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Touya Shun

One of the main characters of SRW Judgement, Touya Shun is just your ordinary everyday 17 year-old Japanese high school student and good friends with Kaname Chidori. Obviously, this normalcy isn't going to last, and a giant robot (of your choice) crashes into his school one day (with 3 hot chicks in it, too!!)

As you play through the game, you find out some things: his father's a Knight to the Fury moon race that's trying to kill us all and had him with his recently deceased Earthling mother (and if you're wondering his dad's dead too); he's apparently childhood friends with the Princess of the Fury that's trying to kill us all, just that he can't remember it; and The Dragon is his father's star pupil. He eventually grows a pair of balls, gets over his cowardice and kicks ass.

His mecha depends on what you choose: he can go with the Coustwell (upgrade: Coustwell Brachium), Bellzelute (upgrade: Bellzelute Brigandy), Granteed (upgrade: Granteed Dracodeus) or the secret mecha Vorlent (replaced with the Laftkranz). It does help he's half-Fury, thus his heritage enables him to master the mecha easily. These tropes apply to Touya:

Calvina Coulange

The other main character of Judgment, complete with a separate story. Calvina was once a genius Ace Pilot, but she ends up retiring and being called to a facility to tutor people there about mecha-riding. As fate would have it, the Fury wipes out the facility and all the data within, and she's the Sole Survivor; not even her boyfriend survives. Heartbroken, Calvina changes from a usually enthusiastic lady into a sad woman, sometimes putting up Wangst. She's later drafted again to the battleship Nadesico, again as a tutor/adviser, because she has nothing else to do, until during the voyage she meets up with 3 hot girls carrying a mecha (of your choice) and BEGGED HER to ride it and defend the ship. After much doubts, since she spent lots of years NOT piloting, she finally gets to kick some ass.

Though her days of ass-kicking is suddenly interrupted when the Fury shows up again. To her horror, The Dragon is her boyfriend, Not Quite Dead, and his own Dragon is also her old pupil, also Not Quite Dead. What's worse, they were the conspirators of the facility's destruction. Filled with doubts, anger and sadness, Calvina starts hating the Fury and swears vengeance...and continues to kick ass, with much dose of violence and hatred added. But in the end, even she realizes she still loved her boyfriend, despite the atrocities...

She can pilot all the mecha Touya can. What she lacks in bloodline inheritance bonuses, she makes it up with her sheer skill being an Ace Pilot in the past. Tropes about Calvina:

  • Ace Pilot / Badass Normal: She's not a Fury, but she manages to pilot a robot just fine without heritage bonuses.
  • Broken Bird
  • Chain of Command: She wears a red belt on her neck for no apparent reason, except maybe fashion.
  • Demoted to Extra: Compared to the harem girls, she tends to get shafted in supporting materials and fanworks.
  • Expy : The Sole Survivor of a group destroyed by the main enemy faction of the game. She's basically a modification of Selena Recital from Super Robot Wars Alpha 3
  • Gainaxing
  • Get a Hold of Yourself, Man!: Since Bright Noa is absent in Judgment, Melissa Mao delivers a Mao Slap in place of the legendary Bright Slap.
  • Heroic BSOD: After learning revelations about the Fury. Lasted a moment, then she booted into Unstoppable Rage.
  • Must Have Caffeine
  • Red Baron: Before retirement, she was known as the White Lynx.
  • Retired Badass
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Lampshaded: her first theme is called Revenger.
  • Sole Survivor
  • The Stoic: For the most part, Calvina plays the role of a stoic military commander, always ready to take charge, but caring only about whether or not she's able accomplish her mission. That is, until...
    • Not So Stoic Once Al-Van makes his appearance and she learns that it was actually he who was behind the destruction of the of Ash'ari-Kreutzer, she briefly abandons her stoic demeanor and goes positively apeshit in her attempt to shoot him down.
  • Tall, Dark and Bishoujo: Her hair's quite long, and she's quite tall...though her hair is white-ish gray.
  • Together in Death: After she finds out how Al-Van really felt about the Ash'ari-Kreutzer incident, namely that he didn't want to do it, but had to as a soldier, and his appearance to help her and the group in the endgame, she doesn't want to live without him. When he goes to pull a Senseless Sacrifice, the only thing that keeps her from joining him is the Fury Girls saving both of them using a juryrigged Raftclans
  • White-Haired Pretty Girl

Fury Girls Katia Grineal, Festenia Muse and Melua Melna Meia.

These 3 girls help the protagonist (either Touya or Calvina). They were experimented by the Fury, but managed to escape thanks to Touya's father, along with one Fury mecha (of your choice). Katia seems to be the leader, the calm and composed one (her assistance gives boost to hitting and dodging), while Festenia is the feisty one and often curses (boosts total damage output) and finally Melua is the shy, timid one, most prone to tears (gives defense skills). They help the heroes navigate through their mecha and ends up ultimately helping them win the day.

If the player is Touya, it's possible he ends up getting a relationship with one of them, but not an option for Calvina, because she's already devoted to her old boyfriend (so much for a Gay Option). Tropes associated with these girls, as well as the mechas they bring:


The main enemy of Super Robot Wars Judgment. Said to be the ones who seeded life on Earth, and now they reside in the moon, watching over the Earth. With all the wars going on, you know what's going to happen. They also claim to be defeated by another force and fled to the far ends of the universe. Led by Gu-Landon Goetz and his Dragons Al-Van Lunks, Calvina's boyfriend, who was taught by the rebellious father of Touya, El-Selda Shun, Fu-Lu-Mu-Lu and Jua-Mu Dalbi. Tropes associated with the Fury:

  • Apologetic Attacker: Al-Van
  • Ax Crazy: Psycho for Hire Jua-Mu after he gets promoted. See the main entry for an extra reason on Jua-Mu's behavior.
  • BFS: Orgone Sword.
  • Black Knights
  • Cold Sniper: Fu-Lu Mu-Lu, mostly.
  • Complete Monster: Gu Landon became delusional and in the end goes on like this. Jua-Mu, however, was a more subtle one, and cranks his monstrosity Up to Eleven once he becomes Ax Crazy.
  • Eleventh-Hour Superpower: Al-Van joins you in the last battle...with 50000 HP!!.
  • Epileptic Tree: The ones who defeated the Fury: could they by any chance be the Database, given the number of series coinciding with Super Robot Wars W?
    • Also, the mecha dragon use to upgrade Granteed is said to model after their dragon deity Basileus, the name later appear as last name of W05 in Endless Frontier Exceed. Fu-lu and Toya also invoke the phrase "dark path of Wodan" regarding afterlife. Make you wonder if Fury's god somehow relates to Sanger.
  • Evil Is Hammy: Gu Landon is really hammy, even for a SRW Big Bad. The Larselium overload during the transformation makes him even more so.
  • Expy: Al-Van's often considered a Lunarian Sanger; Sanger's a Samurai, so naturally Al-Van's a Knight in Shining Armor.
    • In fact, Al-Van's version of Raftclans final attack is a combination of(in order of the animation) Zankantou Inazuma Juryoku Otoshi, Zankantou Shippu Dotou, and Zankantou Unyo no Tachi.
  • Gay Option: If Touya does not pick any girl in his Harem, he will save Al-Van from his imminent death.
  • A God Am I: Somewhat: they terraformed and seeded life on Earth.
  • Heel Face Turn: Al-Van.
  • One-Winged Angel: Gu Landon transforms his Zui Gadin in the final scenario.
    • Clipped-Wing Angel: However, this transformation causes the Zui Gadin to lose its Orgone Cloud ability.
  • Politically-Incorrect Villain: If Calvina's the protagonist Jua-Mu and Gu-Landon will call her misogynist names.
  • Redemption Equals Death: In Touya's route, Al Van will use his mech to block the explosion from Gau-Ra Furia's reactor...unless you take the aforementioned Gay Option.
  • That's No Moon: The Moon's actually the Fury's starship covered with space debris since Earth was merely an uninhabitable planet when they first arrived..
  • Worthy Opponent Fu-Lu-Mu-Lu's and Al-Van's statements generally give you this feel and it's blatantly obvious the both of them don't hold harsh feelings for the player characters and most of the non-OG cast. Fu-Lu actually looks forward to engaging Domon Kasshu should you attack her with him in one of the stages.