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    The central cast, de-chibified. From left to right: Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

    Scandinavia and the World is a popular web comic by DeviantArt user Humon. It is a comic about stereotypes, history and culture in the form of national personifications interacting with one another (not unlike Axis Powers Hetalia), but focusing on, well, Scandinavia. The main characters are Denmark, a cheerful, but culturally naive party boy; Norway, a friendly and calm nature lover; and Sweden, the uptight technology expert.

    An Animated Adaptation (for the internet) is in the works,[please verify] though progress is sporadic. Now[when?] has its own wiki (still being built).

    Humon has two other web comics, Love and Tentacles and Niels. In addition, her DA account regularly features works based on Northern European folklore, with plenty of notes.

    Tropes used in Scandinavia and the World include:



    America: I... was expecting something different from a comedy called "Funny Friends"...


    Finland: (holding a sign) Women should be respected. Lady Germany should be feared!!!


    Switzerland: Nice shot.


    Humon: The Eurovision Contest is comedy gold for me.

    • Even the Girls Want Her: Girls (and gay guys) are pretty into Sister Sweden, according to the author.
    • Even the Guys Want Him: Denmark has certain appeal for guys, and Norway has it for lesbians, again according to the author.
    • Everything's Better with Princesses: Denmark makes for an unorthodox fairy godmother, but ain't it sweet?
    • Expy
      • Sister America is basically Paris Hilton with Strawman Liberal overtones.
      • Canada's role as an inferior to America is very similar to Hetalia's version. Although this may have more to do with drawing on shared stereotypes/truths of America overshadowing Canada.
      • America in some of the earlier comics reminds us of Calvin, especially here.
    • Eyes Always Shut
      • Greenland. Stereotypically Inuit.
      • Japan and Sister Japan have always shut eyes based on looking stereotypically Asian, except when REALLY shocked.
      • From what's been seen of the Koreas and China, it's apparently only the Japans that are like this. Most likely done as a subversion to the massive eyes seen in anime. Then again, we've only seen South Korea once, and North Korea's face (and entire body) is hidden underneath his flag....



    Norway: Wait, wasn't I supposed to pick up Kven today?
    Kven: ... I'm already here.





    • My Girl Is Not a Slut: Sorry Finland, she is.
    • My Hovercraft Is Full of Eels: See Bilingual Bonus.
    • The Napoleon: Canada threatens in one comic to America that just because he's America's hat, doesn't change the fact that Canada is on top. America just thought this was hilarious.
    • Nerd Glasses: Belgium
    • Nice Hat
      • Finland
      • Canada is the Nice Hat.
      • Also Ottawa, the little chihuahua that sits on Sister America's head.
      • France
      • The Vatican
      • Russia
      • Estonia
    • Nightmare Fetishist
      • Iceland. Not only is he completely unperturbed by the dark matter demon in his bathroom (and can't understand why Denmark and Norway are so afraid) but he also collects, um, penises. Word of God is that his slightly twisted mind is a result of living close the Hekla, the gateway to Hell.
      • Sweden enjoys his video games maybe a little too much...
    • Norse by Norsewest: Being a comic about stereotypes, each character shows varying shades of this trope. The classical Hollywood stereotype isn't that prominent, however, due to the stereotypes coming from a Danish viewpoint. The comic's premises actually inverts this, as it shows the Scandinavian perception of other countries.
    • Nosebleed: Sister Japan has a fair few, thanks to Netherlands and Denmark.
    • Nuclear Nasty: The mutants in this comic.
    • Official Couple: Sweden×Åland, Finland×Sister Sweden, and Wales×New Zealand.
    • Only Sane Man: What Sweden wants to see himself as.
    • Our Vampires Are Different: Romania would rather steal your wallet than your blood.



    Sweden: No thanks. I don't look at porn that has women in it.



    • Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: They're not actually married, but the pairing of Finland with Sister Sweden is functionally equivalent to this.
    • Unsound Effect: VIHTA!!! The same comic gives us "SNOW!!!"
    • Vague Age: All the characters to an extent, but Denmark in particular. He mostly looks and acts like he's in his early to mid-20s, but he has two kids, one of whom is clearly a teenager. Also, he is either the oldest or the youngest of the Nordics depending upon whether he is viewed as a political or a geological entity... yeah, it's complicated.
    • Valley Girl: Sister America
    • Values Dissonance: America doesn't understand the Scandinavian sense of humor.
    • Vampires Are Sex Gods: Lampshaded.
    • Wearing a Flag on Your Head: People wear flags on their shirts. In fact, every article of clothing and cloth item the characters own bears their respective flag design, including royal crowns and bed pillows.
    • "Well Done, Son" Guy: Since Great Britain was too busy doing other things to be America's father, guess what happened next.
    • When You Coming Home, Dad?: England was a rather inattentive parent to America. Now, any time America wants England's attention, he acts out. One such event was the Boston Tea Party.
    • White-Haired Pretty Boy: Iceland, if his Bishie Sparkle is anything to go by.
    • White-Haired Pretty Girl: Sister Iceland; North Pole
    • Wholesome Crossdresser: Sweden and Iceland in the "Eurovision Winners" strip, and Sweden again as St. Lucia in the December 2010 calendar page illustration.
    • Wimpification: Averted, defied and Jossed by the creator with regards to Sweden: here and here. Humon has stated her distaste for slash clichés on numerous occasions.
    • Word of God
      • Humon frequently makes journal entires giving details about the characters, but also tends to delete them shortly afterwards because she likes to let the viewers find out about the characters themselves, not by some Informed Abilities.
      • Also, there's much debate about the sexuality of the characters. So far, the only confirmed facts are that Sweden is gay (currently in a relationship with nearby island nation Åland) and that Finland is straight (in an on-again-off-again relationship with Sister Sweden). She also stated that she does not think the characters are actual embodiments of the countries like in Axis Powers Hetalia, but more the personifications of the inhabitants of those countries.
    • Yamato Nadeshiko: Sister Japan is a quiet, polite, and shy girl who is very proper, but at the same time is also quite the Covert Pervert.
    • Yandere: Sister Finland dabbles in this, having kidnapped Sweden at least once in order to have her way with him.
    • Yaoi Fangirl: Sister America if this comic is anything to go by. Sister Japan was also introduced as such.