Tomica Hero Rescue Force

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"Save the life! Rescue Force, explosively suppress the extreme disasters!"


A Toku that serves as the Spiritual Successor to Madan Senki Ryukendo, taking the Rescue genre and seeing just how outlandishly awesome it can make it. The plot centres on the titular Rescue Force, a team of rescue workers equipped with high-tech equipment designed to stop extreme natural disasters. It carries a Rescue Police vibe in that their equipment is designed primarily for rescue efforts, not to fight evil. Despite this, the show has been slowly creeping towards evil-fighting with antagonists Neo Terror artificially creating extreme disasters and sending Mooks to interfere with the rescue efforts.

With the same writing staff, stunt crew and suit aesthetic, any fan of Ryukendo will probably like Rescue Force. And with the name of a toy company in the title of the show, there should be no doubt that it's Merchandise-Driven all the way.

The show got a sequel with a new branch of Rescue Force in the form of Tomica Hero Rescue Fire.

Tropes used in Tomica Hero Rescue Force include:
  1. Mobile Mode, Break Ax, Break Hammer, Break Pick, Break Rope, Break Hand, Break Shot and Break Drill
  2. Mantis Mode, Whale Mode and Drill Crusher
  3. Sword Mode, Drill Mode and Divider Mode which is further split into Flame Divider, Sonic Divider, Aqua Divider