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Earth-982: An Alternate Timeline Marvel Universe where everyone (well, almost everyone) has had Spin Offspring and following the retirements, deaths, disappearances and disbandings of their parents/mentors/favorite super-teams, the kids have taken up the torch.

It's also Lighter and Softer, being one of Marvel's 'Verses aimed at kids. With the exception of Spider-Girl, all of these series have been canceled, though the characters keep showing up in Spider-Girl and new miniseries have been coming out for the last few years.

After getting its start as a What If...?, the 'verse has expanded to include the following series and miniseries:

  • Spider-Girl, the little book that started it all. Started with an issue #0 (though this was basically a reprint of the original What If). Lasted for 100 regular issues, from October, 1998 to September, 2006.
    • Amazing Spider-Girl (volume two). Started with an issue #0. Lasted for 30 regular issues, from December, 2006 to May, 2009.
    • Spectacular Spider-Girl (digital comic, volume three). Launched in April, 2009. 12 issues became available.
    • Spectacular Spider-Girl vol. 2. A regular mini-series. 4 issues, from July to October, 2010.
    • Spider-Girl: The End (October, 2010). One-shot finale for the series and character. Though it leaves the door way open for more stories down the line.
  • Avengers Next (two volumes). The original volume "A-Next" lasted for 12 issues, from October, 1998 to September, 1999. The second volume had the full name. It was a 5-issue mini-series (January-March, 2007).
  • J2. Featuring Zane Yama-Marko, a son of the Juggernaut. Lasted for 12 issues, from October, 1998 to September, 1999.
  • Fantastic Five (two volumes). The first volume was a 5-issue mini-series (October, 1999-February, 2000). The second volume was another 5-issue mini-series (September-November, 2007).
  • Wild Thing. Featuring Rina Logan, a daughter of Wolverine and Elektra. Started with an issue #0. Lasted for 5 regular issues (October, 1999-February, 2000).
  • The Buzz. Featuring Jack "JJ' Jameson, a grandson of John Jonah Jameson who launches his own career as an Insect Themed Superhero. Starred in a 3-issue mini-series (July-September, 2000).
  • Darkdevil. Featuring Reilly Tyne, a son of Ben Reilly (The Scarlet Spider), trying to establish himself as a Legacy Character to Daredevil. While also having demonic powers derived from Zarathos. Starred in a 3-issue mini-series (November, 2000-January, 2001).
  • Last Hero Standing. A Crisis Crossover for this line. A number of well-known superheroes, both retired and active ones, disappear without a trace. The superhero community is concerned but there is no singular suspect. As everyone reacts in their own way, some of the missing heroes return. But acting as villains and attacking fellow heroes. Who is pulling everyone's strings remains a mystery for a while, until the shocking revelation: Loki seeking to end the Avengers and the "Age of Heroes", rectifying his role in accidentally starting it. Published as a 5-issue mini-series (August, 2005).
  • Last Planet Standing. A second Crisis Crossover. Galactus has decided to evolve himself to a new level and now requires more energy than usual. He starts actively campaigning against the Shi'ar, the Asgardians, and other targets. With Earth once again on his list. Heroes and villains have to team-up to prevent the extinction of sentient life-forms. But Silver Surfer offers his own solution to the problem. Published as a 5-issue mini-series (July-September 2006).
  • American Dream. Featuring Shannon Carter, niece to Sharon Carter and Legacy Character to Captain America (comics). Starred in a 5-issue mini-series (July-September, 2008).
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