Vampire Princess Miyu

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    At one time, gods and demons were as one. They were sealed away in the distant abyss of memories. The hearts of the humans who feared the darkness brought this about. For the present, let's call these beings "Shinma". Now, they have awakened from their slumber, and gathered together. On the final night of that Gathering, when the Dark, the Shinma and the Humans meet, a young girl strayed into their midst. This is her story, and her name is...


    Vampire Princess Miyu (吸血姫 美夕, Kyuuketsuki Miyu) is a Japanese horror manga series by Narumi Kakinouchi and her husband Toshiki Hirano, as well as an anime adaptation by the same creators. The anime was originally presented in a 4-episode OVA (Original Video Animation) licenced by AnimEigo in 1988, and was later adapted into a 26 episode television series licensed by Tokyopop and released in 1997. The furigana for the title indicate the pronunciation as Vampire Miyu or Miyu the Vampire - the princess part of the name comes from the third kanji, which reads "hime" by itself.

    The series as a whole narrate the adventures of Miyu, a vampire and Dark Magical Girl who's been appointed as the one in charge of hunting down the Shinma (god demons) who prey on humans and cross the barriers separating the Darkness from the human world. In her hunting missions she's usually assisted by Larva, a masked Shinma whom she once defeated and enslaved...

    Tropes used in Vampire Princess Miyu include:

    Himiko: My happiness is not so trivial that it can be found only in a dream!

    • Puppet Permutation: Ranka does this to her targets.
    • Razor Floss: Used by Ranka in the 2nd OAV.
    • Role Called: Look at the title.
    • Really Seven Hundred Years Old: In both media, Miyu looks like a pre-teen girl but is actually an adult woman. Justified trope: the other Shinma specifically granted her eternal youth so she can take all the time in the world to catch the strays.
    • Secret Keeper: Miyu's friend Akiko from the OAV and the otaku from the first TV episode.
    • Shadow Archetype: Miyu and Reiha.
    • Shared Universe: Vampire Princess Miyu had two creators, who collaborated but had different visions of the character. One had more control over the anime, the other over the manga, and the OVA is a blend of the two.
    • Shoot the Dog: How Reiha views her killing of humans when they get in the way of her or Miyu's hunter goals. An example is when she kills little Kayo's brother, who is under More Than Mind Control: as the kid attacks Miyu, Reiha freezes him to death, and when Miyu is upset at that she lectures her.
    • Shrinking Violet: Miho Arisawa from the TV series.
    • Stepford Smiler: Kei Yuzuki from the OAV. He's polite, handsome, popular, from a rich family, and seems to lead an almost perfect life... but is terribly bored of everything and feels that he will never live up to his more book smart siblings. He hides it under his White Prince facade, until he gets involved in Ranka's plans and later in her feud with Miyu.
    • Spin-Off: One of Miyu's 'victims' goes on to have her own series, Vampire Yui, which crosses over again during the New Vampire Princess Miyu manga. The Wanderer, another series, spins off from Yui. All were partially translated by Studio Ironcat.
    • Star-Crossed Lovers: Subverted in the OAV with Kei and Ranka, who find a way to stay together.
    • Our Vampires Are Different: That goes without saying.
    • Team Pet: Shiina from the TV series.
    • The Promise: Larva promised Miyu to kill her when she's tired of her destiny.
    • These Two School Girls: Hisae and Yukari from the TV series.
    • Tranquil Fury: "I will not return you to the Darkness. You, I will burn to ashes!"
    • Uncanny Valley Girl: Ranka from the OAV. Chisato becomes one after her Face Heel Turn.
    • Unlucky Childhood Friend: Carlua
    • The Unfavorite: In the TV series, Reiha hates Miyu because her father called out to Miyu in his last words and not to her.
    • Our Vampires Are Different
    • Victim of the Week: The first half of the TV series and the two first OAV's.
    • Violently Protective Girlfriend: More lie violently protective mistress, but you get the idea.
    • Winter Royal Lady: Reiha, in the manga, ranks Miyu to the extent she has the right to kill her any time she feels like it.
    • Woman in White: Miyu's most iconic attires include short white kimonos, with either red (OAV) or purple (TV) sashes.
      • Ranka wears a white kimono in the OAV.
    • You Can't Fight Fate: In the OAV's, Miyu's mother tries to save her from being forced to become the Guardian. She fails.
    • Yamato Nadeshiko: Ranka, in the manga. She can pull off the look very well in the OAV's; in fact, she and Kei met for the first time when she was walking around clad in a white kimono.
      • Also, Miyu's mother in the OAV.
    • Yandere: Chisato, after her awakening as a Shinma. Arguably, Lemures was a male example... towards Larva
    • Your Vampires Suck: People keep trying traditional weaknesses on her, such as garlic, holy water, and others, and they never end up working. "Holy water. How nice." "I love garlic!" Of course, she is different.