Adjective Noun Fred

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A particular title structure like "Witch Hunter Robin", where the title takes the form of "Adjective Noun Propername", or a slight variation of that basic form. Often (but not always) the noun/adjective phrase describes what kind of thing the proper name belongs to.

This can overlap with Role Called; however, unlike Role Called, this kind of title doesn't necessarily refer to the main character. Compare Character Name and the Noun Phrase. For someone whose actual name is Adjectivenoun, see Luke Nounverber. If the title is just The Adjective Propername (more likely in Silver Age comics than anime), that's The Adjectival Superhero. See Mad Lib Anime Title for other common patterns in anime titles.

See also Adverbly Adjective Noun.

Examples of Adjective Noun Fred include:

Anime and Manga

Comic Books

  • Amazing Agent Luna
  • Parodied by Warren Ellis in Transmetropolitan, the in-universe anime series based on Spider Jerusalem is Magical Truthsaying Bastard Spidey. An extra adjective, but probably what Ellis was going for.
  • Adam Warren once did a Sailor Moon-esque parody of Gen 13 titled Magical Drama Queen Roxy.



  • The Norwegian tale "White Bear King Valemon."


Live Action TV

Video Games


  1. Invincible Steel Man
  2. "Dai" can mean several things, such as "great", but here generally refers to the Dai Tribe the Rangers are part of.
  3. A gigantic pun, as "Go" means "five", and the Japanese number for rescue services is 555. Also, "kyukyu" sounds like the word for "nine-nine", and the series aired in 1999.
  4. The title uses the kanji for "magic bullet," but the series itself treats "Madan" as a nonsense word for magic stuff in general