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Beloved filmmaker, Martin Scorsese is famous for his movies about organized crime in the United States. His early films quickly made him a critical favorite, culminating in Taxi Driver. This allowed him to make his big-budgeted dream project, New York, New York, which bombed. The '80s were an uneven period, with Raging Bull drawing from his struggles with kicking cocaine, and Gangs Of New York and The Last Temptation of Christ caught in Development Hell. The '90s saw the release of Goodfellas, often cited as his best movie, and Casino, a very similar (and almost similarly respected) film. Gangs of New York was finally released in 2002.

He uses many of the same actors in his movies, including Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

He is famous for not having won an Oscar for Best Picture or Best Director at the height of his popularity and critical recognition. He eventually won his Best Director Oscar for The Departed, which won three other Oscars including Best Picture, and immediately suffered Hype Backlash.

Well-known for his big bushy eyebrows, his physical stature[1] is inverse to his standing as a filmmaker.


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  1. at 5'4", in the Hugo premiere pictures he's shorter than a still-prepubescent Asa Butterfield