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The characters of the webcomic Zap:

Excelsior's Crew, past and present

Zap Vexler

A amnesiac psychic spaceship captain. He sometimes lapses into a Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, especially when Reona is in danger. Most of the time he's the Idiot Hero, though. Currently kidnapped by people who knew him before his amnesia.

Reona Lightstar

The redheaded first mate of the ship with an Arm Cannon. In the current arc she'll learn to be more assertive.


The ship herself, who communicates via Robot and can choose her own captain. Later revealed to have a holographic interface that looks just like Reona and was built to seek the "Lost Ones"

Grontar Grott

A huge four armed Genius Bruiser, with Overprotective Dad tendencies towards Reona.


Formerly named XR-7439-Q, Robot is the Snarky Non-Human Sidekick, a sentient Robot Buddy (though the "buddy" part is involuntary and quite questionable).


Kasey is a type of alien called a Stickle, and is a Wrench Wench and Bungling Inventor.

Efrem Nutari

The Left for Dead former captain, and is not as he first seemed.

Holly Kidson

A Space Pirate who kidnaps Reona and Robot seeking to use them in her quest for revenge. She later joins the crew of the Excelsior.

Holly: Arr, shiver her timbers, mates!
Inman and Scherzer: *confused looks*
Holly: Just... hit her on the head.

Inman and Scherzer

Holly's underlings, who refused to leave after she dismissed them.

The Rebellion

Justin Smith

A high-ranking member of the Rebellion, and Reona's superior. He was captured by William and held captive by the GEF until his rescue by Grontar.

Jason Wilkins

A Rebellion grunt who drinks too much. He pointed the GEF at Zap in the backstory, causing him to flee and land aboard the Excelsior. Captured by the GEF at the same time Justin was.


Demonica was a fellow waitress with Reona, and introduced her to Efrem. She has since taken over the Rings of Luck Casino and helps out the Rebellion.

The Serpent's Faction

Gunner Stryfe

A mysterious psychic from Zap's past with a Meaningful Name.

Naveed Catlos

A deadly katana wielding Catgirl. She cut off Reona's arm in a flashback.


The leader of the the Galilean Satellites, Io has the power of fire. He seems to be serious in personality.


One of the Elementaros, a race that can control the elements, and a member of the Galilean Satellites. Callisto has control over water.


One of the Elementaros, a race that can control the elements, and a member of the Galilean Satellites. Europa has control over wind.


They youngest of the Elementaros, a race that can control the elements, and a member of the Galilean Satellites. Ganymede has control over earth.


President Billings

The bungling head of the GEF, who has started a pogrom against Psychics.

William Haskins

A GEF commander and the head of the Psychic Academy. His character is gaining importance in the story.


A powerful psychic and adviser to the President. Vitale adopted the orphaned William and raised him.

Maximus Verbatim

The general of the GEF's ground forces. He's planning a coup.

Feonix Yago

The general of the GEF's aquatic forces. His species rebelled against the GEF long ago, but Yago seemingly betrayed them and surrendered. Now he seeks to destroy the GEF from the inside.