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Rock gives off a pheromone that induces a feeling of protectiveness and well-being, especially among the violence-prone.

It doesn't matter how cold-blooded and hardcore one is, one whiff of Rock and the assassins, mobsters, and killing machines of South Asia just want to be his friend. Of course, it is possible to overcome it if you're a Complete Monster.

  • In many ways, this is similar to Shiki Tohno's gland, but with less sex. Which is for the best, because the last thing Rock the planet needs is the stupidly powerful women in Rock's life fighting over him.
    • Rock isn't entirely immune. Don't forget Gretel propositioned to him. Then again, that was Squick Fan Disservice Nightmare Fuel.
      • Then again, Gretel has 50% chance to be male.
        • Rock referred to Gretel as 'she' immediately afterwards, so no.
        • Did he say that in the actual Japanese, or just in a translation? Japanese is a pro-drop language, so it's not uncommon to leave out pronouns, forcing translators to simply make their best guess when translating into a language that requires them. Normally, this isn't a problem, but...

Actually, it's about Rock himself. The reason he never gets hit, and the reason after a while he's not a serious his former job in the company.

Tetragrammaton Cleric. From the movie Equilibrium, the Clerics of the Tetragrammaton studied the statistically probable displacement of bullets and assailants over the greater mass of firefights on record to perfect a fighting style that allows them to predict the flow of battle in a firefight. Eg, he can tell where someone is most likely to shoot and not be there.

  • The gun kata treats the gun as a total weapon, each fluid position representing a maximum kill zone, inflicting maximum damage on the maximum number of opponents while keeping the defender clear of the statistically traditional trajectories of return fire... maximally.
  • This explains why he was handed these important documents in face of the fact somebody could try to steal them.
  • This could be considered almost confirmed in a way, as of chapter 73. Where Rock essentially claims to have predicted the actions of pretty much every single damned person in his grand plan... and we really can't help but believe him, all things considered. Oh, man.

The Church Of Violence is a CIA cover

Well ok, semi-canon theory, but still. We are almost explicitly told the young nun works for the CIA, but what about the rest of the church? Seeing CIA's documented Real Life involvement with drug trade in South America (see also Roberta), maybe they're branching out, perhaps to cause unrest in Indochina.

  • Confirmed in Chapter 43, page 23.
    • The OFFICIAL translation (per Volume 6) states that while Sister Eda is an official CIA agent, the Church of Violence is an independent operation which is allowing her to work from within their organization in return for certain considerations. Sister Yolanda knows Eda's boss by reputation only, and seems knowledgeable about intelligence matters in general. They sell information, but aren't working for the Agency any more than Mr. Chang was back during the "Goat, Jihad, Rock'N Roll" arc.

Black Lagoon takes place in the Shadowrun Universe

In the modern day, but Revy, Roberta, et al are Adepts, with Revy, Roberta and others being Gunslinger Adepts. Thus explaining their supernatural skills.

Black Lagoon takes place in the same universe as Gunslinger Girl.

  • Hansel and Gretel are both at least as lethal as any of the girls in Gunslinger Girl, and their ability to handle a Browning Automatic Rifle, which weighs twenty pounds and is a considerable load for a grown man, could be explained by them both having gone through the same modifications as the Gunslinger Girls. The Romanian (or Soviet) government might have started a program to counter the Italians, and the "origin story" we're given for the twins might well be mistaken or severely incomplete.

All/most nations have a few superhuman soldiers like Revy, Roberta and Balalaika

The only good explanation why the northern parts of South America isn't called the Peoples Democratic Republic of Roberta at the moment. The super-soldier types are never actually sent to war, and the general population is kept ignorant of their existance. Balalaika was the Soviet Union's one, and was never meant to be sent to war until WWIII would break out. However, Afganistan escalated so far, the higher ups got scared, especially with India and Pakistan next door sitting on nuclear arsenals.

  • Ginji was Japan's, but had to be developed in secret in cooperation with the Yakuza due to Japan's constitutional ban on having a millitary.
    • Revy however isn't one of said super soldiers but was merely trained by one, Mr. Chan of the People's Republic of China. I'm also willing to bet money that the United States' super soldier is Jason Bourne
    • Except Chang is from Hong Kong, so he's probably Britain's, not China's
    • Err, Revvy is Chinese-American. She was born in New York, but I doubt she works for the US.
      • None of the supersoldiers are currently employed by the nation that developed them. The project was terminated at the end of the Cold War for a combination of not being cost effective, and no one caring now that WWIII wasn't on the horizon.

Black Lagoon takes place in the same universe as Law and Order

At the end of the Philippines arc, one of the CIA agents mentions that Revy is still wanted by the NYPD 27th Precinct. This does not exist in Real Life, but does in Law and Order.

== Black Lagoon takes place in the same universe as Army of Two == It is a world that functions on the basis of how badass you are. If you have a scary slasher smile, cool guns, and an unflappable personality you can kill literally hundreds of people without breaking stride. After the events of SSC's downfall, Rios and Salem took on some jobs in Roanapur. They eventually moved on to Singapore because so many ultra-trained killers in one geographical location WOULD have eventually started World War III.

The Boondock Saints and Gunsmith Cats both take place in the same universe as Black Lagoon.

All of the series are filled with Charles Atlas Superpower and Guns Akimbo assassins, as well as oddly megolomaniacal criminals (except for the Saints, but this is WMG, just go with it.) Putting together these pieces of evidence, I predict that the McManus brothers will soon land in Roanapur to go to work on the world's largest hive of scum and villainy, with Rally after whatever giant bounty they could have on their heads.

== Hansel and Gretel are both girls == Identical twins are always the same gender, so either the author Did Not Do the Research or both of them are the same gender. Considering that they both switch identities during their arc, I would think it to be the latter. Why? to deal with the trauma of their early lives, they dissociated and formed personalities based on their view of the perfect siblings, taken from the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel.

  • The fact that "Gretel" appears to have (small) breasts both before and after they are shown changing clothes may support this theory.
    • This theory has been Jossed by the swimsuit special doujinshi that Rei Hiroe released. Hansel is shown to be clearly male.
      • You could make the case that the swimsuit special isn't canon. See: Hestonworld.
      • There is also this scene: we can clearly see that "Gretel" has small breasts but look at "Hansel". Either "he" has breasts too or that is an odd play of shadows.
  • Alternatively, they are both boys.
    • Again, see the swimsuit special by the creator. Boys don't usually manifest those physical features, and they don't look like artificial silicone padding - they're drawn in a more grown-up style, which means there is more sexual differentiation in their physical structures.
    • I think it was pretty clear by Rocks reaction when Gretel showed what was under "her" dress, that there was something different there. I got the impression that either one of them could have been Gretel.
    • I don't buy that they're either anymore. The root of their gender-bending seems to be genital mutilation given that scene with the skirt-lifting and Rock, and their past in films which featured both sex and violence, with a hefty dose of perversion.

== Hansel and Gretel aren't children at all. == Mentally, they're children, yes. However, Ceau Å Ÿescu outlawed abortion in Romania in 1966, his rule ending in 1989. Even if Hansel and Gretel were born in the final year of the man's rule, they would still be well into their late teens or early twenties by the time they arrived in Roanapur. It is plausible, though by no means confirmed, that the pair were given drugs to stunt their growth.

  • The series' universe starts in the year 1995, so if they were born in the final year, they'd be six.
    • I honestly don't understand. What about Balalika's talks of Afghanistan?
      • Um, the Soviet-Afghan War lasted from '79-88. We know that Balalaika returned from Afghanistan just in time to not participate in the '84 Summer Games due to the Soviet boycott of the Olympics. She seemed to be in her early to mid twenties at the time, putting her in her early to mid thirties in '95.
        • Okay, I can follow that, but this still follows the our timeline, unless I'm mistaken. So why are Hansel and Gretel still six in this case?
        • I said they'd be six if they were born in the final year. Hansel and Gretel can range anywhere from 6- 29. I'd say 10-12 is a safe bet.
        • OH, you mean the series as a whole starts in '95! Oh, I get it! The action is taking place in the 90s! Ha...I feel silly.

Hansel and Gretel aren't even related.

  • All we have are a pair of stage names and outfits that are, for all intents and purposes, interchangable. Factor in the massive trauma the pair have gone through, and it's entirely possible that the two were never even related, but two kids thrown together because the "filmakers" thought it worked.

== There will be more members of Hotel Moscow popping up soon. == In the Fujiyama Gangster Paradise Arc, we see an outline of the members of Hotel Moscow. Balalika is clearly visable,and the other outlines are quite distinctive. So, who are they? Other HM leaders who will be encountered later.

The entire "El Baile de La Muerte" arc is nothing but a Revenge Gambit concocted by the head of the NSA, who lost friends/family in one of the many terrorist acts Roberta was responsible for.

He spent years looking for the "Bloodhound of Florencia" before finding out where she was, and decided to take from her what she supposedly took from him. He convinced the NSA that Diego Lovelace was a threat to US National Security, and ordered his assassination, triggering Roberta's Roaring Rampage of Revenge, and, in effect, destroying any chance of herself and Garcia continuing a normal life together (if not also triggering Garcia's cold-blooded transformation into another Roberta). In the end, she loses everything she ever held dear, as he had.

Balalaika really killed Gretel, while Hansel was killed by Elroy.

We never do see them switch back after the first time, after all.

  • Which explain the wild reaction that Rock had when "Gretel" dropped "her" panties.

Black Lagoon is the future of One Piece.

Unfortunately, the Golden Age of Piracy doesn't last, and the New Era is born. The World Government manages to abolish Devil Fruits, but they have a new danger, a man who believes in freedom and adventure becomes a pirate, and the world government goes :O.

Toguro didn't go to hell, he was reborn as Genji.

They're both honorable criminals that have odd relationships with smaller women. They're both enormous badasses who deride cowards and cheats, and they look almost exactly the same.

Black Lagoon is an AU of Metal Gear Solid.

Namely one were the Boss actually sided with the Reds and had a second child, a daughter whose father was disgraced and decided to enter the military. Balalika looks similar to the Boss, acting like a more cynical version of her, the have similar levels of badassitude, and both inspired great respect from their troops. Oh, and Vamp wasn't an only child, he had two younger ones.

Revy is sleeping with Rock.

There is mutual attraction, Rock is oddly at home when Revy is (more) half naked, she jumped from insulting him to calling him partner pretty suddenly, and Revy never denied Eda's claim that the two are a couple. Rock is too much of a nice guy/scared for his life to push them to be more open, and Revy doesn't want her enemies to have an easy way to manipulate her or she doesn't want to appear weak for dating a nice guy like Rock. Their relationship will be outed soon, and there will be a flash back to when they decided to, <Ahem> "Get closer".

  • D'awww
  • And it's been going on for a while:
    • Rock gives her a dressing down for the way she was acting after the early Nazi arc. Rock is probably the only person who has ever stood up to her like that and gotten away with it without major bodily injuries, and let's face it, Revy is exactly the kind of personality that would get turned on by someone getting in her face and pushing her right back. Not to mention the UST in the back of that police car was thick enough to cut. After they got out of the police station, Revy jumped him.
    • It was only a couple of episodes later when Rock walks into her bunk in the morning to bring her coffee and a) Rock is not uncomfortable with the fact that she's not wearing anything but a t-shirt and very skimpy panties and b) she doesn't immediately bust him in the face when he puts his hand on her and gently shakes her to wake her up. They are completely comfortable with being so physically close to each other already.
      • When he comes in with coffee isn't the first time he's seen her this morning. He woke up there and brought coffee back after he got up and got dressed. That's why the sheets she's laying on are still all messed up.
    • Dutch and Benny are aware of what's going on (really, how could they not) -- they think it's good for the both of them. Rock knows this but Revy doesn't. Rock, Dutch and Benny don't talk about it so Revy doesn't find out her secret is out and flip out about her tough-girl image, Revy doesn't talk about it because she thinks it's a secret, Rock doesn't say anything because Revy asked him not to and everyone keeps it quiet outside of Lagoon because it's nobody else's goddamn business.
    • Also, remember how in the Japan arc she raised a gun against both Balalaika and Boris when the former threatened to shoot Rock. She had never shown anything but respect to Balalaika before; you just know that Rock must mean a lot to her if she's prepared to shoot her "big sis" to protect him.
      • She's also calling Rock "babe" or "baby" an awful lot in Japan. Hmmm...
    • In the Baile De Muerte Arc of the Manga, Revy showers in front of Rock. Neither comment on this.
      • That might not mean too much given how very comfortable Ms. Fanservice is about showing off her body.
  • She loves him for real but won't admit it:
    • She won't admit it to herself because she thinks it'll make her weak.
    • She's afraid to follow through because she thinks it means she'll either be going back to Rock's "twilight" world instead of "the walking dead" where she is now, or she will pull him in with her, and she cares too much about him to do that to him. (Final episode of the Second Barrage season: "Don't look at her Rock, look at me!!!" - she can't bear to see him fall the rest of the way into her world.)
    • (But she really wants to.)
  • In chapter 81 she flipped out on Greenback Jane, Janet Bhai, after she talked about trying to hire Rock for a threesome. Maybe Revy is also turning into a Clingy Jealous Girl? Knowing this series though she would skip that and go straight into Yandere territory. Won't that be fun!
  • Alternately, what if the two of them actually did it at the very start of the series? With that first night being less than consensual on Rock's part, since he was still a scared hostage fearing for his life?
    • She did keep bugging him to wear that Hawaiian shirt she bought him after the second episode...
  • Revy never really answered when Eda ask if they had sex. It's not for certain, but if they did not have that kind of relationship, Revy probably would have simply said "no."

Chaka is a grown-up Natsuhiko Taki.

Chaka has the same hair as Taki (blond with a stubbly goatee) and both of them are arrogant. Obviously, Taki wasn't smart enough to get into college, so he decided to join the yakuza instead.

  • OBJECTION!! If Taki enters Yakuza, his sister will kill him first. Besides, Taki is too much a gentleman to do... things to woman, whoever she is. And Taki wasn't much of arrogant more than dimwitted fool; picturizing him taking down a Yakuza element didn't click.
    • We could see this as him going through a Face Heel Turn because he's not even good enough at football to get into a good college team. And Suzuna is a lot smarter, so she probably would have gone to a better university anyways.

Rock is an alternate-universe Light Yagami who never found the Death Note in his teens.

Thus, he continued to go to school and eventually took a relatively unimportant job as a salaryman at a company, purely as a cover for his sideline of helping his father hunt down criminals. Winding up in Roanapur couldn't have gone better for him, since it allows him to be The Messiah to a bunch of criminals and gives him the opportunity to effect things for the better. So essentially he's Light Yagami without Jumping Off the Slippery Slope.

  • Light treat criminals with empathy? 'Sides, he was planning on going into police work, not corporate business.

Roberta is a Draculina

In the El Baile De La Muerte arc, she starts acting more and more like Seras Victoria. For example, shooting a giant rifle one-handed and blowing dudes to pieces and adopting some of her mannerisms.

Broken Bird Sawyer the Cleaner is becoming more sane with each appearance.

Well, for someone who makes a living chainsawing bodies, at least.

Black Lagoon takes place in the same universe as Modern Warfare.

Considering the former takes place in the 90's (about twenty years prior to the events of MW 2), this would fit perfectly. Both feature Crapsack Worlds where WWIII seems like it could break out at any minute, with Russia seeming rather nasty in particular. Balalaika used to do business with Zakhaev, but lost contact with him after witnessing his assassination attempt at the hands of Captain Price in Pripyat. Also, Pvt. Ramirez, the hero from MW 2, is a distant relative of Roberta, explaining his unstoppable badassery.

  • RAMIREZ! KILL THAT BITCH! Bye bye, Roberta.
    • LOL. That whould be awesome if it ever happens.
  • Amendment to the above it's also the same universe as Black Ops a few decades into the future, and we never do find out if the CIA was able to find Mason and Friends...

Lotton the Wizard is a Lethal Joke Character

Having the common sense to wear body armor, and groin protection, and surviving against odds that have killed seemingly smarter and more capable characters is way too much of a coincidence. That kind of foresight can only come from experience. Something is going to happen to make him stop caring about looking cool, and then this seemingly useless character is going to show that he is not nearly as nice as he seems. Unfortunately, this being Black Lagoon, that's likely going to finally make him worth killing.

  • Or the reason he is a Joke Character is because he knows it allows him to get out unscathed. Pretend to be an idiot, get shot in the body armour, play dead, leave when all the havoc is over and since he acted so stupid with his speeches no-one checks to make sure he's dead. It's worked twice against some of the most dangerous people in the world, so what's to say he's not dangerously genre savvy?
  • This makes pretty good sense! If you think about it, Lotton manages to wangle a regular merc's pay for wandering onto the scene, getting shot and playing dead - no additional expenses for ammo, minimal risk to life and limb, and so on. You'd think someone would wise up and try to just hire the other two.

Revy is bi.

See Chapter 81.

  • It's stated here that Revy's done some sex tapes (and implied to have been fairly hard core ones). Seems to me that Ch 81 is referencing this, rather than her actual orientation (besides, other than Rock, has she actually shown interest in anyone?)
  • Well, it could just be Situational Sexuality, but apparently when Revy was was in jail some things were going on.
    • She's been shown reading porno magazines with nude women in them...that could be just because that was what was lying around the office, but why would she be checking out the photo spreads if she wasn't at least somewhat interested? She may be mainly interested in men, but that doesn't preclude an interest in women as well.

Rock will become the first Mentat

The reason that Rock is still alive is because he is able to successfully calculate the outcome of nearly every situation. Once he has honed his terrifying analytical powers further, he well go on to found the Order of Mentats.

  • I'd love to hear your thoughts on how the Bene Gesserit fit into the Black Lagoon universe.
    • Balalaika would be a natural for the Bene Gesserit, wouldn't she? Put her up against Jessica Atreides and see who walks away alive...

Sawyer the Cleaner is left-handed, or, at most, ambidextrous.

In Chapter 78, when she's communicating by writing on Rock's back so he can tell the others what she's saying, she's using her left hand to do the writing. Later on, she draws a picture, this time using her right hand.

Claude "Torch" Weaver is really Hank Hill.

He sold propane and propane accessories. He also killed his wife. In his defense, she was kind of a bitch.

  • But Weaver doesn't drink alcohol and Hank drinks a beer every episode.
    • It was only after going without alcohol for an extended period of time that he realised how dissatisfied he was with his life and snapped. He swears off alcohol because he's afraid he'll lose sight of who he is once more and go back to being 'Hank Hill'

Rock's brother will factor into one of the more serious arcs of the manga

His brother is mentioned to be part of the Japanese Government. Considering the antagonists of Black Lagoon have ranged from minor thugs, to Yakuza, to international terror groups. It may be only a matter of time before they have to take on a whole government. The theory doesn't have much backing, but thats whats best about WMG.

Mr. Chang's real identity when he was still a detective

He is Tequila Yuen. I have played stranglehold before (Xbox360, starring chow yun fat) and i noticed, The Mafiya is here, tequila uses mr. chang's skills, and we know that mr. chang used to be a detective. his daughter probably died from that happened after he saved her in Stranglehold, maybe something involving the police, prompting his switch from detective to triad boss. Plus, even though they were enemies, yuen's father-in-law is a triad boss. he may have inherited that title after he switched sides.

Sister Eda is Sarah in an earlier mission.

It's been established that the series occurs in the nineties. Eda is blonde and it was established that she's a CIA mole in the Church of Violence. It would make sense that before the Intersect nuttiness she would be placed in Roanapur. She acts brash because this works better for her cover.

  • Well, as curvy as Sarah is, she's not as stacked as Eda is, and I doubt Sarah would do all the crap Eda does, she is a very moral person, Eda...isn't.

Rotton's reason for saving Shenhua and Sawyer weren't completely...chivalrous.

Sure Rotton is a nice guy, but surely a reason for his chivalry is to get women. And finally after repeated failure he gets his reward, two attractive and badass lady friends.

    • Two lady friends who can slice/chainsaw his balls off if he so much as leaves the toilet seat up. Reward???

Rotton's real defining trait is Obfuscating Stupidity.

By placing himself in a clearly dangerous position at the start of a gunfight, he gets his opponents to underestimate him and fire off a hasty or poorly-aimed shot, then pretends to get hit and fall down. Even if he actually does get hit, the bulletproof vest (etc) means he's likely to survive. He plays dead for the rest of the fight, thus earning his paycheck with minimal danger and ammunition expenditure.

Rock is Koiwai in the past. Yotsuba is an orphan from Roanapur, and Ginji becomes Jumbo.

One day, Rock finds orphan Yotsuba on the streets of Roanapur. He takes her in but is eventually forced to choose between giving her away to a better home or leaving the city for some place significantly safer, which he chooses to do. Yotsuba states that she's from "way left," which Thailand is in comparison to Japan. She thought Roanapur was an island as a very small child because of the water and all the boats. Rock, adopting a new identity as innocent translator Koiwai, takes her back to Japan, where he runs into Ginji, who survived his injuries but lost all of his memories except for Revy calling him "Jumbo." Out of sympathy, Rock/Koiwai creates a fictional past for them to share and finds a childless florist to pose as Jumbo's father so he doesn't go poking about trying to find his real past. A sign of his complete transformation into Jumbo is his nervousness around Asagi. Like Yukio, she's in college, and he's subconsciously afraid that if he gets close to her, she'll die on him like Yukio did. Because of this, Rock/Koiwai tries to be as vague as possible about his past so Ginji/Jumbo doesn't accidentally overhear something that will trigger his negative memories.

  • Does Rotton the Wizard become Yanda?

Rock eventually returns to Japan by using a forged passport... giving him the name of Gendo Rokobungi.

It fits, you know. The personalities, the seemingly effortless manipulation, the tendency to magnetically attract powerful psycho females, that insane capability to survive and thrive in places known for killing off the most dangerous badasses in the known universe... without ever using a gun.

Rock could just be Gendo in training, his time in Roanapour teaching him how to use his skills to his best advantage. Hell, the old SS officer would fit Kiehl to a tee, not to mention that Revy being Yui would explain a lot about why Gendo burned any picture of her he could find (hint: police files) and where Unit 01 learned how to fight.

Dutch's last name is Wallace, and is the twin brother of Marcellus Wallace.

Dutch and Marcellus are identical, in both looks and personality. Both are quiet, soft-spoken, slow-to-anger bald big scary black men who lead a moderately-sized organization. Black Lagoon and Pulp Fiction take place only a few years apart, therefore making sense that they'd still look the same.

Feng Yifel is going to go through the same events Rock did at the start of the series.

There was a mess up, in order to avoid embarrassment her superiors have written her off and she even got a phone call from her immediate superior promising to posthumously reward her. As a result she'll go on the run and force the Lagoon Company to protect her. However this time it will end with Feng getting killed.

  • Rock being as smart as he is, he WILL notice Feng's situation. I'm not as sure that Feng will die (though it would be very fitting and be a good symbol of Rock's dying innocence), but before the arc ends, Feng will force Revy to R some of the UST between our main couple.

Rock will end up as the undisputed ruler of the Roanapur underworld.

He started out as a mild-mannered salaryman, a Fish Out of Water, and as of the end of the "Baile de la Muerte" arc, he's effortlessly manipulating everybody to get the results he wants. Balalaika and Chang aren't going to be around forever, and when they're gone, Rock (with Revy as The Dragon) will move on up to the top slot. Revy will then become Rock's Morality Chain when he becomes the ruler of the Roanapur underworld

Gretel survived Elroy's bullet.

No one seemed to make sure she was definitely dead, only presumed that she was. If Gretel is a Magnificent Bitch or maybe even Obfuscating Insanity, the wig she wore could have hidden some form of protection, not enough to protect from all damage, but enough to make the shot not lethal. Plus with the series running on Rule of Cool there's a chance she's still alive. God help Roanapur if she is.

  • Hell, what about Hansel? We never do see what becomes of his body. For all we know, he survived his wounds and was feigning death.

Fabiola might return to finish Rock.

She might catch wind of what's happening between the Chinese govt. and Roanapur, and she would immediately assume Rock is behind it all. Considering how he managed to manipulate things during the Roberta Arc, Fabiola would feel that such a feat is not beyond his means. And, being the closeted Knight Templar she is, she would feel responsible for leaving such a dangerous man alive and take it upon herself to kill him. After all, she already wrote him off as a Complete Monster.

In the Black Lagoon universe, your ability to get hit by bullets is inversely proportional to how awesome you are.

If this theory is true, it could provide an explanation for some of the more bizarre things in the series. There is one point during the boat-hopping sequence when a goon fires at Revy from two feet away, and the bullets aren't even shown coming anywhere near her. The only explanation is that they were deflected by the invisible aura of awesome that surrounds her at all times. And during the fight between Revy and Roberta, they both had a ridiculously hard time hitting each other even though they'd been killing mooks by the dozens beforehand. How else do you explain them missing every shot that they fired while running straight at each other? And when Revy was fighting Ginji, the reason that she couldn't touch him with her bullets is because he has a stronger aura of awesome than she does. Face it; it makes perfect sense.

Sawyer the Cleaner is from an infamous family from Texas.

Basically, she is a member (perhaps cousin) of the Sawyer family from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Hansel and Gretel truly are eternal

This is more or less a fan-fic idea, but it's crazy and over the top, so it's suitable as a theory. If one wishes to write this as a fic, be my guest. At some point in their lives, the twins were subjected to drug testing. The drug in question being a drug for immortality. It would repair tissues and cells as long as the user still has blood. However, the creators of the drug would shoot their testers to see if they would come back to life. After taking the drug, Hansel and Gretel killed the creators before they could 'test it'. The only NOTICEABLE effects of the drug were abnormal growing of the teeth, which resulted in them getting fangs.

After their deaths, Gretel would soon recover and retrieve Hansel (who needed his blood refilled). Gretel would then bring Hansel with her to enjoy the beach...

Revy never really wanted to ransom Rock

Think about it. She kidnaps him without anyway to contact his employer or a bank account to receive funds. When the attempt falls through, she doesn't get upset even though she's not the type who deals with fustration well. You'd think she would shoot Rock in fustration if nothing else. Instead she lets him live. It seems more likely that she was immediately, though perhaps subconsciously, attracted to Rock. The ransom was just a justification to abduct a guy she was into.