Girls Next Door

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Corollary to Roommates, this Deviant ART fancomic crosses the Labyrinth, Phantom of the Opera, Pirates of the Caribbean and Les Misérables. This one is told from the girls' perspective, and apparently developed its own storyline with only loose connections to Roommates. Found here. Tends to run off of Failure Is the Only Option and Rule of Funny (or Rule of Fanservice)

Rooming arrangements so far:

Has a YouTube voiceover project here.

Tropes used in Girls Next Door include:


"[Aziraphael and Crowley are] having a long and convoluted debate about whether wiping his memories of today would be a good or a bad thing. If they come to the conclusion that it's a kindness, Azi will take care of it. If they decide it's wrong and deceitful, Crowley will."


Sarah: "... that's a whole lot of leather dusters."