Hard-Drinking Party Girl

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"Why do stars
suddenly appear
every time
I drink beer?"

Karen Ellis, "Planet Karen"

The cheerful, playful, often inebriated party girl. She's usually a Pretty Freeloader without a care in the world and avoids some of the more inane plot lines of a story. This is only because she's somewhat capable but embraces the chaos that comes. Alternately, she actually causes those plot lines, as the Hard Drinking Party Girl is frequently a Trickster as well.

If she's anywhere near legal age, she'll also drink heavily.

She's almost never really a strong contender in a Love Dodecahedron, if she's interested in the lead at all. Characters might make mention of her dating casually, but since that might inflate the cast with unneeded extra male characters this will be implied rather than shown. She'll channel her perverted behavior into playful teasing of the lead guy, or even the other female characters. However, the Hard Drinking Party Girl may sometimes act as a Trickster Mentor of sorts to the lead (or both members of the Official Couple).

In Anime, this character often speaks in a rougher accent than the others. Is often prone to a Beergasm. In some Seinen, this is occasionally the main character who the audience lusts over.

In the American works fancy bracelets seem to be involved somehow.

Compare the Cool Big Sis. Loves to go on pub crawls with The Ladette. Most of these characters tends to be the Ms. Fanservice of the show, but there are exceptions. May grow up to become Lady Drunk. Might have been a Bokukko or a Big Eater when young. Contrast Drunk on Milk, when the drink of choice is non-alcoholic. Lord help her, though, if she ever becomes pregnant!

Examples of Hard-Drinking Party Girl include:

Anime and Manga

  • Atsuko Urameshi from Yu Yu Hakusho. She often draws others in.
  • Masane Amaha from Witchblade is a semi-example of this trope. She does drink like a fish at times, but does seem have this drop off to nil when the show drops off into utterly serious territory, but during the early half when it was true, she almost blew her own cover as the Witchblade bearer during one of these episodes. Thankfully, the artifact didn't activate and Intrepid Reporter Yuusuke Tozawa was willing to cover for her. Oh, and she passed out.
  • Misato Katsuragi in Neon Genesis Evangelion, when she's not being a scarily hyper-competent military officer. It's worth noting that Misato's infamous slam-the-bottle-on-the-bar-while-exhaling-loudly gesture is now an official Hard-Drinking Party Girl salute and staple of some anime.
    • Naturally, it's later shown to be the way she tries to cover up the stresses of her job and her extremely crappy family- and love life. Notably, Kaji's return prompts the first time Misato gets drunk and gets more miserable instead of getting into her usual 'happy drunk' persona.
    • Lampshaded in the fan work Neon Exodus Evangelion, in which SEELE suggested her as Captain specifically because of her Hard Drinking Party Girl tendencies, not really expecting anything of her and intending for her to self-destruct and sabotage NERV for them. It comes back to bite them when she keeps succeeding.
  • Urd and Sayako from Ah! My Goddess. In Urd's case, it's somewhat justified as it's her Trademark Favorite Food, so she can restore her powers this way.
  • Tina from Ai Yori Aoshi, although she would probably be the second-strongest contender for Kaoru's affection. Taeko is also a pretty good fit—klutzy, clueless, and (at least in the Enishi season) a heavier drinker than Tina.
  • Eda of Black Lagoon fufills this...despite being a nun. Oh, and a side of Heroic Sociopath (heroic-ish... yeah, it's that kind of series.) Revy fits the bill as well.
    • Eda is actually a CIA agent.
  • Ryuuji's Absurdly Youthful Mother Yasuko from Toradora!. Justified Trope: she actually works in a hostess bars, and that requires her to drink regularly.
  • Forte from Galaxy Angel arguably fits, although she's a very capable strategist and weapons expert, and in the games she's an available haremette.
  • Cana from Fairy Tail (no pun intended) goes Up to Eleven: her profile states that she's responsible for 30% of the consumption of alcoholic drinks in the titular guild, and started drinking twice as much ever since her bottle buddy Macao got a new girlfriend.
  • Ichihara Yuuko in ×××HOLiC loves her sake, unless she's on the job. Then she's freakishly cryptic and mysterious.
  • Melissa Mao of Full Metal Panic!, but only off the job. Applies the drinking heavily part of this trope with gusto, as she could probably pay for her Humongous Mecha on the simple recycling profits of all the beer cans piled up in her off-duty hours. Her VA also played Misato.
    • In the OVA, she tricks Tessa into drinking one night. The result is poor Tessa wandering around the base drunk, half-asleep, and half-naked.
  • Sumeragi Lee Noriega in Mobile Suit Gundam 00, when she's not being a scarily hyper-competent military officer. Only a bit of a Misato rip-off. She even hands her two female Bridge Bunnies, Christina and Feldt, bottles of alcohol while they're working on ship systems checks in one episode.
  • Mimi from Mnemosyne, who is the protagonist's secretary. She even has a fondness for giving her boss Vodka kisses. That's right, vodka.
Vodka is water in Russian.
—Actually вода (Voda) is water водки (Vodka) is the grain alcohol (водки means little water)
  • Noa Izumi from Patlabor is revealed to be one of those in the episode where everyone (well, everyone but Goto) goes out and gets drunk. The discovery brings the other Hard Drinking Party Girl in the group, Kanuka Clancy, to tears. She comes to it naturally, though; her family owns a liquor store back on Hokaido, as Noa herself explains before the drinking battle with Kanuka.
  • The title character from Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran loves Sake. A lot.
  • Inverted in Bleach with the anime only captain Shūsuke Amagai, who became completely intoxicated just from smelling alcohol.
    • However played straight with Rangiku Matsumoto.
  • Yukari Tanizaki from Azumanga Daioh loves to party, but it's actually Nyamo who freaks the girls out with a drunken talk about This and That during one of the summer episodes.
  • Tamaki of Kure-nai. Makes you wonder what kind of an effect she has had on Murasaki's little mind.
  • Ruko from Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu. For those of you keeping score at home, that's the third character on this list voiced by Hitomi Nabatame.
  • Yuma Tonami of To Heart 2, though she's a weak drinker (she got drunk on half-sweet sake in the Another Days OVA). Also voiced by Hitomi Nabatame.
  • Rin Sawamura of Midori Days.
  • Akane Asahina of Kanokon is a Hard Drinking Party Girl in training. When she drinks an alcoholic beverage that has Love Potion side-effects, she falls in love with the bottle.
  • Haruka Nishida from Kanamemo, who's prone to both drinking and spontaneous groping when drunk.
  • In Suzuka, this trope is both played straight (in the form of Yuuka Saotome) and subverted (in the form of Megumi Matsumoto). Yuuka is a pretty standard partyin' gal who tries to squeeze large amounts of money from the protagonist Yamato, while Megumi is an angry drunk who flashes her boobs at him because she's jealous about not getting enough attention from guys in general.
  • April in Darker than Black. She once drank the entire staff of a bar under the table. It helps that it's the remuneration for her powers, but she doesn't exactly mind.
  • Minayo of My Balls turns from timid shrinking violet to unstoppable nymphomaniac after drinking. Kouta refers to this as "Nympho mode" and at one point describes Nympho mode Minayo as being "sex incarnate". Hilarity Ensues.
  • In episode 27 of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Pinako of all people appears to have been this.
  • One of the stories from the Hentai manga The Cherry Boys is about a kid losing his virginity to a pretty, drunk girl. The sex ends abruptly when she vomits on his penis.
  • Hanuki from The Tatami Galaxy, who is cognizant of how she becomes flirtatious when drunk, and so tries to be careful about who she drinks with.
  • Milly Thompson from Trigun. Partner Meryl usually has to caution people about giving her too much, as her behavior tends to turn erratic (though her wilder moments are never shown to the audience). Later, when she passes out, she may start babbling.
  • Eriko from Dragon Crisis. In one episode Ryuji even makes a comment about how many liquor bottles she has in her room.
  • Sumire from Kimi wa Petto gets cheerfully drunk fairly regularly.
  • Tsugawa's wife in Japan Inc. Yes, their marriage is in trouble.
  • A preferred Fanon interpretation for Belgium from Hetalia. Based on the rather famous Belgian beers.
  • Kazehana from Sekirei. Her idea of a good afternoon is sitting on the roof and drinking sake out of the bottle. She still manages to be uncannily shrewd and perceptive while sloshed, and is one of the strongest Sekirei.
  • Christina, Monica's mother in Heat Guy J. She never had much luck with men (who always tended to use her and then leave her), so she ended up in the bottle. Despite this, she and her daughter care deeply for each other (though Monica has to make all the money with her photography business). While she becomes used by another man early on, the plot gives her an honest change to turn around late in the series.
  • Nami from One Piece. Pretty much any scene involving the Straw Hats and liquor almost assures she'll have a mug at least double the size anyone else is using.

Comic Books


  • Barb in Black Christmas. She nearly always has a beer in her hand and is a happy drunk.
  • Marian Ravenwood from Raiders of the Lost Ark, consistently winning drinking contests with rowdy Tibetans. Though the story implies (and the novelization confirmed) that she's primarily interested in the money she makes winning drinking contests.
  • Zooey Deschanel's character Kit in Failure To Launch seems a paradigmatic example of this trope. As well as being the sort of cuckoo-lander pixie which Deschanel plays so well she's clearly shown to be a bit of a lush, being introduced in a scene declaring that 'champagne Thursday' has extended to include Fridays.


  • Granny Nanny Ogg from Discworld entertains a pocket flask and has a fitting saying of the healthy benefits for every situation.
  • Bernice Summerfield from the Doctor Who Expanded Universe.
  • Sergeant Hellian in Malazan Book of the Fallen is more or less continuously drunk but manages to be a bizarrely competent soldier and squad leader.
  • A Confederacy of Dunces: Irene Reilly, mother of Ignatius J. Reilly, has a fondness for muscatel that leads her son to accuse her of being a habitual drunk. While she does in fact drink kind of heavily, it's hardly fair to call he an alcoholic, so she probably falls in this trope.
  • Brett from The Sun Also Rises. Subverted, in that she's more of a Stepford Smiler than actually carefree and happy.

Live-Action TV

  • In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Faith started out as a Hard-Drinking Party Girl, before her stint as a Dark Action Girl. (While she was hardly ever shown actually drinking, that probably has more to do with the show's Moral Guardians than with Faith herself; a sixteen-year-old getting hammered wouldn't have gone over well, but her behavior in the seventh season strongly suggests that she's used to hard drinking.) She eventually matured into a full-blown Ladette.
  • Fran from Black Books, whose natural state is with a bottle of wine in one hand and a fag in the other, cackling at Bernard and Manny.
  • Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl is a carefree party girl who often - and mostly without intending to to so - causes chaos and drama wherever she roams. She's also pretty much a textbook example of a Good Bad Girl.
  • Laurie from Cougar Town. Of course, all the women drink on that show, but Laurie is the youngest and least responsible, so she's the one that fits the type best.
  • Alisha from Misfits. She's a Drunk Driver too, and even getting lumbered with a police curfew and an electronic ankle tag doesn't stop her from partying.
  • Though Brandy from Noah's Arc is typically a Lady Drunk, in the movie once she gets around Alex and has a few drinks she becomes far more bubbly and playful.
  • Rachel Lindquist (Monica Keena) in Undeclared is a happy drunk.
  • Food Network host Sandra Lee always finishes her stomach-turning show with a cocktail recipe.
  • Saturday Night Live recurring character "Drunk Girl" from 2001-03. Eyes squinted shut, slurs words, often ends her sketch by flashing her boobs.
  • Chloe from Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23 is an echt-example, down to being a major Trickster.


  • Seems to be a common trait in the songs of Kesha. Among other things, she has sung about brushing her teeth with whiskey.

Oral Tradition, Folklore, Myths and Legends

  • An Older Than Dirt example can be found in Hathor, Egyptian goddess of music, love and drunkeness.
    • One famous myth involves Sekhmet (or Hathor Depending on the Writer), in a fit of bloodlust, wanting to kill and devour the entire human race. The sun god Re (her father) thwarts this rampage by tricking her into drinking a lot of "blood" (actually beer with food coloring), until she gets so drunk she forgets about killing mankind. Once again, beer saves the day!
  • Inanna/Ishtar/Ashtoreth: her many divine attributes include brewery, sex and warfare. How did she get so lucky? By getting her uncle -- Enki, the god of water and wisdom—drunk enough to give her dominion over pretty much everything worthwhile! (Yes, the "god of wisdom" was seduced into a bender by his niece. Isn't mythology fun?)

Video Games

  • Suika Ibuki and Yuugi Hoshiguma from the Touhou series. Suika is an especially stellar example, as ZUN is on record stating that she is never sober, due to a magical gourd (treasured by all oni) that can produce an infinite amount of sake, and actually becomes stronger the drunker she gets. She is also one of the most powerful beings in Gensokyo (right up there with Yukari and Flandre), able to among other things tear apart mountains with her bare hands. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  • Excellen Browning from Super Robot Wars Compact 2 and the OG series, who also loves to play the Cool Big Sis to just about anybody younger than her, and will flirt with just about anything male (or female), even though she's totally devoted to the man she really loves. While she's portrayed as a mega-ditz who can't seem to take anything seriously, it's only until you realize that on top of the Playboy Bunny suit-wearing Manic Pixie Dream Girl antics, she's also one of the best snipers and is part of one of the most feared Real Robot two-person teams in SRW history.
  • Karen from various Harvest Moon games. In Harvest Moon 64 it seems to be a case of her drowning her sorrows. But games after that, that are based off the Lighter and Fluffier Playstation version, still keep it.
  • Innes Lorenz from Shadow Hearts It turns out most of her more eccentric early behavior was Obfuscating Stupidity. However, she does confess to having a real drinking problem at the church of the Great Winged Whale and presumably cleans up by the end so she can be a foster mother.
  • Yukino-sensei from Brass Restoration is always shown carrying around a bottle of sake, which she sometimes uses as a weapon.
  • Rubi Malone of Wet, though like Revy above, she's more of a Heroic Sociopath than a Trickster.
  • Cécile Cosima Caminandes of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Has pretensions of French classiness, but in reality mostly spends her time getting incredibly drunk, failing to notice Kaz flirting with her, and sexually harassing Big Boss over the radio.
  • Charme from Recettear. When she's not off adventuring, she can sometimes be found getting plastered at the local pub.
  • Rose of Sharon Cassidy in Fallout: New Vegas, who as a companion even gives the player a perk that nullifies the negative effects of whiskey (or any alcohol, but whiskey has other benefits) so that they can drink to their heart's content. Don't have any? With the right ingredients, she'll make you some moonshine, making her the only renewable source of the stuff in the game.
  • Lilly in Wasted Youth. Getting drunk actually seems to make her smarter, to the point where the school pretty much allows her as much alcohol as she wants to keep her grades from slipping.
  • Ilia from the first Star Ocean game. In no time at all she becomes an expert at all the alcoholic delights an alien planet has to offer.
  • Princess Peach. No, seriously. In the original Super Mario Kart, they give the winner a bottle of champagne; they don’t drink it in the American version, but they do in the original Japanese. Bowser even gulps the entire bottle, but seeing as he’s a huge turtle-monster, he doesn’t even get tipsy. Peach, on the other hand, if she’s the winner, does the same thing, and gets seriously soused.

Visual Novels

  • Haruko from AIR, although she turns out to be not so careless after all, and is drinking her problems away and being irresponsible because being a good parent might activate Misuzu's curse and kill the poor girl slowly and painfully.
  • Tsukihime: Dead Apostle #21 - Sumire - is known to be among the most powerful out of all 27 Dead Apostle Vampires (the 27 most powerful non-human beings who have even remotely vampiric qualities), except for the fact that she spends the majority of her time underwater, drunk off her ass, virtually harmless except for the rare occasion when she sobers up enough to return to land.
    • Among the main characters...Akiha. Yes, Akiha.

Web Comics

Web Original

Real Life

  • Lindsay Lohan regularly made the tabloid headlines with her habit of dancing completely shitfaced in nightclubs and being photographed.