Axis Powers Hetalia/Tear Jerker

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And they say the series is 100% comedy...

It's usually a silly (and potentially offensive) series poking fun at National Stereotypes, but occasionally (if not almost as frequently), Axis Powers Hetalia offers its share of tear jerkers.

  • The Chibitalia chapter ends with the Holy Roman Empire (rumored to be a younger Germany) leaving Chibitalia aka Italy, kissing him and saying that he's "loved Italy since the 900s and will keep loving him no matter how many hundreds of years pass." If you're familiar with European history, you can guess how well that ends. If the HRE=Germany theory is true, they meet again as adults, but of course Germany has forgotten all about it by now. He may have started to recover his memories in the Valentines Special, but it's not clear.
    • Rather small in comparison to the Tear Jerker the entire chapter was more or less built around, but the look on Austria's face when he acknowledges that the Holy Roman Empire has left - especially when compared to his earlier (rather harsh) portrayal.
      • The fact that the until-then always happy Hungary is just standing by his door, looking sadly at him and whispering "... Mr. Austria...", really doesn't help.
  • Also the "Cleaning Out the Storage" chapter, when America remembers how England helped raise him... only to nearly kill the rebellious America during The American Revolution and break down in tears when he can't bring himself to do so. ("You used to be... so big...".)
    • The Drama CD made it even worse. One phrase: "For all you've done for me, England... Thank you." Until then, I was "meh" on Katsuyuki Konishi's voice acting, but that CD drama is what sold me in.
    • The Drama CD most definitely made it worse. After England sinks to the ground, he says "Why did you do this, damn it... I thought we would always be together" The confrontation is also more heartbreaking.
    • YMMV, of course, but this troper found the dubbed version of that scene in the anime heartbreaking as well. Especially England's "There's no way I can shoot you. I can't. ... Why? Damn it, why! It's not fair!"
  • "England and Japanese Folklore" ends on a slightly somber note that bemoans the loss of Japanese traditions.
  • Despite its brevity, Make A British Food was rather sad with America reminiscing about England and his (bad) food.
  • Russia's Start of Darkness. "Hey, Lithuania... We don't want children who can't play nice, right?"
    • Russia. Bloody Sunday Massacre 1905. Enough said.
  • Lithuania's dream(s). And Russia's reaction. FULL STOP.
  • "There's a side of Lithuania... I don't know". SEVERE Mood Whiplash there, since that part was Played for Laughs until Lithuania gets into a a bath tub and we see his scar-crossed back..
    • For this troper, what made that strip so heart breaking is that it was Lithuania. He's one of the most kind and gentle characters in Hetalia. Before that we know he's suffered a lot by the hands of Russia but I couldn't imagine that the abuse was THAT severe given that this is Hetalia we're talking about.
    • Given that the series is a comedy, Lithuania sections all have some aspect of this trope, even when Played for Laughs.
  • Much milder than the other examples here, but Korea's reaction to seeing what his adored older brother China really thinks of him with the super-powered binoculars. "These are broken... so Korea didn't make them..."
  • The manga version of how Switzerland found Liechtenstein and barely rescued her from Dying Alone was pretty sad. The animated rendition made it simply heartbreaking. Having poor little Liech slump against a wall in the rain and lose almost all hope of survival, wondering what would happen to her and how she wished she was a country "just a little bit longer..." * SOB*
    • Oh, yes. I cry every time I watch that scene and that's saying something. What did it for me is the dramatic music that starts playing when she falls down against the wall and closes her eyes... something about it is very powerful.
    • This. I can't watch that scene without getting tears in my eyes.
    • When you add the potential Alternative Character Interpretation brought about by the fact that Liechtenstein was looked after by Austria-Hungary until World War I forced them to abandon her, it only makes it all the more painful to watch.
  • America's face in the last panel here just does is for this troper. It projects how, even though America bugs England constantly, when he sees that England is happier around his, ahem, 'imaginary friends' than America, America's a little heart broken.
    • I thought he was upset because he thought England had suddenly lost his mind? Since no one else can see England's imaginary fairy friends.
  • This Troper cannot possibly be the only one that didn't feel like bawling after hearing China's second character song "Aiyah, 4000 Years". She doesn't even understand Japanese, but the slow and frankly beautiful part close to the end (3:30 in the full version) was enough to bring her to tears.
    • Oh, absolutely YES. That song was just so beautiful and heartbreaking. Some of the character songs don't really help to understand the characters that much, but that one did. (And the China/Japan shippers must have been happy about it...)
    • And if you do understand Japanese, then you know that the lyrics aren't that joyful, either. It's about China and Japan's betrayal. Even though Japan's betrayal was cut out of the anime.

"I Love You..."

  • While we're talking about character songs, Germany's "Einsamkeit" always got to this troper, and even more so when she found the translation.
    • Oh God, "Einsamkeit"! Poor Germany is both Not So Stoic and Moe. There's even one line where he says, 'because you are here, I can be myself'. Tell me that's not about his relationship with Italy. Also makes me want to give Germany a great big hug, hearing him be so emotional about his stoic-ness.
    • While this troper is glad to not be the only one who can't understand why "Einsamkeit" falls under Wangst over at the YMMV tab, this version, pitched to sound like Germany and Prussia singing it together, is also tear-worthy, if you think about the years the brothers spent separated after WWII.
  • This troper found this strip about Prussia saddening it tells something different about him.
    • And if you think about it the end of Prussia which is portrayed well in this video, but Hidekaz Himaruya made it better in the strips, as he's alive, but he just lost his status.
  • Did anyone else start feeling bad for Romano and just want to give him a hug while telling him it'll be alright after reading this strip [dead link]? Especially with that face he made as he watches his brother draw?
  • How did we get this far, and past China's character song, and not mention THIS strip?? You know, the one that its about! How can the last half of this, from the moon gazing to the betrayal to the bar scene, not make you tear up? Of course Russia ruined the sad moment, but still!!
  • For this Troper, Belarus. She's madly- blindly- in love with her brother, and, creepy though it is, you just have to feel sorry for her because it's completely unreturned. He has NEVER shown any affection towards her, and, to This Troper, at least, it's completely heartbreaking.
    • This troper feels that way about her too, but for different reasons. She's a popular character to ship for heterosexual pairs in the fandom, but keep this in mind- she's so blindly in love with her brother and so batshit that she'll likely never form a healthy relationship. You know, with someone else who could probably return her feelings. Instead she lets her love for her brother totally consume her and you can just feel her slowly spiraling to a point where there's not much left for her. Even though she's criticized for being a bit of a Flat Character, deconstructing her Yandere tendencies is so easy and it hurts.
    • Adding to this is Lithuania's love for her. He's so unconditionally in love with her, and he could be the person she needs to return her affections tenfold. And yet, she's so obsessed with her brother, she would never give him a chance. So in the end they both suffer, and she doesn't even realize it. To me, this makes my heart break for both.
    • To all of you that have commented about this... Download the Liet/Bela doujinshi "Sayonara Sankaku Mata Kite Shikaku". [dead link] Read it. WEEP.
  • Russia's relationships with his family. He really does care for Belarus as a sister, he just gets scared whenever she starts being yandere at him and tries to get him to marry her.
  • Holy Roman Empire's "Marukaite Chikyuu", this Troper's eyes always water up at the last verses.
    • This troper nearly started crying at the transition from Chibitalia's to HRE's "Marukaite Chikyuu" in the "Marukaite Chikyuu Nonstop-Version", since HRE's part starts with him saying "I love you".
    • I'm not sure if everyone is with me on this, but This Troper was moved to tears by "Makka Na Ito", a song detailing the separation of Holy Roman Empire and Chibitalia. It's especially heartbreaking when it talks about how they will always love each other no matter what because their hearts are connected with a red thread, even when the song talks about said connection being broken because of the war and HRE's supposed death. I think I need a minute...
  • Even though France is a lech, a liar and an all around bastard at times, he has his moment to be pitied. At the end of the first volume, there is a sketch of a much younger France with a girl with short hair and wearing armor. And she tells him, "I'm fighting for you, you know!" Yeah, she's Joan of Arc. We know how that ended. To think of France, hedonistic and arrogant, startled and then drawn to this one girl, only to lose her- it makes you feel for him at least a little, right?
    • That's not counting the French Revolution, the Terror...on second thought, those pretty much explain (along with Jeanne's death) why France became the way he is.
    • It's somehow worse when you realise that England was the one who killed her. Yeah, it's not like they hate each other for no reason.
    • Actually, Joan/Jeanne was executed by the French. Yeah. This troper's headcanon is that France's bosses spread the lie that it was England so that France wouldn't be torn apart by guilt - he genuinely doesn't know that he killed her. Then again, if this was why France hates England... OH GOD. Oh god. Oh, god... pauvre, pauvre France...
  • For that matter, England himself hasn't gotten it easy either. In Europe, he's ruthlessly picked on by his brothers and has little to no friends. Then he finds America and is genuinely happy for once. Only for The American Revolution to happen and break his heart.
    • When you think about it, the reason England has a crush on America is probably because America was really the first person to show him any sort of affection. Then America got angry over England's parenting style (and while it wasn't the best, it's pretty plain that England did the best he could) and had a war with him. Not to mention that nowadays America shoots England down hard whenever he momentarily cools down and tries to be friendly.
      • Let's not completely demonize America, though. The beginning of "Cleaning Up the Storage" and his words in the flashback when England breaks down shows that, even if he doesn't show it, he does love and care for England in his own way, and he's kept every single memento of their relationship (whatever you want to call it). The toy soldiers England made him, the suit he brought him, the weapons they pointed at each other... and at the last one, America himself (who had acted rather normal, if a little sentimental) almost cries. Both sides have suffered, and War Is Hell.
  • This troper is new to the series, so he doesn't know how official this is, but a lot of fan art has portrayed Hong Kong and Taiwan in a way that is varies from utterly adorable to downright moving.This image showcases China turning Hong Kong over to England, and has all the emotional turmoil of someone forced into separation from his family. And then Taiwan just... just read it for yourself. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
    • Another fandom example: this video. The video itself and the comments have brought quite a few people to tears.
  • This troper cannot stand the strip where Russia is asking for advice from France's radio show given Russia's enormous desire of making friends. Specially when every time the subject is wring up he mentions that his bosses advice him to use force and his constant failures at it (specially with the Italy Brothers) are just heartbreaking.
  • Even thought the movie was mostly hilarious, this troper teared up many times. Especially on the part where each country is shown beholding their ruined monuments. America staring at Lady Liberty, England with Big Ben, France with l'Arc de Triomphe.)
    • It's possibly made even worse by the fact that for once Russia isn't smiling!
    • Oh, the movie can get downright painful. How about the very end, where the countries, save Italy, are finally overwhelmed by the Pict and in the process of transforming into Pict themselves. With the last of his strength, Germany tells a horrified Italy to "smile." *Sniff*.
      • The look on England's face when Sealand is overtaken and his bewildered sounding reaction: "But... I told him not to go" is another moment. Made worse by the fact that until then he had been acting in his typical brusque manner with his brother.
    • The moments after the characters crash into the ocean after falling from the mothership always gets to this troper. It looks like Germany was the only one to survive, and it shows him staggering across the island, obviously injured and barely conscious, trying to stoic his way through.

"I will not… ask for water!… ach, I wish I had a beer to wet my throat… I will not ask for food! …if only… I had some… wurst…" *collapses*

Young Soldier: I showed you an album as you were younger, right? The picture is small but it's without a doubt the same face as fifty years before. Isn't it cruel, how short the life we humans lead really is. Being forever young, for him it surely feels like living in eternity. We who are trying so hard to live look stupid compared to that. If I only could have stayed young forever, wouldn't it be wonderful. Don't you think...

Girl: Are you sure you want that? It means to go on with your life and spend time with a different tempo than everybody else Even though we would laugh together, even though we would lead the same life. Had children that would grow up. Even when my hand would grow all wrinkled and I wouldn't respond to your voice. Even when I would die. And after I wouldn't be here anymore, you would watch over so many people. Something like that, a normal human being would never withstand. No matter how many people you would fall in love with, they would always leave you behind. And like that, you would be always alone. If you would have to bare such fate, it would be so cruel, I couldn't stand it! To live forever isn't such a good thing after all.

Young Soldier: You're right! Without this plain mortal body, I wouldn't be able to pursue my dream! To grow old together. Until our hands will be full of wrinkles.

    • Read that strip. Then read this. Cry harder.
  • There's nothing overtly sad about "Ren Ren Renaissance"; it's just a bouncy, syrupy sweet duet between Grandpa Rome and Chibitalia about how much they love each other. And then you remember what happened to Rome...
  • This version of "Einsamkeit" is fanmade, but HEARTBREAKING. Even worse, I watched this after reading the newest chapter of Seven Little Killers, when Germany died, or was SEVERLY injured.