Impossible Hourglass Figure

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"How'd you come up with the [bottle's] design?" "I don't know, it just came to me!"

A woman in comics or cartoons doesn't have ribs like a real actress does. Thus she can easily have a far narrower waist than would be possible with even the strictest of corsets - and usually without even wearing one!

A woman with an Impossible Hourglass Figure has generous curves, with an impossibly narrow waist as an unproblematic part of how she just happens to look. Thus taking the classic "hourglass figure" beauty ideal Up to Eleven. She's always designed to be attractive, even in the cases where she's not Ms. Fanservice or Hello, Nurse!: Monsters with insect-like narrow waists does not count, even if the shape reminds of a hourglass.

For more realistic hourglass figures, see instead Of Corsets Sexy and Of Corset Hurts.

No real life examples, please; it's called an impossible figure for a reason.

Examples of Impossible Hourglass Figure include:

Anime and Manga

  • It'd be easier to name women drawn by the mangaka who don't fit the bill in One Piece - but for starters, we offer up Miss Doublefinger , Boa Hancock, Nico Robin, and Nami. One would get the idea that this is one of Oda's many fancies.
  • Several women from Fairy Tail and Rave Master also fit the bill - in this case, Mashima outright states that he actually doesn't find it especially appealing and he mainly uses the design to please young male fans.
  • The Gender Flippped America in Axis Powers Hetalia.
  • Quite a few of the women in Code Geass have this type of figure, most notably Kallen and Milly.

Comic Books

  • The Winx Club comics feature this trait more prominently among the cast (which is mostly comprised of women), to the point that their breasts look like they could fall off at any given moment.

Fashion Design

  • This Stella McCartney dress creates the optical illusion that the wearer has one of these.



  • 15-year-old Poddy Fries from Podkayne of Mars by Robert A. Heinlein gives her bust size as 90 centimeters and her waist as 48 -- roughly 36 and 20 inches, respectively. She doesn't give her hip size, but the passage makes it clear she's not unhappy with her appearance, so it's probably proportionate. This on someone who's 157 cm (5'2") and 49 kg (108 lbs), with "legs that are long for my height".

Live Action Television

  • An episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia actually deconstructs this trope. Dennis takes up fashion designing, and specifically designs his clothes for someone with an Hourglass figure. Of course, since no one in real life actually has one...

Newspaper Comics

Video Games

Web Comics

Western Animation

Real Life

  • It is not unknown for some women pursuing an ideal or a fetish (neurotically or not) to use corsets or even surgery to enforce an otherwise impossible body shape.