A Troll in Central Park

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A Troll in Central Park is an animated film made by Don Bluth.

Stanley is a weird troll. He is kind, he is gentle, he loves flowers, and he has a literal Green Thumb that makes plants (talking, dancing, singing plants, to boot!) grow wherever he touches. As punishment, instead of just turning him to stone, the queen of the trolls decides to banish him to a place that is a nature lover's worst nightmare -- New York City! While hiding out in Central Park, he meets a boy and his little sister and takes them on an adventure that's 50% Tastes Like Diabetes and 50% Nightmare Fuel.

All in all, a very strange ride.

The film had a budget of $23,000,000 and only grossed $71,368 domestically, which is less than a third of 1% of its budget. It currently holds 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Tropes used in A Troll in Central Park include:

Gnorga: "Worse than death? Slow and painful?! Does that look like MISERY to you?"
Llort: "It looks nice, very nice, don't you think so, shnooksie poo?"
Gnorga: "Yes, I think so! That's precisely what's WRONG, YOU MORON!!!"