A Kiss for the Petals

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A Kiss for the Petals (その花びらにくちづけを, Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o) is a series of Girls Love Eroge Visual Novels by Fuguriya. The series also includes some tie-in Light Novels, drama CDs, a couple of spin off Web Serial Novels, and an OVA. This series is notable for attempting to be more romantic than most Eroges. One way this is attempted is by having all pairings be monogamous and eschewing any Dating Sim elements. It is also known for its lack of hardcore material, a rarity in the hentai yuri genre.

Currently five couples star in this series. In the Visual Novels, the couples' Relationship Upgrades happen very early in the plot and most of the plot deals with Eroge scenes as well as how their relationships progress emotionally. There is also a spinoff Doujinshi series called Music Box of Memories released in October 2011 (available officially in English) that brings all of the characters together along with a few new ones as they work to produce a science-fiction film.

The five couples are as follows:

Nanami Oda/Yuuna Matsubara (pictured)

A Sempai-Kohai pairing between Nanami, an Ordinary High School Student and Yuuna, an Ojou as well as a Bunny Ears Lawyer. This couple is first introduced on opening day when Nanami accidentally tears her skirt. At that moment, she meets Yuuna and Yuuna uses her sewing kit to come to Nanami's rescue. Nanami ends up joining the student council with Yuuna and eventually catches Yuuna doing a rather embarrassing act while calling out Nanami's name...

Nanami and Yuuna star in the first game, the sixth game, two light novels, and two drama CDs (one released, one upcoming). This couple also plays a role in a Web Serial Novel found on Fuguriya's website. A Fan Translation of the first game has been released. A translation for the sixth has begun.

Kaede Kitajima/Sara Kitajima (pictured on Yuri Genre)

This pairing is a Kissing Cousins pairing between Kaede, a Shrinking Violet and Sara, a famous model/TeenIdol. Their story begins with Sara transferring to Kaede's school and also living with Kaede's family. Sara reveals to Kaede that she harbors feelings for her from when they were childhood friends.

Kaede and Sara star in the second game, the fourth game, two light novels, and one drama CD. Fan Translations of the second and the fourth game have been released.

Mai Sawaguchi/Reo Kawamura (pictured on Intertwined Fingers)

With this pairing we have Mai, a Dogged Nice Girl and Reo, a type A Tsundere. Mai and Reo don't get along initially until one day, Mai misses school because of sickness and a worried (but trying to hide it) Reo visits her that same night.

By far the most popular couple, Mai and Reo star in the third game, the fifth game, three light novels, two drama CDs, and an adult OVA (based loosely on the third game). To commemorate the anime, a ten-part (work-safe) audio drama series has been uploaded by Fuguriya at YouTube (translation for this has started as well). In addition, an Updated Rerelease of the third game was released with bugfixes, script fixes and updated music. Fan Translations for the third and the fifth game have been released.

Runa Houraisen/Takako Suminoe

Runa/Takako is a Teacher-Student Romance pairing between the Wise Beyond Their Years Kidanova Runa and her Moe teacher Takako. Things start out with Takako introducing Runa to class when Runa steals a kiss from Takako in front of everyone, declaring to the class that Takako now belongs to her.

Runa and Takako debuted in a Web Serial Novel found on Fugiriya's website. The web novel is significantly tamer than the visual novels although it does contain Lolicon content. A translated English version can be found here. This couple stars in the seventh game and one light novel released December 2009, and the tenth game and another light novel due in December 2010. These two items drop the relative tameness of the original web novel completely, but their significant age gap is not as controversial as expected outside the fandom. A Fan Translation of the seventh game is done. This couple stars in the ninth game (the tenth if you count Hanahira) as well.

Shizuku Kirishima/Eris Shitogi

This time we have Eris, a half-European girl paired up with the Yamato Nadeshiko Shizuku. Eris transfers into Shizuku's class from overseas and Shizuku finds herself instantly smitten by the tall blonde girl.

Eris and Shizuku star in the eighth game, the tenth game (or eleventh, if Hanahira! is counted) and one light novel released in February 2010. Both novels are currently being translated.

Kaori Hanemura/Amane Yuuki, Koharu Uozumi/Makoto Toudou

What was once assumed to be a sixth couple has turned out to be a non-hentai Spin-Off called Hanahira! released in September 2010 (officially the ninth game in the series) along with a side-story light novel. It follows four characters in St. Michael's elementary division. The main focus is on the Tsundere Kaori and Dogged Nice Girl Amane, with the overly-Moe Koharu and Tall, Dark and Bishoujo Makoto supporting. A Fan Translation is in progress.

Tropes used in A Kiss for the Petals include:

Nanami: I didn't see anything like Yuuna-senpai making a voice like that! Really, not at all! Not in the slightest!

  • Squee: See Yuri Fangirl below.
  • There Is Only One Bed: Sara is forced to share a bed with Kaede. Not that Sara minds.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Makoto and Koharu respectively.
  • WAFF: The Light Novels and OVA play out like this sort of fanfic.
  • Wingding Eyes: In the OVA, Reo gets swirls in the eyes when she tries to sit up too quickly with a fever.
    • Reo also gets hearts when she sees Mai dress up in the outfit Reo picks in the fifth novel.
    • Eris has stars when she receives a bento lunchbox from a rather embarrassed Shizuku.
  • Years Too Early: Reo says this to a group of girls who try to befriend her.
  • You Are Number Six: The main characters' classmates who have voices are referred to in script as "Girl A", "Girl B", "Girl C", etc. Takako refers to her students who aren't Runa as these names in dialogue.
  • Yuri Fangirl: If a crowd of girls witnesses a Yuri act, expect lots of Squeeing.