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Maybe I'll be an astronaut... yeah. I'd be the first motherfucker to see a new galaxy, find a new alien lifeform... and fuck it. Then people will be like, "There he goes. Homeboy fucked a Martian once."

Jay, Clerks II

So many species, so little time.

The Ninth Doctor, summing up humanity's views in the 51st century, Doctor Who

The Captain Kirk approach to "first contact" namely, to have sex with a Green-Skinned Space Babe. Of course, questions of Bizarre Alien Biology are never raised beforehand, such as whether the species in question has compatible genitals in the first place or if its bodily fluids are caustic to human flesh (or vice-versa).

Inverse of Mars Needs Women and a subset of Interspecies Romance.

No real life examples, please; Real Life is not speculative fiction.

Examples of Boldly Coming include:

Comic Books

  • The XXXenophile story "My Favorite Oitling."
  • X-Men:
    • Professor X falls in love with Shi'ar Empress Lilandra during the Phoenix Saga and becomes her consort. While their respective duties kept them from truly being together, she would still send him care packages in the form of technology upgrades for the mansion.
    • Dazzler of the X-Men married extra-dimensional alien Longshot, who has since their divorce gone on to make Boldly Coming a way of life.
      • Well, his superpower was "luck".
  • The Marvel Universe is full of these things. Captain Mar-Vell has at least three children, none of his own species, for instance.
  • Not one, not two, but three of the Superhomeys obtained their powers from sex with aliens (one a robot!). In fact, they met in a support group for it.
  • Every single major love interest that John Stewart has ever had was an alien.
  • In The Dark Knight Strikes Again, Hal Jordan has retired to a planet of green Gumby-like humanoids, married a local, and sired at least one little half-Gumby/half-Lantern.
  • Cherry[context?]


  • Galaxy Quest:
    • When the engineer attracts an attractive female alien. Of course, her true form isn't a Human Aliens or Rubber Forehead Aliens, but a be-tentacled Starfish Alien.
    • And lampshaded early in the movie as the "crew" chastises Jason Nesmith for his character (Captain Taggart) doing exactly what James Kirk did in his own show. Although it wasn't made clear if it was his character ...or him, it pretty heavily implies that Nesmith is sleeping with the actresses playing the green skinned space babes. Whether his character is also sleeping with the green skinned space babes is sort of irrelevant at that moment.
    • In a deleted scene, two of Seras's goons hit on Gwen. She unzips the top of her suit (that's why it's open for the rest of the movies)...and then squashes them with a blast door.
  • Barbarella the pretty blonde envoy of an earth that left behind such outdated concepts like violence or physical sex, gets used to both rather quickly after being introduced to them on a more... uhm, anarchic planet. She doesn't decline to try other things too. In one memorable scene, Durand-Durand tries to kill her with his orgasm machine, but she overloads it.
  • Interspecies prostitution is mentioned in District 9. The protagonist is falsely accused of having contracted an alien STD.
  • Early into Clerks II, in Jay and Silent Bob's first scene, Jay talks about this.
  • Before Alien Resurrection was released in theaters, there were rumors of a sex scene between Ripley and an alien. Sigourney Weaver, when reached for comment, said "No. That's Alien 5".
  • In Men in Black II, an entire subsection of the plot focuses on J discovering that Lara is a Zarthan yet still being in love with her. It is also heavily implied that K had a fling with her mother. The series as a whole seems to enjoy playing with these ideas.
  • The "bodily fluid" problem is a real one in Alien Nation. The bad guys among the aliens are shown to have a taste for human women, but the aliens' flesh is corroded by salty water...
  • Jake in Avatar. Justified, considering the fact that one, it took quite some time to get to that particular point, and two, he was in his Na'vi body.


  • Ringworld:
    • The common method of demonstrating your peaceful intentions with whomever you happen to run across is to have sex with them, also known as Rishathra.
    • Made easier on a world where just about every race encountered is a far-evolved subspecies of humankind.
    • Also used as birth control since the various species are no longer closely enough related to produce children.
  • John Carter and the titular character of Edgar Rice Burroughs's A Princess of Mars.
    • Of course the Martians are divided into monstrous four-armed Green Martians and heavily-tanned-human[please verify] Red Martians. Guess which one the Princess is! (Although she does still lay eggs, raising some unanswered biological questions...)
  • Inverted in Octavia Butler's Xenogenesis series, where it's the aliens that want to crossbreed with the humans and every other race they come across. Given that they're all passive-aggressive tentacle-covered anemone-like things, this takes some work.
  • James Tiptree, Jr's story, And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side - albeit with rather unfortunate implications as to the eventual fate of the humans involved.
  • Used in Erich von Daniken's nominally nonfiction Chariots of the Gods to argue that Boldly Coming is obviously the first thing we'd be doing if we were traveling to unknown planets. The Ancient Astronauts just thought of it first.
  • Subverted in The Gods of Xuma, where the human explorers discover, with some frustration, that those good-looking humanoid aliens aren't "mechanically" compatible.
  • Foundation:
    • Technically Golan Trevize, except that all planets are inhabited by humans.

"Erotomaniac? Come, Bliss. Twice on this entire trip. Twice!"
"We were only on two worlds that had functioning human females on them. Two out of two, and we had only been a few hours on each."

    • If you think about the breadth of cultural and political differences between the humans on the various Foundation worlds, the trope probably does hold.
  • This trope is definitely Older Than Feudalism; in Lucian's True History, some of the narrator's traveling companions have sex with tree-women on a remote island, and end up stuck to them.
  • In L Sprague De Camp's The Hostage of Zir, one of the characters comments that The Bible forbids fornication, sex with a human you're not married to, and bestiality, sex with a dumb animal. But it says not a word about fun with a Green-Skinned Space Babe on the planet Zarathustra.
  • Played with in Alan Dean Foster's Humanx Commonwealth series, novel Bloodhype, in which the rather promiscuous Kitten Kai-Sung has some fun squicking out her companions by describing in some detail the ways to accomplish this with various sentient species.
  • In Mike Resnick's The Outpost, Magnificent Bastard Hurricane Smith, one of the galaxy's top bounty hunters, has this trope has his main passion in life. He's already had five ex/late-wives, all different alien species, as he finds human women to "all look the same". After he and his fellow bounty hunters help save the galactic human Democracy from a genocidal alien invasion, he is last seen in romantic pursuit of a sentient spaceship (with female A.I.), as he rebounds from the death-in-battle of his last wife, an insectoid shapeshifter.

Live-Action TV

  • Arguably averted by Star Trek the Original Series. While Captain Kirk fell in love with a new person weekly, and there were quite a lot of interspecies kisses, the writers only made it clear he'd had sex on two occasions: once, a native wife became pregnant, and once the show returned from commercial to find a woman brushing her hair in his room while he put his boots back on. There are numerous examples of interspecies reproduction throughout the franchise, however, so apparently quite a few individuals boldly came.
  • The Big Bang Theory pointed out the ludicrousness of this trope:

Raj: No alien lady ever said "get your thing out of my nose".

  • As did Scott Adams in The Dilbert Future. See the Quotes page.
  • It's established on Doctor Who that by Capt. Jack Harkness' time (the 51st century) this is humanity's attitude to space exploration. Of course, they're also more flexible about the genders involved.
  • The 2000s version of Battlestar Galactica:
    • It has this in the series finale. Upon finding human natives on the planet Kara led them to, the first thing Gaius Baltar talks about is their genetic compatibility with the Colonials. Adama does not let this go without a Lampshade Hanging at Baltar's expense.
    • Speaking of Battlestar Galactica, are there any characters on that show that didn't boldly come? Gaius did anything with a vagina and a pulse, Chief Tyrol married Callie, Helo nailed Boomer, the guy that Starbuck married eventually turned out to be a Cylon, Tigh's wife was sometimes accused of being a slut... hell, even Admiral Cain (!) got some robot Girls Love in Razor.
    • Ladies and gentlemen, I present the Frakmap
  • Stargate Atlantis:
    • John Sheppard is rather prone to this, usually followed by collective eye-rolling by the rest of the characters. In the episode "Sanctuary", Rodney accuses him of "the Captain Kirk routine" of "romancing the alien priestess", and calls it "very 1967".

McKay (channelling his inner McCoy, no doubt): "Oh my God, he is Kirk."

Col. O'Neill: Daniel, you dog, you keep this up, you'll have a girl on every planet.

    • And the truly alien beings (Unas, Asgardians, etc) generally have as little interest in sex with humans as the humans do with them. Though given the nature of the show, most of the people are government officials, military, or otherwise high in status so any sort of hanky panky would have to be very discreet to avoid... problems.
  • Babylon 5:
    • An episode subverted this trope with Ivanova, who did not want to have sex with an alien diplomat whose species uses the act to finalize business negotiations. Because the alien actually had no idea how humans mated, she she managed to trick him into thinking that a firm handshake was the human way to do it.
    • The one who was Boldly Coming was G'Kar, who in the earlier seasons would have sex with anything that had compatible genitals (apparently including humans).
    • He also slept with one of Londo's wives. Since humans and Centauri are incompatible, he apparently didn't feel limited by mere anatomical details. Technology is a wonderful thing.
    • A scene (originally deleted) from the pilot movie indicates that there are laws restricting with which species humans are permitted to have sex. Speciesist? Maybe. But there are reasons...

Commander Sinclair: I wouldn't. You know the rules about crossing species. Stick with the list.
Man: What are you, a bigot or something?
Sinclair: No. But obviously you've never met an Arnassian before. After they finish, they eat their mate.

    • The short-lived sequel Crusade reveals that human-Pak'ma'ra porn exists. Also, certain creatures living in hyperspace may try to mate with passing starships.
    • According to J. Michael Straczynski, one of the Executive Meddling demands for the series that he turned down was a demand for the introduction of a "sexual explorer" character whose official job would be this.
    • Note that Sheridan and Delenn don't qualify—they're an Interspecies Romance instead.
  • In the Star Trek the Next Generation episode "First Contact", Commander Riker gets an offer to help him escape a hospital facility from a nurse in exchange for this.

Riker: "The things I do for Starfleet."


Kanye: Tell me what's next, alien sex / I'mma disrobe you, then I'mma probe you / See I abducted you / So I tell you what to do!

Video Games

  • Mass Effect:
    • The Exotophilia, near-universal biological compatibility, and empathy of asari probably smoothed out first contact with the salarians to no end. And the turians, later. And the humans. And then the krogan. And then, and then, and then.... In fact, inter-Asari relationships are discouraged and the children of such relationships are given the slur "purebloods."
    • In the series as a whole, it's very easy to play Shepard as a Kirk Expy. He or she can schtup turians, asari, drell and quarians. There are medical issues associated with all of these relationships, as Mordin is very adamant about pointing out, but for sex, you risk it.
    • Yeoman Kelly Chambers wholeheartedly endorses the boldly coming approach.

Kelly: [...]intimacy brings understanding.

    • Even The Illusive Man, Human Supremacist Supreme, isn't exempt from this trope. Amongst the data the Shadow Broker keeps on him is a list of TIM's Sexual Liasons. There are a lot of human supermodels and an Asari Matriarch (twice).
    • Grayson, one of the major protagonists of the Mass Effect book series, takes an asari lover in the third book and, after a particularly wild night with her, wonders how he would ever go back to humans. Also, keep in mind that this coming from a man who once actively hated aliens.
    • After Shepard and Grunt take down a Thresher Maw in the course of the latter's krogan rite of passage, Grunt receives a number of breeding proposals from krogan... and so does Shepard, even if Shepard is a woman.
  • Knights of the Old Republic:
    • Over the course of both games, the possible romances include four humans, one Cathar, one Miraluka, and one Echani. (Fandom will also include the Zabrak tech for females...) However, one of the humans in the first game is the only pairing in which sex is confirmed to occur, the Echani looks just like a human (and is half-human anyway), the Miraluka is a human with no eyes.
    • Miraluka and Echani are stated to be "near human," close enough to human for mating to work, but there are some genetic and culture differences due to thousands of years of adapting to their native worlds. The Cathar is a Gay Option, and definitely not in the near-human bracket.
  • Star Control 2:
  • World of Warcraft: For some reason, goblin males find orc women exceptionally hot.
  • Destroy All Humans!:
    • In the backstory, the Furons arrived on Earth thousands of years ago and did this with the humans, to the point where nowadays, every human being on Earth has some Furon DNA. Later, the Furons return to Earth to harvest the pure, uncontaminated DNA from the humans in order to save their species from radiation-induced sterility.
    • Crypto also does this with Natalya at the end of the second game.
  • The Sims 2:
    • Male Sims (and likewise female Sims) can woohoo with aliens of either sex in their neighborhoods or homes.
    • Also, if an adult male Sim gets abducted while looking into the expensive telescope, he comes back traumatized and pregnant. (Female Sims may come back traumatized, but almost never pregnant. Usually to get a female Sim to have an alien baby, she either has to woohoo with a male alien in her neighborhood (or home if he lives with/is married to her), or visit the Tombstone of Life and Death and choose " make me alien pregnant" from the pie menu.)
  • This applies to pretty much every main character in Subverse, as they are all of different species.
    • Special mention goes out to Dr. Lily, who has to invent new species to sate her lust

Web Comics

  • Dmitri from Spacetrawler has made it a personal goal to experiment with any alien which is "at least 50% compatible". 50% compatibility covers quite a range of bizarre alien biologies thus far.

Web Original

  • Three Worlds Collide features a First Contact scenario between humans and two other sentient spacefaring species simultaneously. One of these, dubbed "Super Happies", takes this trope and runs with it - all their communication, both among themselves and with other species, is based around having sex.
    • More than that. Their communication IS having sex - it seems that evolution decided that, while one transfers genetic information, all sorts of other information might be traded as well.

Western Animation

  • Futurama:
    • Zapp Brannigan aspires to do this, but is just so bad at it.

Zapp: We have failed to uphold Brannigan's Law. However, I did make it with a hot alien babe. And in the end, is that not what man has dreamt of since first he looked up at the stars? ... Kif, I'm asking you a question.

    • Oh, and the hot alien babe was actually just a mutant human.
    • Ironic of him to ask Kif that question, since Kif also ended up making it with a hot, alien babe, namely Amy Wong. Which means she filled this trope, too. And so did Leela, when she got Kif pregnant (accidentally; don't ask). In fact, Zap is the only one of the four who hasn't, despite having built his whole life around trying.
    • Fry from Futurama as well, to a lesser degree. He's also bad at it, but that's because he's Wrong Genre Savvy. He's been known to mistake mundane (for the future, at least) objects for alien beings. At one point he made out with a radiator, thinking "she" was an alien ambassador from the "Radiator Planet".
  • Maxwell Tennyson aka "Grandpa Max" from the Ben 10 series has dated at least one literal green-skinned space babe and later married an Energy Being who is also the mother of his sons and Ben's grandmother.