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"I can't help it, I just swoon when I look at this beautiful girl. To me, it seems like she doesn't even realize how gorgeous she is because she just seems like the sweetest, most approachable girl-next-door type. The fact that she is an immensely talented musician is just icing on the cake. I love to jam out to her songs in my car... and this coming from a 21-year-old college guy who isn't exactly within the target demographic for Ms. Swift's music. I can't help it, I'm just fully crushing on this girl. It feels like Junior High all over again."


They are The Beautiful Elite. Even the ugly ones are usually just Beautiful All Along.

In addition to their attractiveness, the talent—be it acting, singing, or something more strange and out there—is what gets the attention of the media, who then brings it to the hungry viewing world.

Take a gorgeous person, inundate the world with their image, and there's the illusion of closeness and attainability.

Thus people are prone to fall victim to the Celeb Crush, which can vary from hopeless, depressive mooning to innocent fantasizing to crazy schemes to meet and woo the object of their affections.

Teenagers everywhere of both genders will fall prey to the charms of the hottie du jour. (And not just teenagers, either, as evidenced by the page quote.)

Happens in Real Life as well as in fiction. Fictional examples can include Yandere, Loony Fan, or Stalker with a Crush, though those can also be Ripped from the Headlines too. They may even be benign crushes, but where's the story in that? The opposite of this trope is Perverse Sexual Lust.

More than a roomful of fans crushing on a celebrity could be a fan mob, which is sort of the inverse of an Angry Mob. Fan mobs tend to want to pepper their crush with kisses while simultaneously ripping off clothing or props for souvenirs.

Examples of Celeb Crush include:

Anime and Manga

Kotetsu: Don't you ever get tired of that?

  • In Gundam Seed Destiny Lunamaria Hawke, Meyrin Hawke, and Meer Campbell all have major hero crushes on Ace Pilot Athrun Zala, one of the protagonists of the previous series. They're all a little dissapointed when they meet the man behind the legend. Athrun for his part, doesn't even seem to notice their interest (and in Luna's case brushes her off by saying that "I can't allow your feelings to jeopardise the ability of this team to cooperate.").


  • There's that woman in Southland Tales who's obsessed with Dwayne Johnson, and tries to force him at gunpoint to let her blow him.
  • Play Misty for Me and The Fan were about the Loony Fan variety.
  • Korben Dallas' hotel concierge lady has a crush on Ruby Rhod. I just love him. He's so talented, don't you think? He's so sexy.
  • Win A Date With Tad Hamilton was about exploiting the crush.
  • Prince Char from Ella Enchanted had mobs of screaming fangirls.
  • Borat is obsessed with Pamela Anderson.
  • In The Love Guru, Le Coq Grande has a thing for fellow French-Canadian Celine Dion.
  • Phil Foster from Date Night confesses to his wife that his "sex fantasy" involves Cyndi Lauper.
  • Broadway Melody of 1938 featured Judy Garland singing "You Made Me Love You" to a photograph of Clark Gable.


Live Action TV

  • New Tricks has had a case or two of the trio being involved in a case where they fancied the person when younger.
  • The Brady Bunch: Marsha Brady had a crush on Desi Arnaz Jr. and later, Davy Jones.
  • On Night Court Harry Stone had a non-sexual crush on Mel Torme. Non-sexual...but still borderline stalkery.
  • Analysed in Coupling with Jeff's theory about what happens when two lovers' Celebrity Crushes meet—which occurs at the end of the episode, between Steve's crush (Mariella Frostrup) and Susan's (Angus Deayton). Jeff reckons this phenomenon is the reason there are so many celebrity marriages.

Jeff: If you fantasize about someone else during sex, and so does your partner, and, you know, those two people that you're fantasizing about happen to meet while you're still doing it, they're bound to sense something, aren't they? Because they're connecting on, like, a virtual plane. So can you imagine what it was like when Posh first met Beckham? They were the epicenter of a non-stop, nationwide virtual shag!


  • Your Voice by The Downtown Fiction.
  • The Pixies' "Make Believe" is a joke song about drummer David Lovering's crush on Debbie Gibson.
  • "Superstar" by Taylor Swift.
  • "Pictures of Lily" by The Who, about a boy who falls in love with a picture of a dead celebrity.
  • "My Baby's in Love with Eddie Vedder" by "Weird Al" Yankovic.


  • A male DJ on Virgin Radio Toronto is implied to have the hots for Dev, and another likes Jennifer Lopez.

Real Life

Web Comics

  • Several appear in Dork Tower over the years, most notably Matt with Sarah Michelle Geller and Carson the muskrat with Megan Morrone. Megan refuses to discuss whether her baby is actually Carson's...
  • Vriska from Homestuck has one on Nicolas Cage, complete with Stalker Shrine.

Web Original

Western Animation