Everyday Heroes

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Alliteration assists in apprehending amoral archfiends

Everyday Heroes is a webcomic written by Ed Gedeon, and drawn by Erik Boismier. It centers on Mr. Mighty, a Punch Clock Hero, and his family. Other characters include his wife, Jane, who has a Dark and Troubled Past; his Bratty Teenage Daughter Summer who is trying to deal with new-found superpowers, and a host of teammates with Punny Names.

Originally a gag-a-day comic, more recent Story Arcs have been more dark and dramatic. Originally drawn by Gedeon, it started with a MWF update schedule, but soon fell victim to Schedule Slip, and only updated weekly. With Boismier taking over art duties, the comic has returned to a Wednesday & Saturday schedule.

Tropes used in Everyday Heroes include:

Ed:"(yeah, this will go into TV Tropes soon)"