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A large amount of this originates from the American cartoon series and the first live-action film. A good portion of the memes relate to M. Bison.

When adding to one of the subpages, please follow this format. Not everyone knows where a particular meme came from or how it's used. Even if it's potholed.

The Animated Series

Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie

Street Fighter

  • "What strength! But don't forget there are many guys like you all over the world!"[18]

Street Fighter II

  • Guile's theme goes with everything![19]
    • A comment from Fresh Prince vs Guile Theme: Guile's Theme is a metaphor for the collective human consciousness, the timings for its beats and rhythm changes being perfectly or near perfectly set to allow it to fit in with any scene and genre with no need to cut it to fit in. In addition, the emotion of the song itself is of universal appeal, fitting in with any plot, be it tragic, heroic or action packed. Only an omniscient and omnipresent entity could have crafted such a perfect composition... thus Guile's Theme is proof there is a god.
    • "Go home and be a family man!"[20]
    • "When in doubt, I Sonic Boom!"[22]
    • "OOH-AWW! OOH-AWW! OOH-AWW!"[23]
    • "Are you man enough to fight with me?" [24]
  • E. Honda's flying headbutt[25]
    • "Dosukoi!" [26]
    • "Can't you do better than that?"
  • "The fight is all!" [35]
    • "You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance." [36]
  • "Ha ha ha ha ha! Yatta!" [37]
    • "I'm the strongest woman in the world!" [38]
  • In actuality, all of the win quotes from the original version (before the Capcom Sequel Stagnation set in) count.

Street Fighter Alpha

Street Fighter III

Street Fighter IV

Most of these are related to the characters' Catch Phrases.

There is no answer in the heart of battle!


Tournament scene

  1. description of meme and how it's used.
  2. Sagat attempts to make a small child his mascot, starting with a healthy breakfast. It doesn't make a whole lot more sense in context.
  3. Guile is Not Distracted by the Sexy when Cammy tries hitting on him.
  4. SWEET COMEBACK delivered by Ken to Fei Long.
  5. Ken is Camp Gay in the cartoon series for some unknown reason.
  6. Sagat is defeated at least twice before the episode in which he says this.
  7. Bison is happy that his mutant creations has Guile and his friends on the ropes. It is apparently very tasty.
  8. Bison exclaims this victoriously just after Guile gets tackled by one of the mutants. Goes hand in hand with the above quote. Due to the pronunciation it's spelled like that.
  9. Guile is unhappy to see Cammy kissing and allying with Bison, due to brain washing. Any sense of drama is destroyed by Guile shaking his fists like a toddler and a rather upbeat musical cue
  10. Due to getting mutated a little more Blanka has severe anger issues. After Vega tries to kill his Shallow Love Interest Blanka goes berserk. Cue Guile trying to stop Blanka and cue Blanka turning on Guile and attempts to bite his head. The one atop his shoulders.
  11. A hog covered in some virus slams into Ryu, covering him in the muck, pissing him off enough to consider giving up on his and Ken's search for treasure.
  12. Guile cursing Bison's name when he learns Blanka's been exposed to a deadly virus. When he shouts Bison's name, flames randomly sprout behind him for no reason.
  13. Upon learning that Bison had Brainwashed her to serve him.
  14. The cute sound Ken makes as he noogies Ryu.
  15. A few-seconds-later quip by Ken to Ryu after the latter throws the former off of him.
  16. Honda offering Ryu half the prize money he earned from beating Dhalsim in a fight, mainly because Dhalsim sensed Ryu's presence and that allowed Honda to get the winning blow in. That and Dhalsim forfeited as well.
  17. Balrog near the end of the film, right before he faces off with Honda. Notable due to the line's delivery and Balrog's facial features being ridiculously Off-Model to the point of Balrog appearing to be lacking in terms of mental capacities.
  18. Every opponent (except for Sagat) says this to you after being defeated.
  19. take Guile's theme song from Hyper Street Fighter II Turbo and apply it to any situation.
  20. Guile's Street Fighter II ending. It's also one of his victory quotes (but only appears in the console ports), which got a reprise (and several derivatives) in IV.
  21. Travis is Guile's voice actor in Street Fighter IV and he married Laura Bailey (Chun-Li's VA), thus he's now a family man like Guile. Also goes with some of his roles like Roy Mustang and Relius Clover
  22. One of his winquotes in HD Remix.
  23. His death scream in Super SFII.
  24. His original win quote.
  25. This doesn't need much explanation, though. For instance, it would be parodied in The King of Fighters with Hinako Shijou attempting to mimic the move and falling on her face every time.
  26. An exclamation commonly used by sumo wrestlers. Honda uses it whenever he does his aforementioned flying headbutt, as well as in one of his win poses.
  27. Each and any of these are Mondegreens, which by the very nature of that trope... are memetic on their own. For the sake of clarity, though, the explanations will contain the attacks referenced. For example, this one is "Hadoken."
  28. "Shoryuken."
  29. "Shoryuken," again.
  30. It's actually "Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku!"
  31. Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku, again
  32. Sagat's "Tiger Uppercut."
  33. Sagat's "Tiger Shot." Notable especially for Old Sagat in Super Turbo.
  34. Guile's "Sonic Boom."
  35. Ryu's motivation for Walking the Earth and seeking out stronger opponents than he is.
  36. Most non-Japanese didn't get the reference to the mythological dragon god (who isn't that one necessarily), so it left them scratching their heads as to what "Sheng Long" meant. Lead to an infamous Urban Legend of Zelda April Fool's Joke by EGM, which in turn is believed to have influenced the creation of Akuma in Turbo and eventually folded back into Gouken (the basis of the Shen Long hoax) becoming a playable character in IV.
  37. One of Chun-Li's winning poses. It has appeared in most of her subsequent appearances.
  38. Her win screen quote.
  39. One of Dan Hibiki's Catch Phrase, referencing his father, Go Hibiki.
  40. Community's acknowledgement of Dan as the series' Memetic Badass.
  41. This comes from the Street Fighter Collab from Newgrounds. It's also a reference to Dan's Small Name, Big Ego.
  42. Zangief's Catch Phrase.
  43. The kanji character on Gouki/Akuma's back which is prominent in both his official artwork, and one of his win poses.
  44. What he says during one of said win poses.
  45. What the Nintendo Hard Shin Akuma says to you just before you fight him. Also yes, "Feel" was typo-ed as "Fell" in Alpha and Alpha 2.
  46. The Dempsey Roll from Hajime no Ippo is the inspiration behind Dudley's Rolling Thunder Super Art.
  47. His Super Street Fighter IV version of "You Blow My Mind" has also led to "Let's fight like gentlemen... ON THE DANCE FLOOR!" and "Let's dance... like gentlemen."
  48. A flowchart from the SF competitive community. It would be later referenced by Ken's winquote in Super Street Fighter IV: "See? The best fighter always wins. As easy to understand as a flowchart."
  49. Cody's theme, which repeats this line.
  50. Most of these don't need any explanation, but for the sake of formatting, we're going to name when this happens.
  51. Victory in the first round. It's a Mondegreen of "Time to get mad."
  52. Already explained.
  53. Dudley during his EX Machine Gun Blow. This one actually comes from Stuart McLean, Dudley's VA in SSFIV.
  54. Ryu's intro.
  55. Guy, when defeated.
  56. Japanese equivalent of the above.
  57. Guy wears Nikes as part of his combat attire. This is a Take That to Naruto, which is made even funnier by the fact that Guy's alternate outfit in SSFIV is almost as implausible for a ninja as Naruto's getup.
  58. Hakan's Catch Phrase.
  59. Yet another Mondegreen, now of Fei Long's Kiai screams.
  60. Oni isn't really banned, but people love to joke about it because he's a rare character and his overall design just screams "broken".
  61. Again, another Mondegreen for the above. Comes from one of Egoraptor's sketches from the Street Fighter Collab.
  62. A climactic, showstopping finish to the EVO 2004 match in Street Fighter III: Third Strike between Daigo "The Beast" Umehara and Justin Wong. In the last round, Daigo's Ken is whittled down to his last tick of health: any damage, even chip damage, would have ended the match in Justin's favor. When Justin activates Chun-Li's Hoyoku Sen Super Art, Daigo proceeds to parry every single hit of the super and counters with his own combo, turning the tables against Justin and winning the match.
  63. From the memorable EVO 2004 Daigo vs JWong match, seen directly above. Any match with an American player in Nico Video is bound to have this line in the scrolling comments. This later crossed over into a Marvel vs. Capcom 2 match of J. Wong's, where (much like Daigo), Justin managed to reverse his fortune. See the respective page for more details.
  64. A derivative of the commentary from the above EVO match, which, upon seeing Daigo backed into a corner and on the verge of a loss, notes that this is "Rare footage of Daigo angry."
  65. From another Daigo vs. JWong match, this time in SSFIV. Guile vs. Rufus. Both of them end with a double K.O. (See this page for the full explanation.)