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Yes, yes, we all know Girl-On-Girl Is Hot. But what some authors are only just beginning to realize is that, for certain women (and of course, certain guys) Guy-On-Guy Is Hot. While not a ubiquitous cultural assumption in Real Life the way its Sister Trope is, it is nevertheless an existing mentality. It's the reason for Yaoi, and the times when Ho Yay is played intentionally for Fetish Fuel. Some authors adhere to this, or at least acknowledge its existence, and thus we get scenes of half-naked men wrestling in either mud or jello.

In fiction, this philosophy may be treated in-universe as a full-on Spear Counterpart to Girl-On-Girl Is Hot, with the assumption being that it's normal for women to ogle gay men in the same way that straight men (supposedly) enjoy lesbian action.

Just as often, though, there is a heavy Double Standard; straight men thinking Girl-On-Girl Is Hot will be taken for granted, whereas the female enjoyment of Guy-on-Guy will be treated as a perversion (See Yaoi Fangirl). Or, in the other direction, female characters will proudly declare their fascination with gay guys doing it while denouncing men who eroticise lesbians as exploitative perverts. This probably comes from the times when polygyny was a thing - it was expected for women to kiss to arouse the sole male, but multiple men acting out gayness for a girl was generally seen as weird and a sign of male weakness (since, y'know, sharing a girl).

No real life examples, please; All The Tropes is not a gossip site.

Examples of Guy-On-Guy Is Hot include:


Anime and Manga

Comic Books

Fan Works

  • My Immortal: "don't u fik gay guyz r lik so hot!"
  • This trope is the basis of about 99.9% of all Slash Fic.


  • See the plot to every Eating Out movie.
  • In The Kids Are All Right, the lesbian couple enjoys watching gay porn together.
  • In The Princess Diaries 2 (which is a Disney movie aimed at pre-teen girls, just so we're clear), there is a scene where Mia and her best friend Lilly are looking at prospective princes. Mia remarks that one prince shown is cute, to which her bodyguard Joseph replies, "His boyfriend thinks so too." Mia and Lilly's reaction is... enthusiastic.
  • In The Pink Panther Strikes Again, when Clouseau is attempting to revive Dreyfus at the insane asylum (from behind), two women mistake him for attempting to make out with him. The older one snaps, "Don't look, Fiona!" but Fiona, the younger one, seems pretty eager to watch what she thinks is two guys going at it.


  • Anita Blake. Two guys together gets Anita and Belle Morte off.

Live-Action TV

  • There was an episode of Sex and the City where the girls rent gay porn for this reason and watch it together.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer once suggested putting her two vampire ex-boyfriends in a room together and have them wrestle in the nude while she watches. She then added, interestedly, "There could be oil involved." Note that this trope is a view held by much of the show's fanbase as well.
  • There was a skit on The Chris Rock Show where two men cross paths on the street and it looks like they're about to fight... and they make out instead. All you can hear from the audience is women squeeing. You can watch it here (even if the end was just spoiled out of necessity). While hilarious, the clip is sadly a case of Did Not Do the Research, as racial bias and tension have long been a sore point in the gay community.
  • These scenes from True Blood were probably inserted for this reason.
  • State of Play. A homosexual member of the newsroom mentions he just slept with the man they've been investigating. When he asks if they want him to go into detail the men immediately say "No!" while the female journalists have exactly the opposite response.
  • In one Friends episode, Rachel had an Erotic Dream that featured Chandler. Later, it also included Joey, then Rachel mentions that sometimes it was just Chandler and Joey. The guys leer until they realise what that means.
  • In the Tudor Porn sketches in Monty Python's Flying Circus, Sir Philip's wife is fond of reading "Gay Boys in Bondage".
  • Saturday Night Live has a recurring skit called the "Kissing Family" which features a considerable amount of intense guy-on-guy kissing. Inevitably there will be squeals of delight which overpower the laughter.
  • Scrubs: Jordan believes this, and apparently isn't too fussy about the age of the men involved.

Jordan: We should have sex later.
Dr Cox: (unnerved) How did you get from that image to that thought?

Grace: Gay sex is so hot!

    • And this:

Jack: We'll have a steak, watch a movie... you like gay porn, right?
Grace: Who doesn't?

  • Noah's Arc: Brandy finds two guys together quite sexy, though overall the trope goes without saying for the LGBT genre (at least on the male end).
  • In the Farscape episode "Won't Get Fooled Again", one of the many crazy scenes involves a Camp Gay D'Argo propositioning John. Apparently Chiana wants to watch...
  • One of the Patients of the Week on Greys Anatomy was a gay soldier. Once his boyfriend comes to visit him they are alone and proceed to make out. Meredith Grey walks by, and stares at them with much interest.


  • Why do Panic At the Disco have so many fans, you ask? Half for the awesome music and 99% for the Faux Yay/Ho Yay between all the hot guys. My Chemical Romance have a large female fanbase for the same reason.
  • Take That used to do lots of Ho Yay moments that extended to naked pics in their early days as well, but recently they stopped because they want a wider audience. Needless to say, many of their female and gay male fans left.


Video Games

  • Possibly the whole idea of the Japanese game Cho Aniki , a Bullet Hell shooter similar to Gradius, that is loaded with big, muscular guys wearing speedos. As in, your character is one, most of the enemies are ones, and the bosses are huge ones. This actually got eight sequels in Japan. While Word of God has never outright stated that the Trope fits, it's clearly a Macho Camp theme.

Web Comics

  • Shortpacked:
    • In order to force Ethan to get together with a guy who previously called him out on his jerkish behaviour, Robin adds a clause to the anti-cancer bill she's trying to get through Congress that will force the two to make out at least once a week. As soon as she does, the bill gains significant support among women.
    • Amber repeatedly expresses enthusiasm for anything which results in two dudes getting it on.
  • In Skin Horse, Tip and Konstantin mud-wrestling have attracted quite an audience, including a Kinsey-Seven[1] Lesbian and a sentient swarm of bees.
  • In Questionable Content, Steve and Marten admit to having drunkenly made out at one point. Dora and Faye's reaction? "RECREATE THIS. NOW."
  • This comic from Scandinavia and The World. A Yaoi surprise indeed.
  • In Exiern apparently Peonie used to find Guy on Guy Hot, until she imagined it involving her father.

Web Original

Todd: Why am I suddenly craving butter? ...Man Butter?
Critic: (strokes butterstick, then slaps self) No! You like boobs! ...and butter...

  1. For those just joining us at home, the Kinsey Scale runs 0-6, with 0 being perfectly heterosexual and 6 being perfectly homosexual