romance tropes under their belt.


  • Greece is shown to have a lot in common with Japan and is stated in the author's notes for their first strip together to like Japan. As to what kind of "like" that is...well, Greece's interactions with Japan include him learning how to speak Japanese, taking all of Japan's snacks after the other nations dismiss them, not wanting Japan to see him with messy hair (while they're under a Together Umbrella, no less) and getting upset by Japan's well-meaning but awkward-sounding reassurances until he begins wondering if Japan might actually be trying to do erotic humiliation with him. Oh, and he almost certainly had sex with Japan at least once (even if Japan denies it), and his new profile states that Japan is "right here". Take from that what you will.
  • Volume 2 of the manga has a chapter entirely focused on their relations that gives us moments like Japan giving a suspiciously evasive response when Greece asks him if he's the "friend" Japan's referring to, Greece asking Japan if he wants to try a naked check-up that the ancient Spartans used to do, and Turkey (who's stated to like Japan too in the author's notes) demanding to know if Greece is planning to "invade" Japan that sparks off a quarrel between the two of them about which one of them Japan spends more time with... yeah, they're not even trying to hide the subtext there.
  • In a sketch of Greece posing in an ancient Greek chiton, there is an extra one where Greece lifts the lower part of the clothing, flashing Japan while grinning.
  • And in another strip, while holding a practice conversation in Japanese with Greece, Greece asks him who "Nekojiro" [aka the pretend name Japan assumes for himself in that conversation] gets along with. Japan replies, "His friend, Nekokichi-san." Greece smiles and asks if he's "Nekokichi-san", which causes Japan to blush and stammer for a bit before replying with "No comment." Take from that what you will.
  • In the dub Japan tells Greece his country adopted Spartan training. Greece then tells Japan that the Spartans used to hunt naked and undergo physical inspections once a week. He then asks Japan if he'd like to try it.
  • In the third episode Turkey and Greece fight over who gets to spend time with Japan.
  • In the dub Greece (voiced by Vic Mignogna) is not even trying to be subtle about wanting to get in Japan's pants.


  • Poland/Lithuania, anyone? And I quote, "Even if you, like, hate me... It totally doesn't change that I like you!" (It must be noted that the "I like you" part of the quote can translated to love instead of like... take that as you will.) Not to mention Poland waiting for (naked) Liet in a very... provocative outfit in one of the Christmas strips!
    • Their Marukaite Chikyuus add even more tease. The last three verses of both of their songs are about each other, and what they say made many shippers incredibly happy. "Fooling around" indeed.
    • Also, Poland might be flighty and childlike, but he genuinely cares for Lithuania and has tried to defend him from Russia when he's in Psychopathic Manchild mode.
    • Volume three of the manga has quite a bit more of their common story... including the creation of the Polish-Lithuanian alliance through the marriage of their bosses (Grand Duke Wladislaw II, for Lithuania; Queen Jadwiga, for Poland). And to quote Poland on that: "Like, Show me your penis and junk!" One can only wonder if Liet did end up showing him or not.
  • Austria and Spain were once married and so were Poland and Lithuania (one of the first things Poland did was ask Lithuania to show him his penis). Lithuania and Poland also shared a house for a couple hundred years.


  • Romano and Italy get their hair curls/erogenous zones tangled together...while naked in bed. Then Germany answers Italy's distress call and untangles them. They got into the situation when Romano got angry about Italy having slept naked in bed with Japan and Germany, and started choking him and hitting Italy's head against his own.
  • In the 7th episode there's how Romano gets jealous when Italy says nice things about Germany and wouldn't say nice things about him and Italy giving Romano a hug. ("Would you stop it with your hug therapy already?!")
  • And in the first episode of the World Series Romano says to Germany about Italy: "My brother and I were finally able to reunite recently but because of you things have become a mess again. And he keeps saying "Germany...! Germany...!" So I don't want you hanging around with him ever again."

Other Ho Yay

  • Korea enjoys groping both China and Japan; the things he says to China often suggests his love for his aniki is much more than a normal sibling relationship, too. Not to mention the strip in which he asks China if he likes him; no matter which option the latter chooses, it 'will' end with sex.
    • In one strip China gives Korea a gift and Korea is shown thinking while blushing "That frugal aniki is giving me presents without any charge. As I thought, aniki loves me to the point it can't be helped."
  • Russia also has this with China, much to the latter's horror. Russia has been seen sitting with China at the Allies Forces meetings, stalking China in a panda suit, and defends China against France and England at one moment then prompts him to live with him the next.
    • Episode 38 of the anime has Russia insisting that China has to be the G8 member missing from their meeting (note that China is definitely not part of the G8) and England snaps back, "No, you just want him to be here!"
    • The one notable instance of tease for this pairing in the webcomic follows the strip concerning China's history with Japan. In this strip, Russia and China are in a bar with China drowning his sorrows over his bad relationship with Japan and Russia being surprisingly sweet and supportive... until he makes his infamous comment about all becoming one with Russia. Still, up until that point, it's a rather touching moment for the pair.
  • China and India fighting over who is closer to Russia, who looks really happy for the attention.
    • Then it turns out to be a dream of Lithuania's, who wonders "Why am I even dreaming of a really happy-looking Russia in the first place?"
  • Russia also has something for Japan. Belarus refers to Japan as "the one Big Brother wants" and that he has said "I want him, I want him" in Russia's CD single mini-drama, and Russia says to Japan that "you're bottom" and "under my power".
    • In Hetalia Bloodbath 2011 Russia says he wants to build a tunnel connecting his house to Japan's because he wants to become better friends with Japan (said with a Slasher Smile).
    • And in the new June Birz comic, Russia literally sends Japan a heart from across his country, which Japan subsequently subdues.
    • In episode 15 of the Birz comic Japan dresses up in a mascot outfit after which Russia picks him up to take him home to "observe" him.
  • Episode 43: Russia tries to kiss Germany as a greeting. Germany rejects him, but when Russia says this makes him sad, Germany says Russia can greet him any other way. Russia then offers to blow him a kiss instead.
    • And although Germany freaks out when Russia tries to kiss him, he had no problem kissing Italy that one time ho! What an awesome coincidence, meeting you in a place like this, eh, Germany?! I mean, it's like... [[Red String of Fate|Like there's a string connect...
  • When Russia tries to become friends with Italy and Romano he releases a heart mark while doing so.
  • France and... everyone
    • With Russia
      • There's a scene where France says Russia is cute.
    • With Austria
      • New sneak peeks into the third season of the dub gives us France's "I want to lick his face!" in reference to Austria's beauty.
      • In episode 7 France is seen outside Austria's window, ranting about how much he desires him, and talking about how good looking and talented Austria is. And he's also shown rubbing Italy's head and holding him and stating that he wants him.
      • Episode 29: France, after getting captured by Germany and Austria, claims that England wanted him to spy on the two, but a soldier comes to bring France his newly-developed pictures, which are all of Austria in various embarassing positions, like in his boxers or with bird in his hair.
    • With China
      • Episode 28: In his sleep France talks about how cute he thinks China is.
      • In addition to calling China cute France has told him "You can always come to me for help. Since if I get even just a little piece of you I'll be satisfied."
    • With the Italy brothers
      • France has groped Italy once and mentioned that "The more you resist the hotter I burn for you."
      • In a deleted set of strips, France pantsed and proceeded to fondle an underage Italy's buttocks to demonstrate to Spain how they didn't need their erotic paintings for pleasure. The two then wonder what would happen if they "put their XXX" inside him (to Italy's horror), but a footnote reads that it wound up not happening. This was played for laughs, though the story was later removed by Himaruya.
      • There's a strip where a young Italy asks France what intercourse means and France responds "It's something you do with someone you like. *beat* So Italy...DO YOU LIKE ME?" *cue creepy grin* In the episode adaption, France goes into explicit detail about how two people go about having intercourse instead, the names of body parts and actions replaced by noises of a ...sexual nature.
      • In episode 8 Italy tells Germany over the phone "There was a pretty girl so I hit on her. But then, it was France in disguise!"
      • Episode 41: France acts protective of Italy and prevents England from spreading bad rumors about him.
      • France has called Romano cute and stated that he wants him.
    • With Canada
      • France can recognize Canada and not mistake him for America because Canada has his "sexy French hair".
    • With Germany
      • In one of the Birz comics France is shown blowing Germany a kiss.
  • In the published manga, Italy declares Japan to be cute when they meet for the first time, and there's a strip on the Volume 3 back cover about Italy trying his best to get Japan to smile (though he fails hilariously). Not to mention that early webcomic strip where Japan demanded that Italy "take responsibility" for hugging and kissing him on the cheek; of course, nothing ultimately came out of it, but still...
    • And then there's how in Hetaween 2011 Italy cuddles with/hugs Japan close. And Japan says Italy's costume is cute.
    • And in this strip Italy gives Japan flowers for his birthday present.
  • There's actually some teasing at Germany/Austria in one pre-WWII strip where Austria willingly concedes his sovereignty to Germany without a fight despite Hungary and Italy's objections, and is later shown to either live with Germany or be his neighbor. Plus, in one anime episode, he acts like a nagging housewife towards Germany, complaining about his dirty underwear.
    • Not to mention that in the Valentine's Day strip, Germany wants to 'practice' with Austria, since he doesn't know what to do with a guy and Austria willingly takes his pants off. Of course, they end up arguing instead of going through with it and the whole thing arose out of Germany freaking out about Italy being a man, but still...
    • Austria tricking Germany into being his chair; one of the incidents that spawned Couchtalia.
  • Norway and Denmark have this too, despite only being in a few strips together. In canon, Norway insults Denmark more than he talks to anyone, but Denmark, due to him being Denmark, he doesn't understand the harsh undertone. Plus, one strip/episode has Norway strangling Denmark with his own tie. In Hetalia Fantasia, he similarily is seen choking Denmark when the latter suggests that him trying to get away from Germany and Japan is because he wants to be alone with Denmark.
  • China has an obvious affection for Japan, one that some fans see as more than familial. In the Asian and Western festivals comic, China invites Japan over to help make a New Year's feast. Japan obediently goes, but soon wants to leave thanks to China's very Asian parent-like remarks about his posture, etc. Japan tells China that he wants to give him a gift. China blushes bright red, says he wants the gift because it's from Japan, and swoons on his feet. Japan sticks a paper that says "This person is bugyou (i.e. magistrate)" on China's back, calling him out for his nitpickyness, and decides to spend the rest of New Year's with Italy and Germany. There's also China Drowning His Sorrows at a bar during WWII about his bad relationship with Japan, which is strikingly similar to England's tendency to rant about America while drunk.
    • China's second character song, "Aiyaa Yonsennen", is...pretty much about Japan. ("Even if our countries are different, if our worlds are different, if our characters are different, I always want to...gaze at the same moon as you."
  • Prussia/Italy
    • There is some teasing for them on Prussia's April Fools blog and drama CD, with a bit of Germany/Italy thrown in for good measure.
    • Prussia is shown to like Italy very much, only reffering to him as 'Italy-chan', considering him 'cute' and even going as far as to ask him on a date in the drama adaptation of his blog event, only for Italy to be oblivious to his question, having been fixated on Prussia's bird.
    • In Prussia's Cleaning game, choosing to go to Italy's house to clean resulted in it being stated that he had clear ulterior motives. Upon arrival he found him sleeping (something he said he would obviously doing at the time), and began to stroke his head, saying that he was reminded of the Risorgimento as he did so, happily dreaming about him and Italy on a gondola in Venice.
  • Prussia/Austria
    • Prussia takes pleasure in annoying and humiliating Austria in whatever way he can and has a habit of stalking him.
    • The blog also shows some hints, judging by Austria's comment when he thought Prussia had died from eating England's food. There's also the part where Prussia went to Austria's house to tease him, and Austria pretty much lets him, with a blush on his face, until Hungary comes and gives Prussia some frying pan love. In the drama cd, Austria sounds concerned when Prussia fainted, and even asks if he's alright.
  • America/Lithuania. There is some teasing for these two.
    • First there are the Outsourcing Strips, including the one where America and Lithuania sleep in the same bed (even if that one's also a tease for England/America and Poland/Lithuania)
    • A bonus strip for Christmas has America complimenting Lithuania on his stripping skills and then carrying him bridal style to Poland's house.
  • America/Japan
    • They have just a little in modern strips (with Japan inviting America to his house to see the first Cherry Blossoms), but Himaruya's notes on Nyotalia suggest that Female Japan has a "complicated yearning for America". The Nyotalia characters are stated to be totally different from their male counterparts, but the fact still remains.
    • On episode 51 America does the Security Cling to Japan while he's watching a scary movie.
    • Episode 20: America acts upset that Japan doesn't want to go to his Christmas party and goes into cute dere mode which makes Japan change his mind.
  • In episode 33 Spain tells a male customer who he gave a T-Shirt to put on to: "You look so cool that if I were a girl I'd definitely want to go out on a date with you." Unfortunately for the customer, his girlfriend just broke up with him.
  • Episode 9: Spain hugs Austria when trying to convince him to swap Romano with Italy.
  • Switzerland is hinted to be in love with his Forgotten Childhood Friend Austria. A flashback of their childhood shows him blushing around him when giving him a piggyback ride after he got beat up by Hungary, yelling at Austria for yet again being weak and making him save him again. He also tends to act like a Tsundere around him.
    • He also dreams about Austria, and blushes when asked how he slept.
  • Episode 21: England tries to become friends with Germany and gives him flowers but Germany rejects him. England then becomes friends with Japan.
    • Episode 22: England and Japan have a heartwarming moment that goes like this:

Japan: "I want to form an alliance with YOU at all costs, Mr. England."
England: "What...? Japan...Is that true? I-I see...I want that too."
Japan: "*breathlessly* Mr. England..."
Then zooming in on their soft, sweet smiles, wind blowing through their hair
And then England switches over into classic "tsundere mode"...

Denmark: Whoaing us or somethin'!]] Is that what you'd call it? Well, let's get along from now on, ok?!

    • In Birz comic 14 Denmark says while blushing that "Recently Germany's been cooperating with me so much that I can hardly stand it"
  • In Birz comic 14 Denmark describes himself as a sexy leader of the Nordics with him imagining two guys (possibly Iceland and Finland) describing him as "so cool" and "a hotty". He also says that he and Germany have become good friends.
  • Cuba and Canada.
    • Even though Cuba does frequently mistake Canada for his despised brother America, he does his best to apologize for it with a present of ice cream and invites him to see his country too. They also get a lot of interaction during Hetalia Bloodbath 2010, even finding time to do yoga together in the midst of nations being kidnapped, and Canada is the first person Cuba calls when he hears about the disappearances.
    • And don't forget The Movie with both of them working together and Cuba hugging Canada with a big smile on his face.
  • Possibly a stretch, but India and Prussia's dance scene (as well as their tweets to each other) during Hetaween pleased many fans. It doesn't hurt that India genuinely seems to like him and he and Prussia seemed pretty friendly with each other.
  • Hetalia Bloodbath 2011 has a lot. For example, Chibi!Prussia demands Chibi!Poland let him touch his balls. Poland disagrees.
  • This trivia under one of the strips:

There are writings left behind by some of Rome's distinguished people praising blond hair like Mr. Germania has.
Romans with black hair, dark skin, and black eyes regarded the blond appearances as mysterious.

    • P*nis. Swords.
  • Thailand has interest in Netherland? Hmm.. [dead link]
  • And now Russia/America fans finally have a basis for their pairing. In the new Birz comic, in response to France's flattering, America accuses Russia of being the bad guy considering his good relations with Germany and his tradition of kissing people as a greeting. Russia then scoots over to America, flashes a Slasher Smile, and offers to make his gums bleed (therefore implying that he just offered to roughly kiss him). America doesn't get it. Later on, while England complains about America's provocative attitude, Russia says that he thinks it's one of his better points, before adding that provocative people are fun to snap in half.
  • Episode 18: Finland Glomps Estonia. Finland and Estonia gleefully clasp hands.

Les Yay

  • Even the girls get some subtext. Ukraine is very popular with a large portion of the female fanbase. This actually appears in-comic when Liechtenstein ends up blushing while admiring Ukraine's traditional clothing and Hungary teases her, telling her to wear an incredibly Stripperiffic dress.
    • The three also have cute nicknames for each other...
    • Not to mention a few sketches Himaruya has done on request of Belarus clinging to Liechtenstein (although she did admittedly look terrified), as well as a picture of Hungary dressed in princely clothing escorting Liechtenstein.
  • During the 2011 Bloodbath, the girls have a year-end meeting, and Taiwan can't concentrate because of the Western girls' cleavage.
    • Also during the meeting, Ukraine tries to cheer up Belgium when the latter has a small bout of Heroic Self-Deprecation.

Belgium: When I look back, I feel kinda bad that I didn't try a little harder.
Ukraine: Belgium did try hard! I wonder if I had a little too much time in front of the camera.

"Let's go to a photo studio, put on some make up
Wear qipao and choose a pose together
When you don't have any confidence
Make those worries go poi poi poi
Look, you're cuter now! (You're sparkling!)"

  1. Questions that fans will happily exploit and read sooo much subtext into