My Balls

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"No trying to be cool while you're stroking your dick!"

My Balls by Shigemitsu Harada: The fate of the world rests on one man's shoulders. Or, to put it more precisely, it rests in his right testicle.

Emmaniel, the Queen of Terror, is a demon on her way to destroy the world. Then, in an accident involving an angel, a Soul Jar and a stream of urine, she is sealed away inside the right testicle of perennial loser (and virgin) Satou Kohta. The angel informs him that if she remains sealed for the entire month, the world will avoid destruction. The only way for Kohta to keep her sealed is to not ejaculate for one month, or she'll escape. Thus Kohta must resist temptation for a full month, lest the world be destroyed.

He spends the remainder of the series fighting off dozens of Horny Devils on a mission to free the Queen of Terror, as well as the nigh-unstoppable advances from the hot co-worker he's had a huge crush on. Hilarity Ensues.

Although this manga is not technically classified as Hentai (technically in the sense that FAR less explicit content has been treated as hentai), it deliberately skirts as closely as possible while still being publishable in a mainstream magazine. Be prepared for some extremely raunchy, explicit and hilarious content if you read it.


See also Yuria 100 Shiki, the previous work by the author. Not to be confused with "Ow, My Balls!!", Show Within a Show from Idiocracy.

Tropes used in My Balls include: