Critical Miss (webcomic)

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Critical Miss, previously known as Out of Tens, is a gaming webcomic by Cory Rydell and Grey Carter, hosted at The Escapist. The winner of a webcomic contest hosted on the site in 2010.

The story follows Erin Stout, a game reviewer who writes for the website "Little Miss Critical, and her co-workers, which include Erin's partner, Elliot Clutch, her boss, Sharon, and a ton of minor characters. Although the comic focuses mainly on video games, a few have to do with movies and various other topics.

Tropes used in Critical Miss (webcomic) include:

Charles: This isn't a game, Stout. You know what this is? This is bearsploitation. And you're legitimizing it by playing it.
Erin: (Don't laugh. Don't laugh. Don't laugh.)

My name is Erin Stout and I review videogames on the internet. Yes, the internet. I can feel your awe.

Erin: Gracious! Pastries!

Erin: Oh, go fu--