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    A warning to the people, the good and the evil, this is war.


    A post-game civil war Pokémon roleplaying site, Predormitum takes place two years after Gen V, and the pokemon world is now being torn apart by an ideological war between the factions Lux and Nox. All characters in the game must choose a side to fight for or, at the very least, agree with—no one can be True Neutral. PRE has over 200 accounts, with both factions 80+ strong. The site opened in October 2011, and since then, lots and lots of pokemon have died.

    The site runs on a currency called war effort points, which can be cashed in for pokemon and party upgrades, but mostly it's primarily used to donate to battles and skirmishes. (Battles are mod-created tournament-style events. Skirmishes are initiated by members that plot an assault.) The faction that accumulates the most WEP donated by its members for a given battle/skirmish wins new territory. This results in everyone killing off their pokemon for WEP.

    Our character sheet is here, but the useful pages are the Lux sheet and Nox sheet since there's nothing on the main one.

    Tropes used in Predormitum include:

    In Character

    • A Million Is a Statistic - Some of the Sentinels, the elite force of Lux, would have no problem wiping out a large group of people if it made Lux better off.
    • Accidental Pervert - Poor Barnaby, accused of being too interested in the Token Loli
    • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking - Some of Lux's rules can come off as this; right up there among things such as not having a pokemon on you are things like a curfew.
    • Ax Crazy - Too many to even mention.
    • Badass Adorable - Quite a few could fit under this, notably Anabel.
    • Berserk Button - Whatever you do, don't try to kill one of Tika's pokemon, it never ends well.
    • Beware the Nice Ones - Shamees
    • Big Bad - Lux or Nox, depending on which side a character is on. Alternatively, Shamees is the big bad in Nox's eyes, while the region leaders are the big bad(s) in Lux's eyes.
    • Big Brother Is Watching - Lux is frequently portrayed like this, mostly owing to the laws they have in place, as well as mandatory IDs.
    • Big No - Tying into Killed Off for Real, characters frequently do this when their pokemon die/almost die.
    • Bishonen - What gender is Liang anyway?
    • Break the Cutie - If a character is naive and innocent, its only a matter of time before this happens. Typically Proton is the one that is the cause of this.
    • Captain Obvious - Why hello there Hector.
    • Catgirl - Tika, nya!
    • Catch Phrase - Tika with her "nya" and "meow".
    • Child Prodigy - To be expected, considering the site has canons like Red, Ruby, and such, but they're all grown up now.
    • Crowning Moment of Awesome - There are many on the site; you just have to look around.
    • Dark and Troubled Past - At least half of the characters on this site have some serious baggage.
    • Dark Is Not Evil / Light Is Not Good - Don't let the names Nox and Lux fool you. This RP is shades of grey all the way through.
    • Darker and Edgier - It's war in a series where death is only outright mentioned maybe once or twice. You bet this is darker and edgier.
    • Elegant Gothic Lolita - The outfit Aris usually wears screams this.
    • Enemy Mine - When you have characters like Maxie, leader of Team Magma, and Sapphire, the girl who took his organization down, on the same side, you get situations like this. Not to mention Cipher and the Orre Trio (or at least Michael and Rui) aligning with Lux...
    • Even Evil Has Standards - Even the evil characters have some limits...mostly. Balendin on the other hand...
    • Fluffy the Terrible / Deathbringer the Adorable - With the many names people come up with for their Pokemon, these are inevitable.
    • Grey and Grey Morality - Each side has people trying to make the world a better place and people who just want to see it all burn. Really, neither side is truly good or evil.
    • The Grim Reaper - Queen.
    • Heel Face Turn - Renae was originally a founder of Lux before they started censoring her work, then she went over to Nox.
    • Heterosexual Life Partners - Lots of close friendships form, a notable example being Tika and Brianna.
    • Hide Your Children - Averted. People RP characters young enough to be just starting their Pokemon journeys.
    • Hot Springs Episode - At one point, Giovanni and Maxie meet at Lavaridge's hot springs.
    • Humans Are the Real Monsters - It IS a war, after all. It's inevitable that the bad side of humans would be shown.
    • Jeanne D'Archetype - Queen
    • Jerkass - Proton, obviously enough.
      • Also Renae, and probably a bunch of others.
    • Kick the Dog - Played with. At one point Renae kicks a Liepard, aka a cat.
    • Killed Off for Real - So many Pokemon, and even some characters, have become casualties to the war.
    • La Résistance - Nox, definitely.
    • Large Ham - Giovanni, at times.
    • Mistaken Identity - It is incredibly easy to mistake Aris for Alyssa, considering how similar they look to each other.
    • Mons - Its a Pokemon RP. What would it be without them?
    • Mood Whiplash - Compare the skirmish and battle threads with most character meetup threads. Oftentimes the contrast will leave your head spinning.
    • My God, What Have I Done? - Maxie now that he has had time to realize how his plan to control Groudon failed so epically.
    • No Good Deed Goes Unpunished - Many characters, trying to do the right thing, have been stepped on by more opportunistic ones.
    • Oh Crap - They have yet to be used, but the first time Zekrom or Reshiram are used in a skirmish/battle, you can be sure this will happen.
    • Orphan's Ordeal - This is war. Tons of orphans.
    • Pyrrhic Victory - All the time, with the Battle of Village Bridge serving as a big example.
    • Reign of Terror - Lux, according to Nox. In some locations, quite hard to debate. See Sootopolis skirmish.
    • Roaring Rampage of Revenge - Tika towards Cecil's Volcarona, after the latter nearly killed the former's Sneasel.
    • Rule of Cool - Prevalent a lot on the site; listing examples would inflate the page so much.
    • Samus Is a Girl - Some females on the site could easily pass as a boy, namely Anabel.
    • Slasher Smile - Tika has a fairly good one.
    • Stuff Blowing Up - This is a given, considering pokemon have moves capable of blowing up a lot of things at once.
    • Take Over the World - Team Magma and Team Rocket are back...and what do they want to do? Take over the world.
    • Team Mom - Lucian babysits everybody.
    • The Evils of Free Will - Lux's take on things
    • The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized - The war in general.
    • The Sociopath - Hello Proton - and Venus.
    • The Stoic - Take one look at Balendin and you'll realize just how stoic he is. Red fits in here as well, master of the ". . ."
    • The Spock - Pixie. Can you say first battle post equals blitzkrieg?
    • Troll - Karen. Youmadbro?
    • Twin Telepathy - Tate and Liza. Hello there psychic twins.
    • Undying Loyalty - Obviously enough, most of the pokemon on the site will feel this way towards their trainers.
    • Urban Legend Love Life - Shamees gets all the sex scandals and none of the sex.
    • War Is Hell - Many characters feel this way about the conflict.
    • Well-Intentioned Extremist - Hello, welcome to the point of the site. Both the organizations at large and many characters within them fulfill this trope.
    • Would Hurt a Child - Subverted with Proton; despite all his other bad tendencies, he can't hurt a kid.

    Out of Character

    • Ascended Extra - There are actually people R Ping as Red's parents and Youngster Joey. Anything goes on this site.
    • Butt Monkey - Jin.
    • Captain Obvious - This trope expands to Hector's player as well, Jin.
    • Cargo Ship - Go ahead. Ask anyone on the cbox about Hector and his trees.
    • Complacent Gaming Syndrome - The reasoning behind the Overused and Banned lists is to avert this and give the less-noteworthy Pokemon more love.
    • Crack Pairing - The infamous Hector and Tree ship competes with Byron's love of defense for king of the crack ships.
    • Gag Censor - A variety of verbal ones. Try to find them all!
    • Level Grinding - Gotta get some of that WEP.
    • Loads and Loads of Characters
    • Memetic Mutation - 86 ASSBREEZE and Hector's love of trees are the two big ones, but there are quite a few of them that pop up.
    • Name's the Same - Michael, and its many variations, are very common among Lux players. It has become an in-joke that all Mikes join Lux.
    • Never Trust a Title - The site is not as sleepy as its title would make you think.
    • Nightmare Face - Look out for when Haribo brings out a certain infamous avatar on the cbox.
    • Oh Crap - When you realize the battle brackets are up, and you're the one in 2vs1, and the two's Red and Shamees.
    • Tonka Tough - The c-box. It can handle anything. Anything. (an average rate of +100 messages per minute)
    • Video Game Cruelty Potential - You get bonus WEP, the site currency, if you kill your Pokemon. WEP is a very useful thing to have. Do the math.