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One of the central tenets of Fanfic is Fix Fic. A desire to change or explore the original content in a way that makes more sense to the writer, or that the writer felt was wrong or simply because their favourite Shipping pairing didn't get together.

This trope is when, instead of using the hammer of Fanfiction to repair, a fic writer deliberately and often lovingly smashes it to bits with a Deconstruction. They take aspects of the work to extremes or down a logical path that shows the faults therein, either deliberately or simply by pulling the loose threads until something breaks.

A Fanfic writer may take the setting, characters, tropes, plots, or the genre as their target. In addition, the fic may directly deconstruct the original work or any number of of Fanfic Tropes, cliches, or elements of Fanon common to Fan Works based on that canon.

Note that while a Deconstruction Fic may well take a dark path with revealing the canon's actual Fridge Horror within, it doesn't have to be a literal deconstruction of the setting and characters like a Dark Fic. A story can still be a Deconstruction even if it's a WAFF or Hate Fic.

An example of a typical deconstruction in fanfic:

  • The Alice and Bob fandom of a certain Teen Drama or Kid Com has a Fandom-Specific Plot involving a one-night stand which causes a pregnancy. Played straight the pregnancy brings them together, their families both accept and help the pair through the pregnancy, and they eventually fall in love and have a beautiful child and live happily ever after.
  • A deconstruction for that plot can take several forms: Drawing notice to the fact that Alice and Bob are only 15 years old, aren't in love, have school to deal with, and their family situations aren't conducive to taking care of a child. A discussion about what to do takes place and causes a rift between them, or the family kicks Alice out, or they force Alice into a choice against her will or they have existing relationships that are impacted on by the pregnancy. The stress, guilt and angst continue to the point Alice and Bob end up hating each other with the one-night stand and it's aftermath a regret, and never to be repeated again.

A Deconstruction can still have a perfectly happy ending. In the deconstruction above Alice and Bob could work through their angst and stress and come to terms with what happened, and eventually they do come to love each other for each other, and not because they happened to have a baby together.

Deconstruction Crossover is a common form of this and examples of that should go there. Take care to remember the differences between this and Fix Fic, especially if the work the fic springs from is a member of the Deconstructor Fleet.

Examples of Deconstruction Fic include:

Anime and Manga

  • Axis Powers Hetalia:
  • Bleach:
  • Code Geass sequel fics are fond of tearing down the epilogue of R2 by showing the realistic political consequences of the power vacuum Lelouch left in his wake.
    • The Sum Of Our Choices deconstruct the idea of a successful Black Rebellion by the fact that a lot of self-declared governments-in-exile wants a piece of the new government by Zero and he having to deal with vengeful Japanese and social unrests after Britannia's withdraw. Also, it deconstructs the Britannian politics, by having the EU taking advantage of the incoming crysis due to the fact that Britannia shifted itself to be a sakuradite-based economy, thanks to the reserves in Japan.
  • Digimon: The fanfic community is in love with this. Here's some examples:
  • Fate/stay night:
    • I Put On My Robe and Wizard Hat is another of those Deconstructive Affectionate Parody fics that go through periods of popularity. Re-imagining Shiruo as a child of the chan boards is only the beginning. Apostles In Leather Pants, the sequel, does Tsukihime.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
  • Love Hina tends to attract these:
    • In An Alternate Keitaro Urashima, Keitaro decided to go on with his life instead of following on a Childhood Marriage Promise, so he didn't bother trying to get into Tokyo University and went to another college. Because the rest of the 'verse is mostly the same, the moment Granny Hina tries to rope him into managed the inn-converted-into-dorm, he takes a look at the tenants and their bratty, violent tendencies, goes "oh, hell no!" and runs of the opposite direction; the drama on the fic comes from Hina and the Hinata Girls trying and failing to get Keitaro to take over the inn for their own reasons, their attempts ruined by poor communication, their own fatal flaws, and their common tendency on never acknowledging their own responsibility on their bad choices.
    • From the same author of the above, For His Own Sake takes Keitaro's comedic abuse and plays it for drama. Keitaro, fed up on being the Inn's Punching Bag, decides to leave the place to stop the abuse. When Granny and the Girls go on try to restore the Status Quo, they find out that their Karma Houdini Warranty has expired and Reality Ensues hard on them whether they want to accept it or not. It also deconstructs Keitaro's Extreme Doormat actions, as him being prone to please the girls at the expense of himself enabled the girls's abuse and landed in that situation in the first place.
    • Love Hina: Like It Could Have Been has Haruka taking over the Inn after Keitaro is driven from the place. Enraged by the way the tenants treated her nephew, she makes the girls do the duties he was going to do.
  • Naruto has notable examples:
    • Jeconais' The banishment of Uzumaki Naruto in which the often pulled fan trope of the town council being a powerful force grinding Naruto down is skewered, and Danzo's pet project gets rather nicely sporked as well. Notable in showing even an admitted Crack Fic can be a Deconstruction Fic.
    • Uprooted takes the idea of Danzo getting his hands on our favourite Highly-Visible Ninja... and instead of going the Break the Cutie route, has Naruto's own nature start a tumbling row of dominos that Break the Haughty Danzo and destroy ROOT. This is a rare case where a deconstruction can be optimistic and lighthearted.
    • Yet again, with a little extra help uses its cracky, silly premise to mock too many aspects of fandom in general and of Naruto in particular to list here. The central Original Characters, for example, are essentially god-like beings playing Self-Insert Fic in the Narutoverse. This gets lampshaded, mocked, and diced so many ways... and then writer Third Fang remembers to execute it well on top of that.
    • We Are deconstructs the Fanon idea of a "clan reconstruction" law allowing the last member of a clan to have multiple wives (generally used to invoke the Tenchi Solution) by carrying out the idea of a "clan reconstruction" plan to its logical conclusion. The person invoking it is placed under house arrest until they produce at least two grandchildren (to ensure that the clan doesn't end with them), and are forbidden to get in fights to avoid risking death. Spouses are chosen for them based not on their own romantic or sexual desires, but on genetic compatibility to ensure maximization of offspring production.
    • Fanfiction author Lucilia is quite good at writing these, mostly poking out Plot Holes and the Continuity Drift who plagues the series. Some examples:
      • Her First Try Series deconstructs how the younger generation of characters could be particularly ignorant of stuff like the former prominence of certain clans and why they all are comparatively way less talented than their immediate ancestors.
      • Playing Games deconstruct the Fandom-Specific Plot of Naruto being raised as an ANBU. They had to do it by basically disguising the training as kid games and hiding their actions in the dark of the night, in a (eventually futile) attempt to preserve the kid's innocence.
      • Uzumaki and Uchiha deconstruct the adoring nature of Konoha's citizens towards Sasuke despite the revelation than the Uchiha weren't particularly liked when they were alive. This is an AU where turns out that Sasuke and Naruto are related, and they discover it when Naruto unexpectedly awakens the Sharingan. When news of this arrive back to Konoha, the citizens come to the conclusion that Naruto was specifically bred so the Uchiha could control the jinchuuriki, and their adoration of Sasuke ends then and there, quickly substituted by the same distrust they had towards his relatives in live.
      • Time Mix Up, along with its Deconstructive Parody of Peggy Sue fics, deconstructs the common treatment most fanfics take on Naruto's Highly-Visible Ninja status. Instead of denouncing it or making him dressing in more subdued colors, as many other fics do, its pointed out that Naruto is a master of stealth due to the many years of practice on escaping more experienced ninjas while in a cone road orange getup. In fact, when two other characters follow his example and begin to train in similarly attention grabbing colors, their stealth abilities increases quickly.
    • The Gentry is a deconstruction of the typical "evil, badass, harem amassing master hero" fic prominent in Naruto and many other Shonen fandoms, via a crossover with DC Comics. The Gentry here acts as an stand up of the kind of author of such type of stories, and gleefully admit that they have manipulating and corrupting Naruto and his surroundings so he loses his "innocence" and his friends, and that way he can become an pliable peon for their multiverse domination plans.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion is itself a deconstruction, so Fics that directly fix it are, well, Fix Fic. But the fandom has many a trope and cliche to poke at and smash:
    • Taking Sights by Lavanya Six deconstructs many of the Peggy Sue standbys of Neon Genesis Evangelion Fix Fic; it's Gendo Ikari who goes back to fix his mistakes. In the process he manages to make things worse for himself, both through not understanding why things originally broke down, resulting in his fixes just blowing everything to hell, and through the butterfly effect pissing on his plans. Going crazy probably doesn't help much, either.
    • There's also Better Luck Next Time. Also by Lavanya Six, it is a much more direct slap to Effortless Badass!Shinji Peggy Sues.
    • ARSENAL is at least partly a vicious deconstruction of the Peggy Sue as well; we find a far from saintly Shinji who considers himself beyond the Moral Event Horizon and willing to go even farther that his father would for his goals. Interestingly, this is by Sage of Toads under another pseudonym.
    • The famous Shinji and Warhammer 40 K manages to be a Fix Fic and a Deconstruction Fic simultaneously. On one hand Shinji fixes a lot of problems, both literal and mental, and has resulted in the heroes escalating themselves to unprecedented levels. On the other hand, it deconstructs the fanon idea that Shinji being badass is going to fix the whole series; the enemies have also escalated, and while the firepower thrown around in the original series is nothing to scoff at it can't compare to one Angel killing tens of millions of people by bombing cities across the planet, another Angel used to unleash a Zombie Apocalypse on steriods, or rendering most of Europe completely barren within days.
    • Nobody Dies deconstructs wider themes in Anime.
    • The Open Door deconstructs Conservation of Ninjutsu and God Mode Sue, as revealed in the conversation between Ali, Rong-Arya and Toji: All of the new!Chaos troops get very good equipment and are all capable to near-God Mode Sue levels, but this is because they have to be; since Earth is still rebuilding post-Third Impact, the population levels are still low, so every loss will be felt more keenly than in a more populous nation.
    • The Neon Genesis Evangelion/Cthulhu Tech crossover Aeon Natum Engel deconstructs Misato's Lethal Chef-ery as being the result of having lost her senses of smell and taste to injury, forcing her to spice up her food to the levels they are at in order to even taste anything. As well as all sorts of other tropes.
  • One Piece:
  • Pokémon: Fics based in the anime playing with the franchise's "trainer and Mons power of friendship" motif are common. It also helps that, unlike the mostly soft anime, exploring the lethality of the 'verse is already prevalent in other spinoffs like the Pokémon Special Manga, in which both Pokémon and humans suffer what can happen in the world of Pokémon.
    • The Sun Soul more or less shows how dangerous the Pokéverse would be in reality.
    • Poke Wars completely tears apart the sub-genre of Pokémon revolution fanfictions. It also highlights how lethal the Pokémon can be.
    • No Antidote shreds the Power of Friendship... and you may never look at your starters the same way again. Or any of your other Pokémon.
    • Cori Falls tries to deconstruct what she perceives as the unfair treatment of the Team Rocket trio at Ash's hands, but due to her incompetence her fics read as deconstructions of Protagonist Centred Morality as Ash turns out to be the highly-abused villain who just wants to get on with his life, while Jesse, James and Meowth turn into entitled protagonists who believe everything must be handed to them because They Are That Nice.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica:
    • Magica Madoka Veneficus Puella deconstructs the typical Fix Fic expected for this fandom. It arguably swings back and forth between this and Fix Fic.
    • The Movie, Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion is probably an even bigger deconstruction of fix fics: a particular situation in the film is basically extracted of the typical fix fic, and portrayed as silly, stupid and fake. And when someone finally fix the problem, it comes to a even bigger price than anything from the original series.
    • Puella Magi Mary Sue Magica begins like an standard Parody Sue fic, but soon the titular character gets into a Sanity Slippage spiral, and the events that come from that reminds us that this is still Madoka Magica, and there will be tragic consequences no matter how powerful a Magical Girl appears to be.
  • Ranma ½: These tend to deconstruct the whole Gender Bender/Shapeshifting, by overplaying the mental stress these put on the characters straight, and not for fun. Their over the top flaws from the manga (Ryoga and orientation, Ranma and socializing etc.) are used too. Usually this ends with a massive downer.
    • The Key to a Successful Interview, another Sage of Toads work, takes the Beautiful Destroyer Sailor Moon route, with additional Troll Fic and Revenge Fic elements. Notably, it also gives Ranma and Akane a much better first impression.
    • The Ends by Twoflower is meant to be "my farewell to Ranma ½, and my condemnation of it". It rips the very things needed to maintain the madcap comedy of the series to shreds, particularly the idea that it could result in a concrete, satisfying ending.
    • Dutiful Child by Luan Mao takes the "give the characters exactly what they want, in all its suck" route. There's an element of Fix Fic, but it's also a bitter breakdown of what kind of manliest man would result from Ranma's childhood.
    • Tales of Ranma and Ranko deconstructs the common "Ranma and his girl side are split into two people" plot by realistically extrapolating the For Want of a Nail effect such a change would have on everything and everyone around them -- plus exploring the effects such a split would have on both Ranma and Ranko themselves. It also delves into several canon relationships -- Shampoo and Cologne, Ryoga and Akari, Dr. Tofu and Kasumi -- to show how they could be something not quite apparent on the surface. All this while still managing to be an Original Flavour story with no small amount of comedy.
  • Sailor Moon has gained a few:
    • Crystal Tokyo, the Crystal Spires and Togas utopian Future of Sailor Moon, is frequently deconstructed into a Knight Templar Dystopia — famously, in I'm Here to Help. Neo-Queen Serenity, Sailor Moon's future self, is described as "cleansing the Earth's people of evil". That would be enough to plant Epileptic Trees, but then in the second season, the Black Moon Clan showed up, time-traveling antagonists who refused to be "purified" and left Crystal Tokyo forever. That just made removing people's "evil" sound even more like a euphemism for mass brainwashing.
    • On the other hand, Beautiful Destroyer Sailor Moon goes the Satire, Parody, Pastiche shock value route, but somehow manages to do it in a mostly upbeat feel-good manner. Basically, if your eyes have scars from assorted unpleasant things you've come across online, this might actually help.
  • The Familiar of Zero has many stories that replace Saito for a more competent character as Louise's Familiar, from personality changes to Original Characters to even bringing other established characters from various series. The main similarity is that they're usually much more powerful than Saito could ever be and manage to help Louise get a better image across from her nickname 'Zero'. Of course, this Fandom-Specific Plot has a few deconstructions.

Comic Books

  • Tintin:
    • Dahlia Nilsson wrote An Evening at the Airport as a response to the way women are portrayed in Tintin. Herge has been criticized for the lack of female characters in the albums. On top of that many people have pointed out that when the women do appear they are clichés and are portrayed as castrating and unwelcome presences. She mainly focuses on the few women that there are. Jolyon Wagg’s wife and teenage daughter are given lines even though they don’t speak in the series. Bianca Castafiore and Martine Vaderzande are rendered intelligent and occasionally profound and Peggy portrayed as a bitter jaded woman who has to put up with her philandering and generally irresponsible husband who acts more henpecked than he actually is to get sympathy.
  • DC Universe:
    • The fanfic Inviolate uses Lex Luthor to explore a number of things taken for granted in the DC Comics universe, including but not limited to: why mad scientists are mad, why evil geniuses are evil, why so many of the last of their kind keep ending up on Earth, why villains stay villains and why despite all the extremely high levels of technology available in the DCU their level of tech seems to be at the same level as the real world.


  • Alvin and The Chipmunks:
  • High School Musical: There are fanfics where after the characters have graduated at the end of the third movie, they go off to their respective colleges with no preparation for the real world. Scenarios like Sharpay getting knocked back from a theatre career for her attitude and something horrible happening to Troy are fairly common.
  • Star Trek:
    • A Glided Hook deconstructs the fandom the Mindmeld Gave Me Feelings and the Mindlink Mates aspect of Kirk and Spock Prime. The emotions Kirk feels are not his own, it drives him away from his relationships and abandons the Enterprise to be with Spock Prime, ignoring the calls of his friends and Starfleet. Spock Prime turns out to be Mirror Spock Prime, who purposely poisoned Kirk's mind because he loved and killed his universe's Jim Kirk and regretted it. Kirk ends up having to kill Spock Prime to be free of his control. And Word of God says Kirk doesn't end up in a good place after all of this.
  • Star Wars: Fan fiction writers like to deconstruct the morality of the good guys, particularly the Jedi, the Republic, and their successors. A lot. After all, there has to be a reason why technology never seems to advance.
    • This is not just limited to Star Wars fan fiction. KOTOR 2 is practically dedicated to this.
  • The Dark Knight:
  • The View Askewniverse: The Jay/Silent Bob Slash segment of fandom tends to explore the dark side of what is generally considered a simple comic relief duo. Themes include tragic back-stories to explain Jay's outlandish behavior and Bob's silence, the realities of drug use/abuse, and the angst of being secretly in love with your best friend.
    • And the unfortunate truth is that a lot of that stuff is actually true of Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes in Real Life.
      • In fact, in Clerks II the reason Jay gives for the duo having been in prison is the actual reason that Jason Mewes had been in prison a few months before filming. He was caught with drugs after being arrested on "suspicion of mischief" which apparently translates into, "Driving around with a deployed airbag." Which, come to think of it, is hilarious rather than angsty.
  • Sweet Home Alabama: Mine, All Mine deconstructs the Romantic False Lead trope by showing the consequences it can have for the false lead. While Melanie and Jake are celebrating their un-divorce, we get to follow Andrew immediately after the events of what was supposed to be his and Melanie's wedding, as he gives up the honeymoon suite at their motel and ends up not having anywhere to go for the night, gets drunk and then goes on their honeymoon to the Caribbean alone since he's already paid for it anyway. Of course he, too, gets his happy ending, but it takes a while.


  • Anthem:
  • The Chronicles of Narnia famously has The Problem of Susan by Neil Gaiman, who deconstructs the Esoteric Happy Ending of the final book of the series.
  • Dragonriders of Pern: Fandom mostly revolves around RPGs due to a long-standing fanfic ban. They deconstruct the eponymous dragonriders. The fans see riders as soldiers due to their militaristic lifestyle. The minute you Impress, you can't back out of it. Dragons are really big targets for Thread, and the telepathic bond means that when they get hurt, you'll feel it too. If you're physically hurt, you still need to keep it together unless you want them to panic, die, and leave you a traumatized wreck. You have to oil and bathe a house-sized creature by hand, participate in several-hour-long drills with about two days off a month, and make/maintain your own riding gear from scratch. While they have reason to be idealized both in canon and by fans, dragonriders' lives are definitely not carefree.
  • Harry Potter: As one of the biggest fandoms in history, it contains a lot of fanfic de-construction of Canon or Fanon, sometimes as a primary goal, and sometimes as a side effect:
  • Orlando Furioso is arguably this to Orlando Innamorato, the book which it serves as a sequel to.
  • Redwall: Fic commonly attempts to deconstruct the Exclusively Evil nature of vermin.
  • The Inheritance Cycle:
    • The Storm Dragons is a well-written fanfic series presenting the world from the perspective of a family of Dragons, the eponymous storm dragons, and from Galbatorix. Turns the canon series on it's head, and worth a read at least once. Whether it is Deconstruction Fic or Hate Fic for Canon is debatable—it could be argued it does not so much turns canon on its head via deconstruction as simply ignores it to rewrite the series Transplanted Character Fic style.
    • The Midnight Masque is also an example of Inheritace deconstruction, although it focuses more on the characters themselves than the actual plot of the story. Arya and Galbatorix, in particular, get a lot of this(although Roran's Day in The Limelight chapter really unravels Eragon)
  • The Hatedom of Twilight definitively loves to do this. In the twispitefic comm (born in LiveJournal, currently in Dreamwidth), if a fic is tagged as "Logical Extreme", "How should it have gone" and "Reality Enema", is almost surely one of these. Some of the usual targets are the imprinting deal with the werewolves, Bella's disturbing obsession with becoming perfect at the price of her humanity, the situation of Renesmee, everybody being an horrible person despite the text saying they are all the opposite of mean, and what would be really the perception of a rich family without a visible way of income (like the Cullens appear to be) if they were in a real life little town.
    • For you, I will deconstructs the imprinting concept to the bone. Most fics doing so center themselves on how an werewolf can uses the imprinting to impose on and abuse their love interest; this one instead center on what the imprintee could do with access to a supernatural creature with tremendous strength that loves you very much and wants to make you happy at any cost. If, as in this fic, the imprintee is a murderous sociopath with no qualms in using her imprinted lover as a serial killer by proxy, the deal becomes horribly scary.
    • The Wedding Crashers deconstruct the whole Twilight universe and its Protagonist-Centered Morality via a crossover with Supernatural of all series. Watch the Winchester brothers and their angel pal Castiel, invited to Jacob and Renesmee's wedding by Leah (whom they had befriended), go thorough the tackiest "classy" wedding ever, more Conspicuous Consumption than in an Saudi Arabian royalty party, the amazing brattiness of Renesmee, sparkling vampires, racism and anti-human sentiment running galore, misinterpreting of literature, and everybody shitting on their friend just for not being sycophantic to the Cullens enough.
    • Kiri, Kiri deconstructs the perception of Bella being inoffensive and the victim of the situation just because she is a human girl surrounded by supernatural creatures. Uh, no, just make her a vampire, without changing her visible personality traits, and marvel on Vampire!Bella channeling Asami and still being in character.
    • Better Loving Thorough Suicide comically deconstructs the heaps of suicidal ideation Bella and Edward share. They are so convinced that dying for the other is the biggest proof of love possible, they use suicidal attempts as anniversary gifts. After all, they are immortal now, not is like they are going to actually die... ok, maybe lose an organ or three, and destroy any implement involved and the surrounding area, but what's an arm less and some collateral damage when you love someone so deeply? Their relatives eventually tire of the idiocy, and use this habit for ridding of them for good.
    • The Elephant deconstructs Bella's canonical motivations for wanting to become an immortal vampire despite everybody warning her on the downsides of the deal. This fic makes Bella suffer a degenerative genetic disease that has a penchant to strike before the patient gets into their forties, a thing she sees happen with all its suck to her grandma and mom. Now this Bella has a reason to believe 30 is "old age", for wanting to become an vampire who seems pretty and perfect and healthy, and for immediately accepting the romantic advances of Edward (which even she privately classifies as creepy and inappropriate) in the hopes that he will eventually convert her.
    • The fanfic moves in mysterious ways deconstructs how the vampire characters manage to insert themselves into high school despite having no history or family, Bella's social awkwardness, and even the whole "tasty-smelling blood". The protagonist is a boy who is socially aware enough to realize that the "new student" Bella has managed to insert herself in the school order with disturbing ease, and instead of finding her "charming" or "aloof" the way the books described the Cullens, he finds Bella's attitude invading, predatory, and completely out of touch with actual modern human behavior.
    • If Bella Were Sane goes for the Deconstructive Parody route by giving Bella an ounce of common sense and having her react to the rest of the cast's shenanigans. Played for endless laughs.
  • Wicked is arguably Deconstruction Fic for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Live Action TV

  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • Joss Whedon himself has stated that Buffy herself is a deconstruction of the common horror movie stereotype of a the pretty, blonde-haired high school girl who tends to wind up as monster chow. Monsters who assume Buffy is the same tend to get their ass handed to them.
    • A deconstruction of the "Peggy Sue is not Easy" version in Compelled. Illyria from Angel goes back in time in order to get revenge on Wolfram & Hart. It all goes seemingly well up until the villains start playing by the new rules like using guns the way the slayers have.
  • iCarly: A ripe target for deconstruction due to the bizarre world the show inhabits, as well as the large assortment of terrible and constantly used clichés found in a community built mostly by tween writers.
  • Glee:
  • Power Rangers: The portrayed characters as if the constant power losses, mind hijackings, and secrecy actually had the profound psychological effects one would expect these sort of things to have on a teenager. One of the more well known Mighty Morphin era fics, Personality Conflicts, starts with Tommy entering psychotherapy.
    • Mia's Cooking,, a Power Rangers Samurai fic, deconstructs Mia's Lethal Chef Played for Laughs schtick by showing the Rangers suffering ill effects from her bad cooking, prompting them to tell her the truth about her culinary skills. It does, however, reconstruct it in the end by having Kevin promise to teach Mia to cook a little better.
    • Joseph Kahn's fan film Power/Rangers does a double deconstruction.
      • On one side deconstructs the Machine Empire whole modus operandi. Think about it: if you were a mechanic evil overlord with power over all things machine, why send a court of ineffectual robots with a mook army to try to conquer a planet, when simply invading the place and integrate your machines into the local technology to uplift it may be more effective? If done well enough, the local heroes may be too emotionally crushed to keep fighting, and some of them may even change sides and work for you.
      • On the other side, this film deconstructs the fan logic that remaking a work as Darker and Edgier/Bloodier and Gorier makes it automatically better, or at least more serious and mature. Well, this film is obviously darker and edgier and gorier than the original series... but because the characters and the setting still work under Sentai logic, the whole grimdark tone imposed to the work make the situation even more immature due to the clashing contrast between the dark aesthetics and the silly universe and characterization.

Video Games

  • Animal Crossing:
  • Final Fantasy X:
    • While it wasn't avoided in the game, a lot of fanfics show just how much it would hurt to accompany your surrogate baby sister to her inevitable death, which everyone (including her) wants to happen. Not to mention how Braska's death was celebrated with a humungous festival.
    • For the sequel, there have been a few fics deconstructing how Yuna's radical change in personality hides the pain she's really feeling regarding a good two-thirds of her life. In fact, Yuna's a popular fan deconstruction of the Yamato Nadeshiko archetype.
  • Kingdom Hearts:
  • The Legend of Zelda:
  • Mass Effect:
    • The self-insert Mass Vexations heavily deconstructs Angst? What Angst? as it generally tends to appear in self-insert fanfiction. Almost as soon as he realizes he's in the Mass Effect universe, Author Avatar Art begins wondering what's become of every person he's ever come to really care about, and about what they must be thinking in turn. At first, Art brushes off the angst under the pretense that he can head home via Virmire. When he tries it, it ends up not happening thanks to Shepard saving him at Virmire. After that, he realizes that he'll never see the family and friends that he knew for basically his entire life. Even worse is that thanks to the cover story he made to avoid suspicion, he basically can't tell anyone about why he's really angsting and has to hold the real reason for his angst in. As if that wasn't enough, Ashley Williams, the woman who taught him everything about how to use military-grade weaponry, a reasonably good friend of his, and one of the people he was trying to save from her probable in-game fate on Virmire was the one who died. He ends up locking himself in his room so the crew won't see him cry.
    • Mock Effect derives a significant portion of its humour from pointing out the obvious and less-obvious flaws in Mass Effect. Highlights include the long elevator rides, creatures with acid for all bodily fluids, and how stupid Saren's plan actually is.
      • The author mocks Bioware's soft science sci-fi while simultaneously describing Hollywood Acid, bringing the criticism full circle. Acidity is a matter of degree; an acid capable of causing chemical burns to a human, like 1.0 M HCl, can be six or more orders of magnitudes less acidic than -other- acids which humans are well aware of. Additionally, bases are also capable of causing burns, and whether a substance acts as an acid or a base frequently is determined by what other substances are about.
  • Pokémon:
    • Pokemon: Unknown Chasms rips apart many aspects of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon. For example, it points out the Guild's insensitivity to sending recruits on life-threatening missions and underpaying them. Early in the story, one of the protagonists, Nick, receives nasty wounds from acid in Drenched Bluff, and Andrew (the main character) later makes it clear that he is not very fond of this. Also, Chatot, who was only strict in the games, is presented as a foul-mouthed Jerkass and borderline Complete Monster.
  • Space Quest:
  • Touhou:
    • The fandom contains plenty of this, the piles of Fridge Horror regarding the nature of many youkai and their relationship with humans, as well as most characters being selfish, belligerent, and very much insane, providing a lot of material. A Bad End is a Dead Baby Comedy take on this.
    • Touhou Tonari greatly deconstructs Yuyuko's Bad Powers, Good People in her backstory and shows just what kind of life she must have had and what lead to her eventual suicide.
    • The Fan-film Diamond In The Rough is a deconstruction of both a certain Fandom-Specific Plot for the Touhou fandom in particular (the "Gappy Stu", a kind of self-insert fic where an Always Male character gets gapped into Gensokyo by Yukari, gets powers, hook-ups with his favorite female character, and has in general a fun romp), and of the Self Insert Marty Stu Escapist Character in general. A brutal, horrifying deconstruction, by means of getting such a character in the Crap Saccharine World canon version of Gensokyo, and letting the reality make its course, in the way pointing out what kind of person in Real Life would accept the offer of travel into a "magical realm" by such a suspicious entity, why the canon characters would help or fall in love with such a person, what would be the consequences of a constant stream of Gappies interfering with the local human/youkai ecology, and specially why Yukari would want to gap them in the first place.

Western Animation

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender:
    • Mai's Ramblings which deconstructs the ATLA cartoon, fanfic in general and Mai herself as a character.
  • Danny Phantom:
  • Fairly Oddparents: Deconstruction of Cosmo and Wanda's failing relationship. Norm the Genie being shown in a sympathetic light. The Morality Tropes of the show.
    • The Movie is a Deconstruction of the very premise of the show. Timmy's 23, still has his fairy godparents, and is still in the fifth grade. If you had Fairy God Parents, why would you do anything to give them up? Especially when you can wish away any of the negative events that could happen if you do.
  • Galaxy Rangers: Pairbond [dead link] deconstructs the Mindlink Mates trope. Goose and Niko resort to it as a survival tactic as they're outmanned and outgunned by renegade Supertroopers, it skirts the finer edge of breaking Xanadau's highest law ("One's Mind Belongs To One's Self"), and Goose's background as an Artificial Human trained from decant Super Soldier makes his thought process very alien and disturbing.
  • Kim Possible:
    • Some stories have her clear "beat the bad guys, save the world" morality crashing against the intractable problems of the world, leading her to crack up or go rogue. Others have her Evil Counterpart Shego explain moral relativism to her.
    • Another direction is to seriously address the sort of personality conflicts that would arise between someone as laid-back as Ron and someone as driven as Kim. In some cases the objective isn't so much to deconstruct as to set the stage for replacing the Official Couple with the author's Fan-Preferred Couple.
    • Legacy, a deconstruction fic mixed with Continuation Fic, showing how advanced tech and magic would change the world.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic inspires deconstructions at an impressive rate:
    • Bittersweet, where Pinkie Pie dies of diabetes.
    • Party of None: Deconstructs the logic of Dark Fic applied to the actual Canon episode "Party of One."
    • The Sun Is Tired: Takes the favourite fandom sawhorse of Celestria being a tyrant and beats it up by showing how a good ruler could get that image (At first).
    • The Pony POV Series is a rather intresting deconstruction. It deconstructs many things in the series, such as the fact Scootaloo doesn't have any know family being explained by Parental Abandonment, Diamond Tiara being an Alpha Bitch being due to a horrible home life, Pinkie Pie having a nasty Split Personality disorder, and the primary focus of the story being that the World-Healing Wave following Discord's defeat didn't fix the ponies he Mind Raped all the way. It's intresting in that it ultimately becomes a Reconstruction and the characters ultimately end up better than before as a result.
    • The divisive "Mysterious Mare-Do-Well" episode has already inspired three of these in less than a week of its premiere: These fanfics, and this [dead link] Fan Art from Chad Rocco. Now make that four.
    • Rainbow Double Dashs Lunaverse uses the alternate perspective of Trixie and her universe's Element-bearers to reexamine the canon Mane Six. Nothing changes about their personalities, but the results are very different:
      • Applejack's concern that the Apple Family/Trust will collapse at any minute is shown to be so much nonsense due to its size and virtual monopoly on apples in Equestria.
      • Fluttershy is still an introvert, but even more so.
      • Pinkie Pie the hyperactive Genki Girl party animal is exactly as annoying as she would be in real life.
      • Rainbow Dash's Brilliant but Lazy nature is more apparent. Without the canon experiences to moderate, Fluttershy is her sole Morality Chain, and even then she only cares for Fluttershy but is unable to generalise this to the rest of Ponyville.
      • Rarity's haughty nature brushes Trixie the wrong way and pays for it.
      • As Boast Busted shows, Twilight has turned her canon devotion to Celestia onto her study of magic, taking it to an unhealthy fixation. Without Spike or her canon friends to guide her, she is much more arrogant, unsociable and senseless.
  • Superfriends:
  • Total Drama World Tour:
    • Candy for Your Thoughts. It started as a rant against events like Duncan breaking up with Courtney to get with Gwen but then it evolved to a very intricate working (and really funny) of how the events really messed up Gwen, Duncan and Courtney, instead of the way ended in the actual series. The fic, on the other hand, reconstructs the Replacement Goldfish trope (when applied to couples that just broke up) with Cody and Courtney.
  • Transformers: Any fan writing from a perspective of "the Decepticons were right" can swing between this and Draco in Leather Pants for the entire faction.
  • Ed, Edd 'n' Eddy:
    • Forfeit shows what would happen if the titular characters still maintained their childhood problems well into the midst of their teenage years. Starts off with a fairly more moderate tone, but gets noticeably more darker and realistic as the chapters progress.