Devil May Cry: The Animated Series

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Devil May Cry: The Animated Series is an anime series based on the video game series Devil May Cry created and owned by Capcom, and animated by Madhouse. It is a story that ran for twelve episodes and takes place between the first and fourth games of the video games.

The series follows half-demon Dante as he runs his supernatural Detective Agency, Devil May Cry, as a justification for carrying out his war against the Demon World. In addition to Trish and Lady, characters from the video game that the series is based upon, two new characters make an appearance. These are Morrison and Patty Lowell; Dante's informant and temporary ward, respectively.

The Devil May Cry animated series follows the tradition of the original animated series of Hellsing in that it chronicles primarily self-contained adventures before bringing them to a linked final conclusion at the end of the season. The animated series favors animation, music, and other elements of style over detailed plots or characterization.

The Devil May Cry animated series has received mixed reviews from fans with some believing the series works better as a self-contained work than attempting to adapt the video games on which it was based.

Tropes used in Devil May Cry: The Animated Series include:

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