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Bug Martini is a gag-per-day humorous webcomic written by Adam Huber, started on October 19, 2009. Bug features caricatures of cockroaches as its characters and uses those character to poke fun at a wide array of subjects. The comic touches on a wide variety of comedic material, with little pattern as to what Huber will lampoon. The comics themselves rarely have a set punchline, often instead having a joke in each panel, thus providing multiple laughs per strip. (See "Pizza Delivery" for a good example).

Updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with a Sunday strip for Paetron backers.

Tropes used in Bug Martini include:

You look just like my ex-girlfriend, except you're fatter and not as pretty.
What's up with your outfit? It's like you were dressed by deranged gypsies.
I like comic books.

No, I do NOT want to subscribe to "Murderer Monthly", "Killin' Quarterly", or "Maxim".

"Stupid kitten!"

"Ack! What amazing peripheral vision!"

Man in a wheelchair: "Move it, cripple."

My middle name is "danger"!
My middle name is "cautionary discretion".

"What are you drawing, my son?"
"Our church being destroyed by three Godzillas."