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Brazil and India will appear, sooner or later

They'll be in the modern day strips, with Russia and China, as being the developing countries (or the wannabes). It'll be an allusion to BRIC. Prepare for lots of soccer and curry related jokes.

  • I'm just imagining the war ending, and England having to go through Eddie Izzard's bit... The section in question is in the last about 40 seconds (I couldn't find a more specific clip :<) But the rest is worth a listen; if for no other reason than that it's pretty close to what the series is.
    • Confirmed, India made its appearance in the Halloween Special

The Asian Meido character [1] introduced after Australia is most likely to be the Philippines.

  • She is counted among the Asian group, and yet, she wears a western Meido uniform. This probably reflects the Philippines' rather Western and Latin culture [despite being Asians] and the fact that many foreign maids are Filipino women. This has a bit of Unfortunate Implications for many Filipino fans because of Real Life abuses against the maids, but they are quite willing to accept her since she looks like a Tsundere and a Ninja Maid.
    • Actually, that's Vietnam. There is a character in the first episode of the anime who is speculated to be the Phillipines, though.
      • Word of God says the maid is simply a Spanish housemaid. I predict we'll get Philippines when he finishes drawing the ASEAN 10 as he said he wanted to do.
      • Officially Jossed. Himaruya was trying out another design for Vietnam with that sketch, and he's still trying to decide what type of hairstyle to give her.

Kurdistan-tan exists

  • Kurdistan is a nation without a state, whose people tends to organize as their own government. It even provides services where and when it is able to. He is a young nation, who is argued over by older nation-tans who have joint custody of him.
    • So he would be a brother to Iran, but Turkey and Iraq hate him for being annoying.
    • And he'd be the (grand)son of Media-tan.

Just as East Germany is really Prussia, West Germany is really the Confederation of the Rhine.

  • Which was itself formed from the broken HRE, so...

Ireland will be female.

The series has a distinct shortage of female compared to male nations. In Ireland's case, the author would be totally justified in making Ireland female, since Ireland's name Éireann / Éire gives us the (female) first name of Erin. She could possibly be a Bottle Fairy Tsundere with Cool Big Sis attributes, constantly fighting against England (now the main fighting has to do with the above-mentioned "custody battle over North Ireland"). She could also have had a hand in raising the other Commonwealth nations (after all, England IRL and in Hetalia had a hands-off approach; meanwhile, Canada and the Oceania-region Commonwealth nations have a history of Irish immigration). Going off on a tangent, Ireland and Scotland may have actually raised the Commonwealth nations together in England's absence. That would explain Canadian Gaelic, and why more English Canadians claim Irish and/or Scottish heritage than English proper. Adding to my theory, Scotland will have to be most definitely male, since what better name to give him than Scott? Bonus points if they're twins.

  • The UK is completely male, it's already canon in that England's been tormented by his brothers since his childhood. Depending upon whether you believe that Ireland would be related to England or not, this would mean that it would also be represented by a male.
    • Did it say that England only has brothers, or just has brothers plural? Because it's completely possible that they have a half-sister, and/or that Eire is the closer to Earth but less social fraternal twin to the Cute but Cacophonic brother who isn't Scotland or Wales.
      • Jossed. It's specifically said England has four older brothers.
        • Where so? I remember it being said he was the youngest of four brothers, which would provide weirdness for Northern Ireland being one of the elders ones (unless the Irelands were twins). He has not seemed to say much about Ireland itself in regards to their relation to England or Northern Ireland, except that their brows are thick yet with a different feel than England's.
        • well maybe ireland is so tomboyish that aurthur considers her a brother even though she's a girl
        • I have read notes where he said that Ireland would probably be female.
        • If he's the youngest of 4, then the 4th brother would have to be Ireland, there's no real way around it. The UK has 4 countries, but Northern Ireland didn't make an appearance until the 20th century when England would already have been about 1,100 years old. Therefore, you're left with the brothers consisting of Scotland, Ireland, England, and Wales. Unless a source appears on the above troper's claim that the canon has changed, that's what we have to go with.
          • In regards to the above: check below for some links that show Northern Ireland as one of the brothers. This actually makes sense, since while Northern Ireland as we know it only appeared in the last century, the Province of Ulster has been around for longer than a united Ireland, being one of the small kingdoms that eventually came to be part of Ireland, much like the Heptarchy mentioned below.
          • Going off topic here, but if he's the youngest of four, what about Sealand?
          • You have to think of Sealand along the lines of America, he really doesn't factor into the equation despite the role of 'brother'. The "4 brothers" refer to the countries which made up the British Isles before the UK was formed. Northern Ireland, because it came so late, is also not counted in the original four. Because the UK doesn't represent Sealand (the UK has actually gone to great lengths to avoid dealing with them because they're so volatile and annoying), he also isn't counted when it's referred to England representing his brothers in meetings. I personally like to think of Sealand more as a child in a series insistent on the terms 'brother' and 'sister', he was more born from England than anything and he doesn't affect England's fraternity.
          • Maybe his brothers are Scotland, Wales, and Cornwall. It may not technically be a different country these days and hasn't been for a long time but it was when England first came into existence and remained independent until the 11th century, it's believed to have been more or less left alone by the Anglo-Saxons, and there's apparently quite a few Cornish people who think they're separate from the English, plus it's got it's own culture, language (even if there's very few people who still speak it), and flag.
          • If Cornwall is personified, should Isle of Man and Brittany be too? Isle of Man would have to be a man of course, but would Brittany be male despite the name?
            • Well Brittany was independent until the 16th century, on the other hand, wouldn't they be France's?
            • Isle of Man is independently governed and not part of the UK, so it probably would have a personification. Whether or not he would appear in the series is a different matter (as an unimportant sidenote I like to include him when writing fanfiction).
            • It's possible that, due to the fluid change of "countries" in Britain, the 4 brothers have changed over time. England may only be the youngest of the Heptarchy (which would actually be seven, so scratch that), or maybe he was the youngest until a new one came along. Conversely, it hasn't been the first time the author has changed the gender of a Hetalia character. Hungary was originally gonna be a guy, and Poland a girl... so it really could change at his whim. Or, Ireland's a cross-dresser?
              • Maybe some of the Heptarchy were/are girls (based on Rule of Funny Essex almost certainly was)? Or maybe he's the youngest of four surviving brothers, since some of the Heptarchy (eg, Wessex and Mercia) probably wouldn't have survived until the present day.
              • It would seem that Northern Ireland was the correct assumption, illogical as it may be. But then, no one ever claimed Hetalia to be perfectly logical... Some Stuff is said about Ireland itself, so that's up in the air. Himaruya considered a female Ireland in 2007, but it's not set in stone, and it could easily change. Apparently, she would likely have been a crybaby if he ran with this idea. Well, this strengthens a few arguments without actually settling or jossing anything.

== The Philippines already appeared in the anime but the staff did not name her. == [2] the fact that she serves Spain [which in Real Life is her colonial master] is a good indication of this.

    • According to the official Hetalia book, "World Wide Walking", that's not Philippines. According to the translation, that's just a maid who's just there in the background.
      • Yeah Right. And what is my country (in)famous for in the rest of the world? Maids!
        • Actually, Himaruya has confirmed that she is just a Spanish housemaid when a fan asked who she was once. So, there isn't really a personification for Philippines so far in the series.
        • Honestly, the belief that this is the Philippines seems more like Filipino fans reaching to find themselves in the canon more than actual, solid theory. A lot of nations have, at this point, not been personified; Philippines isn't an exception.

South Africa will be white and not black.

  • It would be more realistic if he was related to England or Holland rather than being portrayed as black. After all, South Africa's history had been made mostly by whites.
    • This is an incredibly racist, insular statement. The Xhosa, Bantu, Asanteman, Zulu, and many other black African political entities in that region had centuries of history before and after European colonization, it's just not a topic that white people generally care or know anything about. Furthermore, the history of modern South Africa 'made by whites' involved whites * in power* , yes - ruthlessly oppressing a vast black majority, as well as Asian and mixed-race people. The most significant event in the last fifty years of South Africa's history was the overcoming of that oppression by peaceful means under Nelson Mandela. All races of South African people participated in that effort, but the ANC, by inevitable demographics, also had a large black majority.
      • However, given that Himuruya is also influenced by Eurocentrism and concentrates mostly on * European* and East Asian history, the WMG is still valid.
      • Alternately, there may have been separate nation-tans for Colonial South Africa and Black South Africa, or Colonial South Africa and -tans for each of the sham state 'homelands' the Apartheid regime propped up. Modern South Africa could be White and Black South Africa's child, or just the two of them awkwardly trying to live together as a democracy. Given the high degree of separation and disparity that still persists there, I believes the latter theory.
      • Alternately alternately, South Africa is biracial with a self-loathing complex.
  • Perhaps there are two, what had been a colony and the original nation, and they fight for control of the house? It would fit beyond just South Africa into a lot of places which were occupied by Europeans.
    • The only problem I see with that is, with the amount of African nations that had at one point been under colonial rule, it would get rather crowded and hard to remember who is who. And Hetalia is one big clusterfuck already.
      • This troper personally opts for the notion that the original South Africa-tan is/was white because it was founded as an European colony: all the native nation-tans were just forcibly shoved into his/her house against their will. But now there's a new biracial South Africa-tan that's the child of all these previous nation-tans who's currently running the house.
      • Or there could be a black South Africa, and a white Transvaal/Orange Free State representing the Boers. Considering that a minority of Afrikaners continue to attempt to set up a Boer state, this would leave plenty of room for comedy hijinks.
  • America isn't Native American, Australia isn't Aborigine, and Japan isn't Ainu. Sadly, it appears as though native populations don't factor into the race of a tan. I'd imagine that India and Bangladesh are British Empire-born as well...At best, maybe as tan as Egypt or Turkey.
    • I would say it's based more on what the 'typical' modern day inhabitant from that country is. America and Australia are, or at least are considered, majority-white countries, so they're white. I would say India and Bangladesh would be, well, ethnically Indian-looking (not British), because at least as far as I know that is the general opinion on what people from India look like. The history of South Africa is complicated and the general 'opinion' on what race they are rather split, so really god knows.

If there is ever a Philippines-tan she will be a girl her human name will be somewhere along the lines of Corazon Rizal.

This is WMG isn't it?
"Las Filipinas" (The Philippines in Spanish) is a feminine noun, and as said somewhere higher up in this page there aren't that many female countries. Unless another WMG above is true and he made the same mistake with the Philippines as he did with America. Why Corazon Rizal? Well Philippines-tan will most likely have a Spanish name (almost everyone in the Philippines does). Plus it'd be a nice tribute to a well-loved former president and the national hero. Some of the other countries' names are based off of historical figures as well.

  • Alternatively, she works as a Spanish maid/dominatrix who practices boxing...

Doctor Doom and Black Panther are Nation-tans for Latveria and Wakanda respectively.

  • More specifically they are what occurs after a Nation-tan decides that the current ruling bodies of the land they represent are not acting in their land's best interest and take ruler ship for themselves. They become internally prosperous but any and all actions outside there countries fail since they disrupted the true order of things. T'Challa is aware of this that is the real reason why he doesn't sell his cure for cancer, because it only works with Wakanda. Doom on the other hand refuses to believe it hence why he keeps trying to take over the rest of the world.

Mexico is female, and will pretend to be in a relationship with America.

Since Canada is America's hat, Mexico must be America's beard. (See Tony's entry near the top for precedence of APH politics based on punnery.)

  • I think that happened in Scandinavia and The World.
  • Given this is Hetalia, and it doesn't shy away from Ho Yay, why is the 'female' part important?
    • Because if she wasn't then she wouldn't be The Beard.

All Stateless Nations have a nation-tan.

Every stateless nations are represented by a tan somewhere in this universe. (For examples, please see the Encyclopedia of Stateless Nations). People have talked about Kurdis-tan, and we've seen Sealand in the anime already. Why not others? Maybe New England is around somewhere, living with America. And Quebec is in Canada's house.

  • I'm pretty sure this one's already canon, considering bodies like Quebec and Vatican City have been personified. It's most likely that he just has had no need to show everything that has representation, and not a matter of that their representation isn't there.
    • Which leaves: all the nations and stateless nations have a nation-tan, it's just that Himaruya had yet to reveal them. In any case, all nation-tans and stateless states do exist.

Che from Evita is Argentina.

In Evita he serves as an everyman/narrator, and at one point appears to be arguing with Eva, appealing to her conscience to help the poor like she promised to do. And, well, who better to narrate about a country's most famous citizen than the country himself. (Yes, I am aware he's supposed to be Che Guevara, but this sounds better.)

  • Che from Evita has nothing to do with Che Guevara. Che is a coloquialism that can be translated as dude. Che represents the people of Argentina, the working class of Argentina or Argentina itself.

South Africa-tan is, in accordance with both theories, black. And white.

During the time where the apartheid was going on and whites ruled in South Africa, they refused to acknowledge the real South Africa-tan as their nation-tan and forced a white person into being their nation-tan. Since he was human and never meant for that role, the pressure of it more or less breaks him - we've seen that nations have some of their people's stereotypes as their personality traits. South Africa has so many cultures, languages, and groups of people native and otherwise that all of their stereotypical personality traits become his and, since many of them utterly contradict each other, it overloads him, driving him into a catatonic state. Normal nations develop slowly over time, so the real South African-tan is able to handle the diverse personalities of the nation's people. The white South Africa-tan couldn't take the sudden overload. Now that black people have gotten more rights there and have taken back their country, the real South Africa-tan is back. He or she probably let the white South Africa-tan die off peacefully, as by this time he would've lived far longer than a human was meant to be with a constant stream of Mind Rape thrown at him; the kindest solution was to just let him go. As a result of this clusterfuck and the failure of forcing a human to be a nation-tan, no other country ever attempted it again.

  • Or let's say that the original South African or Transvaal Republic fought by the British in the Boer War was the original South Africa-tan, then he was demoted to a province as the Transvaal then after the end as Gauteng province. Then, a black South-Africa tan, a mixed or Colored one, took over and became the present South Africa-tan.
  • Or maybe South Africa-tan gained the power to change colors (like a chameleon) because of the stress.

Mexico is to America as Belarus is to Russia.

People think this because of the issues with immigration between Mexico and America. There's a Facebook page for it

  • America isn't afraid of Mexico, though, nor does he try to avoid it like Russia always does with Belarus. From the few times Mexico has been mentioned, America seems to alternate between thinking of and working with Mexico like a business partner and considering it a rival/nuisance.
    • Besides, Belarus is very forward about 'crossing Russia's borders', if Mexico tried the same thing it would probably end up either shot or sent back home (if not both). Especially now, as the US is in an immigration crack down, there's no way Mexico could be so blatant about his presence. The fanon makes their relationship concerning immigration almost a Tom and Jerry-esque one, and that might be more likely.

The Mexican-American War was the result of a Love Triangle that went horribly wrong.

I'd say a type eleven; with America at point A, Mexico at B, and Texas at C. Or a type eight with the twist that despite all three loving each other they wanted the other two to be theirs exclusively thus making the obvious solution not desired.

  • Texas gave America her glasses as she passed away.


Texas was the (now deceased) child of America and Mexico.

The Mexican-American War was a custody dispute that ended tragically. Texas gave America his glasses in this version, too, but possibly a little earlier.
(Sorry, I just can't picture The Republic of Texas still being alive, and if s/he isn't alive then it will be played for Drama.)

  • At the same time, APH is an allegorical telling of history that is played for Rule of Funny. And your theory has precedence going against it. Prussia is still around, as well as the other Italy, meaning that two historical nations that no longer exist as nation-states are still running around causing general havoc. Sealand was never a nation (hell, you can describe it as a glorified oil platform and basically get it's nature down).
    Just look at China. If you wanted to play it up for drama, the PRC is a young nation who systematically killed all the siblings who rose up from the remains of the Chinese empire, but has the bad fortune of being mentored by Russia (and getting mind-freaked) while waiting desperately for his chance to finally finish the job with the ROC (who, while never regaining her full strength due to her illness, is friends with the US and managed to create a vibrant culture of her own).
    Drama only happens on rare occasion, angst is typically out of character, and the main appeal of the show is the fact that it has so many cheerfully unbalanced stereotypes playing out the roles of history.
    Besides, wouldn't you want to see this joke with the Zimmerman telegraph:
    Texas: Um... hey, ya'll... I really don't like the idea of Mexico trying to invade my vita...
    America: Shut up, Texas! The grown ups are talking.
  • Actually, the joke I want to see come from the Zimmerman telegraph involves a Tsundere Mexico turning down the offer because of the numerous ways it would upset America but saying s/he turned it down because of how difficult it would be (despite the fact that Mexico and America weren't that close at the time). However the main reason I assumed Texas had a bad end was because the glasses that are supposed to represent Texas came across as a Tragic Keepsake, and there can't be a tragic keepsake without a tragedy... however during the reading of your response I figured ways for it to be something other than a tragic keepsake and thus tragedy is no longer required.
    • Considering how it's now canon that provinces and such are personified, it's hard to imagine that an economy and population as large as Texas would have been killed off.
    • Not to mention the spirit. If the Nation-tans are personifications of belief and identity, well... Texans still celebrate Texas Independence Day, identify themselves as Texans before Americans, and you'll see twice as many Texas flags as American flags if you visit. It's hard to see Texas being dead with all that.

Regardless of whether either of the previous two theories is true, Mexico will have a huge case of Belligerent Sexual Tension with America.

  • Even if Mexico isn't a girl, most Latin-American Nation-Tans will be. The Dominican Republic and Haiti will have a sort of Italy-Brother's dynamic, Barbados has the Iggy-brows (which she hates), Colombia is a serious emotional wreck, and Puerto Rico is so Tsundere towards America that she tries to forget that she's technically one with him.

There was never a Confederate States-tan.

  • Rather, the CSA was a council of States-tan. Since this is APH we're talking about, all of them were cheerfully deranged and able to be defeated through their eccentricities.
  • No, she's clearly America's estranged sister. Her name is Dixie.
    • We never see her because she's 1. not politically relevant anymore (she's only still alive thanks to power of belief) and 2. Alfred represents her and the Native America-tans as Arthur does the other British nations.
      • Arthur represents the other British nations politically, though. Bodies like Native Americans are essentially unspoken for, especially outside of their various jurisdictions. If Alfred was representing them, he forgot.
  • Another theory is that he/she exists as a Brazilian Enclave and city called Americana. After the Civil War, many former Confederates immigrated to Brazil, where they were known as Confederadoes. Though they consider themselves Brazilian and no longer clamor for States' rights, they still remember their Confederate heritage. It's likely that CSA was dying by the end of the Civil War and America, not wanting to have his sibling die, gave him/her over to Brazil so he/she could continue to exist.
  • Maybe The Confederacy was a figment America's imagination that somehow went wild, and now the Southern states believe he's an actual nation-tan.
  • Perhaps it was a Literal Split Personality?

Canada and America have a older brother named Newfoundland.

  • Newfoundland was where the vikings landed at Vinland making him the oldest. Newfoundland was also a completely separate British Colony until 1949. Meaning that he fought both world wars before joining the Confederation. We never see him because neither America nor Canada can understand the accent he speaks with.

Each of the indigenous American nations also has a personification.

There can't just be "Native America-tan" because that's not a nation. But there could certainly be, say, Apache-tan and Lakota-tan and so forth. As someone mentioned above, nowadays they're probably living on reservations with the people whose belief keeps them going.

  • We've only seen one canonically so far, and the chances of seeing more are quite slim. But, especially considering the micro-nation spree that Himaruya has been on lately, within the laws of the canon they probably are all represented individually.

The personfication of Lady Liberty is America's wife/girlfriend.

The reason why is America is extremely dedicated to liberty,justice,and the pursuit of happiness.Plus in the past Lady Liberty has been used as a personification of America.I can even imagine that she came along with France as an extra bonus to the statue in her honor. I cannot think of any other country who could fit Alfred to a T.I can see her as his faithful spouse or girlfriend who carrys the high ideals the country stands for and has a continuing friendly relationship with France(provided that he doesn't do anything funny to her which would make Alfred hunt him down to the ends of the earth).I can see Alfred devoted to her and probably treats her like a queen.In other words Lady Liberty is Alfred's perfect first lady.

Wales will own a dragon.

If England gets a unicorn and loads of fairies and stuff hovering around, then his brothers should get something too. Scotland, of course, has the Loch Ness Monster and Ireland should have some leprechauns hanging around his house. Also, dragons are awesome.

If the Confederate States of America exists, he/she will be shorter and younger than America.

Nations' heights and ages are at least partially determined by how powerful they are, how much land they have, and how stable they are internally. The CSA suffered from the same problem as HRE--a strong appearance but a weak constitution. His/Her vital regions could never really agree on anything except that they wanted to secede and some even wanted to secede from the CSA. Therefore, given CSA's condition and later time of "birth," it's likely that his/her growth might have been stunted.

  • This one I can see, since there's no way that it could be dead with how many people still consider it alive and well. But with how fractured/underfunded/hit by natural disasters it is... Probably short and pretty scrawny.

Confederate States-tan was brutally murdered as an infant

If new nation-tans are children, and they are linked to the nations they represent... well either that or...

Confederate States-tan was actually a split personality/clone of America

And in fact, still exists even today, deep inside America's brain, making him elect G.W. Bush.

  • I love you.

There are two Mexico's

North and South. North is more western and South more traditional. Most likely opposite genders too; I'm going for the male to be North.

  • This theory could be (and usually is) applied to nations that haven't been personified yet. While I understand the motivation, it doesn't seem to take into account how the series is. Every nation, especially one with a very large population, is culturally diverse. Yet we have single personifications for Russia, China, etc.. Mexico shouldn't be any different.
    • It all depends on what Himaruya decides to show us. There appears to be only one nation per country, but we sometimes see more. South Italy, Prussia (East Germany?), and even Scotland, North Ireland, and Wales have been confirmed to exist as nations living with the "main" representatives. It could just be that whoever is dominant gets to take on the name of the country, while the other constituents taken a backseat. We don't really get to see any others, and unless Himaruya decides to show us or tell us, we may never know if there is more than one Mexico (if Mexico even appears at all). Heck, at one point, Himaruya debated making a character for Castile. Not to mention that China did get more than one personification: Hong Kong is now a part of China (having been returned), and Taiwan wants to be China (hosting the government-in-exile of of the Republic of China). We haven't seen enough of Russia to get the full story on him, yet. As well, considering the "micro-nation" wave that happened recently (on top of the ones already introduced), it really wouldn't be that hard to imagine.
      • Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are separate countries, as was East Germany. Don't know a lot about Italian history, but if Italy wasn't two countries at some point then we can always go with the justification that Italy is the main character, so it's natural there would be more focus on Italian history.
        • Correction, they were separate countries. And while they maintain their own separate cultures (and recently, parliaments), they are still part of the UK - a unitary state. Arguably, the same point could be made for any number of "countries" and "nations", depending on how we use the term. Mexico is a federation (The United Mexican States). That means it could easily have one, two, or even multiple -tans (a la the German states that had appeared at one point). It could also be that Mexico once had more than one, and the number's been thinned down to a single -tan. All of this, of course, depends on whether or not Himaruya bothers to make Mexico canon by drawing him/her/them/it. As for Italy, there have been a number of states on the peninsula, from a united Italy to two Italys to a large number of city-states.
          • Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland are still separate countries today. Although countries are usually independent states it's not necessary for them to be. In this case, England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are formerly independent states that retain their cultural identity, institutions, and historic memories, which by definition makes them countries. These four countries make up the larger country known as the Unite Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Should Åland ever be introduced...

He/she will be Yandere for Sweden, influenced by his/her time spent in Russia's house. Sweden will be oblivious (because he/she was such a sweet kid, pre-Russia) while Finland will use this as his reason for trying to keep him/her in his house, so he can keep an eye on him/her.

During the Qing Dynasty, Manchuria is the Prussia to China.

If Prussia was the dominant state in Germany, then in Qing Dynasty China, Manchuria is, since the Qing Dynasty is Manchu in origin. However, Manchuria was later dominated by Russia and later Japan, the latter giving him/her nominal independence as Manchukuo. However, she was reconquered back by China and was only mentioned rarely since.

  • It would be history canon, but considering the fact that the region went through a complete shitkicking throughout WWII and the Second Sino-Japanese War, she may not have even survived. Especially since Manchuria was heavily Sinicized following it's incorporation into China. It may still have a regional identity, though, so he/she may still exist similar to Tibet.
  • Perhaps Manchuria lives in China's house like Prussia lives in Germany's house, except s/he is now called Dongbei and does things like be a tech help operator (Dalian is a major destination, present-day, of job outsourcing and vacationing for Japanese tech companies) and making crude jokes about the good old days. The Manchu ethnic identity hasn't died yet, so the idea can be explored in fanfiction.

There are two Ireland's

Northern and Ireland. We can presume the latter will be female, since Word of God is he was thinking of a female, crybaby, Ireland back in 2007.

  • I think most people had assumed that. There should be, logically.
  • I've been pimping these several times on this page, but once more shouldn't hurt. Ireland and North Ireland have been mentioned as minor characters that haven't been seen or properly developed yet. A lot of doors remain open for their eventual characterization.

Portugal is an Aloof Big Brother to Spain

Well, he might not be older but he has the looks at least. If he's not the older then Spain is a Big Brother Mentor and a Big Brother Bully. Oh, and they have the The Glorious War Of Brotherly Rivalry going on.

  • Portugal's close relationship with Spain's maritime nemesis England probably doesn't help matters. Goodness, they probably ganged up on Spain to make his life hell during the colonial era...
  • Portugal also probably holds a grudge for when Spain was in control of him or her. Their relations have consistently been terrible until the modern day, though they're starting to work it out now.

Mexico is the child of Spain and the Aztec Empire.

Maybe not rape (Invasion doesn't have to mean rape, reguardless of what the Fan Dumb does in fanfiction), but, this was pretty much how Mexico was born in history. This troper can't picture Spain simply "finding" New Spain running around and adopting them like England and America. Just throwing this out there.

  • The whole 'England adopting America' scenario didn't make sense in the first place. What is a European child doing in a land of people which looks nothing like him?
    • When America first appeared, it was stated that there were at least 5 European Tans on the continent (there were actually quite a few more). There's no reason a European-descended Tan running around would be a Plot Hole.
  • That is actually a very credible theory since Mexico is a mestizo country since the beginning, and ALMOST all the people in Mexico have a distant Spanish and Native american ancestor...
  • Just fot the record there was a lot of rape when the Spanish first came to Mexico and many latin countries, and was the main reason of many mestizos...thus the born of Mexico

Puerto Rico will be female

The island is usually referred to using feminine pronouns, both because of it's beauty (countries are usually referred to in a feminine way) and traditionally. I'm also betting on her being a loud Bottle Fairy who's related to Spain and America somehow.

The distant ancestors of the nation-tans...

...are both still alive, and are personifications of the various genetic markers in the modern human population. The Y-chromosome-tans are all male, and the mitochondial DNA-tans are all female. Together, they gave rise to the earliest nation-tans, from which all others are descended. Of course, this also means that the first nation-tans were Y-chromosomal Adam and Mitochondrial Eve, denoting a common ancestor of we mortals and the nation-tans.

Wales was responsible for naming Canada and America.

Or, at least, partially responsible. It was established earlier that England had several older siblings, Wales among them. As well, we know that England likely names the North America Bros., due to both of them having Anglophone names (Alfred was King of England and Matthew was the name of the ship in which Cabot sailed to Newfoundland). However, if you go to the page for Wales:


"A lot of people in Wales are called Jones, Williams or Davies..."


Obviously, Wales was able to convince England to give America and Canada Welsh last names to go with their English first names. Makes you wonder which Commonwealth country is going to get the "Davies" surname...?

Central Asia hasn't been touched upon yet because...

In real world relations, The Baltics want nothing to do with Russia while Ukraine and Belarus are treated as being the same ethnic group as Russia. This translates easily into Hetalia with the former being scared shitless of him and the latter being his siblings. However, other ex-USSR countries like Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan would theoretically be on good terms with Russia (while not being related to him). Introducing them would possibly involve reworking Russia's character (or making retcons left and right) since he appears to not have any actual friends and any time we see Soviet!Russia, he's with only the Baltics.

England forgave New England for starting the American Revolution.

Assuming there is a New England character we haven't been introduced to yet. Evidence is in this quote from the website of the British Consulate in Boston: "There is a strong relationship between the United Kingdom and New England, built on the wealth of our many historic, academic, business and cultural connections. But this relationship is also firmly based in the present, and a shared commitment to scientific innovation and technological advance. We are proud to promote British excellence in this dynamic part of the United States, working with New England's commercial, scientific and political communities to stimulate the exchange of ideas and the development of our common interests."

  • This same sort of thing could be said for any of the original colonies, though. Virginia, for example, was exceedingly important to the British (economically, socially, governmentally, etc.), and was where the Revolutionary War was finally lost. For the exact reasons you've listed, they are also currently in very good standing with the United Kingdom. There would need to be more provided to say that "New England, as an individual, was forgiven" rather than "all the colonies were forgiven".
    • That point is conceded. But the important thing to remember is that New England was the one that started it. The other colonies just participated. So it'd be simpler to forgive the other colonies, who could be seen to have just jumped on the bandwagon, than it is to forgive the young upstart that started the whole thing.
      • That's assuming, though, that the one who started it is the one who will be given more responsibility. That's often not the case. In WWI the Austro-Hungarians actually started the war, and the Germans were brought in because of their alliance. Guess who got more of the blame.

The Golden Horde might be one of Russia's autonomous republics.

Portugal will be confirmed as a girl in Volume 4.

The last time when Himaruya posted drafts of a Portugal, he seems to be leaning towards a female Portugal. Either the Cool Big Sis type or the Tomboy type.

Scotland has a beard.

Name ten Scottish men who don't.

In reference to an earlier WMG...

The Colbert Nation is a real nation that has its own nation-tan - and that tan is Stephen Colbert.

The Confederate States of America would have his ahoge represent Roanoke, Virginia.

The British Isles are all female except for England.

Think about it, in Hetalia, who would see this coming?

  • They've been referred to as England's brothers, and when asked about Scotland, Himaruya's speculations used the word "he". He speculated that Ireland could be female. However, nothing's really set in stone yet, so this is possible.

Wales is England's Canada.

As in, if anyone sees Wales, they assume they're England. I am English, and for a long time I honestly thought Wales was a region of England.

    • Well, technically it was for some hundred years...
    • I tend to think of Wales on the same terms as people use for the Confederacy. He comes out for a photo op once and a while, but for the most part he's locked in the basement and ignored.
    • Alternate theory: Cornwall is England's Canada. To explain: the four parts of the United Kingdom are more separate then you'd expect. N. Ireland, Scotland and Wales all have "Regional Assemblies", which are mini-Parliaments that can call referendums and pass separate laws (although they still have to go by what England's Parliament says). Cornwall doesn't have one, but there is a huge push to have Cornwall as a separate region with its own RA and also to get Cornish listed as a separate nationality. I can picture Cornwall being England's pissy twin brother who is always getting confused for England. He's a lot bitchier about it, though, and flies into a rage when confused for England. As such, the other Brits try to keep him out of the spotlight. Instead of pancakes, he has pasties, and Heaven help you if you confuse him for England while he's drunk...
      • As a cornish girl, I am in full support of this theory.

Where are Scotland, Wales and Ireland?

Scotland and Wales are fighting Ireland. I'm not the best at history, but I'm fairly sure the IRA (Irish Republican Army) started fighting for Ireland's independence just after or just before World War 2, and since they're still trying to get Northern Ireland today, (Granted, more peacefully) It makes sense to me that that would be where the other British nations are.

  • I... can't see this. It's probably mainly my own headcanon, but I don't think Scotland would fight Ireland for going independent, when they threaten it so much themselves. Also, the UK and Ireland are not at war, and haven't been since Ireland gained independence. I can see some pretty heated arguments going on, but not constant fighting. Plus, I think most of Ireland's anger is probably aimed at England. I think they're just some of the many countries that haven't appeared yet.
  • The successful Irish War of Independence (it wasn't the first one) was actually kickstarted during WWI (continued and finished afterwards), making this WMG possibly right but set in the wrong time. Scotland might have fought Ireland with an "if I can't leave you can't!" mentality. Ireland was neutral in WWII, though I like to think he/she did what some Irish soldiers did by pretending to be North Irish - there might be grudges but Ireland still cares about the family that's taking a beating. Scotland and Wales - and Cornwall if he's the last of the older brothers - are playing human. Scotland and Cornwall are with the army or the RAF while Wales is in military intelligence (apparently Welsh was used to develop spy codes like the US used Native American dialects). North Ireland is also either playing human with the RAF or is too young physically to fight and instead helps out on the home front.

Ireland is another one of those characters everyone thought was a different gender to what she actually was

Thereby rectifying the "Ireland will be female" with the "England was picked on by his four brothers". Because to him, she was his brother, as he didn't know better. Everyone was probably somewhat embarrassed when they figured it out.

Berwick-Upon-Tweed has a tan.

Anyone else heard the legend of how Berwick was accidentally left out of the end of the Crimean War (A WAR WITH RUSSIA)? I would not leave something like that glory out. Also, with the disputes between Scotland and England over whose it actually is, it's difficult to have it any other way.

  • This could go one of two ways, in my mind. Either Berwick-Upon-Tweed is an immense badass and would go after Russia if Russia ever came near him, or everyone forgot about him in that war, except for Russia. Both of these are the main choices I can see because they sound most like Hetalia's style to me.
  • This troper's head canon is that the personification of Berwick-on-Tweed used to be the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Bernicia (aka the northern part of Northumbria) who's been progressively demoted over the centuries and isn't happy about it.


Is Russia's childhood friend, whose history goes something like this:

  1. Being begrudgingly annexed into Russia's house in the 1700's.
  2. Changing his entire way of life for Russia despite still fighting back against him.
  3. Letting Russia move his industries and citizens into his house during WWII and shouldering the Union's agricultural needs, while claiming he's going to leave for China.
  4. Staying in Russia's house longer than any other Soviet Republic and only leaving when Russia points it out.

Present day, Russia's military and economic cooperation with Kazakhstan is second only to Belarus among the former Soviets, and Kazakhstan gives Russia huge discounts on oil and gas. So why haven't we seen him yet? Because Russia's too confused by his Tsundereness!

Fem!America isn't just America's female counterpart, she is/was the Confederacy.

She has the stereotypical flirty, ditzy Southern belle look, as well as Gray Eyes (See types 4 and 5, not to mention the Confederate soldiers had grey uniforms) and it may just be the excess patriotism but Southerners refer to America as female a lot more than Northerners do. However, a notable thing in the way of this theory is the lack of Texas.

  • America is male, and has glasses to represent Texas. Femmerica does not wear glasses, but is very Well endowed. The conclusion? Her boobs are Texas.
  • Jossed: she lives in another dimension with the rest of the Nyotalia girls.

Israel-tan will rise from the dead.

While a number of nations are clearly descended from ancient powers, Israel is the only example of a nation that has genuinely come back to life.

  • That would be pretty cool, but it's probably more likely a new one was born (cf. Ancient Greece and Modern Greece). Although, actually, Poland also came back to life (albeit after a much shorter period of time), and he's still the original... so this would be a fair thing to happen.

Israel is the second oldest living nation with China taking first place

Probably not, Israel is a rather young country.

  • But it's an incredibly old nation.
  • Alternatively, Israel is a young -tan but there's another who represents Old Israel/Jewish Diaspora. Likely Modern Israel's older sibling or parent.

Rome raped Israel and got her pregnant with Palestine

America is secretly in love with Mexico

America is married to Puerto Rico

There are four USA-tans.

It's been said that the USA can be divided roughly in four areas, so here we go.

  • Northern States: Alfred, of course! He won the American Civil War and so gets to represent the USA in world/G8 conferences.
  • Southern States: Amelia Davies. She used to be the Confederacy of States, but then she lost the Civil War and was held as a prisoner. She made several escape attempts before finally being allowed out. She's racist and homophobic, but she's slowly getting over both.
    • The Southern States would originally be Texas. She won her independence, then got tricked into joining the US. Angry, she rebelled, lost, and spent the rest of the time moping.
  • Hawaii: Ailana Kalula. She's a fairly cool person and quite friendly. She's also good at dancing, and is most likely black.
    • I always figured she'd have standard Hawaiian looks, being as old as she is. (I personally think it's been the same tan for her since she was 'founded' way back in about 300 AD.)
  • Alaska: I can't think of a good first name for him, but the poor guy's surname is Braginski, as he's Russia, Ukraine and Belarus' little brother. He's scared of his siblings, but gets on OK with most other people. He can see Canada.
    • A good name for Alaska would be Alexey Braginski.
  • They all live together, and have a sitcom-esque relationship.

The girls seen in here with Rome are the female medditerranean and middleastern ancient civilizations.

Cyprus will be a Big Brother Bully towards TRNC and Russia will be his Big Brother Mentor

If you did the research, Cyprus-TRNC relations aren't as great. Probably Cyprus will become Yandere to keep that "Peace" Stigma but secretly loathes TRNC and probably Turkey. Not only that, Russia and Cyprus have REALLY GOOD relations with each other.

The former-Yugoslav nation-tans will appear soon.

It would start with their "big sister", the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Yugoslavia). She would take some of the younger nation-tans into her home and take care of their countries for them.

After sometime, the nations got fed up with their sister and began the Yugoslav wars. Of course they win, and Yugoslavia ends up dying (parallel to Grandpa Rome and going to country-heaven) or just disappearing for a long time.

Bosnia and Herzegovina will be twins or just siblings. Croatia will be male and there will be some Belligerent Sexual Tension between him and female Slovenia. Montenegro will be male as well. Serbia and Kosovo will be brothers, with the former being the Big Brother Bully. Macedonia will be female and look up to her "big brother" Greece, who will tease her but nonetheless be supportive of her. Kosovo will prefer Macedonia being his sibling because she is much more supportive on his quest to be recognized as a full-fledged Nation-tan.

Ireland is a vampire with a split personality

  • Ireland is a vampire, evidence for this; where was Bram Stoker from? Ireland, that's where! so it makes sense for Ireland to be a vampire. As for the split personality, my thinking for this is that Northern ireland (the guy that now represents it at least) is the original who wanted to stay as part of the UK whereas the Republic came into being as the bit that wanted out of the UK and as a result his Nyotalia seperated from him (therefore a split personality) and became the Republic so Northern Ireland is a boy and Republic of Ireland is a girl they're still the same person but they exist in separate bodies.

Venezuela and Colombia will be female

  • Both countries are known for their beautiful women. Venezuela will be a drop-dead gorgeous woman, referencing the fact that most Miss Universe winners are from Venezuela. She will have a love/hate relationship with America, representing how both countries are known for their tense, yet somewhat cordial relationship, will be Vitriolic Best Buds with her sister (Twin?) Colombia (Due to the fact that they were originally one country, so there's the old nostalgia, and the way both governments go from being besties to sworn enemies at the drop of a hat) and will have a Never Live It Down moment with Spain, because of that one moment when Spain's prime minister told Hugo Chavez to shut the hell up.
    • Colombia is also quite beautiful and always dramatic and over-the-top, referencing the fact that the most successful soap operas are Colombian (the other nations think it's because she's always doing cocaine, though). She is always trying to catch up with the other, more developed nations but never quite reaching their status, and she has a sort of admiration/crush on the older and "wiser" America, although she sometimes can't really comprehend why she likes America in the first place (It is no more than a high school crush, though). She really, really likes her coffee and is always ready to party and have fun (referencing the tons of carnivals in the country), normally with Brazil.

If the states of the 13 Colonies get personifications, they will be older (physically) than America.

The three nations that is next to Vietnam and Thailand in Hetaween are Malayu,Laos and either Burma or Cambodia

  • Cause they're definately not just simple human(Look at the man on the right outfit,same as Thailand)

Northern Ireland is England and Ireland's child.

Since NI's much more recent than they are, it makes more sense to this troper than NI being their sibling.

  • But Himaruya doesn't really go for making characters other characters' children, except when the parent is dead. Plus, I'm fairly sure the settlers in Northern Ireland from Great Britain were more Scottish than English, so if they were someone's child, I don't see why it would be England.

Ireland once dated South Italy

  • Explanation?
  • It would be more likely that Ireland had a fling with Spain - he was helping him/her fend off England in the late 1500s/early 1600s, and maybe Romano had a crush.

Nevada looks like Molossia

The vast majority of the micronation-tans look like the nation they declared independence from. Sealand has England's hair and eyebrows, Wy and Hutt River have Australia's band-aid, eyebrows, and to an extent hair color, Seborga looks just like a third Italy brother, Kugelmugel has Austria's ahoge and eyes, Republic of Niko Niko looks more or less like a little version of Japan. Apart from Molossia, the only major exception to this trend is Ladonia, but he's largely internet-based anyway, which pretty much excuses him. Molossia looks absolutely nothing like America, so if this trend holds true, the tan for the state of Nevada will likely resemble Molossia.

Some ancestors of characters

  • Gaul: Most likely female, probably the mother of France, as well as possibly Switzerland, Netherlands, and Belgium. She probably had France by Rome and Switzerland, Netherlands, and Belgium by Germania.
  • Scandinavia: Ancient Scandinavia up until the fall of the Vikings, that is. Likely the reason why Iceland is Norway's brother rather than son. Most likely male, they're probably parent to the Nordic 5. Almost definitely sibling to Germania.
  • Sápmi: Probably female, it seems likely she'd be Finland's mother, but since she still exists as a cultural region, she would, unlike other ancestors, still be alive. Jury's still out on what she thinks of her son's relationship with Sweden.
  • Persia: Enemy to Ancient Greece and parent to the as-of-yet unmentioned Iran character. My guess would be male, though it could go either way.
  • Anatolia: Turkey's ancestor. It seems unlikely they'd have a relationship with Ancient Greece as bad as Turkey's with modern Greece.
  • Carthage: Rome has already mentioned them. Given that he said he gave Carthage a thorough beating as opposed to slept with them, Carthage likely was a man and an enemy to Rome.
  • Kievan Rus': Ancestor (probably mother) to Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. Probably a doting mother, and possibly a similar personality to Ukraine, with aspects of Russia. Also known as Mother Russia.
  • Hibernia: Ireland's ancestor, presumably father as Britannia has been stated to be mother to England and his old brothers. Britannia was definitely Ireland's mother, then. Probably Britannia's brother.
  • Caledonia/Pict (No, not the aliens): Scotland's father and possibly Britannia's brother.
  • Various Native American tribes: Unlike most others, I think that it seems unlikely there was a single Native America tan. More likely, there were tans for each tribe and two major tribes from the areas of the earliest permanent European colonies in modern America and Canada were the parents of America and Canada.
  • Aztec: Ancestor to Mexico. Likely killed by Spain.
  • Maya: Aztec's spouse, most likely, and another ancestor to Mexico. Likely either killed by Aztec or Spain.
  • Byzantine Empire: Ancient Greece was referred to as the Byzantine Empire once, but that's not exactly historical canon, so it seems unlikely that they're the same person. While I would say that they might be Greece's father, that's not exactly history canon either, as they're separated from Ancient Greece by quite a while. But they might be a relative at least, and probably a brother or sister to Rome.
  • Iberia/Hispania: Parent to Spain and Portugal, as well as the as-of-yet unmentioned Andorra character. I would guess they'd be male.
  • Dacia: Ancestor of Bulgaria, Romania, and the other countries in that general part of Europe.

Himaruya might not make nation-tans for the rest of the UK and Ireland

  • Or at last not Scotland. If Himaruya bothers to check up on the fanbase, then he might know about the internal debate on the multiple fan representations of Scotland and how they are perceived. A good example is the Pixiv design of Scotland, which is either liked or hated for various reasons. For some it's a simple as just not liking the design. Others seem to think Scotland should be a middle aged man with large muscles and a beard who screams a lot due to this being one of the scottish stereotypes. Personally, I don't see the argument. The cast of Hetalia is made up of bishounen boys, so an extremely hairy Scotland would go against the consensus of the series. Most of the rest of the arguments mostly lie in his uniform design, and how uncreative some find it.
  • As a result of all the different interpetations several designs for Scotland already exist in the fandom. Some guard their ideas more viciously than others. As a result I think Himaruya might avoid making Scotland and the rest of the UK, just to avoid starting some kind of flame war among his fans.
    • Smart man.

Himaruya might not make anymore nation-tans

  • Like above with Scotland problem, due to fan have their own way of interpreting their nation-tan. Not everyone in sastisfied with existing-tan personality and look. So Himaruya decided to have fan "created" one for themselves for each country.

Narrator Lady is Esperanto-tan.

Esperanto isn't a nation, it's a constructed language. Narrator Lady appears to consist of a disembodied voice. Makes sense to me.

If the series ever has a true villain (which it probably and hopefully won't), it will be the New World Order-tan or Trilateral Commission-tan.

While an international terrorist group like Al-Qaeda might be more "recent", he/she/it would be flame-war fuel. A more vague group like the New World Order, Trilateral Commission, or some other malicious synarchistic group would be much more suitable.

My visualization of this potential character is that of a pale gray-haired man wearing a lot of black clothing (sunglasses, business suit, etc.) that speaks in a low, flat tone, with a surveillance drone as a pseudo-"animal companion". Perhaps he'd live in a surveillance van or a black helicopter or something. The nations would have to team up to thwart this transnational group-tan, the point being that nations can cooperate without losing national identity.

I'm thinking about writing a fanfic about this, but I also imagine it could actually happen in the series.