Ai no Kusabi/Characters

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Iason Mink

Voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa (1st OVA and Drama CD). Tohru Ookawa (2nd OVA and Drama CD).

The top ruling Blondy of Tanagura's Elite who is also the head of the Syndicate and in charge of the Black Market. After he runs into Riki, he makes the unusual decision to make the mongrel Riki his pet. He later falls in love with Riki and refuses to let go of him despite the dangers he faces as a consequence.


Voiced by Toshihiko Seki. (1st OVA and Drama CD). Kentaro Ito (2nd OVA and Drama CD).

A unique looking black-haired mongrel from Ceres widely known Riki The Dark for his proud and defiant nature. He also the leader of the Bison gang and eventually reluctantly becomes Iason Mink's Pet. He struggles with accepting his life as a Pet having been such a headstrong and independent gangster.


Voiced by Kouji Tsujitani (1st OVA and Drama CD). Kosuke Toriumi (2nd OVA and Drama CD).

Riki's former pairing partner and acting leader of the Bison gang during Riki's absence. He is fiercely devoted to Riki and still in love with him. He resolves to retrieve Riki at any costs when he finds out Iason has been keeping him as his pet.

Berg Katze

Voiced by Hideyuki Tanaka (1st OVA and Drama CD). Shinichiro Miki (2nd OVA and Drama CD).

A prominent figure in the Black Market that was once Iason's Furniture. He now serves as Iason's liasion for dealings in the Black Market and Ceres.

Raoul Am

Voiced by Show Hayami (1st OVA and Drama CD). Takaya Kuroda (2nd OVA and Drama CD).

The second Blondy in command of Tanagura and Iason's close friend. He is a Bio-Chemist specializing in breeding top class Pets. He vehemently disapproves of Iason choosing Riki as a Pet and giving him special treatment.


Voiced by Emi Shinohara (1st Drama CD). Shiho Kawaragi (2nd OVA and Drama CD).

A female Pet belonging to Raoul who develops feelings for Riki during his first 3 years in Eos.


Voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu (1st Drama CD). Eiji Hanawa (2nd OVA and Drama CD).

Iason's Furniture that looked after Riki in Eos. Daryl is also a mongrel that knew of Riki and admired him before he met Riki in Iason's home.


Voiced by Shigeru Nakahara (1st OVA and Drama CD). Taiki Matsuno (2nd OVA and Drama CD).

The youngest member of Bison that joined after Riki left. He does not seem to like Riki at all but reminds Riki of his younger days. He is very ambitious and determined to move up from the slums.


The ruling computer of Amoi that created the Elites all the laws they must obey.